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APCWALT, and other comics by soonmme.


I'm a person! :D
Hi! I make several sprite comics, and in fact, I have the second most read PoKéMoN comic on drunk duck. ^_^

My main comic, and also oldest, and longest:

A PoKeMoN comic that everyone will ignore even though the author puts way more work into it than some other very popular PoKeMoN comics that get over nine thousand views on days they DONT update What the hell.
Most people call it A PoKéMoN comic with a long title, or apcwalt.
It updates daily, and has since last January(with the exception of fillers, and very rare occurrence when I don't update)

My second comic is a set of two comics that each happen at the exact same time, just following a different character, it is meant to be a gold/silver comic with some plot twists, and it is done in g/s style. This series is divided into two comics, both scripted by me, but one of them(the gold one) is made by a friend of mine, who is lazy, so updates are delayed because of him.

My newest comic is meant to be more inspirational but less adventure than the other two, it is done free panel and updates every now and then.

Finding the One.

Ok, that's all my comics, lol, this is a huge post.


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Woot! APCWALT has made it's mark on SPPf.
I've been reading APCWALT for a while and I really like your style and effects.
I really like the effect that you use when a PokéBall opens, I've never saw that in any other comic, so kudos for that.

I also like the no-gym thing, like 80% of all comics is about gym battles wich I also like, but my point is that a non-gym comic gives you more space for your own storyline.

Also, the swearing makes the comic even funnier.
My favorite part of the whole comic is the battle with Jasmin, you really showed Steelix's awesome potenial.

Please keep updating and stuff.

Rate; 10/10 (Wich doesn't matter to rate but it's good for you (I think) to know how I think about you comic)


I'm a person! :D
yay for a response.

So nothing to criticize? I'm sure there's something(besides CONSTANT typos) that could be better...

Also, I did the no gym thing because the other story got in the way.

Originally I was gonna have rob and Alex do the gyms on the side(and that would have been required for the toruny), but it wouldn't have fit easily

Alex: Ok, we just saved the day from Ho-oh and Lugia and s***.
Rob: Now we have to hurry through the mysterious lost territory to get to sinnoh, as fats as possible!


Also, thanks for the rating, I feel very love. :D


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I like it. It's not super amazing, but I like it. It's definitley a long comic, but the problem was the plot wasn't very... compelling to read. It was good, just in my opinion could've been taken a little more serious.

If there is one thing you have definitley done right, it's got to be your OUTSTANDING editing in battle effects, shadows and character sprites. If I had one complaint with the editing - maybe the speech bubbles can be a little too big and if used in succession on one small comic frame - it can be difficult to actually see the surroundings. I also think you should try mapping D/P/Pt sprites. There are a few D/P/Pt overworlds - but it's mostly objects like the furniture, but I think someone as good as you should have a try at mapping with Next-Gen sprites :)

I'll stay tuned to this comic, I've got high hopes and I think there's a lot of potential here to take this up to the popularity of such comics as the infamous Pokemon Journey.

I'll continue to post comments of both likes and dislikes, but so far, I'm liking what I see :)


I'm a person! :D
Thank you for your response.

I do think that my plot is... interesting and original enough, but the execution was somewhat poor on my part, because initially it was intended to be a comedy, but the writer in me took over, but the comedy still kinda stole a little bit out of the meaning and seriousness(Alex almost died but no one seemed to even feel the drama), but recently I've been letting the punchlines every comic die down to only when there's nothing else in the page, and instead sneaking humor as small bits... that's funnier most of the time anyway.

Thanks about the graphics bit, it took me awhile to get the mechanics of ps right, but now I do take pride in my, uh, "art". Recently I have implemented kyledove's devamped tiles(since I'm trying to make sinnoh seem different while not style clashing), and I might do a D/P styled comic eventually(possibly from something inspired by HG/SS when they are here), but for now I'm quite fond of FR/LG style, and spontaneous style change is... weird.

Thanks, it's good to know I've got another reader(I've got just about all there is to get at DD...), but it just nice knowing one more person gives a s*** about what you do. :D

Anyway, yeah, thanks.

And today's page will be up soon, so that's a plus, too.


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Wowza, I love the art style. Will you tell me how I can get that program? :D
Be sure to check out my own comic (click the sig)


I'm a person! :D
It's adobe photoshop, a commercial photo editing program, lots of comicers use it
(though most people acquire it illicitly :x)


Proboscidians rule.
Hey, you're on Serebii! You don't know me, but I've read a ton of comics on DrunkDuck. Lol, I was reading before you posted APCWALT. At first I thought it was stupid, but its actually in one my top five favorite comics(trust me, I've read a lot of them). HGSS one is ok, just needs more updates, and I can't really critique the new one, except the comics were made well.