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Apokelypse: Lunatune, Seviper and Solrock.

master of murkrow

Shiny Hunter
First of all my English is terrible I know.
and second: This is fiction, so Pokemon don't eat eachother!

Have fun :)

Chapter 1

It was a clear night on the pokemon planet earth. all stars were like little gems. the seviper family was big and everyone was asleep. exept for one litlle seviper named Dodge.

he was awake and glaring to the stars from the top of Mt. Silver. since he was born he went there every night. exept for last year, when he was attacked by the Zangoose tribe. they came out of no where and slashed his face open. the other seviper arrived quick but the zangoose already ran off. he was two months injured from the scars they gave him. he has only one scar left. on his eye there was a scar that looked like a half moon. while he was thinking about that night a bright light appeared. it was a comet from space that passed bye the young seviper. in just a flash Dodge thought he was done. but the comet chanced directions. but how could it chanced directions? the young seviper was thinking.

well, maybe a pokemon off outer space landed here. he heared some legends about pokemon that came with comets to earth. No that are only legends. He decided to return to his mother and went to bed.

the next morning he was up early. he was thinking about that comet when he was called by the leader Drake. It was a real honor if you were called by Drake. I just wonder what it is. almost everyone is still asleep. When he arrived at the Cave of Glory the leader welcomed him in. almost everyone important was there. the seviper elder Rose, the luitennant from the hunters Deodra and the leader's daughter Lila. Dodge had an crush on her since the accident with the zangoose. She was with him all the time. Her father made her the top-nurse last week.

Do you know why you are here, Dodge? Drake asked. No, I don't actually. Dodge answerd soft. Is it true you were at the peak last night? Yes, Dodge quickly replied. Did you see something special? Drake asked strict. Uhm... no I don't think so. Dodge was so nervous to see Lila again that he almost forgot the comet. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure. Drake was really kind but if he was serious you had to tell the truth or you could be banished from the mountain.

Uhm.. uhm.. Dodge almost bit its own tongue. No, he replied brave. I saw a comet falling from the sky and it almost hit me, but the it chanced directions to the foot off the mountain. You know, where the zangoose live. I already saw this coming. Rose said. Its an old mythe my grandma used to tell me. On the day the black snake sees the power off the moon in its heart the world will be saved. Dodge also knew that story but he didn't know what it meant. Do you still got that scar on your eye? Rose asked out of the blue. Yes, Dodge was not sure what was going on. Deodra went to the door and let some pokemon in. Dodge was terrified when he saw wich pokemon they were. It is the Zangoose tribe!!!! Dodge was furious when he found out Drake invited them.

Hello kid. One of the zangoose said. WHY?! Why are they here? Dodge tought it was a trap to get rid of him but Lila quickly said: That comet that you saw was inhabitated. A pokemon named Lunatone came out of it when it landed. Dodge didn't hear what she said and only looked at the purple stripe on her chest. I'm sorry what did you say? Dodge picked itself up. Lunatune is a pokemon from space. Rose was telling him the whole myth about a seviper that had to save the world. On that day he had to bring two pokemon together on the top off the space mountain. One off them is Lunatune, the other is called Solrock. when they touch on the top off space mountain when the sun and the moon can been seen both, the world will live on like nothing happend. But when they don't touch the world will fall apart and crash into the sun and moon. When Rose was finished Lila said: It is your destiny to be that seviper. You have to bring them together. Alright I'll do it Dodge growled.

Where is Lunatune, Zangoose? well that's the problem. they attacked it and it flew into the forrest. Deodra yelled angry. We said we were sorry the biggest Zangoose said. QUIET! Drake screamd almost his lungs out. Zangoose you have to leave before the other seviper wake up.

The Zangoose left and all the other seviper went to the Hunters rock. some hunters had a nice catch. some Seedots and even a Swablu. Tjerk the top-hunter had everyday the biggest catch. this time he caught 2 Sunflora's and a Fearow. Good job Tjerk, Deodra said proud. But for this afternoon you will be searching for Lunatune for this kid here. Humph.. Dodge hissed. He was only two years younger than Tjerk. Yes sir, he replied fast. All the other seviper's ate the fresh catch and also went looking for Lunatune.

For 3 hours the whole Seviper tribe was looking for Lunatone. Dodge paired up with Tjerk and Lila. Dodge had a hard time keeping up with Tjerk since he wasn't used to hunting in the trees. He always caught little bugs like Wurmple or Caterpie, but he never had to climb in trees to catch a pokemon. But now they were not hunting but searching for Lunatone. But it was not easy since Lunatone doesn't leave any tracks. But when they decided to turn back and report to Drake the scar on Dodge his face started to glow red.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-__-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Dodge's point of view_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-__-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_​

What's happening? Dodge, Are you feeling alright? Dodg........ Lila's words started to fade away. And all of the sudden I was in the biggest Sitrusberry tree in the forrest. And there I saw Lunatone, wounded from the Zangoose. It was like he was talking to me with telepathy but I didn't understood what he said.

In a flash my vision became clear and I was in Lila's room. I looked around and saw that Drake Rose and Lila gathered around me. With a fuzzy look I only could bring out a few words:
I know where Lunatone is.

(To be continued...)
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master of murkrow

Shiny Hunter
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