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Apok's Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Apokalyptika, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Apokalyptika

    Apokalyptika New Member

    Hi, this is my trade shop.

    Note: Right now, consider my shop semi-open. I'll still be trading and such, but due to RL events I will probably take a little while to get back to you.

    (1) Obviously all SPPf and Trade Forum rules apply.
    (2) Be polite, and try to avoid chatspeak.
    (3) Either post in the thread or VM me, but don't PM me unless I PM you first, or if I haven't responded to you for a few days. I've been more lenient about this in the past, but in future unsolicited PMs won't be answered.
    (4) No unreasonable trades.
    (5) As far as I know, none of these Pokemon are hacked. If I accidentally trade you a hack, then let me know and I'll trade back and release the Pokemon.
    (6) Don't spam. If I haven't responded after a couple days, feel free to PM me, but I can't be online 24 hours a day.
    (7) I clone some of my Pokemon. If that's a problem, then ask in your post/PM whether the Pokemon you want was cloned.
    (8) If you can clone back my Pokemon, please say so in your post. That will help us trade a lot faster.

    Now, on to the Pokemon. For the record, I consider Pokemon UT if they have no EVs, regardless of whether they were Rare Candied/Daycare trained. BT is less than 20 EVs, and T is more than that.

    Dream World Females:
    All DW females are UT, and can be any nature if you give me time.
    ;198; Murkrow
    ;318; Carvanha
    ;115; Kangaskhan
    ;191; Sunkern
    ;165; Ledyba
    ;147; Dratini
    ;333; Swablu
    ;060; Poliwag
    ;133; Eevee
    ;037; Vulpix
    ;234; Stantler
    ;102; Exeggcute
    ;029; Nidoran(f)
    ;177; Natu
    ;083; Farfetch'd
    ;207; Gligar
    ;069; Bellsprout
    ;403; Shinx
    ;270; Lotad
    ;276; Taillow
    ;058; Growlithe
    ;142; Aerodactyl
    ;079; Slowpoke
    ;396; Starly
    ;227; Skarmory
    ;043; Oddish
    ;041; Zubat
    ;010; Caterpie
    ;349; Feebas
    ;239; Elekid
    ;278; Wingull
    ;456; Finneon
    ;235; Smeargle
    ;179; Mareep
    ;116; Horsea
    ;108; Lickitung
    ;211; Qwilfish
    ;458; Mantyke
    ;261; Poochyena
    ;225; Delibird :p
    ;412; Burmy
    ;077; Ponyta
    ;098; Krabby
    ;054; Psyduck
    ;263; Zigzagoon
    ;203; Girafarig
    ;425; Drifloon
    ;118; Goldeen
    ;183; Marill
    ;222; Corsola
    ;114; Tangela
    ;345; Lileep
    ;129; Magikarp
    ;370; Luvdisc
    ;138; Omanyte
    ;163; Hoothoot
    ;021; Spearow
    ;417; Pachirisu
    ;422; Shellos
    ;123; Scyther
    ;072; Tentacool
    ;084; Doduo
    ;399; Bidoof
    :517: Munna
    ;283; Surskit
    ;320; Wailmer
    ;187; Hoppip
    ;357; Tropius
    ;185; Sudowoodo
    ;441; Chatot
    ;431; Glameow
    ;140; Kabuto
    ;223; Remoraid
    ;300; Skitty
    ;131; Lapras
    ;172; Pichu
    ;341; Corphish
    :554: Darumaka
    ;366; Clamperl
    ;309; Electrike
    ;427; Buneary
    ;174; Igglybuff
    ;019; Rattata
    ;347; Anorith
    ;120; Staryu
    ;016; Pidgey
    ;193; Yanma
    ;161; Sentret
    ;241; Miltank
    ;194; Wooper
    ;418; Buizel
    ;339; Barboach
    ;353; Shuppet
    ;122; Mr. Mime
    ;307; Meditite
    ;280; Ralts
    ;302; Sableye
    ;325; Spoink
    ;434; Stunky
    ;063; Abra
    ;314; Illumise
    ;228; Houndour
    ;200; Misdreavus
    ;238; Smoochum
    ;442; Spiritomb
    ;303; Mawile
    ;096; Drowzee
    ;209; Snubbull

    Egg move Pokemon:
    All UT, I can get you any nature with time.
    Zorua w/ Dark Pulse and Extrasensory
    Deino w/ Dark Pulse
    Ferroseed w/ Leech Seed and Spikes
    Eevee w/ Wish and Yawn
    Growlithe w/ Iron Tail and Morning Sun
    Growlithe w/ Crunch, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun, and Close Combat
    Charmander w/ Outrage and Dragon Dance
    Oshawott w/ Night Slash and Air Slash
    Mudkip w/ Ice Ball
    Bulbasaur w/ Ingrain and Grasswhistle
    Vulpix w/ Extrasensory
    Riolu w/ Sky Uppercut and Crunch
    Pineco w/ Stealth Rock
    Elekid w/ Fire Punch and Ice Punch
    Shroomish w/ Focus Punch
    Machop w/ Elemental Punches and Bullet Punch
    Timburr w/ Drain Punch and Mach Punch
    Exeggcute w/ Natural Gift
    Larvitar w/ Dragon Dance
    Scraggy w/ Dragon Dance, Drain Punch and Ice Punch
    Totodile w/ Ice Punch
    Pawniard w/ Revenge and Sucker Punch
    Starly w/ Roost
    Pichu w/ Volt Tackle
    Hoppip w/ Encore
    Slowpoke w/ Future Sight
    Murkrow w/ Brave Bird and Whirlwind
    Sigilyph w/ Stored Power, Roost and Psycho Shift
    Litwick w/ Heat Wave
    Dratini w/ Extremespeed
    Shellder w/ Icicle Spear and Rock Blast
    Skarmory w/ Stealth Rock, Whirlwind and Brave Bird


    Impish Pokemon Ranger Manaphy (Level 52) (T) (Mine)
    Lax SMR2010 Jirachi (Level 20) (T)
    Impish 2003 Japanese Movie Jirachi (Level 100) (T)
    Serious WISHMKR Jirachi (Level 5) (UT)
    Serious Birth Island Deoxys (Level 100, Shiny) (T)
    Mild Japanese Movie Mew (Level 46) (T)
    Brave Pokepark Celebi (Level 100) (T)
    Hasty TRU Arceus (Level 100)
    Calm MICHINA Arceus (Level 100)
    Flawless WCS Milotic (Level 50) (UT)
    Modest Nintendo of Korea Darkrai (Level 50) (UT)
    Lax 10ANIV Celebi (Level 70) (UT)
    Impish NZ Manaphy (Level 50) (UT)
    Brave WORLD11 Scrafty (Level 50) (UT)
    Flawless Jolly Movie Victini (Level 50) (UT)
    Flawless Adamant DW Mudkip (Level 10) (UT)
    Naughty DW Event Eevee (Level 25) (UT but daycare trained)
    Adamant DW Treecko (Level 10) (UT)
    Naive DW Befriend Espeon (Level 10) (UT) (31 HP)
    Adamant DW Turtwig (Level 10) (UT) (31 Defense)
    Flawless Careful DW Befriend Umbreon (Level 10) (UT) (OT: Mat)
    Modest DW Charmander (Level 10) (UT) (OT: Mat) (31 in everything but Special Attack)
    Careful DW Bulbasaur (Level 10) (UT) (OT: Mat) (31 Hp/Defense/Special Defense)
    Flawless Jolly DW Torchic (Level 10) (UT) (OT: Mat)
    Modest DW Piplup (Level 10) (UT) (30/27/28/29/31/26)
    Jolly DW Chimchar (Level 10) (UT)
    Rash GAMESTP Raikou (Level 30) (UT) (Unused)
    Hardy ALAMOS Darkrai (Level 50) (BT)
    Calm MYSTRY Mew (Level 50) (T)
    Adamant DW Mamoswine (Level 34) (UT)
    Jolly Oak's Letter Shaymin (Level 58) (T)
    Quiet Oblivia Heatran (Level 50) (UT)
    Shiny Timid WISHMKR Jirachi (Level 5) (UT)
    Modest Janta's Golurk (Level 70) (UT)
    Modest Carita's Hydreigon (Level 70) (UT)
    Rash NoK Rayquaza (Level 70) (UT)
    Modest/Mild/Adamant Korean DW Rayquaza (Level 50) (UT)
    Naughty DW Arceus (Level 100) (UT) (OT: Mat)
    Modest Korean Home Plus Darkrai (Level 50) (UT)
    Serious/Timid Pokesmash Mewtwo (Level 70) (UT) (Timid one is flawless)
    Shiny Hardy Ageto Celebi (Level 10) (UT)
    Adamant 10ANIV Absol (Level 70) (UT)
    Careful DW Guidebook Porygon (Level 10) (UT)
    Shiny Quirky Pokepark Mew (Level 30) (UT)
    Modest TRU Shaymin (Level 50) (UT) (31 IVs in everything but Speed)
    Quirky EVENT11 Zoroark (Level 50) (UT)
    Timid DW Banette (Levell 37) (UT) (NON-REDIS)

    Bold Marill, level 21 (UT)
    Modest Vaporeon, level 20 (BT)
    Naive Beldum, level 1 (UT)
    Hardy Chimecho, level 54 (UT)
    Brave Eevee, level 12
    Timid Gloom, level 51 (UT)
    Calm Lapras, level 20 (UT)
    Adamant Chimchar, level 1 (UT)
    Naive Gastly, level 16 (UT)
    Quiet Lunatone, level 50 (UT)
    Calm Duskull, level 1 (UT)
    Adamant Flawless Bagon, level 1 (UT)
    Relaxed Flawless Rayquaza, level 50 (UT)
    Naughty Magby, level 1 (UT)
    Impish Klinklang, level 100 (T)
    Flawless Timid DW Vulpix, level 1 (UT)
    Flawless Modest Sinjoh Ruins Dialga, level 1 (UT)
    Calm Shuckle, level 1 (UT)
    Modest Ralts, level 1 (UT)
    Mild Dratini, level 1 (UT)
    Relaxed Tepig, level 1 (UT)
    Naughty Magby, level 1 (UT)
    Timid Rotom, level 1 (UT)
    Hardy Gible, level 17 (UT)
    Adamant Houndour, level 15 (UT)
    Hardy Mareep, level 1 (UT)
    Quiet Slugma, level 1 (UT)
    Quiet Deino, level 1 (UT)
    Careful Masquerain, level 37 (T)
    Gentle Tynamo, level 27 (UT)
    Relaxed Carvanha, level 1 (UT) (Non-redis)
    Flawless Jolly Tornadus, level 40 (UT)
    Flawless Timid Manaphy, level 1 (UT)

    Male Absol with Superpower/Zen Headbutt
    Female DW Relicanth
    Female DW Meowth
    Any other DW females or useful egg move males I don't have
    Flawless Pokemon w/ good natures, abilities and movesets (Especially interested in Jellicent, Aggron, and Chansey w/ Seismic Toss)
    Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Palkia
    Japanese DW Banette
    Pokemon with egg moves only available in 4th gen
    Flawless male Smeargle

    I will EV train your UT Pokemon in exchange for one of my wants. I can also EV train a touched Pokemon by using the EV-reducing berries, but I'll want a lot more for that.

    I currently have:
    -All EV lowering berries
    -King's Rock
    -Exp. Share
    -Lucky Egg
    -Heart Scale
    -Life Orb
    -Choice Scarf

    Cloners: (still updating)
    ebiltun is awesome and has agreed to clone for me. You should go check out his shop.

    DragonMaster26 is also awesome, and has made some lovely donations to my shop. He has a trade shop here and you should definitely check it out.

    Kessaja doesn't have a trade shop, but is a stellar trader and cloner and has donated some lovely Pokemon. Definitely a recommended trading partner.

    aaron11700, who has a trade shop here

    If there are connection problems, then leave the room and come back. That fixes them 99% of the time.

    I can't personally clone Pokemon for you. If that's necessary, you'll need to find someone to clone for you before we trade.

    If you don't have anything specifically on my wants list, feel free to offer anyway, as long as the offer is reasonable.

    If you see something you like, then let's trade!
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2011
  2. ebiltun

    ebiltun COD Fanboy

    I can clone for you.
  3. AfroKing

    AfroKing Street Brawlers CEO

    I'm interestes in ur DW Growlithe, DW Swablu and Shiny Absol. I can offer u a Machop with Elemental Punchs and Bullet Punch, Litwick with Heat Wave, Shroomish with Focus Punch, Timburr wirth Drain and Mach Punch, Pineco with Explsion and Stealth Rock. Pm me if u are interested.
  4. Toxicated92

    Toxicated92 Water Expert

    Dude have you got/ca you get a modest DW poliwag? (female would be better)
    And off your trade list here's a few things I have:
    Male Litwick with Heat Wave (mine are modest)
    & (if you give me a while to breed it)
    Pichu with volt tackle :D
    Pm if interested
  5. Apokalyptika

    Apokalyptika New Member

    Bump. Updated items/Egg Move Pokemon/Wants.
  6. noahdaboa

    noahdaboa Banned

    I'll trade you you an abra, slakoth, and starly for one of you elekids, machops, and larvitars. All preferably male.
    Thanks for considering
  7. RasenShuriken6

    RasenShuriken6 Well-Known Member

    i will trade you a totodile with ice punch or a squirtle with muddy water for a male pichu with volt tackle
  8. Rayce

    Rayce _

    im interested in your lvl 5 shiny Cyndyquil, check my shop for what i have to offer :3
  9. darthscyther123

    darthscyther123 Well-Known Member

    I am interested in your Manaphy and/or SMR2010 Jirachi.

    For Manaphy I can offer any of these UT pokemon:
    Legendaries: Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Terrakion, Cobalion
    Shinies: Palpitoad, Tentacool, Gloom, Kricketune

    For SMR2010 Jirachi I can offer Gamestop Suicune or Mystery Mew as listed below.

    I can also offer anything else in my sig. Any questions or counter offers feel free to ask :)
  10. Lubby_03

    Lubby_03 New Member

    i would like either of your lvl 100 legendaries. i can offer a lvl 100 raikou or a lvl 100 kyogre?
  11. _2old4this

    _2old4this New Member

    RC my pokemon

    Hi, I am looking for someone to Rare Candy up my pokemon so they are at lv100 for wifi battles. The 6 pokes are lv 62-70. Pls PM me if you can do this.

    I can offer item/s for your time. Thanks!
  12. Apokalyptika

    Apokalyptika New Member

    Lubby: Sorry, I'm not really interested.
  13. evan0913

    evan0913 New Member

    Hi Apok :) Can I get a male timburr with mach punch and drain punch? I can offer a female DW feebas?
  14. Apokalyptika

    Apokalyptika New Member

    You absolutely can! Can I have your FC?
  15. Pablosanchez

    Pablosanchez New Member

    Hi, I'm interested in ur movie victini, but I'm not sure what you want. I can offer gamestop entei and possibly more.
  16. Apokalyptika

    Apokalyptika New Member

    I've already got a gamestop Entei, actually. What else do you have?
  17. Pablosanchez

    Pablosanchez New Member

    I have a male extreme speed Dratini, but it's in my heartgold. I have a Shiny modest stunfisk, and a giritina though I'm not sure of the nature.
  18. Apokalyptika

    Apokalyptika New Member

    Much appreciated, but I don't need any of those. Thanks for offering, though.
  19. rwhite84

    rwhite84 Banned

    Ill give you a flawless adamant movie 11 victini for ur 31 iv adamant shiny axew
  20. ShaoWeh

    ShaoWeh Member

    i have a Sing Pikachu and is interested in ur DW mudkip

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