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Apples to Apples: Pokéstyle V.3

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Blaziken Ninja
Tossing Dwebble because....uhh...it's a rock. Rocks don't die. Yeah...

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
I'm just gonna go with Bronzong because it's a bell and therefore can't technically die. Also, another definition for deathless is "likely to endure because of superior quality," and since Bronzong was said to have been dug up intact after hundreds of years, I'd say that definition applies.

I'm trying way too hard aren't I

Yay A2A is back
Burakoru - Petilil
Gryghaim - Magcargo
BlazikenBlitz - Dwebble
WandererBeta - Cascoon
CuriousHeartless - Deerling
Crimson Penguin - Bronzong

epic mew

Zorark + mew = death
Klang It's a steel-type pokemon, So it can hardly get a scratch from it's steel body.


Lieker of Mudkipz
Could I join?


Jeez, I am bad at this. I blame school. But I'm back, playing Ivysaur and calling time.

Toy Soldier Mafia

Active Member
Thanks, everyone, for putting up with my adjectives.

Recon with Ivysaur!
epic mew with Klang!
{(•)___(•)} with Tornadus!
Gryghaim with Magcargo!
Crimson Penguin with Bronzong! Congrats!

Let the next round begin soon.

epic mew

Zorark + mew = death
Grats sir penguin!
Not open for further replies.