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Apricot Ball Pokemon to Trade for Bred Pokemon


Omega Ruby Base on Route 18, Right Side Beach
***(If we trade in UMUS, I'll request my requested bred pokemon for trade to be E.V. trained as well, since I'm still in beginning of USUM.)***
Hi, I'm creating this thread to offer Apricot and Safari Ball Female Pokemon, ranging from 2-5 perfect IVs and most will have egg moves (the ivs will be random but, "high chance" you'll get at "least" 2 perfect ivs and most will come with egg moves, these trades are for the balled Pokemon and female; The egg moves and IVs are a bonus not mandated for trade. from the list below, in exchange for, non-apricot balls (easy to get in game balls) 5 iv bred Pokemon. (pm me for details, in regards to which Pokemon I'm looking for to trade)
One Apricot Ball female bred Pokemon will equal, one non-apricot but, in game ball bred 5 iv'd Pokemon. This is for ORAS and most likely, exceptable to trade in X or, Y. I do have UM and could transfer to USUM to finalize a trade however, for now my requests will be for ORAS/X &Y. Also, I'll do trade for other Female Apricot Ball Pokemon, not listed below. (Theres also, a chance I won't get any timely reply's, where are you traders? :))

Slakoth-level ball
Lickitung-level ball
Hoppip-Love Ball
Heracross-Dream Ball
Kangaskhan- love ball and safari
Lapras-Love Ball
Ralts-love ball and friend ball
Eyekid-level ball
Mawile-level ball
Sunkern- friend ball
Swablue - moon ball
Diglet- moon ball
Drillbur -dream ball
Quilfish -dream ball
Wooper -safari ball woops
Munna- dream ball
Miltank -love ball
Marill -dream ball
Bunary - dream ball
Zubat - dream ball
Teddiursa - moon ball
Swinub -love ball
Mawile -dream ball
Hippopotus -dream ball
Growlithe -fast or, level ball (both)
Ponyta -dream ball
Poliwag -safari ball (woops)
Quilfish -dream ball
Tangala - level ball
Ursarang - heavy ball (is male only, I'd have to transfer to usum to breed ball and im not far enough in usum to breed so, no Urserang)
Graveler-heavy ball
Dratini -dream ball
Scyther -sport ball
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Omega Ruby Base on Route 18, Right Side Beach
Anyone interested in trades? This forum can be located in gen 6 Wi-Fi forum, too.