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April 12th: PM2019 021 - Hit Your Mark, Wave Guidance! Satoshi and the Mysterious Egg!!

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Blaze Master X

The Fallen Hero

Satoshi has to take care of a Pokémon egg. Will he be able to make it hatch without any problems arising?



Aim for Master Class, Satoshi!

Satoshi gets a new Pokémon as he aims for ranking up?!

Satoshi is currently fairly shorthanded as far as his battle strength is concerned. He'll need to train his Pokémon further and discover new comrades!

Blurb: Satoshi is looking after a Pokémon egg. Will this lead to the birth of a new team mate?!

Who will be born from this egg...?
Balkie? Sarunori? Messon? Gonbe? Riolu?
Check out the episode airing April 12th to learn the answer!

Satoshi: Let's get stronger together!

Satoshi's Pokémon:
Satoshi has three Pokémon on his team now that he got the Kairyu and Gangar he met on his journey:

Go This Month:
His partner Hibanny has evolved!!

While training to develop its own personal version of "Ember", Hibanny changed form. But did its friendship with Go evolve a bit too...?
*Go is Satoshi's friend, he has a burning passion for getting Pokémon.


It is said that Pokémon eggs still hold many mysteries. Satoshi and Go go searching so that they can see one in real life, but they're not that easy to find. But while they're searching, they come across a mysterious egg that takes forever to hatch at a Pokémon Center they drop by. The young lady that heals Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, Joy-san, decides to entrust the egg to Satoshi to have him look after it. Will the Pokémon hatch without any further issues arising?

Screenplay 松井亜弥 (Aya Matsui)
Storyboard 樋口香里 (Kaori Higuchi)
Episode Director 牧野吉高 (Yoshitaka Makino)
Animation Director 柳原好貴 (Koki Yanagihara)
Animation Director 野村美妃 (Miki Nomura)
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The Chords of Steel
The egg is blue so there are only three options.
I hope it's a Sobble. Rioulu would be my second choice.

Sword master zacian

Well-Known Member
Please the egg be sobble
I really also want a riolu but riolu and lucario line already had much more appearance in anime it's little boring
But a sobble will be a very fresh pokemon for him and anime also it will be leading to first galar pokemon capture of ash
Sobble kinda also gives a baby feeling to it when it's cry and etc.
Whereas riolu doesn't look like a baby its kinda a strong , matured pokemon

Sword master zacian

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But anyways finally a capture of ash which isn't fully evolved huh tired to seeing catching fully evolved pokemon
It would be a very interesting to see how will ash raise this pokemon whether sobble, riolu, or maybe others grookey, tyrogue
Please it don't be munchlax


Cynical Optimist
Omg tyrogue would be honestly amazing but all signs have already pointed towards riolu... which is okay but compared to the hitmons, Lucario has had sooo much screen time and I just think one of the hitmons would be more interesting.

grookey or sobble would be my most preferred though!


Lover of underrated characters
Mimey got removed from his team and not a soul cared.
Gives room for a good Psychic type like Espeon or Metagross to join the squad instead. Mimey should be back with Delia where he belongs

Go already had quite a lot of focus episodes in early sereis and ash had a little bit less than go but now he is getting focus that's good

It's a good thing. Go's boring, Ash getting a Riolu is far from boring haha


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They listed it in another magazine article last month. They're just not being all that consistent about it.

I mean it is entirely possible they are only focusing on New Pokemon and Pikachu (because its Pikachu) because I still want a bonding episode with Ash and Mr. Mime even if he doesn't use it again in battle. I do think it'll get focus when Galarian Mr. Mime shows up (hopefully Go gets one).
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