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April 12th: PM2019 021 - Hit Your Mark, Wave Guidance! Satoshi and the Mysterious Egg!!

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Though highly unlikely, I’d like it if the episode features a scene where Go asks Ash if he’s seen a pokémon egg like in the preview and Ash mentions how he had a few himself, which would cut to a brief fantasy/flashback thingy showing Donphan, Scraggy, & Noivern

Either that or a few brief flashbacks of the pokémon Ash saw hatched from eggs like Togepi, Larvitar, & Snowy


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Riolu sure feels like an odd dream doesn't it? I mean everyone wanted Ash to get Lucario back in the DP era... yet here we are now
We're just waiting for the writers to give up Riolu to Korrina forever. Imagine that reality!


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Of course they were. That's why they turned turtwig into a mess after its evolution. I like infernape, but torterra paid a high price for it.

Well, just waiting this riolu have some eggmove. It's refuse to hatch is probably it was abandoned for not have good IVs.


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Damn I so sick and tired of Lucario. They have been feeding our throats with jackal every generation since DP era and now here we go again. Poor gible/johto and unova starters/Incineroar/Melmetal that destined to rot in the lab in favor of previous gens wet dreams.


We like Gible because it turns into Garchomp. Also, typing "Ash's Garchomp" feel great and we should not denied of that!

It was already very insulting seeing Ash rely on Lusamine's Ride Garchomp when he had a Gible capable of evolving on Oak.
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