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April 30th: PM2019 064 - The Detested Absol

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Huh, didn't expect that one rando form ep 8 to come back. Either way I really like Absol's lore but the episode's plot doesn't sound all that interesting

Master Pikachu 11

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So Goh gets Glalie while Ash gets Absol, nice.
That would work for me since most on here are already expecting Absol to be a Goh mon instead and it would lead to the series to be unpredictable again.
Oh you mean that Jimmy Neutron haircut guy with shark teeth? :>
Yes the guy who kept falling off of his Hariyama’s shoulder, this makes the episode that much more interesting to watch now.

Hyper Missingno

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If Glalie does appear, then I hope Goh to catch it since this possibly makes it higher chance for Ash to catch Absol. Of course, Goh still possibly catch both of them.


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Very cool to see Hoji again

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
i hope Absol kicks Jason's butt if it's the one framing it.

Kind of surprised flannery's not appearing since you would think Gym leaders would help resolve issues in their cities (like Burgh did with the venipedes) but then again this isn't as big of a crisis either.
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