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April 30th: PM2019 064 - The Detested Absol

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You disagree with me but then prove my point.......how?
The specific notion that stand alone Pokemon are nothing. That's where my disagreement lies. I already explained that. But I think you missed that specific line. Me and you agree on a lot of stuff here but alienating certain Pokemon just because they can't evolve that's where I gotta say something.

I want Ash to catch Pokemon, he's turned away from that specific attribute and only gets certain Pokemon in generations, in a region where Development is not the priority I only care about specific Pokemon that Ash to capture. Dragonite (Check), Arcanine, Gengar (Check), Tyranitar, Espeon, Flygon (RIP), Absol, Volcarona, Zoroark, Zeraora, Obstagoon, Toxtricity, Urshifu (SS), Zacian and Lugia. (He's not going to capture every single one of these Pokemon that I want) I'd rather have Ash have ownership of the Pokemon and put it on the peg board. Now the structure is flawed, yes the character development is vastly needed. I'm very pleased that the reserves are returning but at what cost. More disappearance, more missed opportunities. I've always approached Pokemon in how they structure the saga. But unfortunately here there is none so its more open season. I'm hoping this coming arc changes some of my opinions but there are unfortunately a lot of shortcomings. In a saga where there is a load of potential not being acted upon.
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I always dread any Pokemon I like end up with the worst written characters ever who will not give them justice properly.


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Just here to say, in the last post I’ll make in this thread before the episode airs. If Absol goes to Ash, remember that PsychoLogical and I were the ones that never gave up hope.

In other words, early celebration post :D


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*Readies large bag of popcorn and a comfy chair*

Well it’s been a fun ride, here’s to another addition to Gohs ever expanding collection of Pokémon that will get overshadowed by the 3 starters he has been given. Absol you glorious bastard have fun rotting in the Goh research Lab , sure you would probably get overshadowed if you were caught by Ash but at least you’d be given some character and possibly a Arc instead of just check mark in Gohs pokedex.


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I'd be curious as to how they'd even begin to handle absol as an Ash-mon, given the last time they gave Ash a dog 'mon they butchered it to kingdom come with how utterly meaningless it was by the end

Either give it to Go so it can have some peace and quiet in the park, or leave it alone so it can keep protecting the glalie family
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