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April Plot Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by lolipiece, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I guess we can chop off that Haxorus debut, then.

    Outside of the obvious stuff, I got no idea what's going on.

    So, Goura's Ability is Solid Rock?

    Iris' Fraxure evolves into Haxorus. Its Ability is Mold Breaker?

    1) Tepig vs Snivy vs Oshawott.
    2) Black, Bianca, and Cheren are introduced.
    3) Tep is nicknamed.
    4) Black meets Hiker Andy. (Volume 1)
    5) Black meets White.
    6) Black and White meet Team Plasma.
    7) Black vs. N part 1. (Volume 2)
    8) Black vs. N part 2.
    9) Black, Bianca, and Cheren vs. Striaton Gym Leaders part 1.
    10) Black, Bianca, and Cheren vs. Striaton Gym Leaders part 2. (Volume 3)
    11) Black and White meet Fennel.
    12) Black and White at Nacrene.
    13) Black vs. Lenora part 1. (Volume 4)
    14) Black vs. Lenora part 2.
    15) Black and Burgh vs Team Plasma.
    16) Pinwheel Forest and Black vs Janitor Geoff.
    17) Tep vs Zorua. (volume 5)
    18) Black vs Burgh part 1/ Bianca's stolen Pokemon.
    19) Black vs Burgh part 2/ Bianca's Pokemon retrieval.
    20) Black and White on Liberty Island. (volume 6)
    21) Black and White in the Desert Resort.
    22) White sets up the Pokemon Musical.
    23) Musical starts.
    24) Black vs Elesa. (volume 7)
    25) White and N.
    26) Marshal appears.
    27) Marshal vs Alder.
    28) Black teaches White about Pokemon battling. (volume 8)
    29) Black vs Zorua.
    30) White meets Shauntal
    31) Black and Cheren in the Cold Storage.
    32) Black vs Clay part 1.
    33) Black vs Clay part 2.
    34) Black and Clay arrive in Mistralton/ Black vs Skyla part 1
    35) Black vs Syla part 2/ Gym Leaders vs Shadow Triad part 1
    36) Gym Leaders vs Shadow Triad part 2
    37) Gym Leaders vs Shadow Triad part 3
    38) Brycen trains Black part 1
    39) Brycen trains Black part 2
    40) Brycen trains Black part 3
    41) Brycen trains Black part 4
    42) Black at the Mistralton Cave part 1
    43) Black at the Mistralton Cave part 2
    44) Black and White reunite
    45) Alder vs N
    46) Black, White, and Cedric vs N
    47) Pokemon League begins
    48) League part 1/Black vs Looker
    49) League part 2/Black vs Iris

    ???) Black has a flashback part 1
    ???) Black has a flashback part 2
    ???) White vs Subway Bosses/ Bianca and Meloetta part 1
    ???) Bianca and Meloetta part 2
    ???) Shadow Triad vs Striaton trio (part 1)
    ???) Shadow Triad vs Striaton trio (part 2)
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2013
  2. Beat!

    Beat! The Chords of Steel

    So what will happen with the rest of the matches? Everything will be off-screen?
    I'm gettin ready for the rest of the people to cry: Rushed!
  3. redchesus

    redchesus Jade Star Trainer

    I had a hunch they would link the Village of the Dragons to the Dragon Clan elder, and I'm glad they did!
  4. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I like how they retconned his hat.


    And thus, the concept of normal dragons have been replaced by Pokemon dragons.
  5. redchesus

    redchesus Jade Star Trainer

    And his assistant's weight seems to fluctuate a lot from one moment to the next, poor guy.
  6. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    So we get Iris is Johto person (unlike Village of Dragons in anima in Unova, Village of Dragons of SP in Blackthorn City).

    This means that not only Unova, Kanto Johto Hoenn and Sinnoh also have other skin race (although we have Phoebe and Dahlia, but we do not know where they came from). ;245;
  7. Mejiro-kun

    Mejiro-kun New Member

    I don't think so, this is the Pokémon Fan chapter so maybe the rest of the matches will be on future Corocoro Ichiban chapters ?

    Anyway this seems like a great chapter ! Old dragon man from Johto is baaaaack ! I've been missing him ! Also Iris owns a Lapras and a Druddigon, this is pretty cool. I wonder why Drayden, Alder and everybody were in Johto back then ? Iris backstory seems cool... She could be a very good Dexholder you know XD ?
  8. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Just picked up both magazines.

    Pokemon Fan:
    The final battle of the League was between Black and Iris. As the pics depicted, Iris's Fraxure evolved into a Haxorus during its battle with Brav. The two then switched to Druddigon vs Tula. Black asked about Iris's reason for taking on the League (which Iris had this mockery blush saying she's flattered that Black is interested in her), and she revealed that she hailed from Blackthorn City, aspiring to be an expert in Dragons. She was quite full of herself, but could not really learn how to master her powers, which was why the Blackthorn Elder invited Drayden all the way over from Unova to take her under his wing. Iris was reluctant at first, but Drayden proved himself much stronger than her by using his Druddigon to defeat her Lapras. She claimed that being the Champion would be her goal, and thus, upon arrival in Unova, Drayden brought Iris to see Alder. The two men became Iris's mentors afterwards, and Iris was determined to conquer the League this time, because she wanted to get even with N for hurting the pride of Alder. At the end, Black's Carracosta managed to defeat Haxorus with an Ice Beam, but Black assured Iris that he would fulfill her determination, because he too, wanted to defeat N...

    Cheren was seen fighting Petashi, and easily defeated his Deino with his Unfezant (male). However, Black noted that Cheren was unexpectedly cold towards his opponents, and didn't even smile upon winning. He wondered what is wrong with his childhood friend. Next up is the Hoodman vs Marlon, with Beheeyem vs male Jellicent. Jellicent seemed to have locked down Beheeyem's Energy Ball with its Curse Body, but Beheeyem retaliated with Shadow Ball and gained victory. Upon victory, the Hoodman mentioned that by observing and encountering powerful trainers at the League, he could learn a lot for his research. The next match was Iris vs Gray (the chapter wrote the italics Glay, and then said it meant the 'gray-colour'. Judging from PokeSP's frequent mis-spelling tendency, I believe it's meant to be Gray). Gray is depicted to be maniacal about cold things, and used a Cryogonal to trap Iris's Fraxure with an ice chain. However, Iris has learnt how to counter this by training with Brycen, and eventually defeated Cryogonal. Finally, Brycen arrived at the League, and believed that when the Gymleaders said they had 'no recollection' about their kidnapping, he believed that something must have tampered with their memory, which was something that the Pokemo Beheeyem could do. Seeing how the mysterious Hoodman incidentally owned this Pokemon, he recruited White's help in investigating upon it...


    Appears to me that the Hoodman may simply be Colress with the 'research' thing and the fact that it may be linked to the Gymleaders' kidnapping. Colress did have a Beheeyem in the games, so we may have been hyping up too much about the Hoodman after all.

  9. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    I'm perfectly fine with the hooded man being Colress. It was cool to see that they linked Iris back to Johto.
  10. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. Enlightenment

    I have to say this is probably my fave version of Iris in gen 5 so far. It sounds like she had a cool little backstory. Good for Iris and her Haxorus. It's good she and Black what to destroy N. I can't wait to see N get his. It will be so wonderful. I have to say I love this version of N. I love loathing him. Looking forward to N's next appearance. I'm glad Brycen is recruiting White to help. I was afraid White really was just going to stay on the sidelines after all the training she's done to become a Pokemon Trainer. I want to see her work pay off in the Team Plasma/N showdown. And of course they have to save Skyla...and the other Gym Leaders too.
  11. arawn

    arawn Well-Known Member

    So no Sird and no Guile . WHERE THE FUN . :-D
    I want Iris win the battle . And White seriously need more screentime .
    Too bad the Hoodman is Colress . He's hot . But . . . I want sth bigger than that man .
  12. Bionickai001

    Bionickai001 Hive Trainer

    Black won the league? I wonder how Iris will end up being the Champion for B2W2. Also, I can't wait until next month when we hopefully find out about Cheren's Snivy.
  13. Red_the_knight

    Red_the_knight Pokemon Warrior

    Hmm. So the Hoodman is only Colress and not Sird. That actually explains Beheeyem. Looks like the fans (including me) who are expecting for Sird to return as a Hoodman became false.

    Wait, Iris from Blackthorn in Gen II? That makes no sense! For playing Gen 2, I don't remember seeing Iris in GSC and HGSS. How come she didn't mentioned when we didn't see her in the manga book and in the game? Kusaka, stop messing up the chronological order!
    I do say however that Iris did advance for Black to let her go on. The fans are right.

    And lastly, Cheren not happy? Are we ganna have another Saskue or lose Cheren? He's supposed to be a regular teen that acts as a smart student, not become a terrified emo boy. But this is new: Gray. That means one thing, we will later get to see what Gray will look like since Gray was not made into a game but later as a character. I hope he has his appearance and important just like Emerald, Yellow, and Crystal.
  14. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. Enlightenment

    Just because Iris didn't appear in GSC or HGSS that doesn't mean it makes no sense. If BW is really set in the future, then Iris might not have even been born at the time of GSC. Ruby was from Johto but I don't remember seeing him in GSC either. Iris being from Blackthron just ties in Unova with other regions, that doesn't mean she had to be mentioned or seen in GSC, HGSS, or any Johto related stuff.

    Also Cheren not being happy doesn't make him Sasuke. If nothing else, it opens the potential of actually giving the guy a interesting story to look forward to on why he's acting so strange. Not everyone is going to act 100% like their game halves in Special.
  15. Pokemonspecialgerman

    Pokemonspecialgerman Well-Known Member

    Aaaaaah Black won against Iris!! Great!!^^
    I feared that he might lose. But now he can be the second Pokemon League winner, after Red!
    He could finally fulfill his dream *_* How will Black change after this? Without any dream he could follow? And what about Musha?
    This is so interesting! Not to mention Iris' past and the hood man-colress thing. And cheren of course. But sadly cherens opponent was just some filler opponent after all.
    But hey more screentime for white<3 That are some really amazing chapters, and the excitement just won't stop.
  16. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Guys, don't forget. Black still has to beat the Elite Four. God knows how many chapters that could take.

    Wait, there's still the battles with Marlon and Cheren, right?

    Guess that means this League still has one last Ichiban chapter.
  17. Trutown

    Trutown Doctor

    Character development. That would be nice to see. Forgive me if I don't hold out any hope for that.

    What White is doing actually sounds interesting. It would be nice to see how that turns out next month.

    Iris holding a grudge is actually pretty good. It definitely makes her more interesting and unlocks some more potential for her character in the future. It would be nice to see her act upon this grudge if she ever comes across N.
  18. Pokemonspecialgerman

    Pokemonspecialgerman Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah the elite 4 right, I forgot.. :/ That will sure take some time.
    Come to think of it.. was Black vs. Iris the semi-final round? So Black has to battle cheren or hood-man in the final round?
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2013
  19. ReiZerou

    ReiZerou Well-Known Member

    Interesting! I like that Iris used to live in Blackthorn City. This clearly comes from Drayden's flashback in B2W2 games, where it is implied that Iris is not from Unova.

    I was expecting that the Ichiban chapter would be Black VS. Cheren. Well, next month it is then, along with Iris VS. Hood Man. That is, if they don't do anything unexpected and put them the other way around. We will have to go a little backwards in time, though, which is a little funny.

    I'm not surprised that the Hood Man wasn't anyone mindbreaking. But if he's Colress, then it's weird that he's taking part in Team Plasma's plans already and moreover, that Brycen and White are going to investigate him. Which itself isn't bad since White needs more screentime and this whole thing seems interesting, but what will be left for B2W2 if this keeps up?

    Um, what? Gray is just Zinzolin in a disguise.
  20. Dreamingflower

    Dreamingflower Trying out new games

    Thanks a lot for the summary. I am starting to love Iris more and more! She's so awesome, I love her background story and her grudge against N.

    Good to know that White will be doing something useful. I hope they'll find the gymleaders soon and I wonder what happened to Cheren, has team Plasma done something to him?

    So Team plasma has 2 people from their team that are infiltrating in the Pokemon league.

    I can't wait for the next issue. Maybe Musha returns, because Black is fulfilling his dream now. What will he do after he wins the league and becomes champ? If he beats it of course.
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