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April Plot Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by e9310103838, Feb 20, 2018.

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  1. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

  2. Moni_22

    Moni_22 Well-Known Member

    Captain Ilima is here! Also seems like Sun and Lillie are kinda doing the Ghost trial, at least they are spending some time together
  3. lolipiece

    lolipiece No Pokemon, only Sakka Staff Member Moderator

    Five months?

    Here I thought XY's ending implied it was three months after Lysandre's defeat, as that happened to be the exact amount of time that Lillie had spent at Kukui's place after escaping from Aether Paradise.

    So we're two months after XY's ending?
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  4. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    I thought the games took place 2 years after X & Y?
  5. Moni_22

    Moni_22 Well-Known Member

    The manga has its own continuity
  6. lolipiece

    lolipiece No Pokemon, only Sakka Staff Member Moderator

    Where was it stated XY is two years before SM anyway?

    I remember Grimsley's concept art says he's two years older in SMUSUM, but he doesn't appear in XY at all, so it'd be two years after B2W2.
  7. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    Which takes place at the same time as XY. Hence, two years older than his appearance in B2W2.
  8. horrahforyou

    horrahforyou Pokemon and Kamen Rider is life

    Ilima here has a Yungoos and an Alolan Rattata? I think they already arrived at the Thrifty Megamart's abandoned site and that I guess that Mimikyu they're facing is a Totem one
  9. Lucky3

    Lucky3 Well-Known Member

    Just two? He looks like a decade older at least. Must have been a rough couple of years.
  10. Moni_22

    Moni_22 Well-Known Member

    BW2's chapter is out. Next one will be 30 March.

    Finally we get Black2 and White2 back, and there's progression with Cobalion and the others getting defrost. Now I wonder what message Black2 got
  11. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    Oh, Lack-two said he did not understand the feelings like cruelty, sympathy, and fear. And he got the message that he was fired at the end. :647:
  12. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Apologies for my recent absence and inactivity but work has been busy. Winter surges in the hospital are no fun.

    Anyway, Webry updated the second half of B2W2 chapter 18 and here's a brief synopsis:

    N begins his clash with Ghetsis, but seems to anticipate that he will lose and Zekrom will get absorbed by Kyurem. He wants White to leave the scene since Reshiram will be the next one Kyurem goes after. He also hints to White that when Reshiram reverts back to the Light Stone, Black may finally be freed. White thus flies away on her Vullaby as the two dragons clash.

    Lack-two wakes up at the Abyssal Ruins, and is astonished that he can communicate with Keldeo, which he postulates to be an special effect of the ruins. We get confirmation that Keldeo was holding an Aspear Berry, allowing it thaw itself after getting dropped to the sea. It takes Lack-two and Whi-two to the Abyssal Ruins, despite never having been there before, and reveals that it was following the voices of its mentors. Indeed, the frozen bodies of Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion are at the Ruins, and after hearing Keldeo's story of how Genesect's Techno Blast froze them, Lack-two notes the sword marks on the ice, a result of Keldeo trying to free them with Sacred Sword but to no avail. Lack-two states that Techno Blast was an abnormally enhanced move by science, and thinks only Techno Blast can reverse its effect. He slips the artificial Burn Drive on, but Keldeo seems pensive, which Lack-two fails to understand why.

    Whi-two then shows up, and mocks at Lack-two for doubting Keldeo's hesitance. Keldeo denied having broken the handcuffs linking them together, and instead of running away as Lack-two would have thought, Whi-two stayed behind and even tried to find ways to warm up Lack-two to help him wake from his frozen coma. She blames Lack-two for not understanding Keldeo's worries, since he is planning to subject its mentors to the deadly Techno Blast once more, and reminds him how Genesect suffered from the explosion previously. She questions how he could be so cruel, but Lack-two doesn't understand what she means by cruel. He states that he is only resorting to a potentially useful method which he sees no reason to hesitate about. If Genesect gets hurt, he shall simply heal it, and resort to another method if this one fails. He remarks that he does not understand 'fear' and 'pity', and his words not only shocks Whi-two, but also makes Keldeo reconsider its previous belief that Lack-two resembles its mentors.

    Genesect fires off a Techno Blast, which succeeds in freeing the trio. Cobalion notices its drive catching on flames, and hits it off before it explodes, regarding it as a token to thanks for its help. It then tells Keldeo not to doubt, since it has made up its mind to pick and choose Lack-two as its trainer, a 'resolution' which it should follow through and face the real foe with. Lack-two then tries to access the international police's satellite system, but finally discovers that he has been fired...


    Apologies that I have not had time to pick up the latest Ichiban. Sometime during the weekend maybe.

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2018
  13. Lucky3

    Lucky3 Well-Known Member

    So Lack-two is literally a sociopath? That's... interesting to say the least.

    Also, what was the point of having White in the N vs Ghetsis scene if she's just going to leave?
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
  14. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I figured we were going the sociopath route when he handcuffed Whi-two. Good to see he isn't as perfect as made out to be.
  15. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Sieg Kaiser Reinhard!

    I think it was already obvious since the very first B2W2 chapter when he ditched that girl once he confirmed she wasn't suspicious and how he interacts with everyone in general. Lack-Two just doesn't give a damn about emotions as long as he can accomplish his job.

    Well the N vs Ghetsis battle goes as expected.
  16. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Blake is the REAL villain. Nice.

    He just needs to try to kill a dexholder, and he can be kicked out.
  17. Zipper4242

    Zipper4242 Bewear is the most powerful being in the universe.

    Did Acerola say she's UlaUla's only trial captain? Rip Sophocles...
  18. Moni_22

    Moni_22 Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing he's not an official Captain yet, since in the game he seemed to be pretty new. We'll most likely see him becoming one later
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
  19. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    So Lack-two being fired puts him in a position where it could easily be shown that he doesn't care for what's happening anymore right? It would be interesting to see him essentially stop trying to help anyone and his arc now revolving around Whi-two trying to get him to care more.
  20. Lucky3

    Lucky3 Well-Known Member

    I dunno, I think there's more to his actions than just his job in Interpol. If it was all just work to him, he wouldn't have gone out of his way to do all that shady stuff that got him fired in the first place. And there must be a reason why he joined Interpol to begin with. I think he's supposed to be this Sherlock Holmes type that doesn't really care about people but it's still on the side of good and wants to stop evil.

    I do think getting to care more is the most likely place for his character arc to go, and Whi-Two is probably going to have something to do with that, since this chapter also established that she's his opposite, being unable to not care and leave someone behind. But I don't think she would actively try to change him, because she really has no real reason to get invested so much in this guy at this point.
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