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Aqua and Magma

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I feel they were better than rocket, but still pretty evil. The only team I really align with is Plasma...

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You can probably tell I'm a Team Aqua fan. Mainly because I tend to find sea creatures far more fascinating than land creatures. But of course they went the wrong way about getting their ambitions.

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I didn't like them that much. They didn't have much depth to them, merely spouting the same "herp derp we're going to expand the land/sea" ******** the entire game. And none of the admins really had any depth to them, characterization wise the lower ranked admins (Tabitha and Courtney in Magma, Matt and Shelly in Aqua) had absolutely no interesting traits or anything, they acted like generic grunts that happened to be tougher. I did like that in Emerald, they both appeared as evil teams and traded off different storyline events, that was more realistic, but they did nothing to improve either team's characterization, so meh. I will say if they ever do come back, they need a lot more depth to them, not just giving them more realistic motives, but more realistic personalities as well.

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I never liked either one of them, still don't.
To me, I was always surprised at the direction they took with their villains.
We went from Team Rocket who was out to steal Pokemon, cause mayhem and screw some stuff up to these two teams who want to completely destroy the world.
I felt like they leaped, jumped and flew over all the other possibilities for villains they could have and they have been trying to just up the ante ever since.


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Controversial topic.

I think, if you want to save the Land/Sea, you should do it with small steps.

I prefer Magma, actually, because apparently some sea pokemon, like Goldeen, can possible survive on land.

Doesn't mean I like their ideas (I think neither are doing good), if Magma won, water could still be around, right?

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In my opinion Team Magma and Aqua were a bunch of retards, not as much as the next criminal teams (Galactic and Plasma), but none of them are as much original as Team Rocket.

Their plan (expanding the sea or land) is catastrophic, in a degree that the effects would destroy/harm themselves eventually.


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While I would side with Magma because more land sounds better than more sea, I have to say both were at fault but both were trying (and failing) to do good, they just took it to extremes. In my opinion, it turned from a true goal to a rivalry.
It seemed like they had good intentions but they were taken way too far by the rivalry aspect. I don't think they ever wanted to hurt anyone/anything, just expand to help mankind without thinking of consequences.

But in my opinion, you can survive a drought easier than a flood.


I guess I liked Team Aqua more since their goal would have helped Pokemon more than humans, but I also kind of liked Team Magma because they had better uniforms in my opinion. It's really hard to side with either one of them completely though because they were still villainous groups that put Hoenn through hell just to satisfy their desires.


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I liked Team Magma's outfits and I think they had a fair point. The earth is 75% water it can afford 25% more land

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I personally like Team Magma's outfits a lot more than Team Aqua's.. Plus, Team Aqua woke me up >_>
My Views on Team Magma and Team Aqua Were That They Were Two Amazing Villainous Teams in The Hoenn Region. Both Teams Having Similar Goals in Using Ancient Pokemon For There Own Needs to Built a Better World. But There Rivalry Is a Result of The Two Teams Having Different Beliefs. Team Magma's Ultimate Goal is to Expand The Amount of Landmass in the World by Awakening Groudon While Team Aqua's Ultimate Goal is to Expand The Amount of Water in The World by Awakening Kyogre. I Thought That Team Magma and Team Aqua Had Great Outfits and Great Ideas and Plans to Achieve there Goals Hankered by Great Leaders in Maxie (Team Magma) and Archie (Team Aqua). Team Magma and Team Aqua's Admins should have been more Involved in The Anime, Games, and Manga's. The Climax between Team Magma and Team Aqua Happened When The Great Battle Between Groudon and Kyogre Occured, Resulting in Both Ancient Pokemon Taking to Rest in Underground Magma (Groudon) and Marine Trench (Kyogre). Maxie and Archie decided to End there Feud after seeing The Disaster they have Caused. With All of That being Said, I Thought That Hoenn Introduced a Pretty Cool Concept of Having Two Villainous Teams in The Pokemon Franchise.
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I personally always like Aqua better because I thought Magama was stupid for wearing coats inside of a volcano


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I personally always like Aqua better because I thought Magama was stupid for wearing coats inside of a volcano


I also prefer Aqua because their ambition is slightly lighter than Magma's and I never liked fire to begin with.


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I prefer them to team rocket but still think they're evil. I mean, you're trying to awaken a pokemon that only exists in legends. Just cause you want to make the land/sea bigger. I like Team Aria better (Rayquaza)



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I have to say that I didn't like the idea of both teams, rather crazy I must say. But between the two, team Aqua of course is better because they seem to have a better conviction, has an advantage over magma and their uniform makes more sense than magma.
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Team Magma they make a pretty good point, nice outfits, and they like fire Pokemon just like me.
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Team Aqua for moi, they're awesome... and I love water types... but not as much compared to the Dark Types...
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