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Aqua's Thread v.2

How would you say I am as a spriter?

  • Excellent! Your one of the best!

    Votes: 24 61.5%
  • Your getting there, but you need some work.

    Votes: 9 23.1%
  • Your good. Not the greatest, but good.

    Votes: 3 7.7%
  • Your so-so. Your skills lack, but have potential.

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Your bad at this. You need to take a look a some tutorials.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • You absolutely suck. Stop now, cause you'll never be good.

    Votes: 1 2.6%

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Mud in my veins
I have finally come to make my thread-to-stay. This is my like third attempt and they usually die after a week or so. But that’s always my fault, seeing as I didn’t sprite as much as I do now. I mostly scratch. I have been spriting for over 3 years now and have gotten much better. But there’s still a lot of room for improvement. I do almost everything from Scratches to Fusions and all the way to Pixel Art. Most of my Pixel Art is of my favorite Actor though…although I did make a few of Pokémon. Well, enough of my gibberish, here’re my sprites.

Please refrain from posting one lined comments, or anything that is too short for the matter. I am trying to get better, and although comments such as: “OMG that’s amazing!” or, “I like (insert name here) sprite”, they don’t help me in becoming a better spriter.

My Newest Sprite:


Contest Entries:

Scratch Sprites:

For Fakemon, please check my other thread entitled Pokémon Zircon.

Pixel Art:

This is honor of HGSS. I PixelOvered the Sugimori Art and gave them Backgrounds.​

Please c+c on my art. I spent a lot of hours on these and really hope to improve. And a way I can improve is by getting feedback. There's more to come, but in the meantime, please stick with these.

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Well-Known Member
I would say your sprites are pretty good im a begginer so i couldnt really tell you any problems i really like your fossil sprites and your scratches


The RPG Godfather
I like Jimmy but his legs just seem sort of short if you get what I mean. His body just seems out of proportion and the glow doesn't really work with trainer sprites. Both Jimmy and Soul would look better without said glow.


Mud in my veins


I just made this for my friend's fan game. It's the protagonist of it.
I think the deisgn i had would've better fit my spriting style. But I stuck with this one.​

squlicky4 ~ Thankyou. I'm glad you like the fossil sprites. I put a lot of work into that contest entry to get it to look different from everyone else.

Stabberz ~ yeah, I see what you're saying. I'll go ahead and probably take the glow off. And the legs are the same size as the soul's. His shorts are just covering most of them.

thankyou for commenting.


still loves gen II


Aqua, that's great! Really good, man. One of your best [of the...three] trainer sprites I've seen you make. Wow. Wow.

Your artwork is SO good Aqua. You have no idea how lucky I feel when I look back, and remember you asking to join my sprite shop....*sigh*...good times.

Well, keep up the GREAT work!

...oyeah. Crit.

Uhm...On the gold sprite. He's really good, it's just that the eye color sorta bugs me. It's too light of a shade. But otherwise, it's great!

Rayquaza Master777

#1 May Fanboy
What was the ice one?


Hmm, let's see if I can form a coherent paragraph about your sprites...
[comment] Well, they're awesome, pretty, cool, creative and well made. Daaaang, you scratch very, very well. And your pixelarts are amazing, I really like the Tony Stark one in your sig. Your frozen fossil sprite is swicked, and in general, everything is pleasing to the eye. [/comment]
[crit] I'm getting annoyed with Helio's Protagonist's shorts. The pocket on our left is in the center of his pants, unless it was part of his design, it should be more on the left. [/crit]

Well, that wasn't very coherent... Oh well. Nice stuff.


Mud in my veins
Well, thankyou for all of the feedback people.
Here is a new sprite. It is my friend's Normal Type Gym Leader. I deisgned him and sprited him.



Now to comment on your comments. Don't want to be rude and ignore them. :>

Starrmyt ~ Thankyou so much. Those types of posts are very nice to see. I get overcomplemented(which I like) and some crit. On the crit: yeah, I thought so. He kind of reminded me of a vampire, with the whole Bronze eye color thing. I'll change it.

Rayquaza Master777 ~ Um...that was a Contest Entry. I don't remember from what week though. But, can you please give me some c+c on my sprites? If not, it's okay. I would just like to see more than a sentence or two.

Rayn_Shu ~ Coherent enough for me. The pockets. Yeah. I can't do anything about it. The pockets are in the center. They're supposed to be that way.
Thanks for the comment on RDJ/Tony Stark. I spent 5 hours on that and haven't gotten a single comment on it, except for on DA. The PAs are my best Pokemon related and I'm glad you do like them, although I screwed up on Cyndaquil.

I'm happy people think I'm a great spriter, because, well, that shows that I'm getting better. :)

Please c+c on Warren.
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Well, I like Warren. A nice, buff, Normal type Gym Leader. I can see him having parts of the Slakoth line in his team.
I really like his pants! They have really nice shading and are just cool. His hair is nice too, and I'm kinda pretending he has a goatee... because it would work and we need more trainers with facial hair.
That's my two bits.


This is a title.
Nice! I love what you did with the pixel overs and backgrounds! It's pretty cool! The trainers scratches also nice.


WOWZA! These are Epic Aqua! I cant find a single flaw in any of your sprites! It's hard to pic a favourite! Its also cool how you added the backgrounds on the Pixel Overs. Great Job!

I"ll just comment on a more recent sprite.

It is my friend's Normal Type Gym Leader. I deisgned him and sprited him.



Your light source seems to be in many diffrent places and not evenly placed.
The face looks like the light-source is in the top right corner, yet his chest is highlighted more towards the left and the parts of the left arm shaded by his torso aren't shaded in the darker color. Where is the light source coming from?

The extended left leg is also a problem; it's posed awkwardly and the foot looks as flat as cardboard. The arc in the bottom of the shoe makes the shoe seem more like a high-heel shoe than anything, and why is it even there? Why is the bottom of the pant leg curved upwards like that? The other leg has the bottom of the pant leg curve back and cover the back and backsides of the shoe, so why is the full side of the left shoe shown? I also don't understand the back of the left pantleg and how it spikes out then goes back in then goes back up; It looks unnatural.

His right arm is also awkwardly shaded. Why does the darker shading stop so abruptly? The bottom of the right arm is also very rectangular and thin which you should fix. The thinness of the arms is also a problem with your sprite: his arms don't look muscular.

Lastly, depending on where your lightsource is coming form, the chest needs more light since it would not need to be dark on both the left and right side of the chest if there was a light from either top corner.

Two cents.


Mud in my veins
I think this should be better. Thank you .Bright Side.



I have gone and resprited him based off of the feedback, and I've got to say, he looks better.

Rayn_Shyu ~ He does have a gote (SP?), it's just very hard to see. You'd have to zoom in kind of close to see it on the sprite. But he does. And I totally agree that Gym Leaders should have more facial hair. So far it's...Blaine, Chuck, Wattson, Juan, Wake, and Byran. Well, that's a lot actually. At least one in each generation, right?

Torosiken ~ Thanks. At least you wrote more than two sentences. I spent...a day on all three of those. So, I'm glad the work paid off.

Kecleoshrew ~ I'm glad you like them, but I'm afraid there are very very many flaws, just as Bright Side has pointed out, on just one of my sprites.

platinumS:: ~ Why the need to introduce yourself? There's no reason to, especially since I can see the username right there. Plus, you act like you've spoken to me before, and we haven't...but I will keep up the great work. Even though I don't think they're that great.

MEME ~ Um...this isn't a request thread. Please, no requests. I don't do well with them ever, seeing as I never actually start on them. And if I do, it always gets in very late. But this is not a request thread. It's a showcase thread, where I...showcase my sprites...

.Bright Side. ~ now to you...

Wow. What can I say. I'm blown away that you found THAT MUCH stuff wrong in a sprite that I thought I did great on. I sat and read and was like: "What? I did that?" I looked at the sprite and you were right. It had many problems.

So I went ahead and fixed it, except for some things that I didn't quite understand.

Those are wrinkles in his pants. Kind of, I guess. They're where his pants are too long and they fold up at his shoe. (understand?) And I never said he was muscular. I just posted him saying he was a Normal Type Gym Leader. But I guess since his chest kind of looks muscular, so should his arms.
I'm very happy wih your feedback. It's amazing how one person can tear a sprite up so easily.
Tearing is a good sign to see. :3


Overall, I'm not very happy with some of the posts I'm getting. I spend time forming a front page full of stuff, and repeat myself over and over in every thread, and almost every post, that I would like to see some crit on my sprites. I've gotten some, but I'd really like it if I could get more. Spriting is what I do in my spare time, and I have a lot of spare time, so if I am to sprite, I'd like to get better and improve on my skills.

I like the comments though. They put smiles on my face. I thank you for posting, but please give some crit. I don't care if it is huge and detailed like .Bright Side.'s or short and to the point like Starrmyt's. Crit is good either way.

So, please c+c on the new Warren sprite and on the rest of the stuff here in my thread.


Hm, well, i looked again, and on Gold, it looks like the tuft of hair is on the side of his head, and on the Soul sprite, her right leg, (our left) looks like it's half disconnected to thw body (if that makes sense)


Mud in my veins
Well, for the HGSS contest, I made this. I don't know if I'm allowed to enter more than one revamp, but I did.


Silver Sprite revamp

I actually scratched quite a bit on this--which is what youa re supposed to do on a revamp--and it turned out quite well. I elevated the neck, making it much longer than it was. It seems that as the games progress, the neck gets longer...and longer...but then I made the legs longer, the tail shorter and more stubby, and fixed up the petals. I was going to completely rescratch them them, but then thought it would be 80% scratch instead of 30%.

So here's Meganium. My second revamp.​

Now to the comments.

Kecleoshrew ~ yeah, you're right, the tuft of hair is weird looking. I need to connect it more to the hole in the hat. Thanks. But on Soul's sprite, her hip is sticking out. her leg isn't disconnected, that's just how she's standing.

Lucariofan-atic ~ I only have one Icy sprite. The contest entry. Unless you're referring to the recolor, then I guess you could count them as icy...

Please c+c on Meganium.


Hm, on that meganium, i think (this is just my opinion) that on the petal that her head is over, it should have more dark shading.


+1 cookie for troll
Oh, wow~! o: Did I ever tell you that Meganium's one of my ULTRA-faves?

I love how you increased the size of it to match more to the DPPt ones. Everything's in lovely proportion, and most of your outlines and shading is great!! o:

Main thing I notice is the mouth. It's very lop-sided, with some odd shading around the mouth/cheek. The shading for the cheek also seems to high up, making it look like it lacks a cheekbone.

I love the shading of the petals, and they don't seem to have any problems besides a couple of off-pixels. :3 Well done!

Lastly, with the antenna, just make sure that they are sitting on the head correctly. The left looks like it needs to be pushed up a bit. :3

I'm terrible with long posts, so I'll just take a focus onto one more section of your sprites. :3

. . .

Holy crap. O8
Those pixel overs are by far the best ones I've ever seen!!

I love how you've kept them in alot of detail, added small amounts of dithering, and damn, those backgrounds are absolutely terrific!! o:

The colours are amazing, and I love how you've contrasted them a bit with a simple background, and then a more-detailed area that they stand on! Cyndaquil's shading around the back is just stunning!!