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Aquatic Abyss

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Sweep Freak, Nov 19, 2010.

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  1. Sweep Freak

    Sweep Freak 10char


    *~Try not to drown.*~
    The Ocean is a mysterious and dark place. It's full of some of the most fascinating, terrifying and terrific creatures the world has ever known, and very, very many that haven't been known. Despite the beauty of it, the deeping abyss of the ocean is not for everyone. The Abyss will likely crack bones from the thousands of pounds of pressure. You have been warned.
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    Click here to see our website!

    Table of Contents

    ;120;Clan Rules


    ;367;Rank URL
    ;341;War Team
    ;320;Currently at War With
    ;423;Memorable Quotes
    ;130;Strikes / Bans

    ;120;Clan Rules;120;
    -Follow all general SPPF rules
    -Any desisions made by the Leader is final. If you question it, do it via PM. You will not be penalized for questioning the Leader unless it's serious.
    -Post in the clan at least twice a week
    -Do not ask for a Rank Up. This will result in a Rank DOWN. You will gain a Rank Up when the necessities have been brought forth.
    -Do NOT spam. Not only can this get you in trouble with Serebiiforums with an infraction, it can make the clan look bad.
    -You MUST give credit to the person that made ANY picture you use. Not doing so can literally ruin this clan, and will result in a Permanant Ban. This rule is VERY strict.
    -Do not try to haggle with the Shop Owners
    -If you design a banner, it is property of Aquatic Abyss, though credit will still be given
    -Be literate
    -Do NOT post twice in a row.
    -Be a good sport and do not rub it in someone's face if you beat them.
    -Put "Sea Basin Pokemon" somewhere in your sign up sheet so I can be sure you read the rules.
    -If your sign-up was not accepted because you left something out, post it again. My co-leaders do not want to have to dig your posts again
    -In order to get your test battle, you're post count must be at least twenty withing the clan.
    -Do not post in the Chat Group unless you are a clan member
    -Have fun!

    "The greatest oceanic being ever found. You can survive the longest of migrations, the coldest waters, and can control the entire ocean at will!"
    Only for the Clan Leader.
    :surfpika:Sweep Freak: 5000 SD
    Friend Code: 2236 3815 4571
    PO Username: Godfish l Prinny l Lamp

    "You are an amazing, deep sea creature. You can swim at will to any point you want and survive long migrations.
    Only for the clan Co-Leaders and War Directors
    ;254; d0nut: 2000 SD
    Friend Code: Pending
    ;198;murkrowrob: 2000 SD
    Friend Code: 4426 6085 3021 (For Trades)
    PBR Friend Code: 1205 2647 7346 (For Battles)
    ;359;Soroft: 1500 SD
    Friend Code: Pending

    "The best a sea creature may get. Your ability to swim is untapped by the normal, with the surviving of pressure and darkness with perfect abilities."
    ;169; Ψosiden: 1700 SD
    Friend Code: Pending
    ;149;Dragonitor: 100500 SD
    Diamond: 0088 1289 1960
    SS: 0560 9946 6845

    "Your huge, monumental, and your size is unmatched. You've almost reached perfection and are prepared to go seperate from your members.

    "You've lasted for very long periods of time and can survive the deepish parts of the ocean with a rock-like will."

    "Your incredible ability to survive and see in the deep waters of the ocean. Despite this, you rely on your partner to continue your life."

    "Your incredibly powerful and can shred your foes apart. Despite your inability to serve in deep oceans, your can thin out the higher layers of the ocean.
    ;224; Thoril: 2000 SD
    PO / Shoddy Screename: Thoril
    ;257;jesusfreak94: 500 SD
    FC: 1591 1842 3467
    ;149;xbinox: 500 SD
    PEARL FC: 0002 9836 2632
    White FC: 4212 3359 1780

    "You can harm your opponents deeply with your power in your groups. You can't go much without your group, but can still bring down your opponents quickly.
    ;384;Skydra: 500 SD
    HG: 0131-4001-2407
    Pt: 6260-1178-2992

    "Your not the perfect adapt for the ocean, nor can you swim fast, but you have begun your periless journey into the bottomless ocean.

    "Your body is currently unfit for swimming. You can last in the ocean, but it is in a poor struggle"

    "The beginning of the cycle. Your body will not last in the deepness of the ocean, and you aren't ready to live life on your own."
    ;038;ninetails012: 1500 SD
    Friend Code: Pending
    ;196;Ezzpeon: 500 SD
    FC: 2494 1745 2633
    ;479;Shiny Mew2: 500 SD
    Pearl FC 0430 8581 6597 (for EVing)
    Platinum FC 3867 6985 6793 (for Battling)
    Heart Gold FC 0775 6436 5056 (for Battling)
    PBR: Pending
    ;231;Shuckle: 500 SD
    Friend Code: Black: 5028 3781 5327
    ;172;MrDuckGuy: 500 SD
    HG: 5156-5299-9646
    FC: 3739 9428 9532
    ;069;cookies kill you
    FC: 5114 2735 8571
    ;215;Creation of Pokerus: 500 SD
    FC: Pending
    PO Username: Pokerus
    FC: 2279 6944 9459
    :612:Balistic Buizel
    FC: 1162 9045 9116
    FC: 4th Gen OU / BL: 3697 0384 7427
    4th Gen UU / NU-1248 6382 8754
    5th Gen- 2580 3302 3684
    ;472; redlongmagnet
    FC: 3525 2159 2602
    :471: SilverLugiaJ: 500 SD
    FC: 2236 6724 8430

    ;367;Rank URL;367;
    Just because I don't feel like sending you the new link every time you Rank Up.

    Just remove the *s from the start of the link.

    If you want to rank up, you must register 5 battles with a Co-Leader, War Director or Leader. You get 500 SD when you rank up.

    This clan uses Sand Dollars as a Currency. You will start with a fund of 500 Sand Dollars The ways of gaining Sand Dollars are as follows:

    Inviting a Member of Serebii to the clan: 100 SD
    Being in a Clan War: 1200 SD
    Being in a Winning Clan War: 2000 SD
    Making us a banner: 2000 SD-6000 SD

    ;341;War Team;341;
    - d0nut
    - Sweep Freak
    - Shuckle
    - xBinox
    - Dragonmaster123
    - Soroft
    - murkrowrob

    ;341;Currently at War With;341;
    No one

    Simply post this sheet on the forum:
    Trainer Rating: /10
    Favorite Pokemon:
    How often you Log on to Serebii:
    Your Trainer Name:
    Friend Code:
    A little about yourself:

    Me or a Co-Leader will get to you and prepare a test battle.


    As with all places, the clan has a Shop, which with you can spend your Sand Dollars. Currently we house two shops.


    Any item in any game. Go on and name it. Since their is way too many items to work out, ask for an item and I'll negotiate.

    Thoril will build a team on your set of standars for 800 SD. Any request can be given AND DENIED.

    EV Trainer- Balistic Buizel
    Breeder- Jensu08
    Track Keeper-
    Each pays 400 SD every time the job is fufilled

    ;423;Memorable Quotes;423;

    ;130;Strikes / Bans;130;

    None. Keep it that way.

    Kicked for Inactivity
    epic eevee
    Xx Azure Sea xX
    Lugia Soul

    You are REQUIRED to give credit to ALL banners
    Frontal Banner by Ezzpeon
    Userbars by Gladeshadow


    November, 22 2010- Clan Finally Opens
    November, 23 2010- Did some cleaning
    November, 24 2010- Fixed a few errors, added rank up and battle graph
    November, 24 2010- Created Chat group at Xat.com
    November, 26 2010- Changed IMGs to GIFs
    December, 24 2010- All members of the clan have recieved a 1000 SD Christmas Present! Merry Christmas!
    February, 6 2011- Added a Memorable Quotes and Strikes / Bans section.
    Last edited: May 25, 2011
  2. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    Username: Grumpysnorlax
    Trainer Rating: Awesome?
    Nickname: Joe
    Favorite Pokemon: Shuckle
    Time Zone: EST or GMT -4 iirc
    How often you log on: Every day mostly
    Trainer Name: Joe
    Friend Code: Will update here
  3. Sweep Freak

    Sweep Freak 10char

    Your accepted, I will get to your test battle soon.
  4. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    Username: murkrowrob
    Trainer Rating: 6/10 - don't get much experience so can't say accurately)
    Nickname: Rob
    Favorite Pokemon: Murkrow (sorry watery place)
    Timezone: GMT
    How often you Log on to Serebii: On the site every day :)
    Your Trainer Name: Gold (PBR)
    Friend Code: 1205-2647-7346 (PBR)
    A little about yourself: I'm new to this... Sorry if I'm terrible. I love weather teams, I have a rain and sandstorm (4th gen) teams and I'm trying to make a good hail team.

    This made me laugh :) It also brings up the point of how do you rank up?
    Either way I'll just randomly invite people.... Even if just to get the epic Kyogre!
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2010
  5. Sweep Freak

    Sweep Freak 10char

    Accepted. I will eventually update the methods of Rank Up when I think of it.
  6. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    Oh, also my Hg friend code is 4426-6085-3021 for trades, although it takes ages for me 2 set up my wi-fi on ds....

    Can I buy 3 lotto tickets?
    10, 20, 30, 40, 50
    5, 15, 25, 35, 45
    24, 36, 13, 7, 48
  7. Sweep Freak

    Sweep Freak 10char

    The lottery is currently closed though, I'm sorry, but like this you will win since we currently on have 3 members.

    Tell you what guys, if you get more members to join, I will double the Referer price and make Murkrowrob a Co-Leader and Joe, you can be the war dirrector.
  8. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    Cool :D

    2bf, my plan was to win the lotto while there was not many members, so yeah. You caught me out there. I'd say 10 members (excluding you, Sweep Freak to avoid any argument) would be alright for the lotto beginning.

    I'll try and find people on the competitive battling area. I'm assuming that we're still mainly 4th gen, so I'll mostly be there.

    PS, you might want to add a "reffered by" thing on the sign up to give the refferer credit and to make it easier to keep track of. :)
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2011
  9. Soroft

    Soroft Cat and Mouse

    A clan, you say? surewhynotihavenothingbettertodo

    Username: Soroft
    Trainer Rating: What GS said.
    Nickname: Soroft
    Favorite Pokemon: Absol
    Timezone: US Central
    How often you Log on to Serebii: Daily unless something arises.
    Your Trainer Name: Ski
    Friend Code: I believe you already have it.
    A little about yourself: You and GS both know me, good enough?

    Whee. By the way, I have an UT Shiny Abra that could go towards the shop, when you're free. Maybe this clan will actually make me pick up my DS after so long.

    Just a side note, the clan currency system seems a little messed up, in that it gives more for being lucky and being a clan leader than it does for hard work and so on. My suggestion would be to make the lottery a little less or a little rarer, raise the price for beating a clan leader, or lowering some of the other things. Just my point of view.

    And where's the PO segment? D:
  10. Sweep Freak

    Sweep Freak 10char

    I'm still deciding some of the things I should change. Being a Co-Leader seems a little screwed up, and I think I'll lower the lottery winnings to around 2000, but I will keep the banner price, as it does take alot of work, and we need some anyway.

    Soroft, you have been accepted. I will try to get to you guys soon. For now you guys'll be Puratooga.
  11. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    Trainer Rating: 5-8/10
    Favorite Pokemon: Flygon
    Timezone:US central
    How often you Log on to Serebii:several times a day, sans holidays
    Your Trainer Name:Marc
    Friend Code:TBA
    A little about yourself: I enjoy battles, mainy free-range battles, with legendaries being the only banned pokemon, I do battle in tiers occasionally, I like to make hacks (currently making Heart Gold DX), I am an above average spriter, I have loads of trapinch's bred with an assortment of IV spreads, and I like NU-UU tournaments. Murkrowrob refered me.
  12. Sweep Freak

    Sweep Freak 10char

    Good. we have another member!

    But I decided to come up with a new job. I'm going to ask someone to take the job as Mass Referer. Mass Referer gets 100 SD every Refer, but since it's a mass refering, you'll be refering alot of people. This will allow us to gain many members. It'll be alot of work for the person though.

    But good, we have another member, and I can begin taking Test Battles!

    @murkrowrob: I myself will never join the lottery. If I do win it, people could possibly be suspicious that I had organized it. But I wouldm't want to do the lottery anyway, I have too much to take care of in this clan.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2010
  13. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    I'll do the mass referring. My rank bar is now linked to here too :)

    Who else has PBR here? I'll attempt to battle although I'm not overly experienced....
  14. Sweep Freak

    Sweep Freak 10char

    I have PBR. I will do it sometime, maybe after 12. Good than, I will send you the Invitation. It'll count as your Test battle.
  15. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    The only thing is, my comp will be being fixed friday and over the weekend, so it may be tuesday evening before I can do much (or today). Sorry for the inconvenience.... (that also means no w-fi and that i'll be inactive over the weekend...)

    I've referred some more people and posted more than I usually do so the rank (and link) on the sig are seen more.
  16. ninetails012

    ninetails012 teh wild card

    Trainer Rating: umm a 3?
    Favorite Pokemon:ninetales
    How often you Log on to Serebii: about every day unless school gets in the way.
    Your Trainer Name:seth
    Friend Code: still working on this.
    A little about yourself: you may or may not remember me GS remembers me (or at least i hope so)
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2010
  17. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    I have an invitation from here. The Aquatic Abyss. This is the first clan that suits my tastes.
    I'll join
  18. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    Cool :D It's always good to get more members! :)

    Could you just fill out these forms to join, purely to make it easier in case someone wants to battle/whatever:

    Trainer Rating: /10
    Favorite Pokemon:
    How often you Log on to Serebii:
    Your Trainer Name:
    Friend Code:
    A little about yourself:

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2010
  19. Endless

    Endless Sun God ☉

    I got an invitation from murkrowrob, so well I will just join the clan. I might fail to post in this thread , it might even look like spam if I am going to try and nothing is going on.
    Trainer Rating:I really don't know. About avarenge maybe.
    Favorite Pokemon:Raikou, not competitive, but in general
    Timezone:Central Europian(GMT+1)
    How often you Log on to Serebii: Usually one time each day, I might be busy in the weekends.
    Your Trainer Name:Alex
    Friend Code:Will update this soon.
    Referer: murkrowrob
    A little about yourself: Well I like to play with the usual standard rules. However I can play Uber battles if needed.
  20. Sweep Freak

    Sweep Freak 10char

    @Ninetales: Yes I remember you. Good to see you!

    @Falcario: Please fill out the form, we'd love to have you.

    @murkrowrob: Thanks for helping out so much. It's attitudes like this that'll make you a Co-Leader. I know Joe is a good battler, may put him as war director.
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