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Aquatic Passion (PokeShipping)




This fic is on DeviantArt as well.


Author: AquaMilotic (with advice from Skiyomi)
Title: Aquatic Passion
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing(s): Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty) and JoyShockShipping (Ash's Pikachu x Misty's Togetic)
Status: Completed
Rating: PG-13

Credit goes to Skiyomi for helping me a lot, enabling me to improve as a writer and have chapters with decent quality from chapter 13 and onwards. Before that, my chapters were horrible.

I don't have a PM list, but I do VM the people who read this fic whenever I post a new chapter.




After losing to Cameron in the quarterfinals of the Unova League, he said goodbye to Iris and Cilan, and went to Pallet Town six years ago. It was a tradition. Every time when a league was finished, he went to Pallet Town, where his mother lived. Most of his Pokemon also lived there, in Professor Oak’s laboratory. As usual, Ash did well in the League, but he didn’t reach the final round, and as usual, he went back to Pallet Town. And just like six years ago after the Unova League, he lost a League again and returned home.

He arrived on a warm summer morning. When he got home, he greeted his mother, and went straight to Professor Oak. He asked if he could leave the Pokemon he caught in the Unova region with Professor Oak, and if he could see some of his older friends. He, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, sixteen years old, winner of the Orange League, had a lot of Pokemon.

There was Bulbasaur, a Grass Pokemon who lived at Oak’s lab, who was great at preventing fights between the Pokemon living at Professor Oak’s lab. There was Heracross, who always sucked juice out of Bulbasaur’s bulb. There was Swellow, a very fast and strong bird Pokemon. Ash had a lot of different Pokemon, which he caught during his travels in Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Ash didn’t knew what Pokemon he wanted to take with him.

“Professor Oak, could you please advise me what Pokemon I should take with me?” asked Ash.

“Of course!”, Professor Oak said, in a nice way. Then, Bayleef tackled Professor Oak and gave Ash a hug. He caught Bayleef as a Chikorita in the Johto region. After leaving Bayleef at the lab before traveling to Hoenn, Ash didn’t saw Bayleef very often anymore. Bayleef had a crush on him, and missed him very much.

“Ash, you should take Bayleef with you!” suggested Professor Oak. “She really misses you!”

He decided to followed Professor Oak’s advice. Then, he saw his Totodile. Ash didn’t use Totodile in battles that often. The blue crocodile was dancing, and he was very happy to see his trainer again.

“I’ll take Totodile with me,” he said to Professor Oak. “Of course”, Oak replied.

The boy from Pallet Town had to choose three more Pokemon. He already decided to take Bayleef and Totodile with him. He also has Pikachu, his first Pokemon ever. He took the yellow Pokemon to every region he travelled to. He asked Professor Oak for help. Then, Tracey came to Professor Oak and Ash.

“Hi Ash! Long time no see!” he said. “Hello Tracey!” he replied. Tracey was a Pokemon Watcher who travelled with Ash through the Orange Islands.

“I heard your conversation with Professor Oak, and I’d like to give you some advice” he said. Ash was willing to listen. “How about Bulbasaur and Squirtle? Those two really impressed me when we travelled together!”

Ash decided to follow that advice. Even though the professor wasn’t happy with it, Ash took Bulbasaur with him as well. Bulbasaur was caught in the Kanto region, and proved to be a trusty friend, and a great battler as well.

Squirtle was also caught in the Kanto region. While traveling in the Johto region, Ash decided to leave Squirtle with Officer Jenny, to become a fireman with the Squirtle Squad. However, when the Squirtle Squad failed to save a child who was trapped in a burning house, the Squad members were all fired. The child was eventually saved by firemen, but the Squirtle Squad failed to do their job properly. Since that day, Squirtle lived together with Ash’s other Pokemon in Professor Oak’s laboratory.

“I need one more…” thought Ash. Then, he saw his Quilava running and thought “Hey, how about Quilava?” Professor Oak agreed with him and Ash was all set to travel. “Where will you go now?” asked the professor. Ash didn’t know. The only thing he knew was that he was missing something in his life. He travelled with many traveling companions. He and Iris were just friends, and the same applied to May and Dawn. But there was one girl who always had a special place in his heart. Her name was Misty. She was his special one.

The weather was great, and Ash felt like having a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing, eating ice cream and swimming. He answered Professor Oak’s question and said he would just go to the beach, and then he’d travel through Johto again. He loved his last journey through Johto, together with Misty and Brock.

And so he did. After arriving at the beach, he undressed and put on his red swimming trunks. He was searching for a spot to put down his towel and relax. And that’s when he saw her. She was looking as beautiful as always. Her hair was much longer than when he saw her for the last time, like the way it looked when she wears her mermaid costume, which she once wore during a show in the Cerulean Gym. He also thought her light blue bikini was looking really good on her. Ash was also surprised to see she had her Togetic back. He immediately ran to her. He wanted to hug and kiss her. "Misty, I've missed you!"

Misty used to travel with Ash through Kanto, the Orange Islands and Johto. He missed her. He fell in love with her when she saw her for the first time, despite not fully realizing it until he was travelling on his own when he was thirteen years old. And she also was in love with him, but never really had the guts to confess her feelings. When Ash returned home after losing to Harrison in the Johto League, Misty went home, because her sisters forced her to become the Cerulean Gym Leader. Back then, her sisters went on a trip around the world and made Misty fill in for them, not caring about her personal life, freedom and happiness.. She had the dream of becoming a Water Pokemon master, and traveling with Ash would’ve been a better way to improve than staying at the gym because of her sisters’s laziness. She missed Ash so much, while being held back in her dream by her sisters.

Six years later, the inevitable happened. After six years of depression, she was sick of it. At night, she took six her Togetic, Azurill, Psyduck, Staryu, Corsola and Dewgong with her and called Professor Oak at night, sending him her other Pokemon. Then, she escaped the Gym at night. She knew her sisters could do just fine at the Gym without her, like they did six years ago when she travelled with Ash and Brock. And if they wouldn't do fine, they could always appoint someone else. The feeling of responsibility for something that was actually her sisters's responsibility made her stay at the Gym without even attempting an escape for six years, but she couldn't take it anymore. She had to do harsh labour every day and had no free time or personal freedom, causing her to be depressed.

“Hello, Professor Oak!” she said.

“Hello Misty! How are you doing?” he replied.

“Not very well. I'm going to escape the Gym, and now I need you to take care of some Pokemon of mine for the time being,” she answered.

“No problem! I’m happy to help you!” answered Oak. "What your sisters did to you is really mean, I understand why you want to escape!"

And so it happened. Misty took Togetic, Azurill, Psyduck, Staryu, Corsola and Dewgong with her, and sent her other Pokemon to Professor Oak.

“Professor, you probably don’t know, but could you tell me where Ash is? I miss him so much...” she asked. She was crying, her heart was broken when she had to leave her special one because of her sisters.

“He just went to the beach, just outside of Pallet Town! You can go there as well!” Oak replied. Misty was so happy when hearing that. Her tears were quickly replaced by a big smile.

It was a beautiful day for the red-haired girl. She finally left Cerulean Jail, also known as Cerulean City Gym. And even better: today, she was going to see her boyfriend again, after six years of missing him and being depressed.

When she heard that, she decided to go to the beach, near Pallet Town. She smiled at Togetic, her best friend. “Togetic, we are going to see Ash again. And you can see Pikachu again!” Misty obtained Togetic as a Togepi. After seeing Ash for a short while in Hoenn, she released her Togetic in the Mirage Kingdom. However, one day, Togetic was hovering around the Cerulean City Gym and returned to Misty. She never knew why, but was very happy about it. While her best friend appeared, she was suffering from a severe depression. However, the Happiness Pokemon was able to bring a spark of positivity, fighting spirit and optimism in her life, something she missed for five years. This also gave her the confidence she needed to escape the Gym. Togetic was like a sister to her, the awesome sister she never had, because her real sisters were such selfish airheads. Togetic didn't like staying in her Poke Ball, so she hovers and flies around Misty.

At the beach, Misty took off her clothes and put on her light blue bikini. She was laying on a red towel, and Togetic was sunbathing next to her. She was thinking about the boy she loves. About how his Pikachu ruined her bike, about how she used the bike as an excuse to travel with him and about his childish behaviour. It made him annoying and immature, but oh so attractive... Then, she saw a yellow tail.

She immediately recognized it: that must be the tail of Pikachu. “Is Ash indeed here?” she thought. She saw a guy with black hair, wearing red swimming trunks. And then, she realized it was Ash! Misty’s feelings were just as strong as ever: she was still as attracted to Ash as she was in the past. He was running at her with a very happy smile, and with his Pikachu on his shoulder. "Ash, I missed you so much! I'm so glad to see you again!"
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Only Mostly Dead
I know you wanted me to check this out so here I am, for better or for worse. Well, first off I think you've pretty much got the technical aspect down and aside from a few typos there's really not much I can say about the semantics of the whole thing. So good job with that.

This is clearly an important story for you (and for Angel~) and your set-up shows that you've thought a lot about this. Not just that, but that this is a journey that you'd really want to see Ash and Misty go on. That definitely comes across.

What I'm having a problem with (and I hate to say it, but it's kind of a deal-breaker for me) is the showing vs. telling in this fic. There's a lot of very matter-of-fact exposition in the first part and it misses emotional resonance. When you end up making the go for emotions such as here:

He and Iris were just friends, and the same applied to May and Dawn. But there was one girl who always had a special place in his heart. Her name was Misty. She was his special one.

...It goes downhill for me. First and foremost because it is telling me how Ash feels instead of showing me how Ash feels. Which really makes the writing less subtle and my connection to him as a character much more superficial.

Another part of the problem here is that I'm wondering where the conflict is. Often in Shipping fics it comes from the characters denying their feelings or needing to discover them or not being sure how the other feels. Ash and Misty's complete and easy acceptance of their relationship (which seems to have been established before this fic started) just sucks all the conflict out of it for me. It seems like the work of the story is actually done. Now, maybe they'll be some kind of conflict coming up, after all, it's only two chapters in, but as it is the lack of hook doesn't give me much motivation to continue.

I hate to say it, because you ask me to review this and because I think you have the skills in hand to be a great writer, but I don't think I'm the audience for the fic. Nevertheless, I wish you good luck as you continue it.
I know you wanted me to check this out so here I am, for better or for worse. Well, first off I think you've pretty much got the technical aspect down and aside from a few typos there's really not much I can say about the semantics of the whole thing. So good job with that.

Thank you!

This is clearly an important story for you (and for Angel~) and your set-up shows that you've thought a lot about this. Not just that, but that this is a journey that you'd really want to see Ash and Misty go on. That definitely comes across.

In our VM's, Angel and I talked about what we want to see in the last season of Pokemon (I could tell you some things in a PM, I won't be spoiling the entire fic here), and I was indeed thinking about this fanfic for a long time, but never had the guts to write it, after what happened to my first fanfic (that one was horrible, I got a flaming response and requested it to be closed, but now I learned from my mistakes). However, a few days ago, I decided that I would give fic writing one last chance. And yes, what's going to happen in this fanfic are definitely ideas I'd like to see in the anime, and Angel would like that as well. She said she'd like to write a fanfic, I was already thinking about it for some time, so I suggested to work together, which she liked.

What I'm having a problem with (and I hate to say it, but it's kind of a deal-breaker for me) is the showing vs. telling in this fic. There's a lot of very matter-of-fact exposition in the first part and it misses emotional resonance. When you end up making the go for emotions such as here:

...It goes downhill for me. First and foremost because it is telling me how Ash feels instead of showing me how Ash feels. Which really makes the writing less subtle and my connection to him as a character much more superficial.

You are right about that. That sentence was meant to show the difference between his love for Misty and friendship with all those other girls. But you are right, it could've been and should've been more subtle. I'll pay attention to it when writing my next chapter. I don't know who will write the upcoming chapters, Angel is quite busy, so I suggested her to write chapter 3 and 4, so she could write chapter 5 when she's got time for it. However, I haven't received a reply to that VM yet.

Another part of the problem here is that I'm wondering where the conflict is. Often in Shipping fics it comes from the characters denying their feelings or needing to discover them or not being sure how the other feels. Ash and Misty's complete and easy acceptance of their relationship (which seems to have been established before this fic started) just sucks all the conflict out of it for me. It seems like the work of the story is actually done. Now, maybe they'll be some kind of conflict coming up, after all, it's only two chapters in, but as it is the lack of hook doesn't give me much motivation to continue.

I can't respond to this here, I don't want to spoil the story and tell the outcome and I don't want to say too much about the future ideas for this fanfic. If you want a proper response to this, PM me and promise you won't tell anybody what I'll tell you then.

I hate to say it, because you ask me to review this and because I think you have the skills in hand to be a great writer, but I don't think I'm the audience for the fic. Nevertheless, I wish you good luck as you continue it.

I don't think I have the skills to be a great writer. I work hard and enjoyed writing these chapters, but passion and effort isn't the same as quality. Angel told me she never wrote fanfiction before, but I'm sure she can do a better job than me. I have the effort, but not the talent. Also, just like my drawings, my ideas are awesome and the result sucks... Thank you wishing me good luck...

Thank you for reviewing! I hope the next chapter(s) I'll write be better than these ones, I'll definitely do my best.
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Ash and Misty looked at each other. They were very happy to see each other again. They gave each other a hug, followed by a kiss on the lips.

“Misty, I missed you so much! This is the best moment of my life!” yelled Ash.

“And also the best moment of my life!” Misty said.

He put his yellow towel next to the towel she was sunbathing on. He asked “what did you do in the past six years?”

“Being forced to be a Gym Leader against my will, I’m so happy I left the Cerulean Jail now!”, she said.

“How did you leave? I thought your sisters would never allow that!” he asked.

“I just sent Professor Oak most of my Pokemon, took some with me, and escaped at night. I did the same as they did to me six years ago,” Misty replied. “That serves them right,” Ash agreed.

Then, they were looking at Pikachu and Togetic playing together, just like they did when Ash and Misty travelled together. “They like seeing each other again!” Misty said. "Maybe... They are more than just friends.”

“Yeah, maybe..." Ash said.

"Just like us!” Misty said, knowing Ash noticed her feelings now, and knowing Ash loves her back. Pikachu was blushing, and looked angry. Misty said “Aww, that’s cute! Pikachu is just like us when we were ten years old!”

Ash told her what he did during the past six years “I took part in leagues in different regions, I did well in those leagues, but didn’t win, not even one league… But I did win the Kanto Battle Frontier,” Misty congratulated him on that.

She turned around, to lay on her belly. “Ash, could you rub my back with sunscreen?”

“Of course!” he replied! She enjoyed the sunscreen massage from her boyfriend.

“Misty, where will you be going now?” asked Ash.

“I’ll go to Johto, to take part in the Whirl Cup again, and to travel again. And you?” replied Misty.

“I will also go to Johto, I want to take part in the Johto League again. Shall we travel together again?” Ash asked.

“Of course! I’d love that! We’ll be together forever!” she said. "Do you agree we're boyfriend and girlfriend now?"

“Of course! We will definitely be together forever!” he answered. "When I was thirteen years old, I missed you, and finally realized my feelings for you."

Pikachu’s stomach growled. Ash said “Pikachu, I see you are hungry. I’ll send out my other Pokemon, and it’ll be lunch time!” Misty also sent out her Pokemon. Pikachu and Togetic already were out of their Poke Balls, and now, Bayleef, Totodile, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Quilava, Corsola, Psyduck, Staryu, Dewgong and Azurill emerged from their Poke Balls.

“Lunch time!” Ash shouted, giving all Pokemon some food. He gave his Pikachu more food than the other Pokemon. Ash always treated Pikachu better than his other Pokemon. As a result, he always gave Pikachu more food than his other Pokemon. Because of that, Pikachu was a little chubby, just like back in Kanto.

“Ash, why is Pikachu so chubby?” Misty asked.

“Because he eats so much food.” Ash replied.

A few minutes after the Pokemon finished their food and got back in their Poke Balls, they saw a girl with an Espeon. She had purple hair, and was wearing a red bathing suit. She waved to Ash and Misty. “Hello! Long time no see!”

“Hello Sakura, nice to see you here!” Misty replied. They met each other in Johto, six years ago. She and Sakura developed a friendship back then.

“Misty, I became a much better trainer in the past few years. Shall we have a battle?” Misty said “Challenge accepted!”

Ash decided to be the referee. “This is a battle between Misty and Sakura. There is no time limit, both trainers will use one Pokemon.”

Sakura choose to battle with her Espeon. Misty took out her Poke Ball and sent out Azurill.

“Azurill, use your Bubblebeam!” Misty commanded!

“Espeon, evade and use your Swift!” Sakura said. Espeon evaded the attack and hit Azurill.

Azurill got hit, but wasn’t defeated yet. “Azurill, Double-Edge!” the former Cerulean City Gym Leader said. Azurill did what his trainer told him and gave Espeon a harsh tackle. Espeon didn’t expect that, was hit and fell on the ground.

Sakura looked worried. “No! Espeon! Can you still battle?”

“Azurill can’t battle anymore. Victory goes to Azurill and Misty!” Ash said. Misty looked happy, and Azurill was looking happy as well.

Suddenly, Azurill started glowing. A white light was coming from it. “Azurill is evolving!” said Sakura. Misty said “He evolved into Marill!”

“Marill Mar!” the cute Mouse Pokemon said.

“Misty, I still have a lot to learn. Thank you for the battle!” Sakura said. “I’ll be going to the Pokemon Center, I want to know if Espeon is badly hurt.”

“Thank you, Sakura! I hope to see you again soon!” Misty replied.

“That was amazing, Misty! Just one hit! I didn’t expect Azurill to be that strong,” Ash said.

Misty looked happy. “Thank you, Ash!” she said. “And it’s Marill now. Marill and I have been training a lot, and I used him in Gym battles often.”

Ash and Misty left the beach, and went to the airport. They took a plane to New Bark Town, where Ash could register for the Johto League. They arrived late in the evening, and decided to sleep at the Pokemon Center. They slept in a two-person bed, and lay close to each other. Then, they did something they never did before. After that, they said good night to each other, kissed and fell asleep.

The next morning, they woke up and Ash immediately registered for the Johto League. Their first destination was Violet City, where Ash would get his first Gym Badge. When they walked out of the Pokemon Center, they saw a flock of Pidgey and Pidgeotto, and one Pidgeot flying above them. Ash noticed the Pidgeot that led the flock was his Pidgeot!

Ash caught Pidgeot when he just started his journey. The bird was caught as a Pidgeotto, in Viridian Forest. He was a trusty friend and a reliable Pokemon. When Ash came back home after losing to Ritchie in the Kanto League, Pidgeotto evolved into Pidgeot and was released. Ash promised to come back for him after returning from the Orange Islands, but Ash never fulfilled that promise. And so, Pidgeot was looking for Ash to fulfill the promise, and finally succeeded in its mission.

“Pidgeot, it’s great seeing you back! Sorry I never saw you again! Do you forgive me?”

Pidgeot forgived Ash, and hugged him. “Pidgeot, do you want to stay with me?” asked the Pallet Town-native trainer. The big bird nodded his head, implying he wanted to stay with Ash.

“Ash, you already have six Pokemon with you. One of them should be sent to Professor Oak if you want Pidgeot back,” Misty said.

“You are right, Misty! Let’s call him on the phone in the Pokemon Center!” Ash said.

“Hello Professor Oak!” he said.

“Hi Ash!” replied the professor.

“Professor, I got reunited with my Pidgeot again! In order to take him with me, I need to send you a Pokemon. Which one would you like?” Ash asked.

“That’s wonderful! And if you don’t mind, I’d like to get Quilava. I was doing research on him before you came, and I’d like to continue doing that,” the professor said.

"OK, I’ll send you Quilava," Ash said. He sent the Fire Pokemon to Professor Oak, and received an empty Poke Ball to put his old friend in. “Thank you, professor!”

“No problem, Ash! Thank you as well! Bye!” said Oak.

“Bye!” replied Ash.

“Well Ash, shall we go on our way to Violet City now?” asked Misty.

“Of course!” Ash said.

Just before they entered a forest, a man wearing a white shirt appeared. “Would one of you like to buy a Magikarp? It’s just 500 Pokemon Dollar!” he asked.

“No, thanks,” Misty said. She knew who the man was: a swindler who lied to people about Magikarp. Magikarp are very weak, but he always lied to trick trainers into buying a Magikarp.

“Please? I am poor, my children have to do child labour to earn enough money to eat just enough to barely survive, and I can’t pay the rent of my house anymore in a few months,” the salesman lied.

“I know you are lying. Leave us alone or we’ll inform the police about this!” Ash snapped.

“Goodbye!” said the weird man, and he ran away.

Ash and Misty left New Bark Town, and went on their way. They would go to Violet City. In order to get there, they would go west first, to Cherrygrove City. There, they would go north, heading for Violet City.
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Ash and Misty entered a forest. A few hours later, they saw an Ariados while walking through the forest. Misty screamed and was very scared. “ASH! IT’S A BUG! DO SOMETHING!”

They heard a laughing voice behind them. They saw a man with brown hair. He was wearing a blue shirt and a white, sleeveless cardigan. Ash and Misty knew him well: it was Danny, the Navel Island Gym Leader. There, he flirted with Misty, despite being way too old for her.

“Hello Misty! Good to see you again! Do you want to leave this kid and be together with me?” Danny asked.

“No, of course not!” she said, in an angry voice. “You are way too old for me, you pervert!”

“But didn’t you like me, when we met on Navel Island?” he asked.

“Of course not!” she replied. “I was flattered by your compliments, but I never liked you at all!”

Danny looked sad and tried to put an arm on Misty’s shoulder. She walked away and evaded the hand.

Ash’s face got red, he became very angry and yelled “Don’t you even dare to touch her! You’ll have to go through me first! Did you really come here just for Misty?” at Danny.

“No,” answered Danny. “I’m here to catch an Ariados, and I just saw one. But I’d rather catch your girlfriend!”

“You won’t!” Ash replied.

“I’ll handle this!” Misty said. “Go, Dewgong! Use your Aurora Beam on him!” Dewgong did what his trainer told him to, and Danny was hit by a colourful beam.

“Danny is blasting off again!” the Gym Leader screamed, while he was shot into the sky.

“Well done, Misty!” Ash said. “You got rid of that guy, awesome!” Ash and Misty gave each other a hug, and continued their journey.

It was 12 o’clock in the afternoon. The weather was very hot. Ash also got sweaty from carrying Pikachu on his shoulder, who was heavier than some years ago. Ash said “I can’t take it anymore. It’s so warm...” he said.

“I agree... We should stop for a while, cool down and have lunch.” said Misty.

Ash agreed. He sent out his Totodile and Squirtle, to use the Water Pokemon as a fountain, to cool down. Ash and Misty took off their clothes and stepped under the Pokemon fountain. It was very refreshing. After a small Water Gun douche, they quickly put on their clothes, because they didn’t want anyone seeing them being naked.

They were just in time: a few seconds later, they heard a loud, laughing voice. “Hello Ash and Misty!” It was their old friend Brock, who travelled with them in the past.

“Hey Brock! It’s great to see you again!” Ash said. “How are you doing?” Misty asked.

“I’m doing great. I am a Pokemon Doctor now, and I'm the assistant of Nurse Joy, in Pewter City. Also, she and I are in a relationship! She's so hot!” Brock answered.

“That’s wonderful, Brock! You finally have some luck in your love life,” Misty answered.

“And how is your love life? Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked.

“Yes, Ash and I are boyfriend and girlfriend!” she replied.

“That doesn’t surprise me at all. I already thought so when we travelled together. However, you two were too immature and stubborn to admit it,” Brock said.

“That’s true…” Ash replied. “Brock, will you travel with us again?” he asked.

“Sorry, but I can’t. I just came here to run an errand for Nurse Joy. She wanted me to get some medicine in the New Bark Town Pokemon Center. However, when I got that and wanted to take the plane back to Kanto, a strange salesman stalked me, trying to sell me a Magikarp, so I ran in the forest to get rid of him. Then, I saw you two!” replied the former Pewter City Gym Leader.

“We know who you mean. The Magikarp Salesman tried to sell us a Magikarp as well,” Ash answered. “Then, goodbye! Tell Nurse Joy we said hi! We’ll definitely see each other again someday!” he said.

“Bye Ash! Bye Misty! It was nice to see you two again!” Brock replied. They waved at him, and decided to have lunch.

Ash made sandwiches for Misty and himself. After traveling alone for some years, he took over the role Brock had when he travelled with him. Brock always cooked, and also made lunch. “Here you are, Misty. I hope you like it.”

“I love it! That’s even better than Brock’s sandwiches,” Misty replied.

“Togetic and Pikachu, I also have food for you two!” Ash said. “I put some ketchup on your food, Pikachu. I know you love that.”

“Pika Pika” the electric mouse Pokemon answered. He quickly ate his food, and loved the ketchup on it. Then, he looked at Togetic. He really liked the white Happiness Pokemon. When Ash and Misty made teasing comments about it, he blushed and looked angry.

Togetic giggled at the Electric Pokemon and tickled him. He blushed. “Aww, those two little lovebirds are so cute!” Misty said.

“They definitely are!” answered Ash.

After a delicious lunch, Ash asked Misty if they could travel onwards. “Of course, Ash!” she answered.

In the evening, they reached Cherrygrove City. They were hungry, and had dinner at the Pokemon Center. They would sleep there as well.

Late in the evening, Ash asked “Misty, shall we watch the sunset together?”

“Ash, you became much more romantic than six years ago! Of course we will do that!”

"Yeah, well... When I travelled with Brock and without you, he gave me some advice on how to be romantic. I didn't really get it at first, but my mom helped me to act more romantic."

While they were watching, a brown-haired girl was standing behind them. “Hello, cute couple!” It was Melody, a girl they met at Shamouti Island. “Do you finally admit your relationship?”

“Hello Melody! Long time no see!” Misty replied. “And we denied our relationship like little kids in the past, but we matured now. We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“That’s great! I am a Pokemon Trainer now, could one of you two battle me?” Melody asked.

“I’d love to battle you! We’ll both use one Pokemon,” Ash replied. “Misty, will you be the referee?”

“Well, now Melody screwed up our romantic evening anyways, why not...” she answered.

Ash chose to battle with his Bayleef. Melody took a Poke Ball and sent out her Ninetales.

“Ninetales, Flamethrower!” Melody commanded.

“Bayleef, jump with your Vine Whip to evade and use your Body Slam!” said Ash.

Bayleef did what his trainer told him to. She didn’t get hit, and landed on the Fire Pokemon. “Ninetales, can you still go on?” Melody asked. Ninetales was still able to battle, despite being hit badly.

She told Ninetales to use Quick Attack, and then Overheat. Bayleef couldn’t evade, and was hit.

“Bayleef! No! Can you go on?” Ash asked. He looked worried.

Bayleef stood up, and looked angrily at Ninetales. “That’s the spirit, Bayleef! You can do it!” Ash said. “Bayleef, grab Ninetales’s mouth with your Vine Whip, so it can’t use Fire moves again!” The Grass Pokemon did what her trainer told her to.

“Ninetales, no!” Melody screamed. “Bayleef! Now, use your Body Slam!” Ash said. The Grass Pokemon jumped, hurled herself at Ninetales, defeating the Fire type.

“Ninetales is unable to battle. Victory goes to Bayleef and Ash!” Misty said.

“Ninetales, you did well. Come back in your Poke Ball and have some rest. Ash, you did a great job! Where did you learn that technique?” Melody asked.

“I did this during the Johto League, in a battle against a Houndoom. I improvised it back then, and I thought it would be useful now as well,” Ash answered.

“Bye, you little lovebirds! I’ll be off now!” Melody said.

“Bye, Melody! It was nice to see you again!” Ash and Misty replied simultaneously.

The sun was gone, and there was beautiful moonlight. They were tired, and went to the Pokemon Center to spend the night there.

“Pika pika!” said Pikachu. He was looking at Togetic, who was already asleep. Then, he fell asleep as well.

“Good night, Misty!” Ash said.

“Good night, Ash!” she replied.

They gave each other a hug, kissed each other and fell asleep.
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The next morning, Ash and Misty woke up in their two-person bed in the Cherrygrove City Pokemon Center. After having breakfast at the Pokemon Center, they left Cherrygrove and went on their way to Violet City.

“Bye, Nurse Joy! Thank you for the good stay here, and for the breakfast!” Ash and Misty said simultaneously. “No problem! Take care!” she replied.

After walking for a long time, they were close to Violet Ciry. It was still very warm, just like yesterday. Misty suggested “Hey, I know! Let’s go to the beach, it’s on the route to Violet City,” Ash agreed.

At the beach, they undressed and put on their swimwear. They put their towels down and lied on those. They were relaxing, together with Pikachu and Togetic. Then, a girl with long, blue hair wearing a pink bikini said “Hello Misty! Great to see you again!”

“Hey, Marina! It’s great to see you again!” the former Cerulean Gym Leader replied. “How are you doing?”

Marina told Misty she was doing fine, and that she’s been travelling around for the past years. She was in Johto to take part in the Whirl Cup, in which Misty wanted to take part as well. Marina and Misty met on the Orange Islands. Marina and Misty had a good battle there, which Misty won, using a wild Golduck.

“Shall we battle again?” Marina asked. “It would be a good start to my training for the Whirl Cup!”

“I agree! Sure we’ll battle! Shall we both use two Pokemon?” Misty asked. Her rival agreed. Ash would be the referee.

Misty took a Poke Ball out of her bag. She sent out Dewgong. The white Pokemon looked strong and determined to win. Marina sent out her Octillery.

“Dewgong, Horn Drill!” commanded Misty. Octillery was defeated in just one hit! “Oh no, Octillery!” Marina cried. She sent out her Magikarp. “I am very proud of this Magikarp. I bought it from a salesman yesterday, and it’s quite strong! I didn’t expect that!”

“Magikarp, Tackle!” The red fish tackled Dewgong. The Pokemon with the horn was hurt, but not defeated yet. Misty commanded her Pokemon to do a Aurora Beam attack. Unfortunately for her, Magikarp didn’t get hurt at all.

Marina told Magikarp to finish the battle with Flail, and it did! After hitting Dewgong very hard, he was defeated.

“Dewgong, take your rest now. You did a very nice job!” Misty said. She sent out Togetic to battle. As a Togepi, she rarely battled, but now she’s a Togetic, she became much stronger. Pikachu, who was standing next to Ash wished Togetic good luck. “Pikachu Pi!” Togetic blushed and told Pikachu she’d win this battle for him. “Toge... Togetic!”

“Aww, how cute! Your Togetic and his Pikachu are in love! Just like you two!” Marina said. Misty agreed on that, and told Togetic to do a Headbutt attack. The red fish was hit, but not defeated.

“Magikarp, Tackle!” Magikarp came at Togetic and hit her. She was badly hurt, Magikarp’s tackle was a very strong attack. Then, Magikarp started glowing. From a weak fish, he changed in a blue, angry-looking Pokemon. He evolved into Gyarados. “Awesome! You evolved! Gyarados, we can celebrate that with a win! Use your Thunderbolt!”

Togetic was badly hurt and looked defeated. “Togetic, no! Can you still go on?” asked Misty. “It’s just a friendly battle, losing won’t have any consequences.”

Despite what her trainer told her, Togetic stood up and was still able to battle. Togetic was determined to win. “Togetic, do your Metronome!” her trainer said. The Metronome ended up to be Zap Cannon. Gyarados was hit with a strong electric attack and was defeated. “No! Gyarados!” Marina screamed. “Gyarados is unable to battle. Victory goes to Misty and Togetic!” Ash said.

“Wow, Misty! You are a really good trainer! You defeated Sakura back in Kanto, and now you won this battle. Your Togetic also impressed me!” he said. Misty thanked him with a kiss on his cheek. He was blushing, just like Pikachu. Pikachu just received a kiss on the cheek from Togetic.

“Thank you for a great battle. Your Togetic did an awesome job! Your Dewgong is also very impressive.” Marina said. “I still have a lot to learn. I must go now. Bye!”

“Thank you for the compliments! The Pokemon deserve them, not me! Your Gyarados was also very strong. Congratulations with the evolution of your Magikarp, you are also a winner today. Bye, Marina!” Misty said. She and Marina waved at each other.

“Misty, I think you have a rival from now on!” Ash said. She agreed. They were relaxing on their towels again, lying very close to each other and giving each other a lovely hug. Pikachu and Togetic did the same. They got Pokemon food from Ash, who put ketchup on Pikachu’s food.

Then, Psyduck popped out of his Poke Ball. The yellow Duck Pokemon ate Pikachu’s and Togetic’s food. Misty was very angry, and beat up Psyduck, who didn’t understand what he did wrong. She let him return to his Poke Ball, and Ash gave Pikachu and Togetic a new supply of food.

After lunch, a big limousine arrived. Gary stepped out, with his cheerleaders, and his new girlfriend Jasmine. Gary was Ash’s rival. After he lost to Ash in the Johto League, he decided to be a Pokemon researcher. However, after missing the life of a trainer, he decided to combine training and researching. Jasmine was the Gym Leader of Olivine City in Johto.

“Hey Ashyboy! Look how hot my new girlfriend is!” the troll said. “She’s hotter than Misty!”

Ash and Misty both looked very angry. Ash said “Misty is more beautiful, hotter and nicer than Jasmine!” Misty wanted to beat Gary up, but she kept her self-control, with a lot of trouble.

“No, she isn’t! She looks ugly, and Jasmine is hot!” Gary replied.

“Gary, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle to defend Misty’s honour!” Ash screamed in an angry voice. Gary accepted the challenge. “I’m a better trainer than you, Ashyboy! You’re going down!”

Then, a man with blue hair came along. “Nice to see you again, Ash and Misty! Ash, I heard you and Gary will battle now. I’ll be the referee,” It was Falkner, the Violet City Gym Leader.

“That’s nice, Falkner!” Misty said. “GO ASH!” she screamed. “I’ll be your cheerleader, together with Togetic and Pikachu!”

Ash sent out his Bayleef, while Gary sent out his Scizor.

“Oh no! Ash is at a big type disadvantage!” Misty thought.

“Go Bayleef, Razor Leaf!” Ash commanded. The yellow Grass Pokemon shook her head, hurling sharp leaves at Scizor. Scizor fell down on the sand. He was defeated in one hit! Falkner declared Ash and Bayleef as the winners.

“Amazing, Ash!” Misty said, with a happy voice! “Beating such a strong Scizor in just one hit!”

“You should congratulate Bayleef, she won. not me!” Ash replied.

“That was a good battle from your side, Ash,” Falkner said. “You won’t be a pushover for me.”

“Thank you, Falkner!” Ash said.

Then, Ash looked at Gary, who was looking sad. He was humiliated by his rival. “So, Gary! Who was going to be defeated?”

While running to the limousine, Gary and Jasmine started cursing. Then, they left the beach.

“Ash, Misty, I will be going back to the Gym now. Ash, shall we have a battle tomorrow?” Falkner asked.

“Of course! Misty and I will stay on the beach for a while, and we’ll come to Violet as soon as possible. Tomorrow, we can definitely battle,” Ash replied.

“That’s fine, I’ll see you tomorrow, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon,” the Violet City Gym Leader answered. “Bye, Falkner. We’ll see you tomorrow,” his opponent for tomorrow said.

After Ash, Misty, Togetic and Pikachu had dinner, many people left the beach. Ash and Misty didn’t. They were relaxing together, and they were the only people left at the beach at 8 o’clock in the evening. “Misty, it’s so relaxing, just laying on our towels, next to each other. And now all other people at the beach are gone, and with this beautiful sunset, it’s so romantic here! I love you!” Ash said.

“Thank you so much, Ash! I also love you!” Misty replied. They gave each other a hug, and kept cuddling and hugging. Pikachu and Togetic were looking, and also started hugging and cuddling. They liked the fact that their trainers had a very romantic and special evening at the beach.

Two hours later, they left the beach and went to Violet City. They decided to stay in the Pokemon Center, where they could sleep in a two-person bed. Pikachu and Togetic were very tired and fell asleep quickly.

“Good night, Ash!” Misty said. “Good night, Misty!” Ash replied. And they kissed each other.
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Next morning, Ash and Misty woke up in their two-person bed. They said good morning to each other and had breakfast at the Pokemon Center.

“Today is your big day, Ash!” Misty said.

“Yes, it is!” Ash replied.

“Did you already plan a strategy for the battle?” she asked.

“Umm... No...” he answered. “I decided what Pokemon to use, but not a strategy. But I’ll be fine, improvisation is also a way to win.”

“You are right, improvisation often got you some nice and surprising wins,” She replied.

“Pikachu Pi!” Pikachu said. He wanted more food. Ash said “No, Pikachu! We have an important battle today. If we win, you’ll get more food afterwards. You’ll have to earn it this time!” Pikachu looked sad, and Togetic gave the Electric Pokemon a portion of her food.

After lunch, they walked to the Gym. Togetic was flying next to Misty, Pikachu was sitting on Ash’s shoulder. Pikachu and Togetic were looking at each other. They liked each other a whole lot. “They’re cute, huh?” asked Misty.

Then, they arrived at the Violet City Gym and rang the doorbell. Falkner opened the door. “Welcome, friends! Ash, today you’re gonna lose!”

“No, I'm not!” Ash replied. “You’re the one who’s gonna lose!”

Then, they went upstairs and got to the battlefield. It was an open-air field: Falkner was a Flying-type trainer, and wanted to use the sky as well, to let his birds excel.

“This is a three on three Pokemon battle between Violet City Gym Leader Falkner and challenger Ash! There will be no time limit. Trainers, choose your Pokemon,” the referee said.

“Ash, this time I’ll defeat you!” the Gym Leader bragged. “Pidgeotto, I choose you!” A beautiful bird came out of the Poke Ball.

“I didn’t knew you had a Pidgeotto!” Ash said. Falkner told that the Pidgeotto was a son of his Pidgeot, who wouldn’t battle today: he got some much-needed rest.

Ash had burning eyes: he was determined to win. Then, he told Pikachu to enter the field. “You can do it, Ash!” Misty said. “We’ll cheer for you for the entire battle!”

“Togetic!” Togetic said. The Happiness Pokemon was looking and was happy to see Pikachu battle. She’d definitely cheer for him.

“Begin!” the referee said.

“Pikachu, use your Thunder to end this battle quickly!” Ash said. Pikachu jumped in the air. Thunderbolts came at Pidgeotto.

“Pidgeotto, evade and use Double-Edge!” Falkner commanded. Pidgeotto flew up, evaded the Thunder and hit Pikachu with a hard tackle through the sky. Pikachu didn’t expect that. He was badly hurt, but wasn’t defeated yet.

“Pikachu, can you still go on?” Ash asked? Pikachu nodded his head, implying “yes”. “Pikachu, Iron Tail!” his Trainer commanded.

“Pidgeotto, Steel Wing!” Falkner commanded. Pidgeotto flew at Pikachu, who tried to hit the bird with his Iron Tail. Then, Ash did something surprising. “Pikachu, jump on Pidgeotto’s back and do your Thunderbolt!” he commanded. Pikachu jumped on Pidgeotto’s back. The bird had some trouble flying and became slower with Pikachu on his back, because of Pikachu's slight weight gain, and the Electric Mouse hit Pidgeotto with his Thunderbolt.

Pidgeotto collapsed. He was defeated. “Pidgeotto is unable to battle. Pikachu is the winner!” the referee announced.

“Pidgeotto, you did a good job. Have some rest,” Falkner said. “Ash, well done, unique strategy!” Then, he grabbed a Poke Ball. “Go, Noctowl!” A big, brown owl Pokemon flew through the sky.

“Noctowl, use your Hyper Beam!” the Gym Leader commanded. A devastating yellow beam came out of Noctowl’s mouth, which made Pikachu fell on the ground. Togetic looked worried and ran to Pikachu. She was worried about the Electric Pokemon and started crying.

“Pikachu, you did a great job! Have some rest!” Ash put Pikachu next to Togetic and Misty.

Then, Psyduck came out of his Poke Ball. He looked at Togetic in a teasing manner. “Psy!” the yellow duck Pokemon said. Togetic started crying even louder and moved closer to her trainer. Misty decided that was enough, and she hit Psyduck on his back. She purposely did not hit him on his head: that would trigger strong psychic powers. Then, Psyduck was returned to his Poke Ball.

“I choose you, Pidgeot!” Ash said. This was the official return of Pidgeot! After releasing him six years ago, he got reunited with Pidgeot when leaving the New Bark Town Pokemon Center. This was his first battle since he got reunited with his Trainer.

“Pidgeot, use your Quick Attack!” Ash commanded. The bird Pokemon hit Noctowl.

“Noctowl, use your Psybeam!” Falkner said. A colourful beam came from Noctowl, and hit Pidgeot, who was a little dizzy. ”Pidgeot, are you all right?” Ash asked. Pidgeot was able to continue the battle and had burning ambition to prove his trainer that he was still a strong Pokemon. The bird looked at Noctowl, and saw that the owl was not far away from him.

“Pidgeot, this is your chance! Wing Attack!” his trainer commanded. Pidgeot did what his trainer told him to do and flew at Noctowl at very high speed.

Then, Falkner commanded his Noctowl to use Hypnosis. Pidgeot was flying at Noctowl. Then, the owl looked at Pidgeot, who became hypnotized. “Noctowl, this is your chance, use your Hyper Beam!” Pidgeot wasn’t able to evade the strong beam, and was hit by the strong, energetic attack. Then, he fell down on the ground and collapsed. “Pidgeot, no!” Ash said.

“Pidgeot is no longer able to battle. Falkner and Noctowl are the winners!” the referee announced. Misty and Togetic looked worried: Ash had only one Pokemon to continue. Then, Ash took a Poke Ball from his belt. He looked determined. Determined to win this battle. He sent out his Bayleef.

“Ash, no! Not Bayleef! She’s a Grass type and Grass types are weak against Flying types! You’ll still have to beat two Pokemon…” Misty said in a sad voice.

“No need to worry! Bayleef is in great shape! She defeated Melody’s Ninetales and Gary’s Scizor, despite the type disadvantage!” Ash replied.

“Ash, no! Falkner is a Gym Leader and probably more skilled than Melody. And that way too easy win against Gary was just a fluke!” his girlfriend answered. “But oh well, if you want to lose, go ahead.”

Bayleef was more determined to win than ever. Bayleef always had more willpower than Ash’s other Pokemon, because of having a crush on her trainer. “Bayleef, you can do it!” Ash said. “Use your Razor Leaf!” Noctowl was able to evade the leaves. “Bayleef, Vine Whip, now!” Ash commanded. Then, Noctowl got hit and fell down on the ground.

“No, Noctowl!” Falkner cried. “Noctowl is no longer...” said the referee. Then, Noctowl tried to get up, and succeeded. Noctowl was not defeated yet! “Noctowl, well done! Now use your Wing Attack!” Bayleef was hit harshly, because of her weakness against Flying Pokemon.

Bayleef was determined to not give up. She stood up and looked very angry at the owl Pokemon. “Bayleef, use your Sweet Scent!” The aroma of that attack made Noctowl mellow and weak. “This is your chance! Bayleef, Headbutt!” Bayleef ran at Noctowl, and gave the owl a hard hit. Distracted by the aroma, the owl was unable to evade the attack and got defeated by it. The referee declared Bayleef to be the winner.

“Well done Noctowl, you did a great job,” Falkner said. “Ash, that was great. Six years ago, that Bayleef was a Chikorita and got easily defeated by this Noctowl, who was a Hoothoot back then. Noctowl and I have gotten much stronger, but you and Bayleef also got much better! Your Bayleef defeating my Noctowl is something I didn’t expect at all. But you still have one Pokemon to beat. You aren’t gonna win this battle!” Then, Falkner sent out his Fearow.

“Bayleef, let’s beat that bird and win this battle! Use your Headbutt!” Ash said. Bayleef did what her trainer told her to and hit Fearow.

Falkner commanded his Fearow to do Swift. Star-shaped rays hit Bayleef, who stood up again.

“Bayleef, use your Body Slam!” said Ash to his Bayleef.

“Fearow, evade, fly behind Bayleef and use your Drill Peck!” Falkner commanded. The big bird hit Bayleef, who was badly hurt. “Bayleef! No! Can you still go on?” her trainer asked. Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Togetic looked worried.
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Bayleef lay on the ground. She was hit by Fearow’s strong Drill Peck and the referee was looking at her. Could she still go on?

The referee announced “Bayleef is defeated, the win goes to Falkner and Fearow!” Misty felt very sorry for her boyfriend. Pikachu and Togetic looked worried.

“Ash, you put up a good fight, but you still lost. Now, go to the Pokemon Center to get your Bayleef cured,” Falkner said.

Then, they all got shocked: Bayleef stood up! Flames were burning in her eyes.

“Bayleef, no! It’s okay to lose. We’ll challenge Falkner again later,” Ash said to his Grass Pokemon. But Bayleef didn’t want that and had an angry look in her eyes. She was determined to win, and didn’t want to give up.

“Well, Bayleef, if you really want to go on, do it. But don’t think I am pushing you to win now,” her trainer said.

“Ash, are you sure you want this? It would be very irresponsible and unfair to Bayleef if she would get hurt badly because of you allowing her to continue battling,” Falkner said. “He is right, Ash. You’d better quit now, before Bayleef really gets injured badly! I already told you you shouldn’t have used Bayleef in this battle, but you didn’t listen,” Misty agreed.

“I can’t hold Bayleef back if she really wants to continue,” Ash replied. “Bayleef, let’s go for it! You can do it, I believe in you!”

“That’s very immature and irresponsible of you, Ash! But if you really want this, I’ll teach you a lesson. Then you’ll learn to never allow your Pokemon to go on like this again if you are in a situation like now,” Falkner replied.

“It looks like we aren’t done yet, Bayleef isn’t defeated yet. Continue battling again!” the referee said.

“Let’s do it, Bayleef!” Ash said.

“Ash, your Bayleef has a lot of willpower, but willpower isn’t a gurantee to win! Fearow, use Hyper Beam!”

“Bayleef, evade and use Razor Leaf!” Ash commanded. The Grass Pokemon jumped by using Vine Whip, and hurled sharp leaves at Fearow. The big bird was hit harshly.

“Fearow, use Fly!” the Violet City Gym Leader said to his Flying Pokemon. Fearow flew up high, and flew at Bayleef at very high speed. Bayleef wasn’t as fast as Fearow, and it looked like the battle was over for Bayleef.

“We got him now!” Ash said. “Huh?” Falkner thought. “Bayleef, jump using Vine Whip and then use Body Slam on Fearow!” Ash commanded. Fearow flew at Bayleef, who was still standing on the ground. Then, just in time, Bayleef jumped and Fearow hit the ground. Bayleef threw herself at Fearow and gave the bird a strong Body Slam. Fearow lay on the floor, with a lot of pain.

“Fearow, can you still go on?” Falkner asked? Fearow flew up, with some trouble. The bird wasn’t defeated yet, but was very close to that. “Let’s finish this battle once and for all!” the Gym Leader said to Ash.

Fearow was badly hurt, and Bayleef was very tired. The Grass Pokemon was already badly damaged and the Vine Whip-Body Slam combination was exhausting. The battle would be a struggle of attrition: every small hit could defeat Bayleef and Fearow now.

Then, the sun started shining very brightly.

“Bayleef, this is our chance! Use your Solarbeam!” Because of the sun shining, Bayleef didn’t have to charge up. A beam of strong light came out of Bayleef’s mouth, and Fearow was hit. Fearow fell down on the ground, and this time, the bird didn’t stand up.

“Fearow is unable to battle! Bayleef is the winner!” the referee announced. Ash, Pikachu, Togetic and Misty were all very proud of Bayleef and ran at her to give her a hug. “Bayleef, you were awesome! Thank you so much! Your willpower is amazing!”

Ash complimented his Pokemon. “Bay Bay!” the Grass Pokemon said in a happy voice. Then, she collapsed. “Oh no, Bayleef! We’ll get you to the Pokemon Center soon!” Ash returned his Bayleef to his Poke Ball.

“Ash, you did an awesome job. When Fearow almost defeated your Bayleef by using Drill Peck, I didn’t expect her to get up anymore. I am amazed by her willpower! You didn’t deserve to win, but because of Bayleef working so hard, you won! You don’t deserve this Zephyr Badge, but Bayleef certainly does.” Falkner said, with his voice changing from amazed to cocky.

“Thank you, Falkner! I agree, you deserved to win as a better trainer. Bayleef did this thanks to her willpower and persistence,” Ash replied. “Bye, Falkner!” he and Misty said simultaneously. “Bye, Ash!” Falkner said.

When walking to the Pokemon Center, Misty said “Sorry for saying it was stupid to use Bayleef. She really proved me wrong this time. I’ve seen a lot of impressive things in battles, but this is a miracle!” Misty said to Ash. “Falkner is a very skilled Gym Leader, and a Grass Pokemon winning on willpower against two very strong Flying Pokemon is really amazing.”

“Thank you, Misty!” Ash replied.

“But Falkner was right: you didn’t deserve to win. You were lucky that your stupid idea to use a Grass Pokemon seemed to work, because of Bayleef having extraordinary willpower,” Misty said.

“I guess you're right,” Ash admitted. “Let’s get Bayleef to the Pokemon Center, for the treatment and rest she deserves.”

In the Pokemon Center, Ash said to Nurse Joy “Nurse Joy, my Bayleef was in a very intense battle against Falkner. We won, but she is very tired. Could you give her a medical check, and can we and Bayleef rest here tonight?”

“Of course!” Nurse Joy replied. “That’s what Pokemon Centers are for!” Ash handed over the Poke Ball of Bayleef. “Here she is, nurse.”

Ash and Misty ordered a pizza and ate it as their dinner at the Pokemon Center. Pikachu and Togetic also got dinner: a portion of Pokemon food. As always, Pikachu got ketchup on his food. After having food, Pikachu and Togetic gave each other a big hug.

“They are so cute! What an awesome couple, just like us!” Misty said.

“I agree, Misty!” Ash responded. “Pikachu, you like Togetic, don’t you?” Pikachu started blushing and looked at his trainer with an angry look in his eyes. Ash and Misty laughed.

Then, two people entered the Pokemon Center. They looked at Ash and Misty. “Hey, twerp! It has been six years, but we’re gonna give stealing your Pikachu another shot!”

“Oh no, it’s Team Rocket again...” Misty said. The Team Rocket trio that stalked Ash six years ago consisted of Jessie, James and Meowth. The cat Pokemon was able to talk, despite being a Pokemon. Standing in the door opening of the Pokemon Center, they started their classic motto.

“Prepare for trouble!” Jessie started the Team Rocket anthem.

“And make it double!” James continued the motto. Both said a sentence in turns.

“To protect the world for devastation!”

“To unite all peoples within our nation!”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love!”

“To extend our reach to the stars above!”



“Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight!”

“Meowth, that’s right!” said Meowth, ending the motto.

“Ash, I’ll beat them!” Misty said to her boyfriend. “Go, Corsola!” Misty said. But Corsola didn’t come out of the Poke Ball, a yellow duck came out. It was Psyduck! Psyduck often came out of his Poke Ball when Misty wanted to use another Pokemon, and also at other random moments.

“Psyduck, I wanted to use Corsola now!” Misty said angrily. “But now you are out of your Poke Ball, you’ll battle. Psyduck, Psychic!”

Then, Psyduck started to run around and screaming “Psy-y-y-y-y-y-y-y! Psy-y-y-y-y-y-y-y!” without attacking. Misty did a facepalm. “That stupid duck will never listen...”

“That duck is easy to beat!” James said. “Go, Chimecho! Wrap him around his head!” The Psychic Pokemon did that. Then, Psyduck got a terrible headache and made Team Rocket blast off in the sky. “Team Rocket’s blasing off again!” Jessie, James and Meowth said simultaneously. Then, Jessie’s Wobbuffet came out of his Poke Ball and said his name. “Wobbuffet!” Jessie punched him in the face and called him back in his Poke Ball, when blasting off through the sky.

“Great job, Misty!” Nurse Joy and Ash said. Then, Nurse Joy told Ash good news about Bayleef. “Ash, she’s doing fine. She isn’t badly hurt. If she rests here tonight, she’ll be fine tomorrow morning.”

Ash thanked Nurse Joy. Ash and Misty were tired and went to bed early. They took their clothes off, gave each other a hug, put their pyjamas on, wished each other good night and went to sleep in their two-person bed.

The next morning, Ash and Misty had breakfast. Nurse Joy gave Bayleef back to Ash, who recalled her in her Poke Ball after giving the Grass Pokemon a hug. “Thank you for caring for her, Nurse Joy!”

“No problem, Ash! I’m just doing my job,” the nurse replied.

“Bye, Nurse Joy! Thank you for everything!” Ash and Misty said simultaneously. They went on their way to Azelea Town.

A pink Pokemon with green leaves on his head was staring at them, especially at Misty. He flew behind them, to follow them. They weren’t suspecting anything.

When they were just out the neighbourhood in which the Pokemon Center was, Togetic poked Misty on her back. “What’s up, Togetic?” Misty asked.

“Toge, Togetic!” Togetic answered, pointing at the Pokemon stalking them. It was a Hoppip, a Grass and Flying type Pokemon. Togetic looked at Hoppip in an angry way, as she didn’t like stalkers.

Then, the cottonweed Pokemon flew at Togetic, said “Hoppip!” in a cute way, and tickled Togetic with his leaves. Misty was amazed. “Ash, Hoppip is so cute!”

“Misty, he’s stalking us!” Ash replied.

“But who of us is he stalking?” Misty said.

“Let’s find out.” Ash replied. “Misty, could you go five steps forward to see if Hoppip will follow you.”

Misty did what Ash asked her to, and Hoppip floated behind her. The Pokemon was stalking her. “Misty, I think Hoppip has a crush on you, like Bayleef has on me!” her boyfriend replied.

“How cute!” Misty said. Ash and Misty walked away, and Hoppip kept following them. “Misty, I think he wants to stay with us! You should catch him, he likes you,” Ash said. Misty agreed and asked Hoppip if he wanted to stay with them. The Grass Pokemon nodded “yes”, and Misty and Ash went back to the Violet City Pokemon Center, to have Misty send a Pokemon to Professor Oak, to make room for Hoppip. She sent Staryu to Professor Oak, because the professor wanted to do research on Staryu. Then, she put Hoppip in a new Poke Ball.

“Yes!” Misty screamed from happiness. “I caught a Hoppip!”

“To Togetic!” Togetic cheered. She and Misty acted the same as Ash when he caught a Pokemon.

And so, they left Violet City and went on the road to Azelea Town.
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One day, when walking on the road to Azalea Town, Ash and Misty were walking through the grasslands. Ash looked at Misty. Her marvelous, long hair swept up and down in the light wind. She smiled at him.

“Misty, you are so beautiful! Both on the inside and on the outside!” he said to his girlfriend.

“Thank you, Ash! You are looking good and cute as well!” she answered. They smiled at each other again, and kissed.

“It’s warm here and I'm tired,” Ash complained. “Shall we have lunch here and relax here for some hours?”

“Of course, Ash!” Misty agreed. She took off her clothes and put on her bikini, in order to sunbathe. Ash also undressed and put on his swimming trunks. Then, Ash made sandwiches and gave Pikachu and Togetic some food.

Then, Misty gave Togetic a hug. “Togetic, I love you! And do you like the journey so far?” Togetic nodded “yes”. “Do you like being with Pikachu?” Misty asked, in a teasing voice. Togetic nodded “yes” again, and felt a little bit embarrassed, causing the Pokemon to get a red blush on her head.

"That's true, Misty. And it's also the other way around! Pikachu loves being with Togetic again as well," Ash replied.

Pikachu blushed and shook his head, in an attempt to deny what Ash just said. Ash and Misty laughed about that, which made Pikachu feel annoyed and embarrassed. But when he and Togetic both got some extra Pokemon food, Pikachu quickly forget his annoyance.

After Togetic got a hug from Misty, Pikachu walked at her and gave her a hug as well. Ash and Misty started hugging as well. Then, they heard an annoying, high-pitched voice.

“Hey, Misty! You look ugly in that bikini! You should wear a red swimsuit, red is the colour of fire. That blue bikini represents Water Pokemon, and these suck! You shouldn’t wear that blue one in public!” It was Egan, a boy Ash and Misty met on the road between Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City six years ago. Back then, he acted mean and annoying towards Misty, bashing Water Pokemon.

“Shut up, Egan!” Misty said angrily. “I have the right to wear whatever I want!”

“I can’t take this! You have no right to insult her like that. Misty is beautiful and that bikini looks cute on her, and fits her well!” Ash defended his girlfriend. “Let’s battle, I’ll show you your Fire Pokemon can go down with water!”

Egan accepted the challenge. “Go Ash!” Misty replied. “Togetic and I will be cheering for you!”

“Ash, I’m gonna kick your ass!” Egan said. “Go, Cyndaquil!”

“Squirtle, I choose you!” Ash replied. “Use your Hydro Pump!” Squirtle wirthdrew in his shield, started spinning and water flew at Cyndaquil.

“Cyndaquil, evade and use Tackle!” The Fire Pokemon jumped to evade and hit Squirtle with his snout. Squirtle was lying on the ground on his back and couldn’t get up.

“Cyndaquil, Flamethrower! And keep spitting fire until Squirtle faints!” Egan commanded. The fire kept hitting Squirtle, who eventually collapsed. “Haha, you lost!” Egan said in a teasing voice. “Fire Pokemon are better than Water Pokemon!”

“That’s bullcrap!” Misty asked angrily. “Just because you win one fluke battle, you aren’t immediately a better trainer and it doesn’t change anything about Fire and Water Pokemon at all!”

“What are you going to do about it?” Egan asked. “Do you want to lose as well? Cyndaquil was caught yesterday, I’ll use my strongest Pokemon, Flareon.”

“Fine, I am going to prove you Fire types are not as superior to all other types as you think!” Misty answered. “And I don’t even need Water Pokemon for that!” She sent out Hoppip.

“A Hoppip? OMG, you’re so stupid!” Egan said.

“Hoppip was acquired yesterday, but even an untrained Grass Pokemon can defeat you! And Hoppip will get even stronger in the future!” Misty said. “Hoppip, let’s start with your Leech Seed!” Hoppip shot a seed at Flareon, who got weakened. The longer the battle would progress, the better it would be for Misty!

“Flareon, Flamethrower, go on until you defeated Hoppip!” However, the Grass Pokemon avoided the attack with ease. “Misty, your Hoppip is so defensive because you are afraid to lose severely now!”

“No, Egan! I’m just making use of Leech Seed to the fullest,” Misty replied. “And we can also handle this faster if you want to. Hoppip, Solarbeam!” The sun was shining, so there was no recharging time needed. A strong beam hit Flareon, who collapsed.

Misty stuck her tongue out to Egan. “I humiliated you! And now, Ash and me want our privacy! Just f*ck off!”

Egan, who felt humiliated, quickly called back Flareon into his Poke Ball and ran away, with tears in his eyes about losing to a Grass type.

“Misty! That was amazing!” Ash said. “I’ve never seen such a strong Hoppip before!”

“Thank you, Ash!” Misty answered. She also asked how Ash got Squirtle back.

“He and the other Squirtle Squad members got fire, when they were unable to save a child in a burning house,” Ash replied.

“What happened to the child?” Misty asked. “Is she dead now?”

“I’m happy she’s still alive. Team Wartortle and some firemen saved her,” Ash answered. “And on to Squirtle: he was sent to Professor Oak, who took care of him. And when I got home just before we got reunited, I decided to take Squirtle with me.” he explained. “That’s why I was sad he lost to that Cyndaquil, it might make him afraid of fire now, while he’s a Water Pokemon. He certainly looked afraid of Cyndaquil in that battle against Egan...”

“I understand. He must win against a Fire Type and quickly, no matter what. He needs to know he can still deal with fire. He’s a Water Pokemon!” Misty said.

“I agree!” Ash said. “I’ll use him more often in battles against Fire Pokemon. That might help him to get over this,” Misty agreed.

They lied next to each other in the grass and put an arm around each other. Pikachu and Togetic went playing, and weren’t listening to Ash and Misty talking.

“Ash, I’ve been thinking. Maybe we teased Pikachu and Togetic a little bit too much,” Misty said to Ash.

“What are you talking about?” he asked,

“When we were younger, we were so annoyed when people said we are a couple,” Misty answered. “Sure, we the feelings were there, but we weren't ready for a confession yet. Pikachu and Togetic are in the same phase now, and we should respect that.”

“I understand, you are right!” Ash replied. “I feel so bad now, Pikachu must be really angry with me. We’ll apologize to them, and not bother them with this again,” Misty agreed with that.

And so, they apologized to Pikachu and Togetic about the teasing comments about them being in love. They told their Pokemon they wouldn’t make teasy comments anymore, and let them discover themselves whether they are in love with each other or not. Pikachu and Togetic looked happy and relieved, and hugged their trainers.

They continued the road to Azelea Town. They didn’t put on their clothes again, and kept wearing their swimwear, because of the very warm weather. Then, while walking they saw Gary and Jasmine sunbathing on the grass next to them. “Hey, Ashyboy!” Gary asked. “I see you are still with that ugly Misty!” Then, Misty couldn’t take this a second time, after what happened earlier at the beach. She raised her fist, and hit Gary on his head.

“That is unacceptable, Misty! Why did you do that?” Gary snapped.

“You don’t have the right to insult me like that!” she replied.

“You don’t have the right to hit my boyfriend!” Jasmine said angrily.

“And you don’t have the right to snap at my girlfriend!” Ash replied. A big fight was unavoidable, and they tried beating up each other. Ash and Misty won, thanks to Misty’s 'iron' right fist.

Gary and Jasmine stood up and said simultaneously “You two can be good at violence, but we beat you in a Pokemon tag battle! We’ll all use one Pokemon.”

“Sure we can!” Misty replied. “Let’s do it, Ash!”

Ash and Misty sent out their Pokemon. Misty used her Corsola, while Ash sent out his Bulbasaur. Jasmine sent out her Steelix, while Gary used his Scizor.

“Steelix, Iron Tail on Bulbasaur!” Jasmine commanded. “Scizor, use Metal Claw! And you’ll hit Bulbasaur as well!” Gary said. The strong Steel Pokemon came at Bulbasaur.

“Bulbasaur, evade!” Ash said. But Bulbasaur was too late and got hit badly. The Grass Pokemon was close to being defeated.

“Scizor, finish it with Swift!” Gary commanded. Star-shaped rays hit Bulbasaur, who was defeated.

“Oh no, Bulbasaur!” Ash screamed. “Come back, you deserve some rest.” He told Misty she could do it.

Misty said “Corsola, Bubblebeam on Scizor!” It was a critical hit, Scizor was badly hurt.

“Steelix, stop Corsola with your Wrap!” Jasmine commanded. The metal snake wrapped Corsola, who couldn’t escape.

“Scizor, jump and use Metal Claw from the sky!” Gary commanded.

“We’ve got him!” Misty said. Gary looked scared. “Corsola, use your Bubblebeam against Scizor!” Scizor got hit by the bubbles and got defeated.

“Good luck, Jasmine!” Gary said. “Scizor, come back and have some rest.”

“Steelix, Dig!” Jasmine commanded. Steelix went underground and came back where Corsola stood. The Coral Pokemon was hit and defeated. “No, Corsola!” Misty said. She called her back to her Poke Ball and congratulated Gary and Jasmine with their win.

“Now this is the revenge you get after you hit me!” Gary replied to Misty. “You are mean, annoying and violent, and you are a terrible Pokemon trainer, you're even worse than your immature boyfriend!”

Misty started losing her temper again, but didn’t hit Gary this time. “Gary, I challenge you to another battle, we’ll both use one Pokemon. And this time I’ll win!”

“If you want to be defeated again, be my guest,” Gary answered. “Challenge accepted!”

“Togetic, I choose you!” Misty said.

“That’s cool, then I can choose Electivire for a type advantage,” Gary answered.

Gary opened the battle by commanding his Electivire to use Thunder Wave.

“Togetic, Safeguard!” responded Misty. The Thunder Wave didn’t work.

“Now use Water Pulse, now he’s still having electric sparks around him from using Thunder Wave!” Togetic hit Electrivire from a long distance, and caused an explosion. Gary looked worried.

“Togetic, add a Fire Blast to the smoke!” After the smoke disappeared, Electrivire was lying on the ground. The Fire Blast was the final hit he took before collapsing. Misty won!

“Have some rest, Electivire. You did your best,” Gary said calmly. “Misty, that was just a fluke!” he said, this time in an angrier voice.

“No, Gary! Togetic and I took advantage of the move you used,” Misty said, in a teasy tone. Togetic was laughing and pointed at Gary, who looked humiliated. Gary and Jasmine ran to their limousine and drove away quickly.

“That was awesome, Misty!” Ash said.

“Thank you!” Misty replied. “Thank you for learning me to act like this! Instead of a well-thought strategy, I improvised and won. I learned that from you!”

Ash thanked Misty for the compliment and blushed. Then, he kissed Misty on the check. Misty kissed him on the cheek as well. Then, they were relaxing on the grass again and had a relaxing day.

Late in the evening, Ash and Misty put their two-person sleeping bag on the ground, took off their swimwear, which they wore all day long, because of the warm weather, and started hugging. They fell asleep later that night. Pikachu and Togetic were already asleep.

The next morning, Ash and Misty woke up and wished each other, Pikachu and Togetic good morning. “Misty, I’ve had an awesome night! I had two wonderful dreams in one night!” Ash said to his girlfriend.

“That’s nice! What were they about?” Misty asked.

“About Gary’s face when you beat him yesterday, and a romantic one shortly after that, with us in a very comfortable two-person bed only rich people can afford,” Ash answered.

“I had such a dream as well. And it was awesome! Beating Gary was awesome, and yesterday was just a fun day for me. We relaxed, I won two battles and we had an awesome night as well,” Misty said. “Since the day I left my sisters, my life turned from horrible to perfect! I got rid of the Gym Leader job, and most importantly, I have you again. I love you!”

“My life also became much better when I got reunited with you. I love you too, Misty!” Ash said. They hugged. Then, they had breakfast. Pikachu got ketchup on his food, as always.

Then, they went on, continuing their journey to Azalea Town.
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Trickster Zorua

Good chapter! ^^ How you did writed the battles is good! ^^ I can't wait for the next chapter!


I liked how you linked back to the canon universe in the beginning. I haven't really watched the show in a long time but I can remember a lot about the original series and it's movies. I think the fic is really fluffy and easy to read, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of conflict so far, but maybe there might be. I think there could be a bit more descriptions, but I think it's good so far.

On a nice summer morning, Ash and Misty were walking through the grasslands. They just had lunch and were holding hands while walking. Togetic and Pikachu were doing the same.

“Hey, look, Misty! There’s the Charicific Valley!” Ash mentioned. The Charicific Valley was a place where Charizard trained and got stronger. Six years ago, Ash left his Charizard there. However, he could always ask Liza, the guardian of the Valley, to bring Charizard to him when he needed his Fire Pokemon for important battles.

“Hey, nice! Let’s step by and see Liza and Charizard again!” Misty answered. They walked to the gate, and Liza opened. “Hey guys! It’s great to see you again!”

“It’s nice to see you too, Liza! How is Charizard doing?” Ash asked.

“He’s doing fine, he’s next to Charla. They got married yesterday!” Liza answered.

“That’s so cute!” Misty said. “Congratulations! I already expected this, they obviously are a couple.”

Ash ran at his Charizard. Then, Charizard used his Flamethrower on Ash, like usual. “That hurts!” he said, and he fell on the ground.

Then, Misty greeted Charizard and Charla as well. Charizard also used his Flamethrower on Misty. They laughed.

After having lunch, they left the valley. “Bye, Liza!” they said simultaneously. Liza waved at them. “Ash, when you need Charizard, you can always call me!”

Ash and Misty went on, continuing their journey. Then, a hot air balloon shaped like a Meowth flew above them. “Oh f*ck, it’s Team Rocket again!” Ash said. “Totodile, Pidgeot and Squirtle, I choose you!”

The Water Pokemon and the bird came out of their Poke Balls. “Pidgeot, wreck their balloon by using Wing Attack on it!” The Bird Pokemon did, and the balloon collapsed on the ground. Jessie, James and Meowth looked angry. “I refuse to leave without a battle!” Jessie said. “Yanmega and Wobbufet, I choose you!”

“Squirtle, Totodile, use your Water Gun!” Ash commanded. The Water let Team Rocket soar in the sky. “Team Rocket’s blasting off again!” said the evil trio simultaneously. “Meowth!” This time, Wobbuffet did not come out of his Poke Ball.

“Well done, Ash!” Misty complimented. “You could be a serious concurrent in the Whirl Cup!”

“I won’t. I don’t want to beat you in it. I am going to coach you, I am going to do everything I can to help you win it.” Ash replied. He called Totodile, Squirtle and Pidgeot back in their Poke Balls.

“Aww, Ash, thank you so much!” Misty answered. She kissed Ash on his cheek and hugged him. They went on, an travelled through the grasslands of Johto. There, they saw a green-haired guy they’ve seen before.

“Hello! Nice to see you again!” Ash and Misty said simultaneously.

“Nice to see you two again as well!” the boy replied. It was AJ, a trainer they met in Kanto. “Ash, how would you like to have a quick double battle?”

“Great, challenge accepted!” he replied. “Bulbasaur and Bayleef, I choose you two!” The Grass Pokemon looked happy and were ready to win a battle.

“Sandshrew and Rattata, I choose you!” AJ announced.

“Bulbasaur, use your Razor Leaf!” Ash commanded. “Bayleef, jump and also use your Razor Leaf!”

“Sandshrew and Rattata, evade and both use Tackle on Bayleef!” AJ countered.

“Bayleef, jump using Vine Whip and use Sweet Scent!” Ash said. Bayleef didn’t get hit and used her Sweet Scent. Sandshrew and Rattata were gentle and not in the mood to battle anymore.

“Bulbasaur, use your Tackle attack on Rattata!” The Grass Pokemon ran at the purple Normal Pokemon, who was defeated. “No, Rattata!” AJ screamed. “Sandshrew, use Rollout on Bayleef!”

“Bayleef, fire your SolarBeam when Sandshrew is really close to you!” Ash commanded. Bayleef didn’t have to charge up, thanks to the sunny weather, and the powerful beam of energy defeated the Ground Pokemon.

“Sandshrew, you deserve some rest. Come back, buddy,” AJ said in a gentle voice. “Ash, you did a great job. Your Pokemon worked together as a team, and you have better tactical capabilities than six years ago. I still have a lot to learn. I’ll go to the Pokemon Center in Violet City now. Thank you for a great battle. Bye!”

“Bye, AJ!” Ash said. “Thank you!” Ash and Misty both waved at the green-haired Pokemon trainer.

Some hours later, after lunch, they progressed on their journey. They got closer to the Union Cave, which leads to Azalea Town.

Then, they saw a boy with brown hair and a Pikachu. “Hello, Ash! Hello, Misty!” he said.

“Hi, Ritchie! It’s good to see you again!” Ash said. “What are you doing here?” Misty asked. Ritchie was a friend of Ash, they met him during the Kanto League, six years ago.

“I am going to register and take part in the PokeRinger contest today. I have a feeling that my Taillow will win,” Ash and Misty asked if they could come with him and look. The PokeRinger contest was a competition for Flying Pokemon, in which they had to grab a ring attached to a balloon, and deliver it to a target faster than the opponent. Ritchie’s Taillow, nicknamed Rose, was sitting on his shoulder like a parrot on a pirate’s shoulder.

When Ash, Misty and Ritchie came close to the Pokemon Center just before the entrance of the Union Cave, they saw a big stadium, where the PokeRinger contest would be held. Then, Hoppip randomly popped out of Misty’s Poke Ball. He was looking at a billboard that advertised the PokeRinger contest and flew at Misty. Then, he pulled her to the billboard and stared at her with a cute face. “Do you want to take part in that contest, Hoppip?” Misty asked. Hoppip nodded, implying “Yes!”

“OK, Hoppip, nice! I’ll register you,” Misty said. She and Ritchie walked to the registration desk and registered. “When will the tourney start?” Misty asked.

“In five minutes,” the woman behind the registration desk replied. Misty looked shocked. “Ash, I have never done this before and there is no time to practice anymore!” she said to her boyfriend.

“No problem, Misty! I won this contest twice and I’ll coach you!” he answered. “Thank you so much, Ash!” she replied. She kissed him on his cheek. Ritchie was blushing, and looked at the kissing couple.

“So, you two are in a relationship now?” Ritchie asked.

“Yes, we are!” Misty answered. “Six years ago, the feelings were already there, but didn’t admit it. We were so immature back then!” Ash added to that.

“That’s great. You two are so cute together! I wish I had a girlfriend...” Ritchie answered...

“You’ll get one sooner or later, you’ll just have to wait for the right moment!” Ash supported his friend. “And when the moment is there, tell the girl you love about your attraction and grab your chance!” Misty added to that. “Brock always said that.”

“Thank you!” Ritchie replied. “Where is Brock now?”

“He’s the assistant of Nurse Joy of Pewter City now, he works at the Pokemon Center there,” Ash answered.

“And how is his love life? Has he finally found love?” Ritchie asked.

“Yes, he’s in a relationship with Nurse Joy,” Ash replied.

“Splendid!” Ritchie answered. He, Ash and Misty walked to the stadium, where the PokeRinger contest was going to start.

The amount of contestants was disappointing: only Misty and Ritchie registered! “It seems like we only have two contestants!” the announcer said. Then, Misty went to the referee and asked “And now? Will this contest go on?”

“We’ll just go on, you will compete against Ritchie,” was the answer. “We usually have a small amount of contestants, this is a desolate place and we never have a lot of participants.”

Ritchie’s Taillow and Misty’s Hoppip flew up high, and the referee started the match. Hoppip flew at the balloon with the ring and grabbed it with his hands.

“Hoppip, fly at the target!” Misty commanded. Hoppip did what his trainer told him. Hoppip flew slower than usual, because of the heavy ring.

“Rose, Whirlwind!” Ritchie commanded. Hoppip had trouble flying and was going to crash down on the ground. “No, Hoppip!” Misty said.

Then, her coach helped her. “Misty, let Hoppip use Silver Wind on the ground for a softer landing!” Ash suggested. Misty commanded Hoppip to listen to Ash, and the Grass Pokemon did that. Hoppip started collapsing slower, and even had time to fly up high and not fall on the ground.

“Well done, Hoppip!” Misty said. “Now, put the ring on the target and win the competition!” Hoppip flew at the target at high speed. “Rose, also fly there at high speed and hit Hoppip with a Tackle attack!” Ritchie commanded. Taillow flew at Hoppip at high speed. Would the bird hit Hoppip before the Grass Pokemon could put the ring on the target?
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I find it a bit hard to imagine Ash swearing, but understand how he's get annoyed from seeing Team Rocket again. Ha ha aww, Brock ended up getting a lady in the end. I just hope he dosen't cheat with Jenny cause there's two perfect girls for him. I thought it was a pretty good chapter, but I think with the battle scenes you could describe the moves a bit more.

Hoppip flew at the target. He had to win this battle. And he did. Just before Taillow’s Tackle hit the Grass Pokemon, he put the ring on the target. Then, he got hit. Misty caught him in her arms.

“Hoppip and Misty are the winners!” the announcer said.

“Well done, Hoppip! That was awesome!” Misty said. Ash, Pikachu and Togetic were also cheering. “Misty, you are the winner. Here is a big supply of Pokemon food!” the tournament director said. Hoppip immediately ate a piece of food. Togetic also flew at the food, and gave some food to Pikachu.

Outside of the stadium, Ash and Misty waved goodbye to Ritchie. They entered the Union Cave.

It was humid and dark there. They walked through the cave. Then, they saw a girl wearing a pink dress fishing. “Hey, Marina! How are the fish biting?” Misty asked.

“Hello, Misty! I haven’t caught anything yet. Shall we have a battle?” Marina asked.

“Nice!” Misty responded. “Corsola, I choose you!” Marina sent out her Oshawott. The battle would be a battle on the water.

“Corsola, dive underwater!” Misty commanded. Marina commanded Oshawott to dive underwater as well, and to use Tackle. Oshawott headed for Corsola.

“Corsola, use your Spike Cannon!” Misty commanded White, pointed spikes hit Oshawott, who was shot high in the sky. The Unova-native Pokemon was severely damaged, but not defeated yet.

“Corsola, jump above the water and go on the land again!” Misty commanded. “Now, use Bubblebeam!” Oshawott evaded and used Water Gun on Corsola. “Corsola, Mirror Coat!” Misty commanded. The Water Gun was deflected back at Oshawott, who was lying on the ground.

“Corsola, finish it with Take Down!” Corsola tackled Oshawott, finishing the battle. Corsola won!

“Corsola, we did it! Well done!” Corsola was jumping in a happy way. She looked at Misty, who hugged her.

Then, Hoppip popped out of his Poke Ball. He looked angry. He didn’t like it when Misty gave attention to others than him. “Hoppip, do you also want a hug?” Misty asked. Hoppip nodded in a happy voice, and also got a hug from his cute trainer.

“Oshawott, you did a good job. Come back!” Marina said. “Misty, congratulations. You did a great job, and your Corsola is a great Pokemon.”

“Thank you!” Misty replied.

“Also, that Hoppip is cute!” Marina mentioned.

“I agree. He really loves me, and he’s stronger than he looks. I don’t have him for a long time, but we are already very good friends,” Misty responded. Hoppip nodded, which implied that he agreed with his trainer.

“Bye, Ash and Misty!” Marina said.

“Bye, Marina! Good luck with the fishing, I hope you’ll catch something today.”

Ash and Misty continued. Hours later, they walked out of the cave. It was late in the evening, so they had a quick dinner and went to sleep in their sleeping bags. However, when they wanted to sleep, a wild Caterpie came close to Misty’s sleeping bag. Misty screamed “ASH! HELP! IT’S A BUG! DO SOMETHING!” The Caterpie was attracted by the smell of the Pokemon food Ash fed to his Pikachu.

Ash laughed about it. “Misty, it’s just a Caterpie, come on! Don’t be scared!”

Misty looked angry. “Ash, you gave Pikachu food, you attracted that stupid bug! You also have to make that worm leave!”

However, Caterpie already hurried and ran away, being afraid of Misty.

“You scared him away! Well done, Misty!” Ash said.

“Thank you, Ash!” Misty replied. “Now, we can finally sleep!”

They wished each other good night, and went to sleep.

The next morning, they woke up and saw that Pikachu and Togetic were still sleeping. They lied next to each other, like they were hugging.

“They are so cute!” Misty said.

“I agree. They make a perfect couple!” Ash replied.

“But don’t say that when they are awake! That would annoy them,” she answered.

“They are such a great couple, just like us!” he agreed.

Then, Pikachu and Togetic woke up and kissed each other. Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Togetic ate breakfast and continued their journey. Then, they saw a brown-haired girl wearing a very short white skirt and a green tank top painting. “Unfezant, just keep posing for a little while. This painting is almost finished!”

“Pika pi!” Pikachu said. “Togetic!” Togetic screamed happily. “Hey, Bianca, nice to see you again!” Ash and Misty said.

“Hey, you guys! It’s nice to see you again!” Bianca replied. Ash and Misty met Bianca in Alto Mare, six years ago. “Are you two a couple?”

“Of course we are!” Misty answered. “When we met you, we already loved each other. Back then, we were too immature to admit it.”

“Great!” Bianca answered. “Unfezant, the painting is finished!” The bird flew up and sat on Bianca’s shoulder, like a parrot sitting on a pirate’s shoulder.

“That’s a nice Unfezant!” Ash mentioned.

“Thank you, Ash! Would you like to battle?” Bianca proposed.

“Challenge accepted!” Ash said. “Pikachu, go for it!”

“Unfezant, you’ll battle, of course!” Bianca replied. “Unfezant, Wing Attack!” The bird flew up and hit Pikachu with his wings. “Pikachu, Iron Tail!” That attack also hit.

“Unfezant, Hypnosis!” Bianca commanded. Pikachu got hypnotized and wasn’t able to listen to Ash anymore. “Pikachu, no!”

“Unfezant, let’s finish it! Use Giga Impact!” Unfezant flew at Pikachu at high speed, and hit Pikachu. Pikachu was close to defeat. However, he got out of his hypnosis. “Pikachu, Thunder!” Ash commanded. Big bursts of lightning electrocuted Unfezant, who collapsed down on the ground. Pikachu won! Ash was ready for a hug, but instead, Pikachu ran at Togetic, and did a victory dance.

“Uh... Well done, Pikachu...” Ash said to Pikachu, sad about his Pokemon celebrating victory with Togetic and not with him.

“Ash, well done! Pikachu did a great job!” Bianca congratulated Ash.

Then, Ash and Misty said goodbye to their old friend and travelled further to Azalea Town.

Late in the evening, they arrived in Azalea Town, where they would have dinner and sleep in the Pokemon Center.

After having dinner, Ash asked Misty to watch the sunset. Misty agreed and came along with Ash. However, when they arrived at the hill where they would watch the sunset, they saw Gary and Jasmine!

“Hey, Ashyboy!” Gary said to Ash. “Hey, Mistygirl!” Jasmine imitated Gary, in order to refer to Misty in a teasy way. Misty and Ash tried to ignore their rivals and just sat down. However, Gary didn’t want a calm evening.

“Hey, Ashyboy, shall we have a tag battle again?” Gary proposed. “We’ll stomp you!” Jasmine warned.

“Challenge accepted!” Ash and Misty said simultaneously. Ash sent out Totodile, Misty sent out Marill.

“Go, Umbreon!” Gary said. “Steelix, I choose you!” Jasmine added.

“Totodile!” “Dewgong!” their trainers commanded. “Use Ice Beam on Umbreon!” Umbreon was hit by two strong, icy beams.

“Totodile, Hydro Pump!” Totodile opened his mouth, and released a crapload of water at high power. Umbreon’s ice was broken, but the Dark Pokemon was defeated. Gary looked sad and called his Pokemon back.

“Dewgong, use Whirlpool!” Steelix was trapped in a whirlpool. “Now, Dewgong, use Surf!” A big floodwave crashed down on Steelix, who was weak against Water. The iron snake got defeated.

“No, Steelix!” Jasmine screamed. She retreated her Pokemon. Jasmine and Gary ran to their limousine and drove away quickly.

“Well Ash, it wasn’t the romantic evening I imagined, but this was fun!” Misty said to her boyfriend. “And your Totodile battled very well.”

“Thank you, Misty! Your Dewgong was awesome too!”

They went to the Pokemon Center. They went to their restroom, undressed and lied in a two-person bed.

“Good night, Ash!” Misty said.

“Good night, Misty!” Ash replied.

Then, they fell asleep.
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I like it!
Although, I personally like the romance to come later on in a story. I also don't think Pokemon have crushes on humans, and Gary isn't quite that mean-I've never heard him call someone ugly before, he just insults their abilities, usually. Jasmine is nice, and shy, and she and Gary have never shown any interest in each other before. Also, Ash and Misty have never actually been a couple outside of this fic; they liked each other, but they weren't dating or anything. And, I can't imagine Ash swearing. Also, I think Pikachu is more like an adoptive big brother to Togepi/Togetic.
Sorry for all the criticism, but it's just what I like in a story. That doesn't mean it's not good, or that other people don't like that kind of thing! Actually, I really do like this fic. I'm not just saying this. Your writing style is very good, and the way you write battles is really good too! And I like the way you made the Caterpie show up just to bother Misty, and that she scared it away. XD I also really like how Pikachu always has ketchup on its food!
Even though I don't agree with certain aspects of this story, that doesn't mean other people don't agree with them. You're a talented writer, and you should really keep going! Good job with this story!!!
I like it!

Thank you!

Although, I personally like the romance to come later on in a story.

Sorry... We just have different tastes on this. Even though it's a shipping fic, this is not your standard love story, it's meant as how Angel and I think the last season of Pokemon should be. Ash and Misty missed each other for six years and both matured enough to realize and not deny their relationship. I think it's only normal for them to be a couple again when getting reunited.

I also don't think Pokemon have crushes on humans

Ash's Bayleef has a crush on Ash... The same applies to Hoppip!

Do you like Misty's Hoppip?

and Gary isn't quite that mean-I've never heard him call someone ugly before, he just insults their abilities, usually.

Sorry, you are right, but I thought it was fun for the story to have Gary a little bit meaner. He tried to tell Ash "my girlfriend is better than yours in every way" by both praising Jasmine and bashing Misty. I can imagine old Kanto-like troll Gary acting like this, so I don't think this makes Gary act out of character. I do admit that Jasmine acts like this.

However, Misty > Jasmine and Misty is awesome, cute, beautiful and kind.

Jasmine is nice, and shy

Yes, but being with Gary changed her.

and she and Gary have never shown any interest in each other before.

I know, but I still like them as a couple. I already had this storyline in mind after writing chapter 3, but still had to think off a girlfriend for Gary. I randomly saw someone with a Jasmine avatar here and thought "hey, that's not a bad idea!" I can't explain it, I don't truly ship them, but I think they could be a good couple, in the "opposites interact" style.

And, I can't imagine Ash swearing.

Sorry, but I think it's realistic. He was so annoyed about Team Rocket appearing again...

Also, I think Pikachu is more like an adoptive big brother to Togepi/Togetic.

I apologize, but I am a JoyShockShipper (Pikachu x Togetic).

Sorry for all the criticism, but it's just what I like in a story.

Please, do NOT apologize for that! I appreciate all criticism, as long as there is no bashing or snapping.

That doesn't mean it's not good, or that other people don't like that kind of thing!

Well, quite some people do like it. That still amazes me, I am a horrible writer!

Actually, I really do like this fic. I'm not just saying this.

Thank you!

Your writing style is very good, and the way you write battles is really good too!

I'd agree if the word "good" would be replaced by "awful".

And I like the way you made the Caterpie show up just to bother Misty, and that she scared it away. XD

Thank you! Misty still didn't get over her bug fear, and she never will get over it. I want her to stay in character, she's Misty and not an OC.

I also really like how Pikachu always has ketchup on its food!

Thank you! That is purely for the comic relief.

Even though I don't agree with certain aspects of this story, that doesn't mean other people don't agree with them.

I understand.

You're a talented writer, and you should really keep going! Good job with this story!!!

I am definitely not talented. However, I always put maximal effort in it, and I will keep doing that. Thank you!
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Sorry, but I am a PokeShipper. I think they always were a couple, but didn't want to admit it. Lots of 10 years old children who are in love deny it. In this fic, they are 16. They are old and mature enough to admit and show their love.

I didn't mean that they werent in love, just that they weren't officially dating. I think Misty knew she liked Ash, but was too scared to tell him. I also think that Ash was in love with Misty too, but didn't even realise it. Really, I do think they were both in love! Just that they weren't a couple.

Ash's Bayleef has a crush on Ash... The same applies to Hoppip!

Do you like Misty's Hoppip?

I think Ash's Bayleef had lived most of its life before meeting Ash being very lonely, and so when it became close to him, it valued their strong friendship and didn't want to be away from the person who befriended it. I see how it could be interpreted as a crush, but that's not the way I think. You're entitled to your opinion, though. :)
I don't particularly like or dislike Misty's Hoppip, because its sole purpose seems to be having a crush on Misty.

Well, quite some people do like it. That still amazes me, I am a horrible writer!
I'd agree if the word "good" would be replaced by "awful".
I am definitely not talented. However, I always put maximal effort in it, and I will keep doing that. Thank you!

You really need to stop putting yourself down! You're a good writer, so stop it!
I'd like to see Angel's writing too sometime, although she has clearly contributed to the formation of the story's plot.
I didn't mean that they werent in love, just that they weren't officially dating. I think Misty knew she liked Ash, but was too scared to tell him. I also think that Ash was in love with Misty too, but didn't even realise it. Really, I do think they were both in love! Just that they weren't a couple.

Well, I think they matured enough to realize their love and openly tell about their love and are in a relationship. In the fic, they are 16. In these 6 years, they matured and changed. Not too much, they are still Ash and Misty, but still... You know what I am trying to explain.

I think Ash's Bayleef had lived most of its life before meeting Ash being very lonely, and so when it became close to him, it valued their strong friendship and didn't want to be away from the person who befriended it. I see how it could be interpreted as a crush, but that's not the way I think. You're entitled to your opinion, though. :)
I don't particularly like or dislike Misty's Hoppip, because its sole purpose seems to be having a crush on Misty.

Hoppip has more purpose than just having a crush on Misty, he's also a valuable team member and has more of a personality than just having a crush on Misty. And I think Ash's Bayleef has a crush on Ash.

You really need to stop putting yourself down! You're a good writer, so stop it!

I don't think I'm a good writer, and I am not going to lie.

I'd like to see Angel's writing too sometime, although she has clearly contributed to the formation of the story's plot.

Angel is very busy and doesn't have time to write, for the time being. I don't know when she will write, so you'll have to be patient. I'm sorry. For the time being, the chapters will be written by me.

Without Angel, I would've never written this. Angel gave me the confidence and pleasure to write back, which I missed for 2 1/2 years. I won't explain that all here (long story), but I could explain that further in a VM if you are interested.

Anyways, thank you for your long rate and for responding to my reply to that!


Angel is very busy and doesn't have time to write, for the time being. I don't know when she will write, so you'll have to be patient. I'm sorry. For the time being, the chapters will be written by me.

Without Angel, I would've never written this. Angel gave me the confidence and pleasure to write back, which I missed for 2 1/2 years. I won't explain that all here (long story), but I could explain that further in a VM if you are interested.

Anyways, thank you for your long rate and for responding to my reply to that!

No problem!

The next morning, Ash and Misty woke up in the Pokemon Center. They had breakfast and were talking.

“Misty, you are still as awesome as before, but I do notice some change with six years ago,” Ash said.

“What do you mean?” Misty asked.

“Your temper is less short. It’s still there, but you have more self-control now,” he answered.

“Thank you, Ash!” she replied.

“But how did that happen?” he asked.

“While being tortured by my sisters for six years, I got more self-control,” she responded. “Also, Ash, you are more romantic than ever before. What happened?”

“Well, while missing you, I thought about how I should have treated you better than I did. I also talked to Brock about stuff like this often,” he replied.

“Then Brock is more romantic than we thought!” Misty answered. She was laughing.

Later that day, after lunch, they went to the Azalea Town Gym. “Ash, go ahead, I’ll wait outside with Togetic!” Misty said.

“Why, Misty? Why don’t you come in and watch the battle, like always?” Ash asked.

“Because there are Bug Pokemon inside!” Misty screamed.

“Misty, nothing will happen, I promise I’ll protect you when a Bug Pokemon comes close to you!” Ash replied.

“OK, Ash, but I’ll make you stick to that promise!” she answered. She and Ash walked in.

“I don’t see Bug Pokemon here now,” Ash said.

“You are right,” Misty replied.

Then, a Scyther and a Caterpie stood next to Misty. She jumped in Ash’s arms for protection. “ASH, HELP ME! I SEE BUGS!”

Then, Bugsy, the Gym Leader appeared. “Scyther, Caterpie, please get away from that girl. She’s afraid of Bug Pokemon.”

“Thank you, Bugsy!” Ash said. The three walked to the battefield. “Hello, nice to see you again!”

“It’s nice to see you again as well.” Bugsy replied, “And I like seeing you again as well, Misty!”

“I like seeing you again, but I don’t like being in this Gym again!” Misty responded. Bugsy looked annoyed, but he understood. The Bug Pokemon trainer felt offended, because Misty didn’t like his Pokemon.

“I am here to battle you again!” Ash said.

“That’s what I expected!” Bugsy said. They arrived at the battlefield.

“This is a two on two Pokemon match between Azalea Gym Leader Bugsy and challenger Ash Ketchum! Both trainers will use one Pokemon,” the referee announced. “Trainers, choose your Pokemon!”

“Ash, Pikachu, Togetic and I will cheer for you!” Misty announced.

“Thank you, Misty!” Ash replied.

“I choose you, Ariados!” Bugsy announced.

“I can get the advantage now!” Ash said. “Go, Pidgeot!”

“Good choice, Ash!” Misty said to that.

“Thank you!” Ash replied. “Pidgeot, let’s start off with a Whirlwind!” Gusts of wind blew at the Spider Pokemon.

“Ariados, Spider Web!” Bugsy commanded. Ariados’s web got sticked to Pidgeot’s wings, preventing the bird to fly.

“Pidgeot, come on!” Misty screamed, supported by a sad “Toge” from Togetic.

“Now, Ariados, we can finish this early! Use Sludge Bomb!” the Azalea Town Gym Leader said. Purple sludge got hurled at Pidgeot, who was unable to evade. The bird was sticky and also severely weakened. “Finish him off with Solarbeam!” Because Pidgeot was unable to do anything, Ariados was able to charge without any danger.

“Ariados, now!” Bugsy commanded. The beam was fired at the bird, who got hurt badly. “Pidgeot is unable to battle. Ariados is the winner!” the referee stated.

“Pidgeot, it’s OK. I know you did your best.” Ash tried to comfort his Pokemon. “Come back and have some rest.”

“What are you going to do now?” Misty asked. She, Togetic and Pikachu looked worried and also saw that Ash looked stressed.

“Against Falkner, Bayleef was at a big disadvantage and won me the battle. I’ll hope for that again.” Ash replied. “Bayleef, I choose you!”

“Bad choice, Ash!” Bugsy said.

“He’s right, Ash!” Misty agreed with the Gym Leader. “You were lucky once, that won’t happen in every battle.”

“Bayleef, I believe in you!” Ash said to his Grass Pokemon. “Bayleef, start off with your Sweet Scent!” A sweet aroma got around Ariados, who mellowed down and was unable to move. “Bayleef, Headbutt and finish him off!” he commanded. The Grass Pokemon hit Ariados severely, defeating the Bug Pokemon.

“Ariados is defeated. Bayleef is the winner!” the referee announced. Misty, Pikachu and Togetic were very happy.

“Well done, Ash! But you haven’t won anything yet. Ledian, I choose you!” Bugsy grabbed a Poke Ball from his belt, releasing a ladybug-like Pokemon from it.

“We’re gonna win this, Bayleef!” Ash said.

“Ash, watch out. Don’t underestimate him!” Misty advised.

“No need to worry, Misty!” he replied. “Bayleef, Vine Whip!” But Ledian evaded the vines. “Ledian, use your Supersonic!” Ledian let annoying soundwaves hit Bayleef, who became confused!

“Bayleef, use your Razor Leaf!” Ash commanded. However, Bayleef was confused and unintentionally, she almost hit her trainer, who barely evaded.

“Bayleef, no!” Ash screamed. But Bayleef didn’t get out of her confusion.

“Ledian, Bayleef is vulnerable now. It’s time to finish this now! Use your Double-Edge!” Ledian flew at Bayleef and tackled the Grass Pokemon at high speed. She collapsed.

“Bayleef!” Ash screamed. Misty, Pikachu and Togetic looked worried.

“Bayleef is unable to battle. Ledian is the winner. Victory goes to Bugsy!” the referee announced.

“Bugsy, congratulations. You deserved this win,” Ash said in a sad voice. “Your Ledian is great.”

“Thank you, Ash.” Bugsy said. “But you can always challenge me again.”

Ash suddenly ran out of the Gym. Misty, Pikachu and Togetic came after him. “Sorry, Bugsy! Bye, we’ll see you soon!” Misty said. She ran after Ash, who ran to the Pokemon Center and gave his Pidgeot and Bayleef to Nurse Joy, in order to cure them.

“Don’t worry, Ash! I’ll cure them. They aren’t too injured, you can take them back tomorrow morning,” the nurse said.

“Thank you, Nurse Joy!” Ash replied.

“Ash, there you are!” Misty said, while seeing a tear on Ash's cheek.

“Well, the loss hurts me. But what hurts me most is that Pidgeot and Bayleef were badly hurt. I brought them to Nurse Joy, she’ll take care of them. They’ll be restored tomorrow morning,” Ash answered.

“That’s good news!” Misty responded. She looked delighted.

The rest of the afternoon, Ash and Misty talked and had romantic interactions, like hugs and kisses. After dinnertime, they kept talking. They were in a cuddly mood.

They went to bed early, after brushing their teeth and putting on their pajamas. They slept in a two-person bed. Togetic and Pikachu had an own bed, and were close to each other. Ash and Misty also got closer to each other.

“Misty, tomorrow, Pidgeot, Bayleef and I will train. Before battling Bugsy again, we need to train,” Ash said.

“That’s a good and mature idea,” Misty replied.

“Thank you!” Ash answered. “Good night, Misty!”

“Not yet, Ash!” Misty responded. First, she gave him a big hug and looked at Togetic and Pikachu. The Pokemon were already asleep. “They are so cute together!” Misty said.

“I agree,” Ash said. “Misty, I love you!”

“I love you too, Ash!” Misty said. She gave him a big hug.

A while after that, Ash and Misty went asleep as well.

The next morning, they went up early. “Good morning, Misty!” Ash said.

“Good morning, Ash!” Misty replied.

Togetic and Pikachu were already awake, and stopped hugging when Ash came at them to give them breakfast.

After breakfast, they went outside, to the grasslands close to the Azalea Town Gym. “Misty, this is a great spot to train!” Ash said happily.

“I agree, Ash!” Misty replied.

“What are you going to do now?” he asked.

“Criticizing you,” Misty said in a teasing way. “Don’t you think you should call Professor Oak and just use Quilava for a type advantage?”

“No! I think Bayleef can do it! I want to beat Bugsy using Pidgeot and Bayleef!” he replied.

When he took a Poke Ball from his belt, a big, red car appeared. Two people, a blonde-haired woman named Cassidy and a blue-haired man named Butch, came out of the car. They both wore black shirts with a big capital letter “R” on it, indicating they are members of Team Rocket.

“Let’s take him!” Butch yelled. The two Team Rocket members grabbed Ash, tied him up and muzzled him with ducktape on his mouth. They threw him in the back of their car, hopped in the car and drove away.

“Ash, no!” Misty screamed.

She ran to Bugsy, who was outside of the Gym. “Bugsy, they took Ash!” Misty cried.

“That doesn’t surprise me at all.” Bugsy responded. “They've abducted more and more Pokemon trainers lately, in order to keep them prisoned until they give their Pokemon to Team Rocket. This town is a paradise for criminals, the police is on strike.”

“What are we going to do now?” Misty asked.

“I won’t come with you, it’s too dangerous. You’ll need to save Ash yourself,” Bugsy answered.

“It’s hard, but if that’s what it takes to save Ash, I’ll have to!” she responded. “Where’s their hideout?” she replied.

“In the newspaper yesterday, it was revealed that it’s just past the entrance of Ilex Forest, not too far away from here. Good luck!” he responded.

“Thank you, Bugsy,” Misty said. She ran to the Ilex Forest. “Ash, I’m going to save you!” she thought. She ran through the forest an saw a man with a Team Rocket-shirt. He seemed to be a guardian of some sort. “That big white building must be the hideout,” Misty thought.

“Hoppip, I choose you!” she said. “Use Sleep Powder on that man!” Misty ran inside, with Hoppip and Togetic flying after her. “Thank you, Hoppip,” Misty said. Hoppip gave her a hug. She laughed, and they went onwards. Then, they heard a female voice. “Hey, it’s you again!”

“You won’t get any farther in here!” a male voice added to that. Misty looked around, and two people jumped in front of her!
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