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Aquatic Passion (PokeShipping)

You put "they did something they had never done before".

I took care of this by VM. For people reading this: this "they did something they had never done before" thing in chapter 3 was NOT about kissing.


The next morning, Misty woke up early, to get ready for her second battle in the Whirl Cup. She had to win this round to go on to the main tournament, which involves 2 vs. 2 battles instead of 1 vs. 1. She took her pyjamas and underwear off, took a shower, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair and put on her black bikini (she had multiple bikinis that are the same), flipflops and a long, elegant black skirt. Then, she awoke Ash, Pikachu and Togetic.

“Misty, do I really have to get up now?” Ash moaned.

“If you want to be on time for the battle, yes,” Misty answered.

Half an hour later, our heroes had breakfast at the hotel.

“Misty, what Pokemon will you use against Prima?” May asked. Today, Misty would battle Prima, who used to be her childhood idol. While no one was expecting Misty to win this round, Prima was seen as one of the top contenders to win this tournament, along with Wallace and Juan.

“Corsola,” Misty answered.

“Why?” Max asked.

“Well, Prima uses mostly Pokemon with a combined Water/Ice typing,” Misty explained.

“So you will exploit that Ice type by using a Rock Pokemon,” Brock elaborated.

“Indeed,” Misty replied.

“That’s some smart thinking,” Ash complimented his girlfriend.

Then, Misty’s Hoppip came out of his Poke Ball, to give his trainer a hug.

“Thank you, Hoppip!” Misty said. Then, she looked at Ash. “Ash, could you please keep Hoppip with you during the battle? Then he can join Pikachu and Togetic in cheering.”

“Of course!” Ash answered.

“Thanks,” Misty said.

Then, our heroes walked to the stadium. They came across palm trees, and in five minutes, they reached the stadium. It was already crowded with people, mostly Prima fans. Then, Misty went to the battlefield. “Good luck, Misty!” Ash said, before going to the stand with the others.

“Thank you! And take good care of Hoppip and Togetic!” Misty responded.

Then, Misty entered the battlefield. She saw her friends cheering for her on the stands, but also saw a lot of people wearing shirts with Prima’s face on it. Prima was clearly the one who almost everybody expected to win, almost no one was counting on Misty to defeat the Elite Four member.

“Wow, Prima is very popular... And she’s a great trainer... But I’m sure Corsola can do it!” Misty thought.

Then, Prima arrived at the stadium. She waved at her fans, and then she talked to her opponent. “Good luck!”

“Thank you!” Misty replied. “It’s a honour to battle you.”

“Thank you,” Prima said. Then, she hurled her Poke Ball. “Sealeo, I choose you!” A blue sea lion came out of its Poke Ball and drifted on the water.

“Corsola, I choose you!” Misty shouted. A Pokemon with blue and pink colours came out of her Poke Ball.

“Trainers, begin!” the referee shouted.

“Sealeo, let’s start with an Aurora Beam!” Prima commanded. A colourful beam was shot at Corsola.

“Corsola, dive underwater!” Misty shouted, which made Corsola avoid getting hit.

“And now Spike Cannon,” Misty said. Spikes came out of Corsola, Sealeo didn’t see where the opponent was, causing it to get hit.

“Sealeo, now use your Water Pulse!” Prima commanded. Water came at Corsola, who could never be fast enough to avoid the attack.

“Corsola, Mirror Coat!” Misty commanded. That was just in time, Corsola’s body started glowing, letting the Water Pulse bounce back to the strong sea lion. Sealeo was in great pain!

“Sealeo, now use Bulldoze!” Prima shouted. Sealeo jumped a bit and crashed down on the water with its heavy body, making the water shake, causing a wave to hit Corsola harshly.

“Corsola!” Misty shouted, afraid that this attack did a lot of damage.

Some minutes ago, two girls ran to the stadium. They flew to the island to be just in time to see this match, but they didn’t know how to get to the stadium, so they were late. However, they had tickets and were able to enter the stadium. They went up to the stand, and sat down next to Misty’s support group of friends.

Then, a blue-haired girl wearing a pink, short-sleeved contest dress and a Piplup on her shoulder used a megaphone and shouted at Misty. “No need to worry! You’re gonna win!” Misty looked at the stands and saw the girl sitting next to Ash. Then, she saw that Corsola was able to handle the attack with relative ease.

“Dawn is right, Misty! As far as I know, from what Ash told us, you can do it!” a red-haired girl shouted, using Dawn’s megaphone.

Misty waved at the two girls, then she commanded Corsola to do Power Gem. Pointed stones hit Sealeo, who was severely damaged.

“Now, let’s finish this with Headbutt!” Misty commanded. Corsola swam at Sealeo, hitting the sea lion with a strong attack. The sea lion collapsed!

“Sealeo is defeated. Corsola and Misty are the winners!” the referee announced. Misty started cheering, and was joined by Togetic. Meanwhile, the stadium was silent, not many spectators were expecting this. Then, Misty got a standing ovation from the audience!

Then, Prima walked up to Misty. “You did well, Misty. You’re the deserved winner,” she said. “You can win this tournament!”

“Thank you! And you didn’t give us an easy time,” Misty said, while Corsola nodded. Then, when Prima walked away, she realized what she did: she defeated her former idol! This was the biggest achievement of her life!

Then, Misty walked out of the stadium, and went to her friends, who were waiting for her. The two girls who entered the stadium during the battle were with them too.

“Well done, Misty!” Ash said, after kissing Misty on her cheek.

“Thank you, sweetheart!” Misty replied.

“Who are you two?” Misty asked to the two girls.

“I’m Dawn. I travelled through Sinnoh with Ash six years ago,” the blue-haired Piplup owner explained. “I’m a Pokemon Coordinator, and I reached the final round twice, but didn’t win... But this year, I’m gonna win!”

“I’m Misty, Ash’s girlfriend,” Misty replied. “Nice to meet you!”

While Togetic flew at Piplup to introduce herself, the red-haired girl introduced herself. “I’m Zoey, a Pokemon Coordinator.”

“And, are you and Dawn friends?” Misty asked.

“Well, we started as rivals, and then we became friends, and now we’re even more than friends!” Zoey answered.

“I see,” Misty replied. “Do you two travel together?”

“Yes, we do,” Dawn said. Then, she changed the conversation topic. “Six years ago, Ash had a lure modelled after you.”

“I still have it,” Ash said, while showing the lure to the group.

“Hey, that’s it!” Misty thought. “Now I know what to give Ash as a birthday present!” Her boyfriend’s birthday was tomorrow. Misty was thinking about what to give him for a long time, but she wasn’t able to come up with something good.

“I’m going to a store to buy something, I’ll be back within a few hours!” Misty said, taking Togetic with her.

“Can I join?” Ash asked.

“No, this is for your birthday,” Misty replied.

Misty walked from the beach to a busy street with a lot of shops. While her skirt moved elegantly in the wind, she ran at high speed to avoid journalists who wanted to interview her, which she really didn’t feel like now. She needed some rest after the battle. However, she and Togetic were able to reach the shop they wanted to: Fishermen Top Shop.

Much to her dismay, Misty noticed that the door was closed. She knocked on the wooden, red door. “Hello? Is someone there?”

Then, she heard someone opening the door. “Um, sorry, but I have a day off now, the store is closed,” a muscular man wearing blue jeans and a black shirt answered.

Then, he noticed who was standing in front of him. “Hey, you’re Misty, the girl who defeated Prima in the Whirl Cup!” he shouted. “Would you like to buy something in my fine shop?”

“Yes,” Misty replied. “But I thought your shop was closed today?”

“Well, for my idol, I’ll make an exception! I’m a huge fan of yours!” the shop owner answered. On the walls of his shop, Misty saw a lot of pictures of herself, mostly from newspapers and magazines.

“It’s not very fair towards other customers, but I need to be here now, for a present for my boyfriend’s birthday,” she said. “Six years ago, I gave him a lure modelled after me. To fit that lure, I thought it would be a romantic present to give him a lure modelled after himself.”

“That’s a sweet idea,” he answered. “Do you have a picture of him? Then I’ll get started right away, I’ll need two hours. You can either wait here or go out and come back in two hours.”

“I’m tired after my Whirl Cup fight, and if I go outside, journalists will start stalking me. I really need some rest before doing interviews, so could I wait here and rest a bit?” she asked.

“Of course!” he answered. “But could I please take a picture of you and your Togetic for my collection? My colleagues will be so jealous when they see you were in this shop, and I’d love to have a picture of my idol in my own store!”

“That’s okay,” Misty replied. “We’ll take a picture when the lure is finished.”

“Awesome!” the fan shouted. “There’s a bed for guests upstairs.”

Misty went to the bed, took off her flipflops, her long, elegant black skirt and her bikini, and lay in the bed. Togetic was tired too, she already fell asleep while Misty undressed. Then, Misty thought about her achievement. “Six years ago, I was nobody during my journey. When I became a Gym Leader, I was a local hero and an unhappy, depressed wreck, and now I defeated Prima and I have fanboys... This is the best day of my life!” Then, she fell asleep.

Two hours later, the fisherman shouted “Your lure is ready!” That was the moment when Misty woke up. She put on her bikini, her skirt and her flipflops and woke up Togetic. She went downstairs, and saw what her fanboy did: the result amazed her. She saw a lure modelled after her boyfriend.

“That’s amazing!” Misty said with a big smile.

“Thank you!” the fisherman said. “Here’s your picture of your boyfriend back, and I have a surprise for you!”

“Thanks!” Misty replied.

“Normally, I’d offer my lures for 200 Poke Dollars, but you can have the lure for free, because I admire you so much!” the fisherman offered. “And because you let me take a picture of you.”

“That’s sweet, but you did well. I want to pay for it!” Misty insisted, handing out the money to her fan.

“Then it’s picture time now!” the fisherman said.

“Indeed,” Misty replied. “Where shall we do this?”

“Just behind the counter here,” the fisherman responded, pointing at the place where he wanted Misty to stand. Togetic hovered next to her trainer.

“Gimme a smile!” he said. Then, he took his camera and took a few pictures.

“Does your camera have a timer?” she asked.

“Yes, why?” he responded.

“Well, then we can take a pic of you, Togetic and me,” she suggested.

“Awesome!” he replied. He stood next to her, then the light flashed, granting the fisherman’s wish.

“It’s time to go now,” Misty said. “It was nice to meet you, and it’s nice to see that I have fans like you!”

“You’re welcome!” the fisherman replied. “Everything I thought about you is true: you’re nice, beautiful, kind, cute, smart, funny and attractive. And you beating Prima shows why I became a fan of you: you’re an amazing trainer!”

“Thank you so much!” Misty replied. Then, she ran to the hotel, where her friends were having dinner. She came across shops, journalists (she gave an interview to two newspapers about her battle), the stadium, the beach and eventually reached the hotel. There, she entered the dinner room.

“I’m back,” Misty said. “And I’ve got an awesome present for an awesome guy!”

“That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see what it is!” Ash replied.

“Well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow,” Misty teased.

“Hey, where’s Brock?” Misty asked. Then, she saw her friend running to the table.

“I was at the corner over there. There, there’s a list of the Whirl Cup rounds tomorrow! Misty, your next opponent will be Trinity!” the flirter said, while gasping.

“That’s gonna be a hard battle...” Misty replied.

“But you can do it!” Ash encouraged. “If you can defeat Prima, you can beat Trinity too.”

“Yeah. And I’ve seen Trinity’s battle on TV when you were away, and she didn’t impress me at all. She just got lucky in her battle against Crasher Wake,” Tracey said.

“What Pokemon did she use there?” Misty asked.

“Gyarados and Chinchou. And her Chinchou is much slower than the average Chinchou, so maybe you could plan a strategy to take advantage of that,” Brock responded.

“Hmm... Then I think Seadra could do nicely against that Chinchou,” Misty replied. The blue sea dragon was her fastest Water Pokemon.

“That sounds like a good idea,” Daisy said. Misty ignored her sister.

“Tracey, could you please tell Daisy that I don’t want to talk to her?” Misty asked.

“Daisy, Misty told me she doesn’t want to talk to you,” Tracey said to his beloved.

After dinner, our heroes went to the beach: Misty and Dawn were going to battle, using the sea to allow their Water Pokemon to shine. “Thanks for accepting my challenge,” Dawn said. She was wearing a pink one-piece bathing suit with a skirt, which fitted her contest-like clothing style. “Piplup is eager to battle!”

“No problem,” Misty replied. “And Dewgong hasn’t battled in quite some time, so I’m glad you’re willing to battle my Dewgong.”

“Go, Dawn!” Zoey shouted.

“Go, Misty!” Ash said, while cheering together with Pikachu and Togetic. Then, Hoppip came out of Misty’s Poke Ball to cheer as well.

Then, Brock stood in between Misty and Dawn, to be the referee. “This is a one on one battle between Dawn and Misty. There is no time limit. Both trainers will use one Pokemon. The battle ends when either one or both of the Pokemon is defeated. Begin!”

“Piplup, let’s start with a Whirlpool!” Dawn commanded.

“Dewgong, evade!” Misty shouted. The white Pokemon dove underwater.

“And now Swift!” she commanded. Star-shaped rays were shot at Piplup, who was hurt.

“Oh, no, Piplup!” Dawn shouted. But the penguin stood up and was still able to battle. “Piplup, Peck!” The penguin swam at Dewgong, who got hit harshly.

“Dewgong, Aurora Beam!” Misty commanded. A colourful beam hit Piplup, who was severely damaged and also confused.

“Piplup, Water Gun!” Dawn commanded. Piplup was able to attack, but instead of Dewgong, the penguin accidentally aimed wrong hit Dawn!

“Oh well, the weather is warm anyways, so a cold douche is nice,” Dawn laughed.

“Dewgong, finish it with Horn Attack!” Misty shouted. The white sea lion swam at Piplup and delivered the final blow: the penguin collapsed.

“Piplup is defeated. Dewgong is the winner! Victory goes to Misty!” Brock said. Misty took off her skirt (under which she wore a bikini bottom), jumped into the water and gave Dewgong a hug. “That was awesome!”

“Dew gong gong gong!” her Pokemon replied.

“That’s so cute!” Dawn said, carrying her defeated Piplup.

When Misty returned Dewgong to its Poke Ball, she came out of the water, dried herself using a towel and received a kiss from Ash. Then, Dawn complimented her. “That was awesome!”

“Thank you,” Misty replied. “You did fine too.”

“Thanks,” Dawn said. Then, our heroes walked back to the hotel.

While walking, Dawn talked to her partner. “Zoey, I’m about to fangirl squeal about Misty. She’s so awesome!”

“I agree,” Zoey replied. “She seems kind, she’s a good trainer and she looks awesome. She doesn’t seem to have any flaws at all!”

“Just wait until you feel her raging right fist!” Ash joked.

“What did you say, Ash Ketchum?” Misty shouted, then hitting him softly as a joke. She realized that her boyfriend was right, so she didn’t want to hit him.

“Um... Zoey, Misty is indeed nice, but she does have an anger problem,” Brock said.

Then, they reached the hotel and went to the big dinner room. There were two people there. One of them was a purple-haired girl, the other one a green-haired guy.
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“Hi Cilan! Hi Iris!” Ash said, while shaking hands with the green-haired guy.

“Hey Ash, long time no see!” Cilan replied.

“Nice to see you again, and you’re still such a kid!” Iris said to Ash.

“What are you two doing here?” Tracey asked.

“Ash invited us, just like he invited you, for a reunion of all his former traveling companions, so we could be there on his birthday, and so we could support Misty together during the Whirl Cup,” Cilan explained.

Then, the others introduced themselves to Iris and Cilan. After that, a group conversation started.

“Iris, how are you doing now?” Ash asked.

“Great! Cilan and I are travelling together now. I have some stronger Pokemon now, Axew is a Haxorus now. I can’t keep him in my hair anymore! And to improve my battling skills, I’m challenging Gym Leaders in Sinnoh now. I have six badges,” Iris answered.

“That’s nice! And how about you, Cilan?” Ash asked.

“I’m an S-class Connoisseur,” Cilan answered. “Now, I’m on a journey with Iris to experience love and to learn more about Pokemon in general.”

“Cilan, Ash once told me you like fishing. Is that true?” Misty asked.

Then, Cilan looked in his backpack, took a rod out of it and held it up. “It’s fishing time!”

“I like to fish as well!” Misty replied. “Are you good at fishing?”

“How about going to the sea now? Then I can show you my fishing skills!” Cilan proposed.

“That’s a great idea!” Misty replied.

Because others didn’t have any interest in fishing, Misty and Cilan went out of the hotel without other people. However, Misty did take Togetic with her.

“That’s a beautiful Togetic!” Cilan complimented.

“Thank you!” Misty replied, while she and Cilan were walking to the fishing spot at the beach.

“I heard you’re a Water Pokemon trainer, and when Ash told you about me, he seemed to have a crush on you. After all, I was right, even though he was too stubborn to admit it,” he explained.

“True,” she said. “His jealousy is so easy to trigger! Six years ago, two men on the Orange Islands were attracted to me, Danny and Rudy. I didn’t have any romantic or sexual interest in them, but despite that, Ash was jealous and angry.”

“That’s cute,” he replied. “It’s not very romantic, but that way, Ash at least shows his feelings for you.”

“Yeah,” Misty agreed. “On my current journey with Ash, quite some guys were attracted to me. I wasn’t interested in them, but Ash still got mad. And I can’t blame him, I also don’t want other girls to flirt with him, even when he’s not interested in those girls.”

“Do so many guys like you because of your personality or because of your appearance?” Cilan asked.

“Well, both…” Misty replied. “Ash truly loves me, and Rudy and Georgio had a crush on me as well. But Drew said he just sees me as hot without having a crush on me, and so did a guy in a pub some time ago,” Misty answered. “Drew also likes my personality and sees me as a friend, so that’s fine, but Bad Bill at the pub objectified me...”

“It’s sad that some perverts objectify girls like you just because you’re so beautiful and attractive,” Cilan replied. “Of course I like Iris’s looks, but I developed feelings for her because of her personality.”

“That’s romantic,” Misty replied. “In relationships, it’s nice when there’s both romantic and physical/sexual attraction from both sides.” Cilan nodded, confirming that he agreed with Misty.

“You seem like a romantic person to me,” Misty replied. “You’re a gentleman.”

“Thanks,” Cilan responded. “You’re romantic too, and you also seem faithful to me. Ash is a very lucky guy!” Misty replied with a smile.

Then, they reached the fishing spot. “It’s fishing time!” Cilan shouted energetically. Then, he hurled his rod with a lure modelled after him in the water.

A few minutes later, Cilan reeled in the rod: he had a bite. Then, he took his bag and sent out his Leafeon. “Leafeon, I choose you!” he shouted.

Then, he finally had the strength to reel in the rod. It was a blue and white fish Pokemon with a yellow lightbulb on his head. “Hey, a Lanturn!” Misty shouted.

“Leafeon, Solarbeam!” Cilan commanded. The Grass Pokemon had time to charge: Lanturn was stuck on the rod and couldn’t break free. Then, the attack hit the Water Pokemon, who was defeated.

It’s Lanturn catching time!” he shouted. Then, he threw a Lure Ball, capturing the Lanturn. He and his Leafeon cheered.

“Well done, congratulations with your Lanturn!” Misty complimented.

“You’re welcome,” Cilan replied.

Then, they walked back to the hotel.

“You really seem like a nice person to me,” Cilan said.

“You’re kind too, Iris is lucky!” Misty replied.

“What Pokemon did you fish up?” he asked.

“Well, my Tentacruel was caught in Ecruteak City,” Misty answered. “And I caught Goldeen years ago when fishing, that’s a Seaking now,” she answered.

“That’s nice,” he replied.

Then, they arrived at the hotel again. It was late in the evening, so they went straight to bed. Ash was already waiting for Misty. She undressed, put on her pyjamas, brushed her teeth and went to bed.

“And, did Cilan catch something?” Ash asked.

“Yeah, he caught a Lanturn,” Misty answered.

“That’s nice,” he replied.

“Good night, Ash,” she said.

“Good night, Misty,” he replied.

Meanwhile, Tracey didn’t go to bed yet. He didn’t have a birthday present for Ash yet, but instead of just giving him money, he wanted something original. Then, out of nowhere, he got a brilliant idea. “I’m gonna sneak in Ash’s and Misty’s room and draw them!” he thought. “That’ll be an original birthday gift!”

He sneaked to the door of their room, softly opened the door and sat down on a chair in their hotel room. Then, he took his art supplies. However, what he saw didn’t inspire him. “Well, they look cute together, but they’re not hugging in their sleep, or doing something that’ll make my drawing nice or original...”

Then, he got it. “I’m gonna draw them more intimate, that’ll make it cuter and nicer!” And so, he did that. He left out the shoulder straps of Misty’s pyjamas, so she looked like she was naked on the drawing. Then, he drew Ash closer to Misty, and he also decided to draw Ash like he’s not wearing pyjamas.

At five o’clock at night, Tracey was finally finished. He packed up his art supplies and left the hotel room, and was able to do that without waking Ash or Misty up! “This is so awesome!” Tracey thought. “Ash is gonna love this!”

Three hours later, the alarm clock in Ash’s and Misty’s hotel room went off. Misty turned it off, and decided to surprise Ash, who was able to sleep through the noise of the alarm clock.

Misty gave the sleeping Ash a hug, and said “good morning, sweetie!” Then, she kissed her boyfriend on his cheek. “Happy seventeenth birthday!”

“Zzz... Thank you...” Ash murmured, while still being sleepy.

Thirty minutes later, our heroes were in the big eating room of the hotel. There, Ash heard his friends singing. “Happy birthday to Ash, happy birthday to Ash! Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to Ash!”

Then, Cilan spoke up. “It’s present time!” he shouted. He and Iris gave Ash 500 Poke Dollar.

“Thanks, guys!” Ash replied.

“You’re welcome!” Cilan said.

After that, Max, May and Drew gave their present to Ash. The birthday boy opened the big, yellow box: five bags of his favourite crisps!

“Thanks!” Ash said, opening one bag of crisps to start eating.

“We knew you’d like this,” Drew replied.

Dawn and Zoey also gave Ash a present. “Here, Ash! We won this in a lottery, but we thought you could use this more than we do.”

Ash thanked the girls, and opened the present. It was a book: “Teaching your Pokemon strong attacks for dummies”, written by Professor Ivy.

“Well, Ash, you’re a kid who never uses strategy, but this present might help you to win the League!” Iris teased, causing Ash to look a bit annoyed.

Then, it was time for Tracey and Daisy to give Ash their presents. Instead of one present as a couple, they had two separate presents. First, Daisy handed over her present: a picture of herself wearing her yellow bathing suit. “If you want to see an actually hot girl, don’t look at Misty, just use this picture.” The Sensational Sister bursted out in laughter, angering Misty. However, she kept her self-control and didn’t hit Daisy. She would’ve loved to snap at Daisy using harsh cursewords, or to give her a big slap in the face, but she knew that would only have bad consequences for her.

“And, Ash, what do you think of that?” Daisy asked.

“I don’t like it, Misty is better looking than you. And she has a nicer personality!” Ash snapped, ripping the picture apart in two.

“Ash, that was awesome!” Misty said, after giving him a cheek-kiss, causing Ash to blush and gush.

“I also have a nice present for you,” Tracey mentioned, handing over his sexy and intimate drawing of Ash and Misty.

“How did you make that?” Ash asked, while all others stood around him to look at the drawing.

“I sneaked up into your room and drew this last night,” Tracey admitted.

“So, Ash, did you and Misty have a good time tonight?” Dawn asked in a teasing manner.

“So that’s what sex looks like!” Max shouted.

“Well, Ash, I see you also discovered the pleasures of sharing the bed with an attractive girl!” Brock said.

“Hey, Tracey, why did you do that? We didn’t have sex last night!” Ash snapped.

“And I wasn’t naked!” Misty added to that.

“I know, but if I drew what I really saw, it would be a bit boring. Now, it looks more intimate and cuter,” Tracey replied.

“You’re embarrassing me!” Ash snapped.

“Well, do you like the drawing itself?” Tracey asked.

“Yeah, it’s cute!” Ash replied. “And you’re a good artist.”

“Thank you,” Tracey replied.

Then, Brock handed over his present: a cookbook. “Misty told me that she can’t cook well herselves, and that your food is at least not terrible, but you can still improve. This will help you with that. And it’s also Lucy’s present, both she and I paid half for this cookbook.”

“Thank you,” Ash said. “Maybe I can use this to make my stomach happier!”

Then, it was time for Misty to give her boyfriend a present. She handed over the Ash lure. “Happy birthday, Ash! Here you are!”

Ash looked at the fishing lure. He saw that it was modelled after him, and that it was a piece of marvellous craftsmanship. “Thank you so much! I’ll cherish this forever! It fits my Misty lure!” he shouted. “This is the best present of all!” he added to that, making Misty happy but disappointing the others.

“And, are you happy with all your presents?” Misty asked.

“Yes, this is an awesome birthday so far!” Ash replied.

“It’s battle time!” Cilan shouted. And he was right: it was time for everyone to go to the stadium, to see Misty’s next Whirl Cup battle.

One hour later, our heroes, except for Misty were on the stand. Ash took Togetic and Hoppip with him, to cheer for Misty. Meanwhile, the Water Pokemon Master in making was ready to battle, just like her opponent, Trinity.

“This is an official Whirl Cup battle between Misty and Trinity. Both trainers will use two Pokemon. The winner will advance to the quarterfinals. When both Pokemon of one trainer are defeated, the other trainer will win. Choose your Pokemon!” the referee shouted.

“Gyarados, you did well against Misty six years ago and now you’re gonna do it again. Gyarados, go!” Trinity shouted, hurling her Poke Ball.

“Well, I’ll counter Gyarados with Gyarados!” Misty said. A Pokemon similar to Trinity’s appeared from the Poke Ball.

“Begin!” the referee said.

“Gyarados, Thunderbolt!” Misty shouted. Her Gyarados charged up, and gave the opponent a big, long-lasting shock.

“That’s an awesome start!” Cilan said.

“Hmm... I’m not too sure...” Brock moaned.

“Why not?” Max asked.

“Her Gyarados doesn’t seem to have suffered a lot of damage...” Brock muttered.

Unfortunately, Brock was right, Trinity’s Gyarados was able to shrug off the damage without suffering a lot of pain.

“Now, Hyper Beam!” Trinity commanded. Her Gyarados aimed at Misty’s, and gave it a harsh blow, using it’s strongest attack on full power. Misty’s Gyarados was unable to continue the battle!

“Misty’s Gyarados is defeated, Trinity’s Gyarados is the winner!” the referee shouted.

“Oh no, this is horrible...” Tracey whined.

“Six years ago, Trinity’s Gyarados defeated Misty’s first Pokemon in one hit too, putting her at a great disadvantage early in battle... ” Ash said.

Misty returned Gyarados to its Poke Ball. “I need to beat Gyarados now, and also pick a Pokemon that can do well against whatever Pokemon Trinity uses now... I want to use Seadra to abuse Chinchou’s lack of speed, but can Seadra do well against Gyarados too?” she asked herself.

Then, she made up her mind. “Seadra, everything depends on you!” she shouted. However, before she was able to grab the right Poke Ball from her bag, Psyduck came out of its Poke Ball!

“Psyduck, what the f*ck! Now there’s no way I’m gonna win this anymore! You just ruined the most important battle of my life!” Misty snapped at the mentally handicapped duck, who was splashing in the water, barely being able to not drown.

“Begin!” the referee shouted.

“Psyduck, let’s make the best of this so I at least won’t get embarrassed... Water Gun!” Misty commanded. However, Psyduck didn’t listen, he only tried to prevent himself from drowning.

“Gyarados, this is a piece of cake,” Trinity said. “Bite!” The sea snake put his jaws on Psyduck, who was getting a strong headache, triggering his psychic powers.

“Psyduck, use your Psychic!” Misty commanded. Now he had a headache, he was able to attack, moving Trinity’s Gyarados up and down and smaking it against the walls of the battlefield with its psychic powers.

“Gyarados is defeated! Psyduck is the winner,” the referee said, while looking at Psyduck, who was barely able to avoid drowning, much to Misty’s embarrassment.

“Yay, that was awesome, Psyduck!” Misty complimented.

Meanwhile, on the stand, Psyduck brought Misty’s friends some optimism. “If Psyduck can do this again, Misty will win!” Ash said.

“Well, will Trinity be stupid enough to hit Psyduck on the head again?” Brock doubted.

“We’ll have to hope that Trinity’s next Pokemon will accidentally hit Psyduck on the head...” Lucy muttered.

“Chinchou, I choose you!” Trinity shouted, sending the Electric Pokemon to battle.

“Psyduck, try your Psychic again!” Misty tried. However, the duck lost his headache and was unable to attack. He was able to avoid drowning by finally getting on a piece of land on the battlefield, but not much more than that.

“Chinchou, use your Thunderbolt!” Trinity commanded. A big shock was shot at Psyduck. Ten seconds after being hit, Psyduck finally felt the pain and started running around like he was crazy, much to the audience’s pleasure. The people on the stands were laughing so loud, that they influenced the battle: this caused Psyduck to get another headache!

“Psyduck, Psybeam!” Misty commanded. The duck had a headache that was severe enough to trigger its powers, enabling him to fire a coloured ray at the overconfident Chinchou. The Electric Pokemon was unable to take this blow, causing it to collapse.

“Chinchou is defeated, Psyduck is the winner! Victory goes to Misty, who will advance to the quarterfinals!” the referee announced.

“We did it!” Misty shouted. “Psy...” her Pokemon said. “Psyduck, you were awesome. Sorry for snapping at you earlier, you deserve a nice long rest.” She grabbed a Poke Ball from her bag, returning the duck to its Poke Ball.

“Your win was undeserved and very lucky, but I have to admit that your Psyduck overpowered my Pokemon. Congratulations, and I’ll be cheering for you in the next round,” Trinity said to her opponent, while the people in the stadium showed their support for Psyduck by singing his name.

Two hours and a long press conference later, Misty saw her friends waiting for her outside the stadium. “Misty, what took you so long?” Ash asked.

“Sorry, the journalists kept asking me questions about Psyduck and I wanted to be kind, so I answered them all...” Misty moaned.

“I understand. Congratulations with your win, even though it was very lucky!” he said.

“Well, thanks. And you’re right, Trinity deserved to win, Psyduck might’ve never been able to win without the audience laughing too loud,” Misty admitted.

“Ash, what do you want to do now?” Cilan asked. “It’s your birthday.”

“I have another birthday surprise for Ash,” Misty said. “Let’s go back to the hotel!”

And so, our heroes walked to the hotel. “I can’t wait to see what surprise Misty has for me!” Ash thought.

At the hotel, there were a lot of different kinds of food on the big dinner table. Then, a brown-haired woman appeared, walking at Ash and saying “Happy birthday, son!” It was his mother, Delia.

“Mom!” Ash shouted, giving his mother a hug. He didn’t feel like it, but he knew his mother wanted it.

“Misty, is this your surprise? Thank you so much!” Ash said.

“You’re welcome! And she made all this food for us!” Misty responded, showing a big smile.

“Ash, are you wearing fresh underwear today?” Delia asked.

“No, the same as yesterday…” Ash moaned.

“Then you can’t have dinner until you change your underwear!” she snapped. Ash knew he wanted food, so he went to his hotel room and changed his underwear.

“Good, Ash!” Delia said. Then, everyone started eating. While Cilan, Drew and Misty were eating neatly, Ash ate like a pig.

“And, do you like the food?” Misty asked, while enjoying the nice meal herself.

“Yeah!” Ash replied, while his mouth was filled with pizza.

Two hours later, Ash finally finished eating. There was no food left: while others weren’t hungry anymore, Ash kept eating until there was nothing left.

“I must go now, otherwise Mimey is gonna miss me,” Delia said.

“Bye, future mother-in-law!” Misty responded.

“Bye mom!” Ash said. “Thanks for the food!”

“Bye, guys!” Delia replied. “And Ash, don’t forget to wear clean underwear every day!”

Then, Cilan, who just went to the tournament schedule board in the hotel, came back. “Misty, your next opponent will be Juan, the Sootopolis City Gym Leader!”

“That’ll be a tough match,” Brock said.

“Ash, you went to Hoenn. You battled him. Is he good?” Misty asked.

“Yeah, he gave me a hard time, it won’t be an easy battle,” Ash responded.

“But if you can beat Prima, you can beat Juan too,” Tracey stated.

“It’s late now, let’s go to bed,” Cilan suggested. The others looked at the clock, and noticed that it was eleven o’clock in the evening.

After undressing, putting on their pyjamas and brushing their teeth, Ash and Misty went to bed.

“Well, it was an awesome birthday. Too bad the party is over...” Ash moaned.

“Is there any reason why it has to end?” Misty asked, giving Ash a naughty smile.

“Hmm... You’re right!” he responded.

“Tracey was one night too early with his drawing!” she joked, causing him to laugh.

“Pikachu and Togetic are already asleep,” he said.

“They’re so cute together!” she responded.

One hour and some hot action later, Ash fell asleep. And even though she was excited to battle Juan tomorrow morning, so did Misty.
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The next day, Misty stood in the stadium. She was ready for an important battle. After her good battles against Andreas and Prima, she needed a lot of luck to defeat Trinity. Today, it was time for her to win some confidence back. However, that was easier said than done: her opponent for today was Juan, the Sootopolis City Gym Leader.

Then, Juan arrived on the other side of the battlefield. “Misty, I’ve seen some of your battles before, and you impressed me. Good luck!”

“Thank you, and good luck,” Misty replied. “My boyfriend Ash battled you six years ago, and he told me you’re a good trainer.”

Then, the referee started explaining the rules. “This is a two versus two Pokemon battle. There is no time limit. This battle ends when two Pokemon of one trainer have been defeated. The winner will go on to the semifinals of this tournament. Trainers, choose your Pokemon!”

“Crawdaunt, I choose you!” Juan shouted, while hurling a Poke Ball, causing a red, crab-like Pokemon to appear in the water.

Then, Misty decided what Pokemon she’d use. “Seaking, I choose you!” The red fish appeared in the water.

“Start!” the referee shouted.

“Seaking, let’s start with a Horn Attack!” Misty commanded. The fish swam at its opponent at high speed, aiming at the crab with its strong horn.

“Crawdaunt, avoid the attack and use your Crabhammer,” Juan said calmly. Crawdaunt swam aside just in time to avoid the Horn Attack, and punched Seaking underwater with the strong Crabhammer.

“Crawdaunt, now use Whirlpool!” the Sootopolis Gym Leader commanded. And so, water started spinning, creating a major tornado. Seaking, just hit by Crabhammer was unable to avoid getting in the whirlpool. The fish was shaked around, suffering a lot of pain. Misty was watching, now knowing what to do. Physical attacks weren’t an option now, and a Water Gun wouldn’t work: because Seaking was spinning around, it would be unable to aim at Crawdaunt.

Then, she got it. “Seaking, Ice Beam!” The red fish Pokemon started shooting ice, and in a short amount of time, the entire whirlpool was frozen!

“And now break out with your Megahorn!” its trainer commanded. Seaking rammed the ice with its horn, breaking out of it.

“Now, Seaking, Body Slam from the air on Crawdaunt!” Misty commanded. Seaking hurled itself at Crawdaunt, hitting the slow crab from above, not allowing the opponent to avoid the attack. Juan was shocked, seeing that his Pokemon was severely damaged by this attack.

“I’m a top Coordinator, and this strategy even amazed me!” Juan said to his opponent. Then, he concentrated on battling again. “Crawdaunt, Tackle!” The crab swam at Seaking at high speed.

“We’ve got him!” Misty thought. Then, she told Seaking what to do. “When Crawdaunt is about to hit you, give him a Megahorn he’ll never forget!” Then, Seaking charged into the opponent, delivering a final blow.

“Crawdaunt is defeated. Seaking is the winner!” the referee stated.

“That was awesome, Seaking!” Misty complimented.

“Well done, Misty. But this battle isn’t over yet,” Juan said. Then, he took a Poke Ball from his belt. “Walrein, go!”

“Begin!” the referee shouted.

“Seaking, Tackle!” Misty commanded. The fish swam at the big sea lion, who didn’t take any damage, bouncing Seaking back.

“Walrein, Giga Impact!” Juan commanded. The walrus swam at the tired Seaking, who wasn’t capable to avoid the very strong attack, even though Walrein was a slow Pokemon. The red fish got hit by the heavy and sturdy Walrein, defeating it.

“Seaking is unable to battle, Walrein is the winner,” the referee said.

“Well, when Misty tries contest strategies, no need to worry!” Dawn said, while sitting on the stands.

“Well, Juan has one more Pokemon, and I’m afraid it’ll be a stronger one than this already strong Crawdaunt...” Brock responded.

“Seaking, you were awesome today. Have some rest,” Misty said, returning the red fish to its Poke Ball. Then, she took another Poke Ball from her bag. “Seadra, I choose you!” Unlike the battle against Trinity, in which Psyduck came out of his Poke Ball, Seadra came out like intended.

“Begin!” the referee shouted.

“Seadra, let’s start with a Bubblebeam,” Misty said. Bubbles were shot at Walrein, who was able to shrug off the attack with relative ease.

“Walrein, Earthquake!” Juan commanded. The Ice Pokemon started splashing, causing the battlefield to shake. A strong wave was created, which crashed down on Seadra, causing the blue seahorse some severe damage in one hit.

“Wow, Walrein sure is strong...” Misty thought. “Seadra, try an Ice Beam!” Seadra fired a cold beam at the defensive behemoth, causing only little damage and not freezing the Ice Pokemon.

Misty started to get worried. “Ice won’t work, water won’t work, Seaking’s Tackle showed that physical attacks won’t do a lot of damage, what more can I do?” she thought.

“Walrein, Ice Beam!” Juan commanded.

“Seadra, evade and then try a Twister!” Misty shouted. First, the seahorse dodged the ice, then causing the water under Walrein to spin, forming a twister. However, Walrein was too heavy to lift up or to get sucked in the Twister!

“Well, your Seadra is strong, but sheer force won’t be enough,” Juan replied. “Walrein, use your Hyper Beam!” The Ice Pokemon aimed a strong beam at Misty’s Pokemon, who got hit by the strong blow. Seadra looked very tired, Misty knew he couldn’t keep battling for much longer.

“Seadra, can you go on?” Misty asked. The Pokemon nodded “yes”, he didn’t want to give in.

“Misty, I respect you as a trainer. Why don’t you just give in? Seadra can’t significantly damage Walrein, and Seadra can’t keep this up much longer,” Juan suggested.

Misty’s face got all red. “Never!” she snapped. “Unless my Pokemon want to quit, I’ll NEVER give in!” Then, she looked at Seadra, who was very, very angry about Juan’s comment. Steam came from its ears.

Meanwhile, on the stand, there was a conversation going.

“Why is Misty’s face all red?” Zoey asked.

“She’s getting mad!” Ash replied, who knew this from experience.

“Then I hope she won’t get violent, I’m afraid she will...” Brock worried.

“Well, the last few times when she got mad, she didn’t beat up anyone,” Drew contradicted Brock’s expectation.

“Seadra, try a Hydro Pump!” Misty commanded. The angry Pokemon shot water at Walrein at high power. This time, Seadra managed to do significant damage on the slow, defensive Ice Pokemon.

“That was good, but Seadra can’t just keep firing Hydro Pumps over and over until Walrein is defeated, Seadra is too tired,” Misty thought. “This battle shouldn’t last much longer, Seadra will need to finish this soon...”

“Walrein, Earthquake!” Juan commanded. A strong wave was caused by the shaking battlefield, smacking Seadra against the walls of the battlefield.

“Seadra, no!” Misty shouted.

On the stands, Misty’s friends were talking about the battle. “Do you think this is the end?” Tracey asked.

“Well, I can’t see Seadra winning this anymore...” Daisy replied. Meanwhile, Ash was thinking the same as Misty’s sister, and he shed a few tears, being afraid that his girlfriend’s dream of winning the Whirl Cup would be shattered today.

“Hey, look!” Max said, showing a big smile, pointing at Misty’s Pokemon, who was still able to battle! “Seadra isn’t defeated!”

Then, Misty was thinking about what to do now. She knew Seadra couldn’t beat Walrein with strength. And so, she decided to try winning the battle using speed. “Seadra, use your Agility to swim in circles around Walrein!” And so, Seadra swam at Walrein at high speed, and started swimming in circles. The Ice Pokemon tried to keep track of where Misty’s Pokemon was, and got dizzy.

“Good, Seadra! Now use Flash Cannon!” Misty commanded. A silver beam was shot at Walrein from a small distance, causing the attack to hit the Ice Pokemon harshly.

“Walrein, try to aim well and use Water Gun!” Juan tried. The walrus tried to aim at Seadra, but instead, a weak ray of water ended up hitting Juan softly, causing the audience to laugh!

“Now, Seadra, throw all your anger at that damn Walrein in a very strong Outrage!” Misty shouted. Seadra’s eyes started glowing red, then the blue seahorse charged into Walrein, giving the Ice Pokemon a beating it’ll never forget.

“No, Walrein!” Juan shouted, while looking at his Pokemon. Walrein was defeated!

“Walrein is unable to battle, Seadra is the winner. Victory goes to Misty, who will go on to the semifinals!” the referee said.

While Juan and Misty complimented their Pokemon for a great battle and returning them to their Poke Balls, Ash, Pikachu, Hoppip and Togetic went crazy, cheering for Misty. Meanwhile, Drew and May gave each other a celebration hug.

Dawn and Zoey were impressed. “She’d make a good Coordinator,” Dawn said.

“I agree,” Zoey said. Then, she thought “hey, maybe Dawn and I should introduce her into contests!”

“Well, I thought it was gonna be sad time, but now... IT’S HAPPY TIME!” Cilan shouted, causing Iris to laugh.

“That was one of the most exciting battles I’ve ever seen,” Lucy said.

Meanwhile, Juan walked up to his opponent. “Misty, you fought back after being in a dire situation and even won. I never expected this. You impressed me so much!”

“Thank you so much!” Misty replied. “That’s so awesome to hear from someone as good as you!”

“You’re welcome,” Juan responded. “You are one of the most awesome trainers I’ve ever seen! I hope you’ll win, you deserve it. And not just for this battle, but also for your others. Your Politoed showed so much perseverance against Andreas because he loves you, because you treat him well. And you defeated Prima with relative ease, that’s an unique achievement! And even in a bad battle, you’re able to win with a Pokemon that doesn’t even listen to you! And now this! From now on, I’m a fan of yours!”

“Thank you so much! Thank you!” Misty replied, being happier than ever before.

“And as a fan of yours, could I please have a signature?” Juan asked, holding up a piece of paper and a pencil.

“Of course,” Misty replied, putting her signature on the paper. “I loved this battle, this was the best battle of my life!”

“Even though I lost, I totally agree,” Juan replied.

“I have to go to the press conference now. Bye!” Misty said.

“Bye! And I’ll be cheering for you in this stadium tomorrow!” Juan responded.

Then, after a long press conference and handing out a lot of signatures to fans, Misty finally went out of the stadium, where her friends were waiting.

“Misty, that was awesome!” Ash complimented, hugging his girlfriend.

“Misty, it seems like you are becoming quite the star, with all those fanboys!” Brock said.

“Thank you!” Misty responded.

“When I watched this battle, I got a nice idea,” Zoey said.

“What is it?” Misty asked.

“Shall Dawn and I introduce you into contests? I discussed it with her while we were waiting for you,” Zoey proposed.

“I don’t think I want to be a Coordinator, but I think it would be interesting to learn more about it,” Misty replied. “And I might learn some techniques I could use in my battles. But where will we do that?”

“On this island, there’s a Contest Hall. There’s no contest now, but we can practice appeals there,” Dawn answered. “We already asked Nurse Joy to judge our appeals!”

“Excuse me, but could I come along too? I’ve always been interested into contests, so two Coordinators explaining would be a good way to learn more,” Cilan asked.

“Sure,” Dawn replied. “No need to worry!”

“Is anyone else interested?” Zoey asked. No one else was interested, so while Zoey, Dawn, Misty and Cilan went to the Contest Hall, they went to the hotel.

While walking to the hotel, Iris felt uncomfortable. She walked to Ash and said “Ash, could I please discuss something with you?”

“Sure, what is it?” Ash asked.

“Well, have you noticed that Misty and Cilan are getting along very well lately?” Iris asked.

“Yeah, it’s nice that they’re getting along,” Ash replied.

“You’re such a kid!” she snapped.

“Why? Is it bad that they’re getting along?” he asked.

“Don’t you get it? I’m afraid Cilan might be developing a crush on Misty!” she suggested. “And maybe Misty might be growing to like him too...”

“Misty is faithful, she wouldn’t cheat on me!” Ash snapped.

“Pika Pika!” Pikachu snapped, who was sitting on Ash’s left shoulder.

“Well, as long as they’re doing this contest thing while we aren’t around, they might flirt all the time,” Iris replied. “And then, if they grow to like each other, they could dump us and get together...”

Then, Ash started to agree with Iris. “Come on, Iris! Let’s spy on them!” he suggested.

Iris went to Brock, coming up with a lie in order to do what Ash suggested. “Ash and I are going to buy some stuff, we’ll see you in the afternoon again.”

“Okay, bye!” Brock replied.

And so, Ash and Iris went to the Contest Hall, which wasn’t very far away. There, they hid under some chairs on the stand, looking at and listening to what was happening. There, they saw Nurse Joy sitting at a table. First, Cilan came out of a room, wearing a fancy, black tuxedo and a red tie. Then, he elegantly hurled a Poke Ball. “Leafeon, I choose you!”

“I bet he wears that suit to be romantic, to seduce Misty,” Iris replied.

“Hmm... Misty doesn’t look particulary interested...” Ash replied, looking at his girlfriend, who only paid attention to the Grass Pokemon. Leafeon first used Razor Leaf, and then he cut the leaves with X-Scissor.

“Cilan, that was very nice!” Misty replied, much to Ash’s annoyance.

“During a Contest, in the appeal rounds, you should aim for showing coolness, cuteness or beauty,” Zoey explained to Misty. “You need to make a good first impression.”

“That makes sense,” Misty replied.

“Cilan, this was very nice for a first appeal. Your Leafeon looks cool, you look cool in that outfit, and Leafeon’s moves look cool. I’ll give you eight points out of ten as a grade,” Nurse Joy rated.

Then, it took some time before Dawn came out of the dressing room. She was sitting in front of the mirror. “I can’t get my hair right...” she moaned. Then, Zoey entered the dressing room. “Do you need some help?” Zoey asked.

“Thanks,” Dawn replied, while Zoey was able to do her partner’s blue hair right.

Then, Dawn came out of the dressing room, together with her Typhlosion. She walked up the stage, starting her appeal. “Typhlosion, make a ring of fire with your Flamethrower!” Typhlosion did what he was told to do.

“And now jump through the ring of fire!” Dawn shouted. The Fire Pokemon did that, showing a cool appeal.

“That was so cool!” Iris said.

“Dawn, you’re a great Coordinator and this move was also nice. I’ll give you nine out of ten!” Nurse Joy judged.

“Thanks!” Dawn replied. Then, Zoey, who was dressed up in a tuxedo similar to Cilan’s went on the stage, together with her Mismagius.

Ash and Iris saw Zoey’s Mismagius using Shadow Ball multiple, and then moving the Shadow Balls around with Psychic, causing Nurse Joy to give a rate of eight out of ten.

Then, Misty went to the dressing room. There wasn’t much to change for her: she already wore her bikini and skirt, she only added a black lace belly top with spaghetti straps, causing her to look even more elegant than she already did. At that moment, Zoey suddenly entered the dressing room. “Misty, your hair is beautiful, but do you want a contest hairdo? I can brush your hair if you want to.”

“No, sorry, I like my current hairdo,” Misty replied. “But thank you for the offer! You’re a helpful person.”

“Thanks,” Zoey replied. Then, they came out of the dressing room.

“Misty, you look stunning!” Cilan replied, noticing Misty’s elegance.

“Ash, I wanna stop spying now, I wanna go there and take Cilan away from Misty as soon as possible! I can’t take it anymore!” Iris whispered.

“Wait, maybe he just sees her as beautiful without seeing her as hot,” Ash replied.

Then, Togetic went up on the stage with her trainer. “Togetic, let’s start with a Water Pulse, and then use Aura Sphere on the water!” First, Misty’s Pokemon shot some water out of her mouth, then a blue ball of energy got shot at the water, causing a rainbow to appear. Cilan, Zoey and Dawn gave Misty and Togetic a standing ovation.

Then, Nurse Joy gave her review. “That was awesome! Togetic showed very beautiful and elegant moves, and your clothes also reflect that: you have a beautiful figure and your outfit is elegant. This is perfect! I’d rate this ten out of ten!”

“Thank you so much!” Misty responded happily.

“Misty, you could become a Top Coordinator if you would want that!” Dawn complimented.

“Thank you!” Misty replied. “But I’d rather focus on battling. It was interesting to learn more about contests, but I’m not becoming a Coordinator.”

“I respect that,” Zoey said. “You are also good with Water Pokemon, you’re a skilled battler, so I understand why you want to fully go for that. Giving your all for one goal is better than giving half for two goals.”

“That’s also what I think,” Misty replied.

“But you can use contest techniques in your battles, like you did against Juan,” Cilan suggested.

“That’s nice, I’ll do that,” Misty responded.

“Then, there’s no need to worry!” Dawn said, using her catchphrase. A few seconds later, her stomach growled. “I’m hungry,” she said.

“It’s lunch time!” Cilan said.

“Let’s go to the beach, then we can have lunch there,” Misty replied. “Is that okay with you three?”

“No need to worry!” Dawn used her catchphrase.

Then, when the contest-practicing four were out of the Contest Hall, Nurse Joy went back to the Pokemon Center, and Iris and Ash were finally able to get away under the chairs on the stand without getting seen. “Ash, don’t you think Cilan is a bit too flirty?” Iris asked.

“I’m not sure...” Ash responded. “On one hand, it’s just his extravagant personality, but on the other hand, you might be right... And do you think Misty has feelings for him?”

“Why do you ask me? You know her better than I do,” Iris snapped. “You’re such a kid!”

“Well, you’re a girl, and you probably know more about romance than I do...” Ash replied.

“She hasn’t shown that much feelings, but maybe she’s enjoying his flirty behaviour...” Iris moaned.

“Let’s follow them!” Ash suggested.

“Pi Pikachu!” Pikachu said, showing that he agreed with Ash.

“Okay,” Iris replied.

And so, Ash, Pikachu and Iris went out of the contest hall. Then, they ran to the beach, where they saw that Dawn, Zoey, Cilan and Misty just arrived there. “Let’s hide behind the bushes!” Iris suggested.

“That’s a good idea,” Ash said.

From behind the bushes, Ash and Iris saw their friends putting their towels down, so that they could sit or even sunbathe on these. Then, Dawn and Zoey took off their contest outfits, they already wore matching pink, one-piece swimsuits under their contest clothes. Then, Cilan took off his contest outfit, already wearing swimming trunks. Lastly, Misty took off her skirt and her top, wearing a black bikini underneath.

Then, Cilan looked at Misty and said “it’s sexy time!” He wasn’t seriously attracted to Misty, but he thought it would be funny. This comment caused Iris to freak out. Ash tried to stop her, even though he was also annoyed, thinking that Cilan was trying to steal his girlfriend away, but it was too late to stop Iris. “CILAN! WHY DO YOU CHEAT ON ME LIKE THIS? F*CK YOU!” she shouted.

“Hey, I heard someone shouting from behind the bushes,” Misty said.

“Me too, let’s see what that was,” Cilan replied. Then, he walked to the bushes, and saw Ash and Iris sitting there. “Ash? Iris? What are you two doing here?”

“Cilan, why are you flirting with Misty?” Iris asked.

“Flirting? What are you talking about?” Cilan asked.

“When you saw Misty wearing a bikini, you said it’s sexy time!” Iris snapped.

“I was just joking...” Cilan replied.

“Then why did you constantly compliment her contest techniques and her beautiful appearance?” Iris asked. “Those comments on her appearance made me think you see her as hot...”

“Because she’s a very skilled trainer, and because she’s beautiful and elegant,” Cilan answered.

“But do you see her as hot?” Iris asked.

“No. Honestly, I don’t,” Cilan answered.

“Okay, sorry for being so suspicious...” Iris apologised.

Then, Ash and Misty started talking. “Misty, do you have feelings for Cilan?” Ash asked.

“Of course not. I only have feelings for you and I’ve never had any feelings for anyone else!” Misty responded.

“And how would you describe the relationship between you and Cilan?” Ash asked.

“Well, Cilan and I get along nicely, so we could be good friends, but there’s no romantic or sexual attraction at all,” Misty replied. Ash knew that Misty was being honest.

“Are you mad at me for spying on you?” Ash asked. He felt ashamed because of the embarrassing situation.

“No, I’m not mad. It was just a misunderstanding. But really, you have a jealousy problem,” Misty responded. “But I can’t be mad, no one likes it when they’re afraid someone is trying to steal their partner away. And I can see why you interpretated Cilan’s behaviour as flirting, even though it’s just his extravagant personality.”

“I’m glad you understand,” Ash responded. “I know from experience that you would do the same when other girls seem interested in me.”

“I can’t deny that,” Misty replied.

“Then, is this all worked out now?” Zoey asked.

“Sure,” Misty replied.

“Let’s go back to the hotel,” Cilan suggested.

There, they saw the drawing for the semifinals. While Wallace had to battle Cissy, Misty’s opponent would be Marina, her rival.

One day later, Misty and Marina stood in the stadium, during a battle. Just before the battle between Misty and Marina, Wallace defeated Cissy, causing him to advance to the final round of the Whirl Cup. On the scoreboard, people could see that Misty’s Luvdisc and Marina’s Golduck were defeated. Meanwhile, Misty’s Dewgong was battling against Marina’s Starmie. Ash, May, Max, Drew, Tracey, Daisy, Dawn, Zoey, Iris, Cilan, Hoppip, Pikachu and Togetic were cheering for Misty.

“Dewgong, dive underwater and then use Headbutt!” Misty commanded. The blue sea lion went down, and then shattered the star’s defense, causing it to get defeated.

“Starmie, no!” Marina shouted.

“Starmie is defeated, Dewgong is the winner! Victory goes to Misty, who will battle Wallace in the final round!” the referee announced.

Misty thanked Dewgong, took off her skirt and jumped in the water of the battlefield, to give Dewgong a hug. “That was awesome, Dewgong! Thanks to you, we’ll advance to the final round!”

“Dew gong gong gong!” the white Pokemon replied, thanking his trainer for the compliments. Tomorrow, Misty would battle Wallace in the battle of her life, thanks to her Pokemon and her skills. Even the ones who didn’t battle helped her: on the stands were her two cheerleaders, Hoppip and Togetic.
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I liked reading all of the chapters. It's nice seeing you update your work. I like how Brock and Lucy got together in chapter 24, that's really sweet. Another thing I also liked was Cilan and Iris showing up in about chapter 26. It's nice that you're including some of the supporting cast of the anime because they can sometimes get unappreciated.

I would suggest adding a cliffhanger or two in your later chapters.

The next morning, Misty woke up early. Today was her big day: the Whirl Cup final against Wallace. She did her daily morning routine of taking a shower, brushing her teeth, brushing her hair and putting her clothes on. Today, for this special occasion, she wore an elegant, strapless black dress that showed off her beautiful curves. Then, she went downstairs, to the big eating room in the hotel. There, Drew and Cilan were already sitting at the big eating table.

“Good morning, Misty,” Cilan said.

“You look beautiful as always,” Drew added.

“Thank you, guys!” Misty responded, while Brock and Lucy came downstairs.

“And, Misty, are you going to win today?” Drew asked.

“Well, I’m a little nervous, but that’s normal for such a big battle. I rely on my Pokemon,” Misty answered.

Then, Ash came downstairs, together with Pikachu and Togetic. “Misty, don’t say a word like that again! There’s no reason to be nervous! You and your Pokemon trained very hard, pretty much every day of our journey. And you battled a lot too! You are gonna beat Wallace today and that’s that!”

“Ash, you were nervous for big battles too...” Misty teased. “Do you remember your first League battle ever, against Mandi in the Kanto League? You were nervous back then!”

“That was my first League battle, what else would you expect?” Ash snapped, while May and Max came downstairs too.

“And how about your Orange League final against Drake?” Misty asked.

Ash sighed. Knowing that his girlfriend was right, Ash didn’t know what to say.

“Um... Misty is right, Ash,” Tracey said. He, Daisy, Dawn and Zoey were just in time to hear the conversation about being nervous.

“Misty, what Pokemon are you going to use?” Zoey asked, in an attempt to change the conversation topic.

“Tentacruel and Dewgong,” Misty answered.

“Why?” Dawn asked.

“Well, when it comes to sheer power, most of my Pokemon can’t compete with Wallace’s, but Tentacruel and Dewgong do have those amounts of sheer power,” Misty responded, while Drew was staring at her chest.

“That’s a smart choice,” Brock complimented.

“That makes sense,” Lucy stated.

Then, a pink Pokemon came out of a Poke Ball in Misty’s bag. “Hoppip!” he cheered, while hugging his trainer.

“Hoppip, you’ll have to be with Ash during the battle. I want you to listen to him. Is that understood?” Misty asked. Her Pokemon nodded.

One hour later, our heroes all were to the big stadium. There, they saw a big crowd of Wallace fans. “Wow, Wallace sure does have a lot of fans...” Misty thought. She was standing on her spot, just in front of the battlefield. Then, she looked at her friends, who were cheering for her. Dawn even wore her cheerleader outfit, while Pikachu, Togetic and Hoppip cheered more fanatically than ever before. Meanwhile, Brock and Lucy were playing childish kissing games on the stand.

“Do you think Misty stands a chance, Brock?” Max asked.

“I think so. But it won’t be an easy battle...” Brock answered, while he saw Misty and Wallace standing on their spots in front of the battlefield, ready to battle.

Then, the referee stepped forward. “This is the Whirl Cup final! Both trainers will use two Pokemon. When both Pokemon of one Trainer are defeated, that Trainer loses. There is no time limit. Choose your Pokemon!”

First, Wallace took a Poke Ball from his belt, and hurled it in the air. “Ludicolo, I choose you!” he said, while a happy Pokemon stood on the small piece of land on the battlefield.

Then, Misty sent out the Pokemon she planned to use. “Tentacruel, go!” The strong, blue jellyfish appeared in the water.

“Begin!” the referee shouted.

“Tentacruel, let’s start with a Poison Sting!” Misty commanded. The blue jellyfish released sharp, purple needles from his stringer, shooting these at the dancing Grass Pokemon, who wasn’t fast enough to avoid this blow, and ended up being severely damaged.

“That’s a great start!” Ash said on the stand, showing a big smile.

“Pi Pikachu!” his Pokemon added.

“Toge Togetic!” Misty’s signature Pokemon cheered.

“Hoppip!” the Grass Pokemon shouted.

“Ludicolo, are you okay?” Wallace asked.

“Ludi!” the Pokemon shouted.

“Ludicolo, Energy Ball!” the Coordinator shouted. A green blast of power was shot at Tentacruel, who avoided at first, but eventually got hit, because Ludicolo kept firing Energy Balls.

“Tentacruel, Headbutt!” Misty commanded. The jellyfish swam at his opponent, but failed to hit it, because the Grass Pokemon evaded the attack by dancing.

“Now, use Ice Beam!” the Hoenn Champion commanded. Ice was shot at the jellyfish, who got frozen!

“Oh no!” Misty thought.

“Now, freeze the rest of the battlefield with Ice Beam!” the Coordinator shouted. The dancing Pokemon shot rays of ice all over the field, causing all the water to freeze.

Misty saw her Pokemon being frozen, in a frozen field of ice. What could she do? Tentacruel was stuck in the ice and couldn’t move.

“Ludicolo, let’s end this with Hyper Beam!” Wallace commanded. The dancing Pokemon started charging. Misty was afraid her Pokemon wouldn’t survive such a strong blow, but knew the jellyfish couldn’t move in the ice.

Then, she got an idea. “Tentacruel, use Mirror Coat immediately when the ice breaks, to counter that attack!” She hoped her Pokemon was able to hear her command while he was shrouded in ice. Wallace knew he was in trouble, but when Misty finished her command, Ludicolo already shot the Hyper Beam at Tentacruel.

As predicted, the attack shattered the ice around Tentacruel. Then, the jellyfish did what Misty told him to, countering the Hyper Beam back at the dancing Grass Pokemon. Then, an explosion caused a wall of smoke.

When the smoke was gone, the spectators, referee and battlers were able to see the consequences of the countered Hyper Beam. First of all, the battlefield wasn’t fully frozen anymore. At the spot where Ludicolo stood was some water now: the Hyper Beam caused some ice to melt. In the water, the referee saw the Grass Pokemon, who was defeated. Meanwhile, Tentacruel lay on the ice, trying to get up.

“Ludicolo is defeated, Tentacruel is the winner!” the referee announced.

“That was awesome!” Max said on the stands.

“Don’t be too happy, Tentacruel suffered a lot of damage. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tentacruel would collapse in a few seconds,” Brock responded. He looked worried.

“Misty, that was very smart of you,” Wallace complimented his opponent. “But this battle isn’t over yet. I’ve won a tournament like this in Hoenn, but not in Johto, and you can’t keep me from winning this tournament. Milotic, go!” The Champion hurled a Poke Ball, from which a beautiful Pokemon emerged.

“Milooo!” the Pokemon shouted.

“Wow, it’s so gorgeous!” May fangirled. “That would be the perfect Contest Pokemon!”

“Oh no, it’s his Milotic!” Zoey murmured. She wasn’t surprised, but was shocked.

“That Pokemon is so strong...” Dawn whined. “Do you guys think Misty can beat it?”

“I’m not sure... Tentacruel is pretty much done for,” Lucy answered.

“She said she’ll use Dewgong next. If there’s one Pokemon of her who can do it, it’s Dewgong,” Cilan stated.

“And Dewgong will have an advantage on the ice,” Iris replied.

“And Misty is smart,” Drew added.

“Begin!” the referee shouted, after noticing that Tentacruel got up.

“Tentacruel can’t do much more, but I have a great idea to help Dewgong!” Misty thought. “Tentacruel, make a small pool of water by smashing the ice with Poison Jab!” The jellyfish smashed the ice with his stinger, creating some water to swim in. Then, Tentacruel continued using his stinger to smash even more ice, leaving ice on top of the battlefield aside from two pools of water, with water under the massive layer of ice. Then, Tentacruel went back to his small pool of water on the surface

“Why is she doing that?” Wallace thought. He knew Tentacruel was better in the water than on ice, but he wasn’t sure what the point of this was. “Anyways, Tentacruel is exhausted, too exhausted to evade an attack now,” he thought. “Milotic, Hydro Pump!” Water was shot from a long distance at the tired jellyfish, who was instantly defeated.

“Tentacruel is defeated. Milotic is the winner!” the referee shouted.

“Well done, Tentacruel. Come back!” Misty complimented her defeated Pokemon, before returning him to his Poke Ball. Then, she took a Poke Ball from her bag. “Dewgong, it all depends on you now!” she shouted.

“Dew Gong Gong Gong!” the Ice Pokemon said energetically.

“Begin!” the referee shouted.

“Dewgong, let’s start with a Horn Attack!” Misty suggested. Her Pokemon hopped at the opponent, giving it a harsh blow with his horn.

“Milotic, Iron Tail!” Wallace commanded. Dewgong jumped away just in time to avoid the tail, which was aimed at him.

“Dewgong, Aqua Tail!” Misty commanded. The Ice Pokemon jumped in the air, then he tried to hit the opponent with his tail.

“Milotic, Wrap!” Wallace shouted. The beautiful Pokemon wrapped his tail around Dewgong’s tail, holding the Ice Pokemon.

“Dewgong, try to hit him with your Horn Attack!” Misty commanded. However, Milotic held the Ice Pokemon so far away from its body, that Dewgong was unable to do anything.

“Now, smack him down on the ice and then throw him away!” Wallace commanded. Milotic moved its tail up and down, smacking Dewgong on the ice multiple times. Then, it hurled its opponent away, making him crash down on the icy surface.

“Dewgong, no!” Misty shouted. The Ice Pokemon was trying to get up.

“Do you guys also think that Milotic is just too strong to defeat?” May asked.

“No! Dewgong can do it!” Cilan countered.

“I agree,” Cilan said. “”Misty was able to turn the tables in previous battles, I don’t see why she wouldn’t be able to do that again!” Togetic, Hoppip and Pikachu seemed to side with Cilan, judging by their happy cheering.

The spectators looked at the battlefield, and saw how Dewgong was able to continue the battle. “Dewgong, use your Ice Beam to freeze the pool of water Milotic is in!” Misty shouted. And so, Dewgong caused his opponent to be stuck in one spot, limiting the majestic Milotic to long-range attacks.

“Now, Dewgong, Signal Beam!” Misty commanded. A colourful was shot at Milotic, who was stuck in the ice and unable to avoid getting hit harshly.

“Milotic, try a Water Pulse!” Wallace commanded.

“Dewgong, now go under the ice to avoid that attack, then smash the ice and hit Milotic with your Horn Drill!” Misty commanded. And so, Dewgong went under the ice, where Milotic was unable to see the Ice Pokemon.

“Milotic, when you notice the ice where you are is starting to break, use Hyper Beam!” Wallace commanded. His Pokemon started charging.

“Dewgong, turn back and don’t hit him!” Misty commanded, knowing that her Pokemon would hurt himself if he’d come out of the ice and water if that would happen too close to Milotic. However, Dewgong wasn’t able to hear it!

And so, Dewgong’s horn shattered the ice. Then, Dewgong tried to hit Milotic with his horn, but got smacked down in the water by the strong Hyper Beam. Dewgong drifted upwards, and lay on the surface of the water.

“Dewgong, no!” Misty shouted. “Can you go on?”

“Dew...” her Pokemon muttered, attempting to get up after being hurt by another harsh blow.

“This doesn’t look good...” Brock moaned.

“Pika Pika!” Pikachu cheered, backed up by Togetic and Hoppip.

“Come on, Dewgong, you can do it!” Misty shouted. Then, Dewgong got up. He knew he couldn’t battle for much longer, but the encouragement of his beloved trainer helped him to continue battling. He wanted to fight. He wanted to fight for his Trainer, who rescued him from the torture of having to assist her sisters during boring shows, and enabled him to do that what he loved most: battling.

Then, Dewgong turned his head and looked at Milotic. His eyes looked like they were on fire. “Dewgong!” he screamed. He looked like he was furious, ready to take all anger out on Milotic.

Wallace looked at Dewgong and got frightened. However, he remained calm and confident.“Milotic, let’s finish this with Iron Tail.”

“Dewgong, jump and use Lick!” Misty shouted. The Ice Pokemon jumped just at the right time to prevent getting hit, and then, his tongue came out of his mouth, hitting Milotic’s long tail. The beautiful Pokemon looked terrified, the Lick shocked it.

“Now, finish this with Aurora Beam!” Misty commanded. Dewgong collected all of his effort, anger, determination and power in one strong, colourful beam, which was blasted at Milotic from a small distance. Then, the Hoenn Champion’s Pokemon collapsed!

“Milotic is defeated, Dewgong is the winner. Victory goes to Misty, the winner of this Whirl Cup tournament!” the referee shouted.

In a wild state of euphoria, Misty took off her clothes and jumped into the water on the battlefield. She swam at Dewgong, giving her Pokemon a hug to celebrate the victory. “You did it! Thank you so much, you’re so awesome!” she complimented her Ice Pokemon. Despite not wearing any clothes, she didn’t feel very cold: the weather was very warm, so a big portion of the ice was molten during the battle.

“Dew!” the Pokemon shouted, enjoying his trainer’s hug.

In the meantime, Misty’s support group was also euphoric. Ash hugged his Pikachu. “She did it!” he kept screaming. Meanwhile, Drew was staring at Misty and Dewgong.

“She and her Pokemon are so close!” May complimented, enjoying Misty’s and Dewgong’s swim through the battlefield, while Drew was focusing on something else.

“Wow, she’s even better than my brother Cress, who is also a Water Pokemon Trainer,” Cilan thought. “And if she would battle Chili, she’d beat the crap out of him.”

“It wasn’t easy, but she’s the deserved winner,” Lucy said.

“I agree,” Brock replied.

“I wasn’t expecting it anymore, but Misty is a great tactician and she surprised me several times during this tournament!” Max said.

“I had faith in this outcome all along,” Cilan bragged.

“It’s Cilan shuts up time!” Iris nagged.

“I said it before and I stand by my point, she’d be a great Coordinator!” Dawn suggested.

“I don’t think she would want to give up battling. And even I as a Coordinator have to admit that that’s totally right, she does what she loves and what she’s good at,” Zoey responded.

“I never expected this from Dewgong!” Daisy said, looking surprised. “Misty truly made him shine! Me, Lily and Violet were never able to do that.”

“Is Dewgong originally yours or Misty’s?” Tracey asked.

“Misty befriended him as a little kid on a holiday to the Seafoam Islands, so it’s officially Misty’s Pokemon. When she started travelling, she wanted to take him with her, but we needed him for our shows. So we didn’t allow her and decided to keep him at the Gym. However, he didn’t seem to enjoy assisting us in our shows, and really enjoyed battling. But we barely used him for battles. When Misty started traveling again, she took Dewgong with her, and now, we can say that it’s exactly what Dewgong needed.”

“Yeah, Misty sure is the perfect trainer for Dewgong!” Tracey agreed.

“It’s because of her aquatic passion,” Ash said.

Ten minutes later, Misty was wearing her clothes again and stood on a stage with Sea Priestess Maya, who was there to deliver Misty her prize. Dewgong was sitting next to his trainer.

Maya gave Misty a Mystic Water, and declared her a Water Pokemon Alpha Omega. "Oh, Great Sea Spirit and past Heroes of the Sea, continue to watch over the Whirl Cup Competition and safeguard the harmony of all humans and Pokémon alike," she spoke. The audience in the stadium gave Misty and her Dewgong a standing ovation.

One hour later, after answering questions from journalists, Misty reached the hotel, where her friends already were. She opened the door, entering the big eating room.

“CONGRATULATIONS!” her friends shouted simultaneously.

“Thank you!” Misty replied. “Did you organize all this for me?”

“I organized it, I knew you’d win!” Ash replied. “There’s a jacuzzi, there’s food, and there’s a DJ who plays music from a lot of different genres, so everyone will like some songs.”

She kissed him on the cheek, followed by a hug. “Thank you so much! I’m gonna hang out in the jacuzzi with Dewgong, Hoppip and Togetic.”

“Misty, why did you take your clothes off when you jumped in the water after your battle?” her boyfriend asked.

“Well, I didn’t want my clothes to be wet when I received the Mystic Water, and I wasn’t even thinking straight anymore, I was so happy and wanted to celebrate this victory with Dewgong!” she answered.

“I understand,” he responded. “And hey, we all do crazy things sometimes.”

Then, the music started playing. While she was enjoying the guitars of one of her favourite bands, she took off her clothes, jumped in the jacuzzi, put her bikini on and sent Dewgong out of his Poke Ball, while Hoppip and Togetic followed her to the water.

“I did it!” she thought. “Finally! And all thanks to my awesome Pokemon, I owe everything to them! I should make them celebrate here too!” And so, she sent out the other Pokemon she had with her. Seaking, Seadra, Tentacruel and Marill came out of their Poke Balls. Then, Misty put a tube in the water before sending out Psyduck too, so the duck would be able to float and not drown.

Then, a blue-haired man opened the door of the room and entered the party. “Hey, guys, is it okay if I join this party? I want to talk to Misty.” It was Wallace, the Hoenn Champion.

“Sure, Wallace!” Ash replied.

Then, he walked to the pool. He bended over, to shake hands with Misty, congratulating her. “Misty, now you won the Whirl Cup, what are you gonna do now?” he asked.

“Well, I heard there are tournaments like this in other regions too. I think it would be nice to participate in those!” she replied.

“That’s a good idea to get better and it’s the best thing you can do to become a Water Pokemon Master,” he said.

“Indeed. Even though I won this tournament, I’m not a Water Pokemon Master yet, and I’m definitely not finished. There’s still a lot I can achieve,” she responded.

“That’s the right mindset. I’m going now, have fun and again, congratulations! And I’m glad your Pokemon are celebrating too, they deserve it! That Dewgong really impressed me!” he replied.

“Thank you so much!” she said. “Bye!”

Wallace walked back to the jacuzzi. “Wait, I forgot to tell you this: in Hoenn, there’s a tournament in one and a half year. It’s called the Sootopolis Cup. Are you interested?”

“Sure!” Misty replied. “I’ve never been to Hoenn, so traveling there would be nice, and that tournament also sounds interesting! Thank you for telling me. Bye!”

When Wallace left the party room, Ash came to his girlfriend. “Hey, Misty, shall I get you a beer?” he asked.

When he heard that, Drew came at Misty. “How about two beers?”

“I can bring you three!” Ash said angrily.

“Or four,” Drew suggested, in an attempt to impress Misty.

“Stop it, you guys! I don’t even want beer now!” Misty snapped. “And Drew, why are you acting like this?”

“He’s a little tipsy, he already had a few beers himself,” Ash said, laughing.

“Well, that explains it,” she replied.

One hour of relaxing later, Ash came to the pool. “Misty, your favourite song will start playing in one minute. Would you like to dance?”

“Yes, if you come into the pool to have a water dance with me!” Misty suggested. Ash took off his clothes, aside from his underpants, and jumped into the jacuzzi.

Then, when “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” by KISS started, Ash put his hands around Misty’s waist. Tracey, Daisy, Brock, Lucy, Max, May, Drew, Dawn, Zoey, Iris and Cilan came to the pool to watch the dancing couple. While Ash was being clumsy as expected, Misty did somewhat better. But she was more interested in singing along than in dancing, something she wasn’t that good at. And so, during the chorus, they gave up dancing, and Ash decided to sing along.

“I was made for lovin’ you, baby!” he sung, while Pikachu and Togetic did a better job at dancing than Ash and Misty could ever do.

“You were made for lovin’ me!” she sung happily.

“And I can't get enough of you baby! Can you get enough of me?” they sung simultaneously.

A few minutes later, they finished singing and burst out in laughing.

“Wow Ash, you suck at singing!” Max teased.

“And you suck at dancing!” Dawn said to Misty.

“We don’t care!” Ash replied.

“Yeah,” Misty said. “We just did this for fun.”

“Well, Misty, one thing is clear: leaving the Gym and traveling with Ash again was the best decision you ever made in your life!” Brock said.

“I agree, you and Ash are a great couple, you made Dewgong happy and you won the Whirl Cup!” Tracey agreed.

“Misty, there’s something I need to say to you , it’s about what Tracey said. Again, is there anything I can do for you to make you forgive Lily, Violet and me?” Daisy begged.

“Well, I’ve thought about this a lot in the past week. And I decided to forgive you three. Holding grudges and hating you won’t get me anywhere, so I’ll forgive you three, so we can try to get on good terms and have a normal sister relationship,” Misty answered.

“Thank you so much!” Daisy replied.

“That’s very mature of you, Misty!” Tracey complimented. “And you made Daisy very happy!”

“Thank you,” Misty responded.

“Togetic!” Togetic shouted.

Twenty-four hours later, the contrast was big. While their friends left to their respective regions, Ash and Misty arrived in Cianwood City after a boat ride. Instead of a skirt and a bikini, or a sexy dress, Misty wore jeans, a scarf and a long winter jacket.

“Ash, the past few days were the most awesome days of my life!” Misty said.

“I enjoyed it too,” Ash replied. “But I’m also looking forward to winning a new Badge!”

“I understand. Have you already thought about what Pokemon you’re gonna use?” Misty asked, while Pikachu and Togetic followed their trainers.

“Um... I’m not sure yet, but I’ll certainly use Bayleef. Do you remember how Bayleef single-handedly won me the Badge here six years ago?”

“Of course I remember that!” Misty replied. “It’s smart of you to use Bayleef!”

And so, our heroes enjoyed their stay on Red Rock Isle, but they are looking forward to what the future holds. Including Ash’s upcoming Gym battle, a battle that would be perfect for Bayleef.
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Misty would have the advantage over Chili if he has fire types and Misty has water and if any of Misty's pokemon learned ice moves than she would have the advantage over Cilan as well. I thought it was a nice chapter and I could see there was a lot of fangirling with Misty. And though Dawn said that Misty wasn't good at dancing, I think that she would be a better dancer than Dawn. XD
Misty would have the advantage over Chili if he has fire types and Misty has water and if any of Misty's pokemon learned ice moves than she would have the advantage over Cilan as well. I thought it was a nice chapter and I could see there was a lot of fangirling with Misty. And though Dawn said that Misty wasn't good at dancing, I think that she would be a better dancer than Dawn. XD

Yes, that's why Cilan said Misty would beat the crap out of Chili if they'd battle. And Misty is also a better trainer than Cilan: Cilan is a connoiseur, Misty is a specialized Water Pokemon battler. And some of Misty's Pokemon know Ice moves, Dewgong is even part Ice type.

I'm glad you liked the chapter. Do you think Misty's win against Wallace was realistic, and not cheap?

I don't know if Dawn would be good at dancing or not. It's not very important for the story.


Gone But Not Forgotten
I love this story! I'm glad I get to see more of it than I did on FF.net! I'm glad Misty got to win the Whirl Cup, you're improving! Hope to see more from you soon!! I wish I implemented the Misty escape scene in my fic... :( Oh well!

I love this story! I'm glad I get to see more of it than I did on FF.net! I'm glad Misty got to win the Whirl Cup, you're improving! Hope to see more from you soon!! I wish I implemented the Misty escape scene in my fic... :( Oh well!


Thank you! I have all chapters on FF.net too, but anyways, I prefer getting comments here instead of on FF.net, I think it's an inconvenient site and I wish I never made an account there, but now some people are reading the story there, I decided to keep posting all chapters there too.

I'm glad you liked Misty's Whirl Cup win! Do you think it was realistic, or do you think it makes her a Mary Sue?

EDIT: I deleted everything from FF.net, I don't like that site.
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Gone But Not Forgotten
Its a realistic win, a Mary Sue is more like Tobias

And so, soon after Misty’s Whirl Cup victory, our two heroes were walking down a snowy road in Cianwood City, on their way to the Gym, on the other side of the town.

“Ash, why did we have to take this way?” Misty snapped, while walking down a snowy road. She looked at the green trees that were covered by the white snow. “We’re walking on the edge of town now, going right through the centre of this city would be much faster!” It’s not the first time she complained, she and Ash were bickering all day long.

“There are many bird Pokemon in this forest, I’ve heard. I’d like to see those and maybe catch a new Pokemon,” Ash replied, while snow was falling down upon his green winter jacket. “But why haven’t we seen any of them so far?”

“Because it’s winter, you idiot! Then most birds fly to warmer places!” his girlfriend shouted, while her long hair was blowing in the wind.

“Sorry, I forgot... Anyways, we’re almost there now, so can you finally stop your complaining?” he asked.

“Well, you’re the one giving me reasons to complain!” she snapped. Her eyebrows revealed her anger, and so did the look in her beautiful eyes.

“But you complain about anything!” he responded. “I’m immature, I’m unromantic, I’m Pokemon-obsessed, why can’t you say some nice things about me?”

“I frequently say nice things about you, but when you act immature, I have every right to say that!” she continued her complaint. “And you constantly tell people that I have an anger problem, so you complain about me too, and you do that really often!” Ash didn’t like hearing this, because he knew she was right.

“Yes, I have an anger problem, I also have flaws and I’m not perfect!” Misty admitted, while she could see the Cianwood City Gym through the snow. “But I at least admit my flaws!”

“But you’re insulting me without a reason! I’m not an idiot!” Ash shouted.

“Then why didn’t you understand why you didn’t see any bird Pokemon in the forest?” she asked.

“Everyone makes stupid mistakes sometimes, you’re not smarter than me!” he snapped.

“I so am smarter than you! Sure, I make mistakes too, but I’m definitely smarter than you! Not that that’s very difficult...” she replied.

“Then why did I win so many Badges? You need strategy for that!” he asked.

“Well, being lucky or relying on strength and improvisation isn’t strategic, you rarely take the time to actually prepare for a battle! Sure, improvisation in battles is important and takes intellect, but you could do so much better if you’d actually prepare for a battle, like I did during the Whirl Cup!” she answered.

“So what? I’ve won so many Badges in my life!” Ash complained.

“Well, you could’ve actually won at least one League with some more training and preparation! Think about the Kanto League, you just got lucky in three matches and got advice from me and Brock, you only prepared a battle once!” she backed up her claim. “I’ve won the Whirl Cup against people who have Pokemon that are probably stronger than mine, purely because of strategy and preparation!”

“So what? All Trainers have their own ways to success!” he said, in an attempt to contradict his girlfriend.

“Well, did you prepare anything for your upcoming battle against Chuck?” she snapped, while she and her boyfriend stood before the door of the Gym, not opening it until the argument was over.

“No, because I don’t need to prepare in order to win!” he replied. “That doesn’t make you smarter than me!”

“It’s not just that, you’re just so ignorant about so many things! For example, love, and also about the bird Pokemon in the forest!” she backed up her claim.

Then, he couldn’t take it anymore. “Okay then, I’m not smart, but unlike you, I’m at least not a total bitch!”

That was what Misty needed to totally lose control of her emotions. “That does it!” she snapped. Then, she raised her right fist and hit her boyfriend on his head, causing him to fall down in the snow.

“Hey, that hurts!” Ash snapped, while feeling how painful it was.

Then, the door of the Gym was opened. A fat, brown-haired, shirtless man stood in the door opening. “What just happened? I heard a noise outside!” he asked.

Then, Ash stood up. “Misty hit me during an argument...” he moaned. Then, Misty realized she went too far. Horrible thoughts got into her head: would Ash ever forgive her for another hit?

“Wow, that’s mean of her...” Chuck said. Then, he recognized the boy who stood in front of him. “Hey, it’s you, Ash! And Misty is there too! How are you doing?”

“Not so well, I’ve just been hit...” then traveling trainer complained. “And you’ve gotten fat!”

“And how are you doing, Misty?” the Gym Leader asked, ignoring Ash’s rude comment.

Then, she burst out in tears. “Not good, I just can’t control my anger... I don’t know what to do about it, now Ash probably doesn’t love me anymore...” Ash wasn’t really listening, he was too excited for the upcoming battle.

“Come inside, you two, and we’ll talk,” Chuck suggested. He closed the door after the couple under pressure entered the Gym.

“And, what’s the problem? Why exactly did you hit your boyfriend?” the Cianwood City Gym Leader asked.

“Can we please stop this crap? I wanna win a new Badge!” Ash moaned. “And why is Misty crying, Chuck?”

“So you didn’t even hear what she said to me after hitting you?” Chuck asked.

“No, I didn’t, was it important?” he asked.

“Well, yes...” Misty moaned, while trying to prevent herself from crying, and not being able to. Her tears prevented her from asking Ash if he could ever forgive her.

“I won’t talk about this until we’ve battled, I can’t control my battling spirit anymore!” Ash shouted.

“Well, okay then, but you and Misty won’t leave this Gym until you two settled this!” the Gym Leader replied. Then, he went to Misty. “Sorry, I don’t think we’ve got a choice, he’s just too eager to battle, but he won’t receive a Badge unless he at least talks about this to you!”

“Thanks, Chuck,” Misty said softly. She was too sad to support Ash, and instead of supporting the trainer from Pallet Town, Togetic only paid attention to her trainer. Then, she took place on the stands, while Ash and Chuck went on the battlefield.

“Ash, we don’t have a referee, my apprentice is ill,” Chuck said.

“That’s fine,” a woman who just entered the room said. “I can be the referee,” she said. It was Chuck’s wife. “This is a three versus three Pokemon battle between the fat Cianwood City Gym Leader Chuck and challenger Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. Both trainers will use three Pokemon, switching Pokemon during battle is not allowed. Are you two ready?”

Then, Ash took a Poke Ball from his belt and hurled it in the air. “Snorlax, go!” he shouted.

“That’s a bad choice,” Chuck laughed. “Poliwrath, I choose you!”

Normally, Misty would tell Ash that using Snorlax in a Fighting-type Gym is a bad choice. However, this time, she couldn’t do anything else than crying. “It’s all my fault... If Ash leaves me after this battle, I can’t blame him. I don’t deserve him...” she thought.

“Go!” the referee shouted.

“Poliwrath, let’s start with a Doubleslap!” Chuck commanded. The tadpole ran at the fat, slow Normal Pokemon, who couldn’t evade. Then, he yawned in the Water Pokemon’s face!

“Snorlax, don’t fall asleep, I need you!” Ash begged. However, he wasn’t very lucky: shortly after trying to stand up, the fat Pokemon collapsed and fell asleep.

“Poliwrath, now use Dynamicpunch all the time until he’s defeated!” Chuck shouted. His Pokemon started hitting Ash’s Pokemon all over his body. Eventually, he wasn’t even sleeping anymore, his condition was worse.

“Snorlax is defeated, Poliwrath is the winner!” Chuck’s wife shouted.

“Snorlax, that was disappointing...” Ash moaned when calling his Pokemon back. Then, he grabbed another Poke Ball. “Heracross, I choose you!”

“Begin!” the wife of the Gym Leader shouted.

“Poliwrath, use your Hydro Pump!” Chuck shouted. The water from his Pokemon’s belly hit Heracross, who was blasted against the wall.

“Heracross, no!” Ash shouted.

“Pika Pi!” Pikachu shouted, who was standing next to Ash.

“Do you mean you wanna battle now?” Ash asked.

“Pi,” the Pokemon nodded.

“Sorry, but Heracross isn’t defeated yet, and maybe I need another Pokemon against Chuck’s next Pokemon,” the trainer replied, much to the Electric Pokemon’s dismay.

Then, Poliwrath yawned and fell asleep! “No, Poliwrath!” Chuck shouted. “How is this possible?”

“Snorlax yawned before falling asleep, when your Poliwrath stood in front of Snorlax’s mouth!” Ash laughed. “Heracross, use your Megahorn!” he shouted. Then, the Bug Pokemon gave the tadpole a harsh blow, causing it to wake up.

“Poliwrath, use your Dynamicpunch!” Chuck shouted. However, when the Pokemon tried to run at the opponent, the injuries from the Megahorn kicked in, causing the Water Pokemon to collapse.

“Poliwrath is defeated, Heracross is the winner!” the referee announced.

“Poliwrath, come back. You did a good job,” Chuck said. Then, he sent out his next Pokemon. “Machoke, I choose you!”

Then, after the referee’s sign to begin, Ash commanded his Heracross to do Horn Attack, hitting Machoke.

“Machoke, use Submission now!” Chuck shouted. While Heracross was suffering, Ash was looking at the stands. While his girlfriend and her Togetic were normally busy supporting him, he saw her crying now. “Oh Arceus, why?” Ash thought. “I should’ve listened to her before this battle, now she’ll see me as a total jerk... I don’t deserve her... It’s all my fault!”

“Machoke, now finish it with Cross Chop!” Chuck shouted. While Heracross received this final blow without Ash leading him, Ash was thinking about his relationship. Would Misty stay with him or not?

Then, Ash focused on the battle again. But it was too late. He heard the voice of the referee. “Heracross is defeated, Machoke is the winner!”

“Ash, what was that? Why weren’t you focused this time?” the Gym Leader asked.

“That’s none of your business!” he snapped. Then, he sent out his last Pokemon, Bayleef, much to Pikachu’s annoyance. Then, he looked at the stands. “Misty, whether you still love me or not, I’ll win this battle and dedicate this win to you!” he shouted.

Misty looked delighted, she knew Ash still loves her! “Our relationship was under pressure, but true love always wins!” she thought.

“Begin!” the referee shouted.

“Machoke, let’s start with Focus Energy!” Chuck commanded.

“Bayleef, use Sweet Scent!” Ash commanded. A calm aroma escaped from the Grass Pokemon’s leaves, approaching the Fighting Pokemon.

“Now, use your Solarbeam!” the Pallet Town-native trainer shouted. While the Fighting Pokemon was too distracted to do anything, Bayleef could freely charge up and shoot a strong beam at Machoke.

“Machoke, can you go on?” Chuck asked his Pokemon, who lay on the ground, pretty much done for. Then, he stood up.

“Yeah, that’s the spirit, Machoke!” he shouted. “Now, use Double Team!” Machoke started running around, creating two other Machoke.

“Bayleef, try to hit them all with Razor Leaf!” Ash commanded. The Grass Pokemon hurled leaves at the Machoke, making them all disappear. But when she was about to hit the last one standing, the real Machoke, she got hit by Mega Kick!

“Bayleef, can you go on?” Ash asked the tired Pokemon, who nodded.

“Now finish it with Headbutt!” Ash commanded. The Grass Pokemon ran at the Fighting type, hitting him with her head.

“Machoke is defeated, Bayleef is the winner!” the referee stated.

“That was great, Ash. But it’s not finished yet!” Chuck shouted. “Go, Hitmontop!” A Pokemon who stood on his head came out of the Poke Ball.

“Begin!” the referee shouted.

“Hitmontop, let’s do this with Triple Kick!” Chuck shouted. The Fighting Pokemon started spinning, moving towards Bayleef at high speed.

“Bayleef, jump!” Ash commanded. The Grass Pokemon used her Vine Whip on the ground, escaping the attack.

However, then Bayleef got surprised. “Hitmontop, jump and hit the wall with your head!” Chuck commanded. The Fighting Pokemon hit the wall, and then ended up floating in the air, kicking Bayleef, who was just floating down to the ground.

“Bayleef, can you go on?” Ash asked. “You can do it, we need to win this battle for Misty!” he shouted. Eventually, Bayleef stood up!

“That’s the spirit!” the Pallet Town-native Trainer shouted. “Now, use Vine Whip!” The Grass Pokemon hurled the long vines at Hitmontop, holding the Pokemon. “And now make him spin!”

Hitmontop was totally dizzy after being spinned around for one minute. “Bayleef, now finish it with Razor Leaf!” Ash commanded. His Pokemon shot sharp, green leaves at the opponent, who was done for!

“Hitmontop is defeated, Bayleef is the winner! Victory goes to Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, and not to my fat husband!” the referee shouted.

“You did it, Bayleef! That was awesome!” Ash shouted, while hugging his Pokemon.

“Hitmontop, you did a fine job. Come back and have some rest,” Chuck said to his Pokemon, when returning it to his Poke Ball.

Then, when Ash put Bayleef back in her Poke Ball, Chuck came at Ash. “You did a great job, you defeated me and deserved this win.”

“Thanks!” Ash replied. “But where’s my Badge?” he asked.

“Well, first, there’s something else that matters more. Misty realized she took it too far, she’s crying all the time and she’s afraid to lose you, and she’s really sorry about hitting you. She’s worried you don’t love her anymore now... Can you forgive her?” Chuck asked.

“Of course, I love her despite her anger problem! And besides, her anger problem seems to be getting less severe since our argument in Olivine City,” Ash responded. Then, he walked up to Misty and gave her a hug. “Can you ever forgive me for my rudeness?”

“Of course I can, and I’ve done more wrong than you did, so don’t blame yourself for this. Today, our issues were entirely my fault!” Misty shouted.

“No, I’m more guilty than you!” Ash said.

“Hold it, you two, don’t start arguing again!” Chuck moaned. “Ash, to take your attention away from arguing, and because you defeated me, here’s your Storm Badge!”

“Yay!” Ash shouted. “I’ve got... a Storm Badge!”

“Pi Pikachu!” Pikachu shouted, stealing the glory after a battle he didn’t even participate in.

“Congratulations, Ash!” Misty said, kissing her boyfriend on the cheek, causing him to blush.

“Thank you for everything, Chuck!” Misty said, when leaving the Gym.

“And don’t forget to lose some weight!” Ash added to that.

“Bye, and I’ll buy a hometrainer soon!” Chuck said.

Ten minutes later, our heroes arrived at the airport, awaiting the plane to Ecruteak City. From there, they would walk to Mahogany Town. When they were sitting next to each other in the plane, Togetic noticed that two suspicious people were sitting on the seats in front of them.

“Toge Toge!” she said to Misty, pointing at the couple.

“What’s up, Togetic?” Misty asked.

“Toge Toge, Togetic!” the Pokemon shouted.

“Those two people in front of us? Hm... Hey, that’s Team Rocket!” Misty shouted.

“So what? Aren’t we allowed to travel on a plane?” the purple-haired man asked.

“Well, you two are here to steal Pokemon from the passengers!” Misty snapped.

Then, a police officer walked up to Misty. “Are those two the Pokemon thieves who escaped from jail two weeks ago?” she asked.

“Yes, Officer Jenny!” she said.

“Catch them for me, I don’t have Pokemon with me!” the officer shouted.

“Go, Marill!” Misty said, when sending out her Pokemon.

“Roselia, I choose you!” James shouted, when hurling a Poke Ball in the air.

“Marill, use your Aqua Tail!” Misty commanded. The water mouse slammed the Grass Pokemon, defeating it in one hit despite the type disadvantage.

“Oh no, we lost!” Meowth screamed.

“But the police won’t catch us!” Jessie laughed.

“Why not?” Officer Jenny asked.

“Because we have this!” James said, when pointing at the parachute on his back. Then, he opened the door of the plane and jumped out of the flying vehicle, followed by Jessie and Meowth.

“Oh no, they escaped again, we were so close!” Jenny moaned.

“Sorry for not being able to catch Team Rocket...” Misty apologised.

“It’s not your fault,” Ash tried to comfort his girlfriend. “It’s the police’s fault for letting them escape from jail!”

“Yes, we failed at making our jail cells escape-proof...” Jenny admitted.

Then, Misty’s blue mouse Pokemon started glowing. “Hey, look at Marill!” Misty shouted.

“It’s evolving!” Ash said, while looking at the change in appearance and power.

“Zuzuzu!” the evolved Marill said.

Ash took his Pokedex from his bag. “Azumarill, the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon. The evolved form of Marill. This Pokémon uses its large, highly developed ears to hear great distances, even underwater.”

“That can be useful if we’re looking for something or someone,” Misty said happily.

“I wish we’d have such a Pokemon at the police stations” Officer Jenny sighed.

Some hours, the plane landed on the airport of Ecruteak City. Just before walking out of the plane, Ash walked up to Officer Jenny. “Good luck finding Team Rocket,” Ash said to her.

“And thank you for complimenting my Azumarill,” Misty added.

“You’re welcome, and good luck in your next Gym battle, Ash!” Jenny shouted. And so, our heroes walked onwards to Mahogany Town.
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Its a realistic win, a Mary Sue is more like Tobias

Tobias was the guy with the Darkrai right? I knew that Misty would win the cup! :D At the end of chapter 29, I would have thought that Ash would have already known what an Azumarill is, but I guess another check wouldn't hurt. Nice new update.
Tobias was the guy with the Darkrai right? I knew that Misty would win the cup! :D At the end of chapter 29, I would have thought that Ash would have already known what an Azumarill is, but I guess another check wouldn't hurt. Nice new update.

Yes, Tobias is Ash's League opponent in DP, the one with the Darkrai.

Well, as I said on FanFiction.Net: Ash knows what an Azumarill is, but looking up some information is never a bad thing, and I also wanted to at least have the Pokedex in the fic once.


Wishful Trainer
Chapter 29 was awesome! I can't wait for Chapter 30.

A week after the Gym battle in Cianwood City, Ash and Misty were walking down the road from Ecruteak City to Mahogany Town. While they moved forward, heading for the city where Ash would try to win his seventh Johto League Badge, they saw a big cave next to the road.

“Wow, Mt. Mortar sure is big, Misty!” Ash said.

“Yeah, I wonder what kind of Pokemon live in there,” his girlfriend replied. “I know there’s water, so there must be Water Pokemon!”

“Yeah, I suppose,” he responded. “But let’s not go in there, it’s cold and I wanna reach Mahogany Town as soon as possible.”

“Me too,” she said, while her beloved Togetic was flying next to her.

Then, she noticed someone familiar. A red limousine came closer to her and her boyfriend. “Gary Gary is the best, he is better than the rest! Go, Gary!” the people in the big car sang. They were cheerleaders. “Ash, it’s Gary,” she said.

“Oh no,” he moaned.

Gary stepped out of his vehicle. “Hey, Ashyboy! Did you already infect Misty with your loseritis?”

“Grr... No!” Ash moaned.

“Look, gals, he doesn’t even protest us, he knows he has loseritis!” Gary teased.

“Yeah, what a total loser! I’m glad his girlfriend isn’t infected!” one cheerleader said.

“I’m gonna make you regret ever becoming my rival!” Ash shouted, while raising his fist.

“Calm down, Ash!” Misty tried, but it was a futile attempt.

“Does that mean you wanna battle me?” Gary asked. “Fine then, bring it on!” He took a Poke Ball from his belt and hurled it in the air. When a red Pokemon came out, he shouted “Scizor, I choose you!”

“Scizor!” the Pokemon shouted.

“Pikachu, I choose you!” Ash said. Then, he looked at Gary. “One versus one?”

“Sure, Ashyboy! No matter how many Pokemon you use, you can’t beat me!” the troll teased. Then, he focused on the battle. “Scizor, use your Fury Cutter!” The Bug Pokemon came at the Electric one, slashing with his red claws, severely denting Pikachu.

“Pikachu, use your Thunderbolt!” Ash commanded. A big jolt of electricity was aimed at the red bug, but the attack didn’t hit: Scizor avoided the attack.

“Scizor, use your Fury Cutter again!” Gary commanded. Again, Pikachu got hit, but this time, the attack hurted even more. And Scizor’s incredible speed was also too much for Pikachu. How could Ash ever turn things around?

“This isn’t good...” Misty thought. “Fury Cutter gets stronger every time it hits, and Scizor is so fast that Pikachu can’t evade...” Togetic looked worried.

“Now, let’s finish it with another Fury Cutter!” Gary commanded. Scizor did what its trainer told him, causing Pikachu to collapse.

“Pikachu!” Ash shouted, looking at his defeated Pokemon.

“I won again, just like on that cruise ship!” Gary teased, while stepping into the big red car.

“Next time, I’m gonna get revenge!” Ash shouted, while carrying his defeated Pokemon.

“Bye, loser!” Gary trolled, when driving away in his limousine.

“Ash, Togetic has an idea: she can use Softboiled to cure Pikachu, at the expense of some energy of her own. Shall we do that?” Misty offered.

“Of course, if Togetic is fine with it,” Ash replied.

Then, Togetic started glowing. “Toge...” she said calmly. Then, she hurled energy in the form of light at Pikachu, when shouting “Tic!” This caused the Electric Pokemon to stand up.

“That was great, Misty!” Ash complimented.

“Don’t compliment me, compliment Togetic instead!” his girlfriend said.

“Well done, Togetic!” he said.

“Tic Tic Tic,” the Pokemon said, when shaking hands with the boy from Pallet Town.

Then, Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Togetic went onwards.

“What an ******* is that guy,” Ash moaned.

“Yeah, he’s the real loser,” Misty agreed. “He won now, but who laughs last laughs best. And you’ll laugh when beating him at the Johto League!”

“What are you saying? He’s not even gonna reach the Johto League!” Ash joked.

“Ash, don’t underestimate him, you can only beat him if you take battling him very seriously,” Misty advised.

“I guess you’re right,” Ash said.

“Hey, look! I can see Mahogany Town’s Pokemon Center from here!” Misty said, looking at the red building on the edge of the town. It was evening, the sky just turned dark and the moon was shining.

“Yeah, I see!” Ash said.

“Pika Pi!” Pikachu shouted, while gushing over the attractive, white Pokemon hovering next to Misty.

Then, they heard a voice from behind them. “Hold it right there!” someone shouted.

“Hey, who are you?” Ash asked, when looking at the person who shouted at him and his girlfriend. Behind them stood a twenty years old man with straight, black hair. Misty knew him: it was the lure maker who made the lure Misty gave to Ash as a birthday present!

“I’m Robert, pleased to meet you,” the man said.

“I’m Ash,” the Pallet Town-native said, introducing himself.

“Robert, is it possible that we know each other? I vaguely remember you, you seem familiar...” Misty suggested.

“Yes, I’m the lure maker from Red Rock Isle,” Phil answered.

“Then what are you doing here?” Misty asked.

“Well, you know I’m a great fan of you, to the point of an obsession. You’re so awesome, wanted to see you again. I asked Chuck where you were, because I knew Ash would battle him after the Whirl Cup. He expected you to be around Mahogany Town now, and he was right,” Robert explained.

“Well, thank you!” Misty replied.

Then, Ash saw a purple Pokemon flying past him. “Hey, a Venomoth!” he said.

“What are you gonna do, Ash?” Misty asked.

“I’m gonna catch that Venomoth!” he said.

“Oh no, if he catches it, he’s gonna scare me all the time!” she thought.

“Pikachu, use your Thunderbolt!” Ash shouted. A jolt of electricity was shot at the Pokemon that flew away fast enough to avoid getting hit.

Then, he took a Poke Ball from his belt. “Growlithe, I choose you!” he shouted, when sending out the Fire Pokemon. “Growlithe, Fire Blast!”

“Growlll!” the dog screamed, before shooting a blast of flames at the Bug Pokemon, who couldn’t avoid the attack this time. However, Venomoth still wasn’t defeated, and flew away at high speed.

“Aw, I failed...” he moaned.

Meanwhile, a brown-haired girl and her Furret were walking around in the entrance of Mt. Mortar and noticed the Venomoth. She knew what to do. “Furret, Strength!” she shouted.

“Furret!” the Pokemon shouted, while hitting the moth with his right arm.

“Well done, Furret! And Venomoth, it’s time to join Melody’s team!” the girl shouted, when hurling a Poke Ball. After some seconds, Melody knew a new Pokemon was added to her team. Then, she gave her Furret a high-five. Then, she saw from a distance what Ash was seeing from closer by: Robert held Misty, moving his lips to hers.

“Misty, you’re cheating on me!” Ash cried. However, his girlfriend was struggling, moving her head away from Robert’s lips, trying to evade the kiss he tried to give her against her will. Then, she finally succeeded at pushing Robert away from herself.

“Ash, I’m not cheating on you! He wanted to kiss me against my will, and I tried to push him away!” Misty replied. “You just didn’t see everything because you were trying to catch that stupid bug!”

“You’re lying! You just pushed him away when I was looking, you two were about to kiss!” Ash moaned, while tears flew down his eyes. He was very sensitive when it came to Misty and other guys. His jealousy was controlling him, causing him to be unwilling to listen to what his honest and faithful girlfriend was saying. “I don’t want a girlfriend who is unfaithful!” he shouted. Then, he ran away, entering Mahogany Town.

“Fine, I don’t need a guy who doesn’t trust me!” Misty snapped. Instead of putting any effort in convincing Ash, she let her anger control herself.

“Togetic!” her white Pokemon cried. She was sad that she couldn’t see her beloved Pika-partner anymore.

“Pika Pi!” she heard from a growing distance.

Misty put her sleeping bag just outside of the entrance of Mt. Mortar, not noticing that Melody lay close to her sleeping bag.

“Togetic, sorry that you’re separated from Pikachu, but I can’t be in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t even trust me,” Misty explained. “All the time with him was wasted... And I even lost my virginity to that jerk...” She burst out in tears.

“Togetic,” her Pokemon tried to comfort her.

“No, Togetic, I can’t find other guys... They won’t like me because of my anger problem...” she cried.

“Toge Togetic!” the Pokemon suggested.

“No, I don’t want to be with Robert... Sure, he loves me, but I don’t feel attracted to him... And I don’t want to be with someone who almost rape-kissed me!” Misty replied to her Pokemon, while Melody heard the entire conversation between her and her Pokemon.

Then, Misty and Togetic cried themselves asleep. The former Cerulean City Gym Leader was dreaming. Good moments from the past went through her mind. She dreamt of how she reeled him in with her rod when she first met him. The moment when Ash drooled over her when he saw her wearing her sexy red bikini at the beach in Kanto crossed her mind. She dreamt about the moment she found out that Ash loves her, back on the Orange Islands: by acting nice to Danny, she made Ash jealous, in order to know whether he loves her or not. She dreamt about how her mean sisters separated her from him for six years, but also about how they got reunited at the beach. Then, the moment when she celebrated her Whirl Cup win with Ash crossed her mind. Meanwhile, Togetic dreamt about all the great moments with Pikachu, how he saved her life at the risk of his own when she was a baby, and their cute moments when Ash and Misty got reunited after six years.

The next morning, Misty woke up early in the morning. “Good morning, Togetic,” she said calmly.

“Toge Togetic!” the Pokemon said, pointing at Melody, who just woke up as well.

Misty walked up to her. “Hi Melody, how are you?” she asked.

“Fine, and you?” Melody asked. “Where’s Ash?”

“We broke up...” Misty answered.

“Why?” Melody asked.

“He doesn’t trust me... Some guy tried to rape-kiss me, Ash thought I was cheating on him and didn’t want to listen to me when I tried to explain what happened. I don’t need a guy who doesn’t trust me!” Misty explained.

“Ash is single now? Wow, this is the best day of my life!” Melody shouted.

“What? You’re gonna try to seduce him?” Misty asked. Even though she broke up with him, she felt really uncomfortable about the idea of Melody seducing Ash. Why? Did she still love him?

“Yes! You had your chance and you blew it, so now it’s my turn! I’m going to the Mahogany Town Gym right now!” Melody said. Then, she ran away off.

“Did I make the right decision?” Misty wondered. “When I see Ash with another girl, I also freak out... Why didn’t I try to explain it more than once? It’s just his impatience and impulsiveness, I’m sure he’d eventually believe me...”

Meanwhile, Ash walked through the streets of the town. While passing the old houses, he was thinking about his upcoming battle. Then, he noticed a familiar face. “Come on, Primeape, push it to the limit!” the man shouted.

“Hey, Anthony!” Ash said.

“Hello Ash, it’s great to see you again!” the Fighting Pokemon trainer said.

“Primeape!” the Pokemon that was with him shouted, while hugging his former trainer.

“It’s so nice to see you again, Primeape!” Ash said. “By the way, Anthony, what are you doing here?”

“The Pokemon wrestling competition will take place in this city in two days, Primeape and I are training,” Anthony explained. “We only just started training, so Primeape’s not tired yet!”

“Good luck in the competition!” Ash replied. “I’m here to challenge the Gym Leader of Mahogany Town!”

“Hey, Primeape could use a battle to warm up! Would you like to use Primeape in your battle? Then I’ll be at the Pokemon Center and you can bring him there when you’re finished,” Anthony suggested.

“Sure, a Fighting Pokemon is always useful against an Ice type Gym Leader,” Ash answered. “And it’ll be nice to battle with him again.”

“That’s cool, I’ll see you at the Pokemon Center then. I’m off!” Anthony responded. “And oh yeah, I taught him how to use Overheat!”

“Primeape!” the monkey shouted energetically. He was ready to battle!

After walking for thirty more minutes, Ash finally reached the Gym. “There we are, the Mahogany Town Gym,” Ash said.

When he was about to open the door, he noticed that a brown-haired girl walked up to him. He saw that she was wearing a slightly different outfit: the top she wore was pretty similar to her usual pink top, but this one showed her bellybutton and some cleavage, much to Ash’s pleasure.

“Hi Melody, you sure look hot today!” Ash said, while blushing.

“Thanks, Ash. Misty told me you and her broke up, so I’m here to make you feel a little better,” Melody said. Then, she kissed him on the cheek, causing him to blush again.

“Would you like to come in and watch my Gym battle?” Ash offered.

“Sure!” Melody answered.

While he opened the door, he thought “Wow, this is great! Instead of getting bossed around by Misty, Melody treats me really well!”

Then, the Gym Leader stood there. “Hello Ash, it’s good to see you again,” the old man said.

“It’s good to see you too, Pryce! I’m here to challenge you again,” Ash explained.

“Well, I’m ready! And this time, I’ll defeat you,” the Gym Leader answered.

Then, Sheila, Pryce’s wife arrived in the room with the battlefield. “This is a three on three Pokemon battle between Pryce, the Gym Leader of Mahogany Town, and Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. There is no time limit, and both trainers aren’t allowed to switch Pokemon. If Ash wins, he’ll get a Glacier Badge. Begin!”

“Primeape, you’re eager to battle, so I’ll choose you!” Ash said, while Primeape entered the icy battlefield.

“Mamoswine, go!” Pryce shouted, while hurling up a Poke Ball.

“Is that the Piloswine I saved for you six years ago?” Ash asked, while looking at the strong Ground Pokemon.

“Yes, it is, he evolved some months ago when beating someone with a Magmar, in a friendly battle,” Pryce explained. “It was the person Mamoswine and I lost to when we were younger, which I told you about last time you were here,” he referred to the past.

“That’s cool, but I’m still going to beat you,” Ash said, showing the fire of determination in his eyes.

“Begin!” Sheila shouted.

“Primeape, let’s start with Karate Chop!” Ash commanded. The monkey ran at the swine, who was too slow to avoid getting hit by Primeape’s strong fist.

“Mamoswine, use your Fissure!” Pryce commanded. Primeape was able to jump, preventing a hit: once a Pokemon is struck by Fissure, it’ll faint immediately.

“Primeape, try your Tackle!” Ash shouted. His Pokemon ran at the swine Pokemon, hitting it on its nose.

“And now Hi Jump Kick,” the Pallet Town-native trainer said. The monkey jumped in the air, looking at its opponent before jumping at it, while aiming his feet at the Ice Pokemon.

“Mamoswine, Headbutt!” Pryce shouted. The swine ran at the place where Primeape would crash down, shaked his head and smashed the Fighting-type in the air and smashed Primeape against the ceiling.

“Primeape, can you go on?” Ash asked. He looked anxiously at his hurt Pokemon, and so did Melody.

“Primeape!” the Pokemon shouted.

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!” Ash said, while he was about to surprise his opponent. “Primeape, Overheat!” he shouted. Not many Primeape knew how to use Overheat, but thanks to Anthony, he was able to surprise Pryce. Big flames were shot at the slow Mamoswine, who collapsed.

“Mamoswine is defeated, Primeape is the winner!” the referee shouted, while Ash looked at his tired Pokemon.

“Mamoswine, you did well. Return,” Pryce said. Then, he took another Poke Ball. “Walrein, I choose you!” the Gym Leader shouted.

“Begin!” Sheila shouted.

“Primeape, try another Overheat!” Ash commanded. The flames hit the slow walrus, who was even slower than Mamoswine. However, this time, it barely did anything!

“Ash, don’t forget that Overheat gets weaker every time you use it!” Melody shouted.

“Ah, a girl nagging to me, just like Misty used to do...” Ash thought. Even though he didn’t like being criticized, it felt just fine to him this time. “Primeape, Toxic!” the Pallet Town-native commanded. And so, the walrus was poisoned! Ash was benefiting from Anthony’s great work, but still felt proud of himself. Then, all of a sudden, Walrein smacked down Primeape with Aurora Beam.

“Primeape is defeated, Walrein is the winner,” the referee announced.

“Primeape, that was awesome! You did well,” Ash complimented. He took Primeape and put him on the stand, next to Melody. Then, he quickly went back to the cold, icy battlefield. After hurling his Poke Ball in the air, he shouted that he chose the dog-like Pokemon he sent out.

“Begin!” Sheila shouted.

“Growlithe, let’s start with your Flare Blitz,” Ash said. The Fire Pokemon tackled the slow opponent, but it didn’t deal a lot of damage.

“Wild Charge,” Ash commanded. An electrifying tackle shocked Pryce’s strong Pokemon, who was damaged quite significantly. “Walrein!” it shouted.

“Walrein, use Water Pulse!” the Gym Leader commanded. However, the dog Pokemon ran away from the attack at high speed.

Then, Ash saw that Walrein was in a great deal of pain. “Hey, the effects of Toxic!” he thought. Then, he looked at Growlithe. “Growlithe, if avoid any attack he throws at you, you’ll be safe. He’ll eventually collapse from the poison anyways! But we’ll make him collapse sooner, use your Wild Charge again!” And so, the walrus was hit by what would be the final blow. The poisoned and severely injured Water Pokemon fell down on the ice. “Walrein is defeated, Growlithe is the winner!” the referee decided.

“That was awesome, Growlithe!” Ash shouted, while his Pokemon jumped in his arms to hug him. “Growlll!”

“That was great, but you haven’t defeated me yet!” Pryce said, while Growlithe stood on the battlefield again. Then, he held a Poke Ball in his arms. “While Mamoswine was trapped in the ice for years, this Pokemon became incredibly strong. And now, you’ll feel it’s power! Go, Dewgong!” the Gym Leader shouted, while hurling a Poke Ball. A strong, white Pokemon appeared in the small pool of water on the battlefield. Meanwhile, Growlithe felt some pain in its left front paw: the usage of Wild Charge took its toll. “Growlll...”
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Wow. That was the chapter I had been waiting for. You write fanfics like a pro. :)


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Thank you! But could you please be a bit more specific: what do you like about my fanfic? Why do you like my fic?

What did I like about this fanfic because some of Ash's old Pokemon return to him, such as Pigeot, as well as Misty's Togetic returning to Misty, which is... heartwarming. Not to mention Ash catching new Pokemon. Why I like this fanfic is because Ash and Misty travel side by side as boyfriend and girlfriend, which is romantic. I hope they find a way to get together again in the next chapter...
I like this story, I see it as decent closure to the anime, I like the Ash+Misty interactions, and the implementations of older chars. One thing I noticed is that you tend to overrely on dialogue, and that your battle format is just little more than *Trainer says a command, write down what happened*.
I like this story, I see it as decent closure to the anime, I like the Ash+Misty interactions, and the implementations of older chars. One thing I noticed is that you tend to overrely on dialogue, and that your battle format is just little more than *Trainer says a command, write down what happened*.

Thanks. The story isn't finished yet. And yeah, the battles indeed aren't that good, I suck at writing battles...