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Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems: [RP Thread, Rated PG-13]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Billy Mays, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems

    According to legend, a long time ago there was only gods who lived on the world of Aradis. There were three major gods: Terra, the god of the earth, elements, and all things physical, Anima, the goddess of magic, morality, and all things ethreal, and their father, a being only known in lore as "The Original". After The Original created Terra and Anima, they then created the minor gods. Terra's creations were Ignis, god of fire, Aqua, goddess of water, Ventus, god of wind, Solum, god of earth, and Tonitrui, god of lightning. Anima's creations were Lux, goddess of light, Nox, god of darkness, Mentem, god of the mind, and Tempus, god of time.

    And yet, even after creating the minor gods, the two major god were still not satisfied. And so, is it said that they created life on the world of Aradis, and along with it, the final two minor gods, Vita, the goddess of life and nature, and Spiritus, goddess of spirits, death, and the afterlife. They were happy..for a time. However, they soon came to realize that these creatures were not ideal, as for every good deed that was enacted was a sin that countered it. So, Terra and Anima left the world and put the minor gods, now known as the Patrons, in charge of looking after the world. But when they left, as a parting gift they created the Divine Gems, which had the power to either bring a golden age of properity or thrust the world into chaos. Of these gems, there was also the Sacred Gems, which held the power of the the god themselves; however, they were sealed away, for generations far in the future who are much more prepared for their power to use...

    At least, that's what the history books say. The land of Aradis as it is now is a land inhabited by four races: The Humans, Gaians, Psyclos, and Velox. Aradis' technology is mostly similer to that of Earth's in the mid-1800's, but many advancements have been made over the past few decades thanks to the Divine Gems. These gems come in many different colors, and are used for three main purposes: a power source, enchanments, and direct magic. Some gems are used essentially as batteries to power steampunk technology, except unlike batteries they never run out of power (they can give something a certain amount of power at a constant rate, but never give any more, or any less). Others are expended to give items special powers related to said gem. While lastly others are used more directly for spell casting.

    Recently, there have been rumors of geologists descoving a large Divine Gem some where on the edge of Aradis. Some belive it to be one of the Sacred Gems spoken of in legend. Due to the rumors, the Parliment of Aradis has hired several able-bodied mercenaries (or anyone else willing to go) to investigate this. You, as the player, are one of the people who either was hired or volunteered to go and investigate this large gem at the edge of Aradis. Little does either you or the Parliment know, that the events that will take place there will change the history of Aradis...forever.


    The Continents:

    Naku: The center continent in Aradis, and home to the capital, Aradine. Aradine is a large prosperous city, home to the Aradis Paraliment, which rules over Aradis. Besides Aradine, most other towns on Naku are small fishing towns along the coasts. Overall, Naku's population is fairly diverse, but Humans still hold the majority of the population here. Naku is mainly either mountainous or forested, save for the tundra on the nothern coast and the plains on the southern coast. North of Aradine lies a large volcanicly active region known as the Scourged Lands, which most people tend to avoid entering at all costs due to it's danger.

    Amaratsu: The northeastern continent in Aradis, and the second largest, only being slightly smaller than Rukon. Amaratsu has the highest population out of all the continents, including a large population of Verox. Most of the continent is flat, from the Lancer Grasslands to the south to the large Lucana Tundra to the north. The eastern part of it however, is fairly uneven, containing both the lowland Bangan Swamps and the tall Andreso Mountains. The town of Ridgepoint on an island off the coast os Amaratsu is a popular rest stop for sailors who've been traveling across the seas of Aradis for prolonged periods of time. The largest city in Amaratsu is Corusco.

    Rukon: The southeastern continent in Aradis, and the largest of them all. Rukon may have a smaller overall population than Amaratsu, but it also has the most diverse, and is the place you are most likely to see some of the half-breed races. The large Jadewing Plains dominate Rukon, and because of it's rich soil and many farmers willing to utilize it, Rukon has become the biggest producer of agricultural products in Aradis. Surrounding the plains though on all directions is terrain unsuitable for growing crops, with the Windslash Desert to the north, the Silver Mountains to the west, the Coldstone Mountains (which also happen to be the largest mountain range in all of Aradis) to the east, and the expansive Frostwolf Tundra to the south. The largest city in Rukon is Shirazon.

    Kamax: The southwestern continent in Aradis, and the second smallest. Kamax is an interesting continent, being the only one without any arctic climate, so it stays warm year round. Almost all of Kamax is either tropical rainforest or desert, with the exception of the mostly man-made Semter Plains, as well as a small portion of the Janzek Peninsula near the tip. Kamax has a high population of Gaians, as they tend to prefer warm climates. The largest city in Kamax is Sorento.

    Ramdyne: The northwestern continent in Aradis, and also the smallest out of all of them. In contrast to Kamax, Ramdyne is a continent that is entirely in arctic climate, so it tends to be pretty cold there. Due to their resistance to the cold, Psyclos find Ramdyne to be very hospitible, which is why the tiny continent houses the largest population of Psyclos out of all the continents. The continent is fairly flat for the most part, but becomes more hilly as you progress inward until it becomes moutainous towards the center of it. Off the coast of Ramdyne is the Combine Islands, which houses the giant city-sized prison named The Frozen Condemmed. The largest city in Ramdyne is Erebor.

    Oceans and Seas:

    Angelwing Ocean: An ocean inbetween Naku from Rukon and Kamax. The Angelwing Ocean is fairly calm waters, and makes for smooth sailing; quite conveinent for the freight ships constantly shipping crops from Rukon and exotic goods from Kamax heading towards Naku.

    Razoredge Sea: The apply named Razoredge Sea lies inbetween the continents of Kamax and Ramdyne, as well as the west coast of Naku. This sea gets it's name from the rocky shores that lie on the southern coast of Ramdyne and the western coast of Naku, as well as from the fact that storms frequently ravage this sea, especially during the late summer.

    Cyan Sea: A sea far to the north, lying to the east of the Combine Islands and west of the Lucana Tundra. This sea is generally dangerous to travel; not because of storms, but because of the many icebergs that drift along this northern sea.

    Outer Ocean: An Ocean to the east of the eastern continents. Not much is known about this ocean, as it is rarely traversed, hence why it was given the name Outer Ocean. From what is known about it however, it appears to be a relatively safe ocean to cross, but it is rumored that pirates live in fortresses they built on islands in this ocean.

    There are a couple different races in Aradis, each with their own traits.

    Humans: The most common race in Aradis, Humans are fairly versitile so their biggest advantage is that they can do pratcially anything. However, Humans in particular are the best race at using life and death based magics, such as restoration magic or necromancy. Human pray to both Terra and Anima equally, and their main Patrons are Vita and Spiritus.

    Gaians: Gaians are the most diverse race in Aradis, with there being five different kinds of Gaians. Universally, Gains are an anthromorphic animal race, with what kind of animal they look like depending on their sub-race. Fire Gains are reptiles, Water Gaians are aquatic creatures, Wind Gaians are birds, Earth Gains are hooved mammals (such as goats, cows, deer, etc.), and Lightning Gaians are pawed mammals (such as dogs, cats, and monkies, etc.).

    A Gaian child is always the same as their parents if both are the same, but if each parent is different then the child will be the kind of Gaian that the parent of the same gender is (for example, if a Fire Gaian male and a Wind Gaian female have a daughter, the child will be a Wind Gaian). Wind and Lightning Gains tend to be slightly smaller than Humans, Earth Gaians tend to be slightly larger, and Fire and Water Gains tend to be about the same height. Gaians are fairly versitile like Humans, except they tend to not be that good with magic besides elemental magic, and even then only the kind that their sub-race is associated with (for example, a Water Gaian would be good at water based elemental powers, but not others). Gaians pray mainly to Terra, and their main Patrons are Ignis for Fire Gaians, Aqua for Water Gaians, Ventus for Wind Gaians, Solum for Earth Gaians, and Tonitrui for Lightning Gaians.

    Half-Gaians: Interestingly enough, breeding between Humans and Gaians is actually quite possible. The end result is a child who for the most part looks Human, but has a few animal features similer to their Gaian parent. Half-Gaians are versitile like the races of their parents, but they tend to be good with elemental magic in general rather than just one kind of it, although if they are a Fire Half-Gaian for example they are likely to be better with fire than other types of elemental magic.

    Psyclos: Psyclos are an odd race, who has a special affinity with magic. They tend to be slightly taller than humans, but are very thin and frail so they are terrible at physical combat. They have skin that is a pure pale white, that doesn't change color (so Psyclos don't get tans, they don't blush, etc.). Their hair color is always a color of the rainbow (either red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, or pink), and their eyes have no white, no pupils, or anything. They are completely blank and are the same color as their hair, and they glow like headlights (unfortunately though they aren't bright enough to illuminate dark places). For unknown reasons, Psyclos have an extreme tolerance for the cold, so most Psyclos live close to or in the artic regions of Aradis. Psyclos cannot breed with any race besides themselves. Psyclos can use psychic-like powers by using Pink Gems, and are the only race that can do so. Due to their abilities with magic, most fortune tellers (or users of Clear Gems in general) are also Psyclos. Other then that, they tend to also be good at other forms of magic, although ther other races tend to outclass them in the forms they specalize in. Psyclos pray to both Terra and Anima, although some only pray to Anima, and their main Patrons are Mentus and Tempus.

    Velox: Velox are a proud race that is very light and swift. They are fairly shorter than Humans, averaging at about half a foot to a foot shorter. They have naturally strong muscles and keen senses, so although they are short, they are also strong, fast, and perceptive. Velox have pointed ears, and their hair color is the same as humans, except it is possible for Velox to have white or silver colored hair as well. Although Velox are well suited to physical combat or stealth, Velox are absolutely terrible with magic with the exception of light and dark magic, which they tend to be fairly good at. Their light frames also make them just as easy to hurt as Psyclos, even if they are stronger than them. Velox Pray mainly to Anima, and their main Patrons are Lux and Nox.

    Half-Velox: Like how breeding is possible between Humans, it is possible with Humans and Velox (oddly enough though, it isn't possible between Gaians and Velox). Half-Velox are often hard to tell that they aren't full-blooded, but there are a few differences. First, Velox have pointed ears, but they aren't as pointed as a full-blooded Velox. Second, they only have hair colors possible with humans. And lastly, they are taller than Velox, and are usually right about the size of Humans. Half-Velox are sturdier than Velox thanks to their humans blood, meaning they tend to make the best warriors, but at the cost for their skill with light and dark magic.

    These are all the Divine Gems in the world:

    Orange Gems: The most common gem. These gems don't give much besides basic energy, so they're good for general use.

    Red Gems: Red Gems hold an essence of fire, and as such are used for fire magic or enchantments, or in technology that would normally require burning something to run, such as coal trains or furnaces.

    Blue Gems: Blue Gems hold an essence of water, and are used for water like Red Gems are used for fire. These gems work best for powering things that use water or are underwater.

    Grey Gems: Grey Gems hold an essence of wind, and are used for wind like Red Gems are used for fire. These gems can give the power of flight, and as such are used to power vehicles such as airships.

    Brown Gems: Brown Gems hold an essence of earth, and are used for earth like Red Gems are used for fire. This gem is commonly used to power heavy machinary or mining equipment, as it gives a ton of power.

    Yellow Gems: Yellow Gems hold an essence of electricity, and are used for electricity like Red Gems are used for fire. This gem gives off a strong electric charge, so it is mainly used for devices that require electricity.

    White Gems: White Gems hold an essence of light. This gem is useful for illumination, and is said to work better for those with pure hearts.

    Black Gems: Black Gems hold an essence of Darkness. This gem is good for shadow based magic and illusions, and is said to work better for those with closed hearts.

    Pink Gems: Pink Gems hold an essence of a strange magic, that can be used by the mind. These gems are sacred to the Psyclos, who require these gems to use their powers.

    Green Gems: Green Gems hold an essence of nature and life itself. This gem is commonly used in hospitals and by doctors, as it is good for casting healing magic.

    Purple Gems: Purple Gems hold an essence of the soul. This gem is good for magic involving death such as necromancy, and it is rumored that it is possible to trap one's soul in this gem.

    Clear Gems: Clear Gems hold an essence of time, and are the rarest of gems. This gem is the least often and hardest gem to use, however it is said that fortune tellers can use these gems to predict the future.

    There are five main classes to play as: Warrior, Mechanist, Marksman, Wizard, and Rouge. Although characters have to choose a sub-class of these main classes, they can choose to have two classes, and they are given a good amount of free range to make what they want with it.

    Warrior: The main fighters of the group, they are the ones who charge into danger with melee weapons. Strong and resiliant, Warriors tend to be the hardest to take down. As Warriors don't rely on Divine Stones at all (unless they have enchanted weapons, which by the way you are ENCOURAGED to have), they are not hindered at all in the event that none are avalible. The sub-classes for you to choose are:

    Knight: A Warrior who fights with heavy armor. A shield is recommended (make sure it can stop bullets too!), and a knight is likely to use a weapon like a sword, spear, or halberd.
    Berzerker: A Warrior who fights with large and powerful weapons. Berzerkers are a force to be reckoned with, and are likely to be the most physically strong of the group. A Berzerker is likely to either use a two-handed weapon or duel wield two one-handed weapons.
    Ranger: A Warrior who is knowledgable of the land and is an excellent scout. Rangers tend to use bows or crossbows, but can choose to use something such as a sword if they wish. Rangers are usually Velox, but they don't need to be.

    Mechanist: Mechanists are good with machinary and Clockwork/Steampunk type technology, and often use Divine Stones to power their devices. Mechanists usually aren't direct fighters, although they can be. The sub-classes for you to choose are:

    Engineer: A Mechanist who specalizes in building machines and robots to fight for him. Engineers also can build machines to pilot themselves to use or fight with. Although they aren't forced to, they can fight themselves if they want to.
    Augmenter: Mechanists who turn themselves into a weapon. This can range from characters who have gadgets they can use to fight with (like Batman), or grafting or wearing mechanical gear that improves their ability to fight (like Iron Man).

    Marksman: Marksmen are fighters who used gunpowder based weaponry. They have an advantage of being ranged and not needing to rely on Divine Gems like Warriors, but they are fairly easy targets for melee fighters up close and instead need to rely on ammunition. The sub-classes for you to choose are:

    Gunslinger: A Marksman who fights with guns (obviously). Remember that technology is for the most part like the mid-1840's, so instead of things like assult rifles or machine guns, you should be using things like lever action rifles and revolvers.
    Demolitionist: A Marksman who specalizes in explosives. Obviously, you need to be very careful if you are a Demo, as one wrong move and you accidently blow a friend's (or your own) arm off. One again, this is mid-1840's technology, so you should be using stuff like dynamite.

    Wizard: To put it basically, a Wizard is anyone who uses magic. As such, there are a ton of sub-classes for Wizard. In general, Wizards either use their magic to fight either in melee combat like Warriors, or in ranged combat like Marksmen, or support their allies with magic. The sub-classes for you to choose are:

    Elementalist: A Wizard who specializes in elemental magic. The elements are fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning. Elementalists are often either Gaians or Half-Gaians, but they don't need to be.
    Illusionist: A Wizard who specalizes in using light and dark magic to trick and deceive. This includes things like blinding enemies with light or invisibility.
    Psychic: A Wizard who uses psychic powers, like telekinesis, telepathy, etc. ONLY Psyclos can be Psychics, but a Psyclos doesn't nessesarily need to choose Psychic as their class.
    Cleric: A Wizard who specalizes in healing wounds and curing ailments. Clerics are usually Humans, but they don't need to be.
    Necromancer: A Wizard who specalizes in summoning the undead or using the power of spirits. Necromancers are usually Humans, but they don't need to be.
    Monk: A Wizard who fights in close combat, and uses magic to enhance their power and skill. Monks generally use quarterstaffs or fight with martial arts.
    Custom: There are a ton of different things you could potentially do with magic, so if you can have the choice to make your own Wizard. If it's good and balanced enough, I will most likely accept it.

    Rouge: A deceptive character who uses his charm, guile, or stealth to his advantage. Rouges aren't the best of fighters generally, but often have a big advantage over their allies in one way or another.

    Thief: A Rouge who is good at sneaking around, finding traps, and of course, stealing. Thieves will often use shadow magic from Black Gems to help keep them hidden. Thieves will often use small weapons such as a hatchet or short sword, or throwing weapons like throwing knives and shurikens.
    Con Artist: A Rouge who is an amazing speaker, who can get anything he wants with as much as a few words. They think on the fly and are amazing liars, and will often use their charm or wits to beguile their foes. Con Artists aren't really much of fighters, but they will often carry something like a hidden knife, in case they need to protect themselves.
    Bard: A traveling musician whose instument is enchanted with magic power. Bards are often fairly deceptive, but their main skill is to use their instrument effect those who hear it. Most Bards also carry a weapon such as a sword with them for defense.


    1. All standard Serebii rules apply. Redundant to say, but whatever.
    2. No godmodding, or bunnying. It ruins the fun for everyone else.
    3. PLEASE avoid making a Mary Sue character. Characters who only have positive traits and are perfect in every way are just boring.
    4. If you are a duel class, you shouldn't be as effective in both classes as someone who's only using one class.
    5. You are allowed to have up to two characters. No more than two though; don't want there to be too many characters.
    6. Posts should start with this:
    (Insert Name Here)
    (Insert Race Here, Insert Class Here)
    (Insert Location Here)

    Here's an example:
    Billy Mays
    Human Knight
    WhoCaresville, Aradis

    7. Have a good time ladies and gentlemen.

    Captain Richter Redheart, Male Half-Velox Knight - Billy Mays
    Harvey Kingrock, Male Earth Gaian Augmenter/Elementalist - Billy Mays
    Enma Sarutobi, Male Lightning Gaian Monk - SenorLaughsaLot
    Cynthia Viridian, Female Half-Velox Berzerker/Cleric - SenorLaughsaLot
    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone, Male Human Monk/Illusionist - Mon1010
    Lirea Marine, Female Water Half-Gaian Elementalist - Mon1010
    Kareena Aslantin, Female Wind Half-Gaian Elementalist - Flame Mistress
    Hawke Mason, Male Human Gunslinger - Avenger Angel
    Felicity Lucas, Female Lightning Half-Gaian Thief - *Jean Grey*
    Ian Blackwood, Male Psyclo Psychic/Necromancer - SoulMuse
    Yuri Lazuli, Male Half-Gaian Time Mage - CandleReaper
    Halt Erzit, Male Fire Gaian Elementalist/Monk - deltakirumiru4
    Kristoph Coslends, Male Half-Velox Ranger - kacqn


    Captain Richter Redheart
    Half-Velox Knight
    Aradis Parlimental Chamber, Aradine, Naku

    Richter peeked into the room first before entering. To his surprise, he could see that the entire Parliment was there to give him the mission briefing. He couldn't fathom why over a hundred different Senators in the Parliment had to be there, but he wasn't one to question authority.

    Richter opened the door into the chamber all the way and walked in. As he walked towards the center of the room, he stood at attention and saluted. The Parlimental Chamber was circular, with a large open area in the middle for speakers; or in this case, someone they wished to speak to.

    The rows of seats were split into five sections, one for each continent. Naku was represented by red, and was made of a mostly Human cabinet. Amarastu was represented by yellow, and had a mixed cabinet with slightly more Velox than other races. Rukon was represented by the color brown, and held the most mixed cabinet out of all of them, including the only Senator who was of mixed blood; an Earth Half-Gaian who had antlers protruding from his head. Kamax was represented by the color green, and had a cabinet with a good amount of Gaians on it. Ramdyne was represented by the color blue, and had the highest amount of Psyclos on it's cabinet, whilst simutaniously having the smallest amount of Humans on it. Thoughout the room was also the color gold, which represented the Aradis Parliment as a whole.

    Directly in front of Richter was a large seat that stood by itself between the Naku and Ramdyne cabinets, which in it was the Speaker of the House. Although technically he held no power over the other Senators, the Speaker was the main voice of the Parliment and held alot of respect from his peers.

    "At ease, Captain," the speaker said to Richter, who then went back to a more natural stance.

    "As you already know, a mission has been ordered to go investigate claims that geoologists in the northern Lucana Tundra region of Amaratsu have discovered a Sacred Gem. We have decided to put you in charge of this mission, as we could not spare a full squad of troops at the moment to investigate, but we still wished to have someone keep those we hired in line."

    Richter nodded. "What is my mission, sir?"

    The speaker continued. "A few days ago, a presumablely insane man came from the south and entered town, shouting about how he was a part of a team of geologists from Amaratsu who'd discovered a Sacred Gem. We would have ignored such claims, but after some research we found out that his claims of being a part of a team of geologists held true. Not only that, but he had heard reports that the same team had gone missing just the day before. When we went to question this man however, an odd occurance happened."

    Richter looked confused, but stayed silent in order to allow the Speaker to explain. "He had entered a deep coma, and we had no way to explain how it happened, or how to undo it. However, some speculate that it was from a curse."

    "Whether there is a gem or not, there is no doubt in our minds that some malevolent force is at work here. That is why we have assembled this team of volunteers and mercenaries to investigate. The reason you are in charge of it though, is to make sure that if a Sacred Gem is indeed recovered, you are to make sure it comes into our possesion...by any means nessesary."

    "Any questions?" The Speaker said, indicating that he was finally done speaking. Richter simply shook his head and replied, "I know my mission."

    "Good. May the gods be with you Captain." Richter once again saluted, then made his way out the door.


    Harvey Kingrock
    Earth Gaian Augmenter/Elementalist
    Waiting Room In Mercenary Guild, Aradine, Naku

    Harvey had been waiting awhile, and he was beginning to get imaptient. He'd been told to wait here with any other volunteers for their supposed "expedition leader" who Harvey could assume was some stuck up Human knight who had a pole shoved up his a**. He'd been paid in advance some gold in order to pay for any equipment or other stuff he'd need to buy for the expedition, but since he was already prepared Harvey simply pocketed the gold and assumed it may come to use later.

    To pass the time, Harvey began to think about the Sacred Gem. He wondered it was real, and if it it was, which one of the gems it would be. He thought about all the scientific breakthroughs he could no doubt make if even one of those gems were discovered.

    Harvey got up to stretch a little check out a window. Still no one else. He assumed this is his punishment for coming a little early. He sat back down, and waited for the others to arrive.

    (OoC: Players, your characters should be heading to the Mercenary Guild where Harvey is. Once everyone is there, Richter will arrive and the adventure can begin!

    Oh, and don't worry about making your posts very long. Just make sure they are long enough.)
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2012
  2. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Yuri Lazuli
    Lightning Half-Gaian/ Time Mage
    The Theater of Life and Death, Sorento, Kamax

    Yuri looked out at his audience as they were giving him his applause. He bowed, and calmly looked at his audience, holding there gaze. He still had his old touch with acting, and this was his best, and last, show that he will have. He then turned around, and started to speak with his high voice.

    "It is such a shame, that after re-awaking four years ago I have to go away from my beloved theater. I bid you all Adiue, and I hope you all can gather here once more when I return. All of you ,just because I'm not here to give entertainment in your lives shouldn't mean you shouldn't go and be boring and dull. Momento Mori, and live your life to the fullest. I didn't want this to happen, but since the oh great and mighty parliament beckoned me to come along, I had no choice. Now, this Soliloquy will end soon, as it will be my last act one stage. As the cold moon becones us to eternal rest, the stars light our lives, creating excitement to grow, and leading our imaginations to blossom into the sweet, seculent scent of my beloved Strayberries." Yuri stobbed, and took the ribbon out of his hair, leading for his ponytail to fall into a full, flowing have of rusted red. His high voice, made higher, recited some of Shakespeare's famous lines.

    " O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
    Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
    And I'll no longer be a Capulet." He recited Juliet, and then looked at the Audience, translating it to his own meaning

    "Oh Life, Life! Where is my freedom to act?
    I shall deny the stage, and refuse my duty
    but if I can't, will always remember the joy I have given
    so I shall not belong to this Stage no more, and in sure time, come back to play once more. "He finished, putting his hair back into a ponytail, and bowed to the now crying and cheering crowd. He went offstage to prepare for the long journey ahead

    Mercenary Guild, Aradine, Naku

    Why can't those damn fangirls leave me along for just one day!? Oh well, I just want to sleep...

    He saw and impatient looking man at the window, and made his way over to him

    "Hiya! Are you one of the Merc's that's going on the gem expedition? You look so tall and big! Maybe you can be my new toy~" Yuri exclaimed with glee while jumping up and down. He had his hood on, so no one could regonize him from behind. He then felt dizzy, and sat in the chair next to the man, and started to fall asleep from the long journey to the guild.
  3. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Cynthia Viridian
    Half-Velox Berzerker/Cleric
    Jadewing Plains, Rukon

    Cynthia stood in the middle of the living room of what used to be her happy home. She hadn't been there ever since her family's been murdered, 10 years ago. She took a moment to think about her childhood and can't help getting choked up. She then walked out and went to the grave yard where her family had been buried.

    "Mom, Dad, Little Brother ... I miss you guys, and I hope you know that I love you all. I'm going on a journey now, I hope you guys can look down on me and be proud and give me luck. You guys will forever be in my heart." She sniffled and wiped her tears away. She went to a nearby bush and yanked the flowers that were in bloom. She layed down one flower by each grave and went on her way. She continued walking down a dirt road, trying to let the moment sink in before she had to get to her ride. She couldn't help but notice the wanted signs posted on various poles. It read, WANTED Felicja Łukaszewicz, Former Resident of the Jadewing Plains, Money Will Be Rewarded

    Cynthia couldn't help but feel as if she knew the woman on the poster. Something about her just bothers Cynthia, she just looks so familiar. She begins to speak to herself, "Łukaszewicz... Łukaszewicz...," she had trouble saying it, but then it hit her, "That's the surname of the clerics who tried to save my family!" She couldn't believe someone from such a great family could be bad. The sun started to glare in her eyes and it ruined her focus. Then, she remembered, she had to get going. She broke into a sprint and rushed to her boat, set for the capital of Naku, Aradine.

    Mercenary Guild, Aradine, Naku

    She arrived at the Guild and started to get nervous. She stood outside and pondered what could possibly await her. Then a passersby bumped into her while she was spaced out. "Hey! Watch where you're going you ignorant bastard!" As she yelled that out she noticed her hand was ready to pull out her hammer, strapped on her back just waiting to be used. No, Cynth. Not now. She composed herself and walked into the waiting room. In there she could see two people, or creatures, had arrived, a boy taking a nap and a huge horse. The boy was wrapped in his hood and his identity was concealed. It was obvious that the horse, with a metallic arm, was Gaian. It was too quiet for her, but she pulled up a seat and waited for the rest of the volunteers, hoping it would get more exciting.

    Enma Sarutobi
    Lightning Gaian Monk
    Mercenary Guild, Aradine, Naku

    Before Enma entered the guild he decided to find a nice and quiet spot to pray. He felt if he didn't now he wouldn't have another chance. He found a tree flowing with great branches and put down his staff. He did a quick stretch and climbed it in no time. He hung upside down from a branch with his tail and began his session. He brought his hands together and closed his eyes, "Oh great god Tonitrui, may I be blessed with a great adventure from your beloved hands..." He ended his prayer with an exhale from his nose, which was his way of saying amen. He jumped down, grabbed his staff, and began walking back to the guild.

    Before he opened the door, Enma took in a deep breath and as he let it out he busted open the door. When he got inside he immediately took a bow and introduced himself. "Hello all. My name is Enma Sarutobi, but please call me Sarutobi or Saru. I can't wait to go on this journey with you all!" When Enma finally raised his head he realized there were only three others in the room. He heard a snicker from a blonde woman sitting in a chair and felt a bit embarrassed. He rushed to a corner in the room, sat down, and just started to meditate. He cleared his head and forgot about what had happened. He will make his introduction once more, when everyone else arrives.
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  4. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    OOC: Let's just say...Feli has a distinctive accent (her real name says it all...). XD You guys can just call it..."South Jadewing" for the purposes of this RP. XD

    Felicja Łukaszewicz / "Felicity Lucas"
    Half-Gaian Thief
    Aradine, Naku

    Felicja Łukaszewicz stood in front of the mercenary guild, her blonde wolf tail swaying slightly as she slipped her khopesh into its hilt. A shiny golden coin rested between the black-gloved fingers of her left hand, ready for her usual ritual. Was she going in, or was she not? The blonde tossed the coin into the air, catching it as it fell back. She closed her eyes and opened her hand, then she looked. Heads. Feli smiled. This was going to be the right choice after all...unless her luck took another wrong turn that was. Ever since she murdered that one government official in Frostridge, she had been wanted both in Ramdyne and on her own home continent of Rukon, the latter possibly a result of blackmail. In Naku, she was still safe...relatively.

    She stepped forward, keeping her coin as she looked down, and placed a hand to the black gem hanging from her choker, willing the magic to go where it needed to go. She did not see it, but she knew what it was doing, turning her eyes midnight blue. Felicja had bright green eyes, but as far as she was concerned, "Felicity" had deep blue ones, and to everyone else, she had to be Felicity for a reason. Once she was done, she stepped onto the stairs leading to the guild, confident in the coin's outcome.

    Mercenary Guild

    Feli pushed the door of the waiting room open, a confident smirk on her face as she walked in. There were only a few others in the room. One of them was a tall, imposing Earth Gaian resembling a horse, another was a much smaller, sleeping figure. The third male was a white, furry Lightning Gaian clutching a long staff. The lone female of the group had pointed ears, definitely of part-Velox blood, and was almost as tall as Feli's five feet and eleven inches. She had a hammer on hand, as well as knives on her belt...she certainly looked like someone nobody would try to mess with.

    Feli took a deep breath in her mind and relaxed, careful not to give away anything. She had said this a number of times, she could even say it with a straight face to just about anyone. They probably weren't going to nitpick on her accent too much anyway.

    "Well, hey. Name's Felicity Lucas...call me Feli though. Damn, don't worry...I don't bite." She said, winking a bit as she introduced herself, leaning against one of the room's walls.
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  5. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Kareena Aslantin
    Wind Half-Gaian Elementalist/Cleric
    Port of Arcanic

    "You'll be fine, Kareena dear, won't you?"

    The whole household was gathered at the pier - there was the strict, old-fashioned housekeeper, who had never once held back on an opportunity to punish Kareena when they came, and was now dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief, and the cook who had a nasty habit of adding too much of any type of spices, who looked rather guilty for that time two years ago when she'd added too much salt in her soup, as well as the mute maid with large, constantly teary eyes, whose eyes looked wetter than ever before.*

    And of course, there was her Papa, who was standing by her, his hands on her shoulders. There was a soft, sad look on his face, mixed with pride and joy, as he looked down at his almost-but-not-quite-a-grown-up daughter. Kareena looked back up at him, not sure whether to feel excited at this opportunity, or forlorn that she was to leave her Papa and everyone else behind, or be nervous about the dangers she could encounter on her journey. But obviously she was not going to let her beloved Papa know that her mind was a turmoil of emotions right now - she had to show him that she was brave, confident, optimistic. She put on her best smile, and hugged her Papa.*

    "I'll be fine, Papa," Kareena said, breathing in his fatherly scent for what could be the last time in a long while. "I'll be just fine. I promise." *

    "Your mother would have been very proud of you indeed," Papa told her in a teary voice. Kareena wasn't really sure what to make of this - her mother had died when she was only three, and she had forgotten pretty much everything about her - but for some reason she still felt awfully proud of herself. She imagined a smiling Wind Gaian smiling down at her serenely from the heavens, and smiling, she nodded.*

    Behind them, the foghorn sounded, signaling to the crowd that there was now only five minutes left before the ship's departure. Kareena's Papa have her one last swift kiss on the cheek before releasing her, and the housekeeper burst into tears, blowing into her handkerchief. Kareena pulled her cloak tightly around her, pressed her fur cap onto her head, picked up her suitcase, and rushed towards the ship. "Bye!" she shouted at her family, waving madly, once she had walked up the gangplank. "I'll take care of myself!" She smiled to herself as everyone waved back, shouting cheers of encouragement.*

    As the ship raised its anchor and started to sail out into the wide open sea in front of her, Kareena walked to the front of the deck, and closed her eyes as she began to feel the salty sea wind brush against her face. It felt good to be Kareena Aslantin.*

    Mercenary Guild

    The instant Kareena opened the door to the waiting room, she felt very small indeed. Three of them were Gaian, and one was Half-Gaian, like her; all of them were much taller than she was. Feeling very self-conscious of her 150cm height, she took a few deep breaths and sat down, not very willing to socialize with the others - besides, it looked as if she was the youngest, too. She took out a novel from her suitcase, and started to read.*

    (OOC: Please feel free to talk with her, everyone.)
  6. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Hawke Mason
    Human Gunslinger
    The Rusty Shield Tavern, Azmaraxe, Amaratsu

    It was my first time in Amaratsu, and I could already tell it wasn't my kind of place. However, I kept one thing in mind. And that was not to look like I was lost. The key to survival was to blend in, disappear, and never be seen again. I only needed to watch the locals for an hour before I understand the culture, the norms, and the everyday life.

    The city itself was nothing special. I was only here because of a job. Some people known as Enigma, a clan of raiders and pillagers. All part of a deal to blackmail Aradine's bureaucrats. They mentioned they overheard evidence about a geologist being cursed at Amaratsu for finding what they called a "Sacred Gem," a special, larger version of one of the Divine Gems I told them as long as they gave me a quarter of the reward up front, I'd look into it. I wasn't about to pursue some kind of joke about a mystery rock and some bloke who passed out.

    In the meantime, Azmaraxe was a hub of Gaians, and where humans seemed to be the lower minority. This bar with its nondescript decor, wooden floors, beat-up furniture, and pathetic lighting was no exception. There were several Gaian asshats in the corner playing cards, a drunken iguana Gaian being thrown out the door by a pair of hefty human bouncers, a group of humans laughing over something stupid in the back, and a few shady and roughneck characters here and there. I managed to fit in relatively well.

    The bartender, a female raccoon Gaian, had been wiping a drinking glass clean. As I sat down at a barstool, I figured I'd order a drink before asking about any stupid rumors. Places like these were here to make money, not be an information charity.

    "Darkbriar whisky, on the rocks," I told her up front.

    She just nodded and went about getting the drink. In the meantime, I further scoped out the place. It was a shady area of town, and I could tell most of the norm probably didn't appreciate it. But that's what happened with every city. Good parts and bad parts meant different things to different people.

    "Haven't seen your face around here before, stranger," The bartender told me, setting the whiskey glass before me. "What brings you to this heap?"

    "You ask every new customer this same thing?" I asked her, lowering my hat a little.

    Her curiosity needed time to incubate. Judging by the speed of how soon she asked that, it was something she wanted to know quickly, but she could tell she rushed into things and it wasn't working the way she wanted it to. Still, she could have overheard something about the Sacred Gem that those fools as the Tool Academy wanted.

    "Just wondering, that's all," She told me, trying to sound like it didn't bother her when really she was disappointed.

    I got that often. Tools thinking they could team up with a guy like me and I'd rather their back while they reaped all the rewards. I didn't do that crap. That was some other gullible loser's role in life.

    I finished the glass, and ordered another. Darkbriar was good, and warmed me in ways.

    "So what is it that you do?" She asked me, getting another glass.

    "Bounties," I told her, keeping it short and vague.

    I figured I might as well insert a lie here as well. You could never tell when someone else might be asking around.

    "What kind of bounties?" She asked, wanting more.

    "Everythin' from dead or alive," I told her, figuring this was a vigilante for hire kind of thing. "But I normally don't travel this far. Not unless it's personal, and this one's personal."

    That gone her wondering.

    "Personal?" She asked as I took a long, hard drink.

    "Right," I told her. "My brother. Part of a rock-diggin' team here in Amaratsu. Suddenly lost because he and his buddies uncovered something of interest. Somethin' about a certain rock he found. The last we heard from him was he found somethin' big, and then there was nothin'."

    It was a lie, I never had a brother in Amaratsu. But, the bartender would be struck with a sympathetic feeling and would try to recall whatever she heard about whatever this bunch of rock-sniffers had been unearthing, and what may have happened to them.

    "We don't mine much around here, but Corusco might know more about that," She told me, feeling a bit sorry about that. "Big mining city there. Their whole livelihood depends on it. I take it you only just got off the boat here."

    "You could say that," I told her, finishing the glass. "I wanna find out what's happened to him, and make sure this 'rock' he found is still his. If I find someone's taken it from him and did somethin' to him just because of that, there'll be hell to pay."

    She nodded, and I figured that was the most I was going to get out of this woman. Corusco was the lead. Mining town, near the Andreso Mountains. It made sense. Still, I was going to need to find transport to get there. On foot, it could be a week's worth of walking, and I wasn't about to tolerate that.

    I finished paying for the drinks, and left the bartender a slightly generous tip. Now, I just needed transport. Simply just needed to say I needed a ride to Corusco, nothing more.
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  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Human Monk/Illusionist
    Aradine Forest, Naku

    After saying good-bye to his family, Leo left his hometown of Karon, and made his way towards Aradine. Since it wasn't very far from where he lived, he decided to take the long way around, and go through the forest. After all, he didn't get to leave Karon all that much, so he'd figure he should do as much exploring as possible. Every now and then, he'd do a cartwheel as he walked, simply out of boredom.

    When he was almost out of the forest, he heard the sound of another voice, that made him jump. "Freeze!"

    Startled Leo looked behind him, but he didn't see another person. Instead, he saw a large tidal wave heading straight towards him.

    Magic! Leo thought. There's no ocean near her, that's the only explanation. Thinking quickly, Leo jumped out of the way, and grabbed a nearby tree branch. "Alright, come out whoever you are!"

    Lirea Marine
    Water Half Gaian Elementalist
    Aradine Forest Naku

    "Dang it! Hold still so Lirea can hit you! Ugh, why do monks always have to jump around?" Lirea Marine said to herself. She sat on top of tall tree near the exit. She was also on her way to the mercinary guild in Aradine, but she decided to have a little fun with this traveler first. Judging by the way he was dressed, and lack of a weapon, he looked like a monk. After all, it was a good way to practice her magic. Unfortunately, she wasn't expecting him to jump out of the way. "That's ok, I love a challenge. Looks like I'm gonna have to try a little harder." With that, two of the gems on the trident she held began to glow, and the air around Leo got colder.

    Leo Silverstone

    "It's ok, you can come out, I won't bite!" Leo shouted, trying to get whoever was hiding out.

    "I told you to freeze!"

    Suddenly, a harsh wind started to blow. The air around him became freezing cold. Leo wrapped his arms around himself, and started to shiver. He wasn't exactly dressed for the cold. Then, it started to snow. Slowly, the size of the Ice became bigger and pointier. Eventually, razor sharp ice crystals fell from the sky, and were headed straight for him. He quickly did a flip, and managed to jump out of the way. "Come on, this isn't funny anymore!" Leo shouted, but he soon had to do another flip to avoid another incoming crystal.

    "Haha! Yes it is!"

    That's it! and suddenly, Leo vanished.

    Lirea Marine

    "What the...?!" Lirea said when she saw her target suddenly disappear. "Where'd he go?!"

    "Alright, I'm done with your games! Come out right now!"

    Lirea looked down and saw the boy was right underneath her tree. The shock of this broke her concentration, and her spell broke. Dammit! How'd he find Lirea?! now that she was busted, Lirea slid down the tree trunk, and came down. "Alright, how did you...?"

    Before she could finish her sentence, the boy smiled and winked at her, before fading away. Then another one appeared, exactly where he had been standing before. "Gotcha!" He then ran over to where she was.

    It took Lirea a second to realize what had just happened. "You're an Illusionist too?!"

    "Bingo! Leo Silverstone. Illusionist Monk at your service." He said while taking a bow. "Now, who might you be?"

    Lirea was surprised, the guy didn't seem angry at her. "Impressive. Handsome and Competent. Lirea likes that in a man." She smirked. "Lirea Marine, Water Half Gaian Elementalist." She wiggled her fishy ears as she said the last part. Lirea was heading to the mercinary guild in Aradine, but walking there alone is so boring!"

    "Half Gaian huh? Neat! I don't see a lot of those around here." Leo said. "I was heading there myself. I agree, it's boring traveling alone. Wanna go together?" He smiled, and offered his hand.

    Lirea simply nooded, and ran off. "Just, try an keep up!"

    Mercenary Guild

    As she had expected, she arrivedat the guild first. She pushed open the door, and marched right in. There were a few others in the room with her. Among the crowd, were a two half-gaian females like herself. Everyone seemed taller than her, but Lirea wasn't intimidated by that. She'd taken on people much taller than herself before, and came out just fine.

    "You all must be here for the Sacred Gem, Lirea presumes?"

    Leo Silverstone
    Mercenary Guild

    Leo arrived shortly after Lirea did. the door was still open, so he simply walked on in. There was already a crowd gathered there. "Hello everyone. Leo Silverstone, at your service!" He greeted everyone in the room with a smile. "Hopefully, we can get along well." He then walked over to a younger girl who was quietly reading a novel. "Hi! Whatcha' readin'?" He did a handstand as he spoke to her.
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  8. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    (OOC: I want Yuri to be thought of as a Human right now guys)

    Yuri Lazuli
    Lightning Hal-Gaian Time Mage
    Merc Guild

    When Yuri awoke, he checked the time in his head

    I fell asleep at roughly 4, and right now it's only 4:15... That wasn't bearly as much rest, but I do smell something yummy and delicious. I guess these people should know who I am... I have to trust after all... If not, I'll just leave. Violence isn't really the answer, well, unless it's with those God-damned Fangirls. I'm not a ****... Hmm... I want a Strawberry Daiquiri...

    Yuri jumped up, exicted, making sure that he did it gracefully, as an actor should never lose his touch, and when he was sure all eyes were on him, he casually strolled over to the Bar at the corner of the guild.

    "Uhm, Look kid, you might be a Mercenary, but you have to be 21 to drink. You only look to be at around... 12." The Barkeeper told him. Yuri drew his Staff, clear crystal side up, and looked at him. The man's expression turned into pure fear of being condemned.

    "Oh... Mister Yuri. It's such an honor that we can have such a famous person here in the guild... You can have anything you want, we got a large selection of Beer and Rum to choose from. Would you like some Schnapps, or Burbon, Vodka, anything?? Just name it." The man said with a hesitant smile and a fake joyful voice. Yuri just looked at him not amused, and started to order.

    "Yes sir. I would like to have a Strawberry Daiquiri with Five Cups of Strawberries, 2 Ounces of Frost Mint Rum, and three teaspoons of Lime Juice. Dip the cup in Strawberry flavored margarita salt." Yuri ordered calmly, putting the staff back into his hood. He looked at everyone, and scanned them while getting his drink, and the smell of Strawberries wafted into the room. He also enjoyed the smell, and fiddled with the Lapis Lazuli chain on his hip indle he heard the cup be placed next to him. He grabbed a star from the counter and walked over to everyone. He was the youngest looking, well, he thought he was. He seemed to be the shortest male of the group too. He started sipping the glass like a little kid.

    "Hiya Everyone! My Name's Yuri." he took off his hood, exposing his full head. "Yuri Lazuli. You may know me for a myraid of things, but I'm not who you think I am." He said calmy, and turned at Leo.

    "I'm declaring you as my new Onii-Chan!" He yelled with excitement, and then jumped onto Leo's Shoulders. He then started to look at the book the girl next to them was reading.

    "Excuse me Miss, but what Era of Literature is that from? Elizabethian, Post, Pre? I do love the Elizabethian Era of Novels and Plays, they alwaus were such great works to read... You know I can recite the entire play pf ROmeo and Juliet by myself? I can even do Hamlet's Do be or Not to be in Twenty Seconds flat~" Yuri started to blabber off, and then looked at everyone ,and then felt bad

    "Sorry if you just think I'm some annoying kid. I just got use to it as part of the job."
  9. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Harvey Kingstone
    Earth Gaian Augmenter/Elementalist
    Mercenary Guild, Aradine, Naku

    At first Harvey had thought it'd be better once some of the other people arrived. He knew this wouldn't be the case though the moment the first one came in: a very childish looking midget, wh ofrom the looks of his pointy ears that he was trying to cover with his hood was a Velox.

    "Hiya! Are you one of the Merc's that's going on the gem expedition? You look so tall and big! Maybe you can be my new toy~" The guy then immediately sat down and fell alseep. Normally he liked being hit on, but Harvey wasn't exactly sure how to react to being hit on by a midget Velox guy, so he figured it'd be best to just let him sleep.

    Next, a tough looking girl who was likely Human or of mixed blood came in, followed shortly by a Lightning Gaian who from the looks of his clothing was some sort of Monk.

    Well this sure is going to be an interesting adventure with a group like these people are going to be coming along.

    Harvey's attention was immediately taken when the next person entered though. She was a halfbreed no doubt, with a slim but generous Human frame and wolf ears and tail.

    "Well, hey. Name's Felicity Lucas...call me Feli though. Damn, don't worry...I don't bite." She had an interesting foreign sounding accent, which only made Harvey like her more. He couldn't help but secretly look at her rear as she passed him by, hoping no one noticed him doing so. She walked over and leaned against the wall, while Harvey was conflicted at whether or not he should approach her, but ultimately he decided he should wait a bit before trying anything.

    He barely even noticed as the next couple came in: a small teenage halfbreed who looked somewhat regal, yet another halfbreed who seemed a bit peculiar (at this point Harvey was somewhat interested as to why so many halfbreeds were showing up), and a teenage Human who really didn't seem fit to fight. Hell, now that he thought about it, none of them really looked fit to fight besides him. Although he wasn't really attached to any of them yet, he didn't want to see them all get hurt because they got into something they weren't ready for. As the wierd midget woke up and got a drink and then began to pester the Human kid, Harvey leaned back in his chair and relaxed, waiting to see who else would show up (whilst secretly admiring Felicity).
  10. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Cynthia Viridian
    Half-Velox Berzerker/Cleric
    Mercenary Guild

    Cynthia snapped out of a daze of boredom from all of the commotion. New volunteers had arrived and it had certainly gotten interesting. First, after her arrival was a Gaian resembling a monkey. He made quite the enterance, but she couldn't help but laugh since no one payed any attention to him. He looked embarrassed and went off into the corner. He seemed to begin meditating or something, but she didn't care. Then there was a wolf-like Half-Gaian who was very, peculiar. Cynthia could tell right off the bat that she would not get along with that woman, she thought of her as some sort of hussy from her appearance.

    "Well, hey. Name's Felicity Lucas...call me Feli though. Damn, don't worry...I don't bite." She said, winking a bit as she introduced herself. "Oh please.", muttered Cynthia under her breath. When she spoke she had a certain accent that brought familiarity to her. Again, no one seemed to pay attention and she layed against a wall. Something about her bothered Cynthia, and Cynthia hates being puzzled.

    Before she could even think about what had bothered her, a small Half-Gaian also entered the room. She didn't bother to introduce herself and went straight to a chair and opened a book. Cynthia felt some sort of sympathy and wanted to go talk to her, but worried she may scare her in some way. Then came another strange Half-Gaian who talked in the 3rd person. Probably a wack-job... Thought Cynthia, and right after the girl was a regular Human. Cynthia hadn't seen many of those when she was in Rukon, where there was diversity almost everywhere. He was really friendly and started talking to the quiet girl. How sweet, she thought.

    The flow of characters came to a halt, and things began to get lively. The small boy who had been here before Cynthia awoke from his nap and went to the bar across the room. This was very strange, the boy looked no older than twelve and he was ordering a Strawberry Daiquiri. Not even Cynthia drank, and from what she heard from the bartender, the boy was famous. He took the drink and then introduced himself.

    "Hiya Everyone! My Name's Yuri." he took off his hood, exposing his full head. "Yuri Lazuli. You may know me for a myraid of things, but I'm not who you think I am." He said calmy. Yuri Lazuli? Never heard of him... He then went from being calm, to being childish and loud. Certainly interesting, but he apologized after. The Gaian horse who's been here before Cynthia still stayed shut. He seemed to survey everyone, but remained lax. He's a mystery, and from his looks, he was tough.

    Cynthia looked around and recorded once again everyone in her surroundings. She then caught herself staring at the Half-Gaian known as Felicity. Something about her just catches Cynthia's attention. She knows she doesn't like her, but there was something, her looks, that gave her some sort of comfort. What is it with her... She just looks so familiar. I know if I've seen THAT I would remember. She almost looks like ... THAT CLERIC THAT TRIED TO SAVE MY FAMILY! She looks like the both of them! The Łukaszewicz's! Then that means she must be ... Felicja Łukaszewicz! That accent is Southern Jadewing and she's the wanted one!

    Cynthia was excited, she found another bounty. She tries remembering the poster. What stood out most was the girl's green eyes. She was now going to confront this "Felicity Lucas" girl and claim a new bounty. She didn't want to scare her off and decided to approach her casually. "Hey, have I seen you around somewhere? You look pretty familiar..." asked Cynthia. "No...never did, but you're seeing me now." said Felicity. Cynthia was paying close attention to her features, and noticed something strange. This girl's eyes were blue, and not the green from the poster. If she recalled correctly, everything else from the poster matched. Had Cynthia made a mistake? She already felt that she had to keep pressing on, and continued with the questions.

    "By any chance, do you know a Felicja? You look a lot like her, perhaps related? Or do you know anyone from the Łukaszewicz family?" The question was too specific, but maybe it was good enough to psych her out. "Who is this...Felicja you speak of? I know no...Łukaszewicz, if that's what you wanna know. Strange to my ears, that's for sure, girl." Not the response she expected. She was hoping to atleast hear a crack in her voice. Was I wrong? No, I know it's her, I just do. Cynthia was sure it was the girl, and she was not going to be deterred. "Alright, sorry if I was a bother. You just reminded me of someone. You guys look just alike. Oh well, see ya around, Felicja..." Cynthia just left, knowing that she had to keep a close eye on this masquerader.
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  11. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Kareena Aslantin
    Wind Half-Gaian Elementalist/Cleric
    Mercenary Guild

    Just when Kareena had really started to be drawn into the novel, a loud, childish voice interrupted her, making her look up. "Hiya everyone!" A little boy who looked no older than twelve introduced himself. "My name's Yuri.*I'm declaring you as my new Onii-Chan!" He yelled with excitement, and then jumped onto the shoulders of the tall boy sitting next to her, almost making her drop her book. He then looked at the book Kareena was holding, and much to her dismay, he began to talk to her.*

    "Excuse me miss, but what era of literature is that from? Elizabethian, post, pre? I do love the Elizabethan era of novels and plays, they always were such great works to read... You know I can recite the entire play of Romeo and Juliet by myself? I can even do Hamlet's 'To be or not to be' in twenty seconds flat~" The annoying boy named Yuri started to blabber off, and Kareena rolled her eyes. Had she been hyper and annoying like this when she'd been his age?

    "Sorry if you just think I'm some annoying kid," Yuri added, calming down. "I just got use to it as part of the job."

    What kind of job would require someone to be immature as that? Kareena wondered, and she turned her focus back to Yuri. "It doesn't matter whether you can recite the whole of Romeo and Juliet," she told him, talking as poshly as she could (which wasn't actually that hard, she realized quickly). "The words as good as gibberish if you don't know their true meanings."*She studied his face carefully: he had copper red hair, which was neatly tied back into a ponytail despite his hair being rather short; grey, almond-shaped eyes that seemed to be full of energy; a pointed nose, but not as sharp as hers; and ashen skin, giving him a healthy, tanned look. He also stood at around the same height as herself, maybe a little bit shorter.*

    Not wanting to look like a posh brat right from the start, but not sure what to say to the others (now she was truly hitting herself over the head for having such a sheltered life), she decided to loosen herself up to Yuri, because why the heck not? Even if he was annoying, he was the only one about the same height as her... which she found to be rather insulting, now that she thought about it, as she was probably five years older than him at least.*

    "My name's Kareena Aslantin," she said, putting on a smile and voice that were considerably brighter than before. "I'm from Arcanic, way up north. Where do you come from?"
  12. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Halt Erzit
    Fire Gaian, Elemental/Monk
    Aradine, Naku

    "So, this was the last contract to come in?" rasped the voice of the hooded man. His face and arms were completely covered, and the only see able part of him were his black, smokey talon feet. The small man he was talking to nodded vigorously.

    "Yes yes! I heard you were skilled at destroying buildings as well as the surrounding area of the target, so I want you to kill the man who runs the dojo in Jalahad." the small man stated, rubbing his hands together. The hooded man looked at it for a few seconds, but then punched the small man out of the way.

    "Sorry. The contract was already finished." the hooded man said bluntly. He walked on, but noticed the man scrambling after him. "You want to fight me? Dragon Tongue?" He shrugged, and smashed his foot onto the small man's head. The small man stopped moving, but resumed struggling as the foot suddenly lit on fire. Dragon Tongue kept his foot on the man's face. The man began to scream, his flesh around the eyes and nose becoming redder and redder, until the same flesh began to smoke. The man continued to beg, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The small man finally gave up the ghost, and lay still. Dragon Tongue lifted his foot from the burnt face, and walked away from the location. It was secluded, away from prying eyes and cautious knights. While being a mercenary wasn't illegal, Halt Erzit preferred the illegal jobs. They payed better. He needed the money to finish the repairs on the dojo. "Such is life" Halt rasped to himself "You pay the wrong merc for the wrong job, and five minutes later, you lay burnt in a location where no one else but you know where it is." Halt opened the satchel that he carried on his back, and pulled out the message. it asked him to head to the Mercenary Guild in Aradine, Naku. "Sacred Gem, eh?" rasped Halt "Looks like it might pay good money. And it might be a nice change of pace." He took a quick look around, and put the note back into the satchel. He reslung the satchel, and walked towards the guild.

    Mercenary Guild

    The second he entered through the door, Halt regretted taking the task at all. For one, two of the members of the group were children! They looked about twelve each. Second, one child was on top of a boy's shoulders. Halt groaned. He pulled down the edge of his hood to completely cover his face, and sat down away from the children. He took a small look around. A lot of half breeds, though he never bothered with half breeds. He never saw the point to them. A large deer Gaian stood at the edge of the room, and looked rather muscularly built. He looked competent enough for this mission. Enough strength to fight if they needed too. Then again, Halt was more than confident in his Dragon Breath. Halt suddenly started coughing, a cough similar to those who smoke. He coughed for a good minute off and on, before stopping completely. "Damn lungs" he rasped. He darted his eyes around again, but saw no one in particular that seemed to be interesting. He stamped the ground, impatient. "Hey, big guy!" Halt rasped "Know when the leader is supposed to get here?" Halt growled, and started clawing at the floorboards with his talons, bored.
  13. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Yuri Lazuli
    Lightninhg-Half Gaian
    Mercenary Guild, Aradine Naku

    "It doesn't matter whether you can recite the whole of Romeo and Juliet," The girl almost seemed to retort in a regal tone."The words as good as gibberish if you don't know their true meanings."

    Please... I know what they mean, I was alive when they were in their PRIME. Of course I know what they mean. Kid's these days are so annoying, but they're fun to mess with to. Hmm, they haven't noticed by ears or staff yet, so I'm good. Though, I can't believe these people haven't heard of the refined tastes in acting. Though, they're just either a bunch of Mercs, or Sheltered Brats. Still, it' still good to have some new toys, I was getting a little board with out him around...

    "My name's Kareena Aslantin," she said, putting on a smile and voice that were considerably brighter than before. "I'm from Arcanic, way up north. Where do you come from?"

    I know you're just trying to act nice, but maybe we're required to do that. I'm normally like this, but I have to act cold in public, and around those *Long line of Censored words* Fangirls

    "Nice to meet 'cha Kareena. Hmm, the northern countires. I've been they once... I don't remeber why though. I think it was of a war I was in a couple deca-" He stopped himself

    "I meant, I was there because of my Acting trope had to go there. You guys never heard of me, I'm like, on of the most famous people here in the entertainment section." He took a sip of his drink. And then poin ted to a bucnh of women staring at him through the window

    "I'm normally a Pacifist, well, unless those THINGS are around... Then I just fry every single bone in there pathetic body." He said with pure disgust, Pointing the Yellow gem side of his staff at the window, making sure the clear part was still hidden. He then looked down at Leo

    "You want some? It had Strawberries, Frosted Mint Rum, and Lime Juice." He offered the Alcoholic drink.
  14. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Felicja Łukaszewicz / "Felicity Lucas"
    Lightning Half-Gaian Thief
    Mercenary Guild

    "Alright, sorry if I was a bother. You just reminded me of someone. You guys look just alike. Oh well, see ya around, Felicja..." The blonde half-Velox said. Feli watched her expression, before protesting.

    "Man, my name is Felicity. Who is this Felicja woman you're after anyway? Your runaway lesbian lover?" She retaliated. Fishing into her belt bag, she took out her "Felicity" identification card, which she had placed on top of her real one in its sleeve, before holding it out for the half-Velox to see.

    "This is me. Felicity Lucas. This enough damn proof for you?" She continued, waiting for the woman to look at it before putting it back inside her bag and sighing. Feli knew that by the woman's mannerisms, she was probably what she feared - a bounty hunter who probably made a stop by Ramdyne or Rukon before she arrived. Feli was already doing well for herself as Felicity five months after the incident. Did her bad luck have to come back and haunt her?

    Man, stupid Heads...I should have read my Tarot spread.

    Feli tried to keep her face calm and cool. However, fear gripped her insides, if the bounty hunter knew...she was a dead woman. She crossed her arms and shook her hair back, refusing to show anything that could give her away. As a Thief, she was also a good actress, and she was used to situations such as this. No, she wasn't going to break down, crack or run away. That was only for the guilty, after all. Instead, she smirked.

    "Besides, let's not assume anyone is a criminal in here. If you're a bounty hunter, you've come to the wrong place to find a criminal. This isn't one of those seedy places after all." She added, satisfied with herself.
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  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Human Monk/Illusionist
    Mercenary Guild, Aradine Naku

    As he was talking to the girl, one of the kids named Yuri ran up to him, and jumped on to of his shoulders. "I'm declaring you as my new Onii-Chan!" Yuri shouted in a high pitch voice. Then, he began to talk to the girl who was reading. Leo simply giggled. Kids. What'cha gonna do.

    The girl seemed to be handle being interupted from her book rather well. She even introduced herself, and started talking to Yuri. As Kareena and Yuri talked, the boy on his shoulders stopped to offer Leo a drink. "You want some? It had Strawberries, Frosted Mint Rum, and Lime Juice."

    First, Leo picked up the kid by the waist, took him off of his shoulders, and gently put him down. "I'd prefer Onii-Kun, thank you very much." He said with a laugh. "But it's alright, I'll be your friend if ya want!" he gave him a thumbs up. "I like kids, they're fun. Actor huh? Hm, I don't recognize you... but then again, I suppose that's part of the job right? I'm just an ordinary wizard in training from Koran. You ever been there? It's not far from here. Oh, and uh no thank you." Leo said turning down the drink "I'm not much of a drinker. Aren't you a little bit too young to be drinking this kind of thing, though?"


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  16. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Hawke Mason
    Human Gunslinger
    Azmaraxe, Amaratsu

    The trip to Corusco would take much longer on foot if I decided to walk there, but it would only take a few days if I managed to find transport. I searched throughout the city, managing to find a few horse stable companies offering travel for money.

    I stepped inside one of them, a place called the Plainstrider Company. The stables themselves looked like they had seen a lot of decades of age and a lot of wear and tear. After passing over the old, wooden floor of the place, I spoke to the owner. He was an older human male, graying at the sideburns with a slightly wrinkled and gaunt face. I could easily tell he had been running this business for a while now. His tan, linen overalls and wrinkled white shirt were rugged and stained, the result of many years of hard use.

    "I need a ride to Corusco," I told him, knowing that shouldn't have been a difficult request to fulfill. "What do ya'll have at the moment?"

    "It's a two day ride from here," He told me. "I have a caravan that's leaving this evening, but after that, it'll be about a week before any other teams set out for there. I'll let you join them, but that's the best I can arrange for you. It'll cost you 850 gold, and be warned, we very well may run into bandits along the way. But that 850 includes protecting you from that scum."

    Hardly a reassuring offer. I didn't need nor did I depend on someone else's protection. Especially not at the cost of my own money when I was convinced I could do a better job myself.

    "How 'bout this?" I asked him, proposing another offer. "You give me the 850 gold, an' I'll ensure that caravan makes it to Corusco untouched by those bandits."

    "Stranger, I don't know who you are, but we're talking about some mean sons-a-bitches," He told me, figuring he could scare me into paying up. "These bastards will kill you slow and then string you up by your own intestines. And they'll make you glad you were the first to die so you didn't have to watch them do it to everyone else before you."

    "Better make it 1,500 gold then," I told him, figuring if the stakes really were that high, I'd better be adequately compensated for it. "Up front. I've killed my share of raider clowns before. And as my own personal guarantee, if any of those bastards kills any of your men, scratch off 500 gold for each casualty. But for every one of those bastards I kill, I want 500 gold per head. An' if I die, well now, wouldn't make much sense to put coins on a dead man's corpse, would it now?"

    He mulled it over, but I could read his face. This was a caravan he couldn't afford to lose. I could see it. Reputation on the line, his supplies being used to motivate and prolong raider activity, his bodyguards dead, and the loss of his livestock. Not to mention never getting paid by the ones who were expecting the shipment. Didn't take a long hard think to see he needed the money to keep this business going.

    "Alright, mister, you have yourself a deal," He told me, feeling the pressure. "But I want you protecting that caravan like it was your own kid."

    "Rest easy," I told him in a firm voice. "Those bottom-feeders will never know what hit 'em."
  17. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Kareena Aslantin
    Wind Half-Gaian Elementalist/Cleric
    Mercenary Guild

    "Nice to meet'cha, Kareena. Hmm, the northern countries. I've been there once... I don't remeber why though. I think it was of a war I was in a couple deca-*I meant, I was there because of my acting troupe had to go there. You guys never heard of me, I'm, like, one of the most famous people here in the entertainment section." Yuri took another sip of his drink, and pointed at some girls outside the window, who she'd never noticed before. Kareena noted how Yuri's grammar seemed to be... off, but decided not to comment on it. A lady was never rude to strangers, after all... though she'd grown tired of that game now.*

    "I'm normally a pacifist - well, unless those things are around... Then I just fry every single bone in their pathetic body." He spoke with pure disgust in his voice, pointing the his staff at the window. Kareena made a wild guess that they were his fangirls - why he'd have them, she had no idea, but she didn't really care, anyway. "I don't really think that would be good for your reputation," she said, but Yuri didn't take notice of her.*

    Yuri was now talking to the tall boy - who was probably a good 30cm taller than her - sitting next to her. "You want some? It had strawberries, frosted mint rum, and lime juice."

    "I'd prefer Onii-Kun, thank you very much," the boy said with a friendly laugh. "But it's alright, I'll be your friend if ya want! I like kids, they're fun. Actor, huh? Hm, I don't recognize you... but then again, I suppose that's part of the job right? I'm just an ordinary wizard in training from Koran. You ever been there? It's not far from here. Oh, and, uh, no thank you. I'm not much of a drinker. Aren't you a little bit too young to be drinking this kind of thing, though?"

    "I don't recognize you, either," Kareena told Yuri. "Maybe you're just famous from... wherever you come from. Maybe it's because Papa never really took me out to watch plays, but... anyway. Also, I agree with... tall guy over here - aren't you a bit young to be drinking that stuff? And is Romeo and Juliet a story of love or a story of hate?"
  18. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Cynthia Viridian
    Half-Velox Berzerker/Cleric
    Mercenary Guild

    "Man, my name is Felicity. Who is this Felicja woman you're after anyway? Your runaway lesbian lover?" She retaliated. Oh really? This one is getting on my last nerve! Cynthia gripped her hammer, ready to swing, but this "Felicity" decided to pull out her ID. "This is me. Felicity Lucas. This enough damn proof for you?" Cynthia began to examine the suspicious character's ID, everything seemed to check out. It looked real, but Cynthia still felt suspicious. As long as she had that feeling of suspicion, she was not going to give up.

    "Besides, let's not assume anyone is a criminal in here. If you're a bounty hunter, you've come to the wrong place to find a criminal. This isn't one of those seedy places after all." continued Felicity. How'd she guess I was a bounty hunter? No matter, I'll just have to keep close watch. "I sincerely apologize if you felt as if I was trying to hunt you down. You just reminded me of someone. Can we put this past us? My name is Cynthia, Cynthia Viridian. A Berzerker and Cleric from the Jadewing Plains of Rukon." Cynthia put out her hand and a smile, wanting a hand shake from Felicity. And now the real hunt begins...

    Enma Sarutobi
    Lightning Gaian Monk
    Mercenary Guild

    Enma finally awoke from his deep meditation. Wow! It has gotten much more lively from before. I can now make my entrance. He then got up, and prepared for a second entrance. He bowed, and bellowed out, "Hello all. My name is Enma Sarutobi, but please call me Sarutobi or Saru. I can't wait to go on this journey with you all!" He made sure it was loud enough for everyone to hear. When he raised his head he couldn't stop his jaw from dropping. There were more women. A surge of excitement went through him and he zipped around the room, going to every woman. He started with the one with fish ears.

    "My, My! What beautiful ears you have!" He said as he poked. He then lost focus and went to the girl sitting with a book. "How adorable! Such a small child, on such a big quest," he began to pinch and stretch her cheeks. "You must be quite strong, huh?" He was done with the little one, and then dashed on over to the girl with the hammer. "Now you must be a wild one! From your looks you can best me, eh?" Just as quick as he came, he left. His eyes set on Felicity. "WOW! You are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! And you have such nice-", before he could finish he was struck by Cynthia's hammer. "I've been itching to use it since I came." said Cynthia, as she slid the hammer back into her belt.

    Enma began to wail and cry from the pain, rolling on the floor and grabbing his head. "Ow, ow, ow, ow! I'm very sorry. I couldn't resist." After that, his love sick attitude resided. Maybe soon I can capture the heart of one of these women. He had a gleeful expression on his face as he had the thought.

    (OOC: So Enma is gonna be a love sick monkey, almost like Brock is with all the girls he meets.)
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  19. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Yuri Lazuli
    Lightning Half-Gaian
    Mercenary Guild

    First, Leo picked him up by the waist, took him off of his shoulders, and gently put him down. "I'd prefer Onii-Kun, thank you very much." He said with a laugh. "But it's alright, I'll be your friend if ya want!" he gave him a thumbs up. "I like kids, they're fun. Actor huh? Hm, I don't recognize you... but then again, I suppose that's part of the job right? I'm just an ordinary wizard in training from Koran. You ever been there? It's not far from here. Oh, and uh no thank you." Leo said turning down the drink "I'm not much of a drinker. Aren't you a little bit too young to be drinking this kind of thing, though?"

    "I don't recognize you, either," Kareena told Yuri. "Maybe you're just famous from... wherever you come from. Maybe it's because Papa never really took me out to watch plays, but... anyway. Also, I agree with... tall guy over here - aren't you a bit young to be drinking that stuff? And is Romeo and Juliet a story of love or a story of hate?" Kareena also tuned in

    "Well, technically I could call you all my Kōhai, but I'm being nice. Also, they have a Drinking Age limit in this here? Well, since we have a Flirtatious Monkey who doesn't look like my type. I guess I should tell you guys my class... I'm a Time Mage, and only Twelve years old." Yuri said with no hesitation showing the two his staff "But I'm serious I'm twelve, if you doubt that, I could age you into dust in a second, but that would be harming you, and I don't like that. So... When is Mr. Captain going to be here?" He asked while he noticed Feli and Cynthia. He bounced on over to them, and felt the tension in the air.

    "Um... Excuse me Misses, but would you like some of my Drink, or I could order you one?" He offered to them, while taking out a second straw from his pocket and put it into the drink. He then looked at the rabid fangirls carrying signs saying "Screw my Child" "I want you to father my children" "Your'e the Best Shot EVER!" "YURI, WE LOVE YOU!!!"

    "Kareena, Leo. That's why I hate them..." Yuri sighed as he pointed to the Window, loud enough for the entire group to here
  20. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Kareena Aslantin
    Wind Half-Gaian Elementalist/Cleric
    Mercenary Guild

    "Well, technically I could call you all my Kōhai,"Yuri began to say, "but I'm being nice. Also, they have a drinking age limit in this here? Well, since we have a 'flirtatious monkey' who doesn't look like my type, I guess I should tell you guys my class... I'm a Time Mage, and only twelve years old." Of course you are, Kareena thought. Twelve and a Time Mage. That sure makes sense to me.

    "But I'm serious, I'm twelve, if you doubt that, I could age you into dust in a second, but that would be harming you, and I don't like that," Yuri continued in a somewhat proud voice. You know what? Forget about Yuri, let's talk to tall guy, Kareena thought, sighing. She zoned out slightly, and when Yuri bounced over to some of the older - and taller - girls, Kareena turned to Leo, only for Yuri to return and point at the window with a frustrated look on his face.*

    "Kareena, Leo... that's why I hate them," he said. Kareena looked out of the window, and to her amusement and shock she saw even more women who looked like rabid fangirls than ever before, who were sporting various signposts reading,*"Screw my Child" "I want you to father my children" "Your'e the Best Shot EVER!" "YURI, WE LOVE YOU!!!"*

    "I... can see why they would get on your nerves," Kareena said in disbelief. Dear God, he's only something like twelve... is everyone here crazy or what?! Time to show what I'm capable of...

    Kareena walked over to the window, opened it, and before any of the fangirls could clamber in and glomp Yuri into oblivion, she raised her wand and unleashed several balls of high-pressure air at them, blowing them away. Climbing out, she gathered the signposts that had been dropped and brought them in.*

    "Now all we need is--" Kareena was suddenly interrupted by a man who rushed over to her and started to pinch and stretch her cheeks.*"How adorable! Such a small child, on such a big quest," he said in an excited voice. "You must be quite strong, huh?" He then rushed away once more, and started to, erm, flirt with another female.*

    "--all we need is someone who can use Fire Elemental magic to burn these up," Kareena continued nonchalantly, "and preferably to burn up Lover Boy over there, too."

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