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Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems [Sign Ups, Rated PG-13]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Billy Mays, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems

    According to legend, a long time ago there was only gods who lived on the world of Aradis. There were three major gods: Terra, the god of the earth, elements, and all things physical, Anima, the goddess of magic, morality, and all things ethreal, and their father, a being only known in lore as "The Original". After The Original created Terra and Anima, they then created the minor gods. Terra's creations were Ignis, god of fire, Aqua, goddess of water, Ventus, god of wind, Solum, god of earth, and Tonitrui, god of lightning. Anima's creations were Lux, goddess of light, Nox, god of darkness, Mentem, god of the mind, and Tempus, god of time.

    And yet, even after creating the minor gods, the two major god were still not satisfied. And so, is it said that they created life on the world of Aradis, and along with it, the final two minor gods, Vita, the goddess of life and nature, and Spiritus, goddess of spirits, death, and the afterlife. They were happy..for a time. However, they soon came to realize that these creatures were not ideal, as for every good deed that was enacted was a sin that countered it. So, Terra and Anima left the world and put the minor gods, now known as the Patrons, in charge of looking after the world. But when they left, as a parting gift they created the Divine Gems, which had the power to either bring a golden age of properity or thrust the world into chaos. Of these gems, there was also the Sacred Gems, which held the power of the the god themselves; however, they were sealed away, for generations far in the future who are much more prepared for their power to use...

    At least, that's what the history books say. The land of Aradis as it is now is a land inhabited by four races: The Humans, Gaians, Psyclos, and Velox. Aradis' technology is mostly similer to that of Earth's in the mid-1800's, but many advancements have been made over the past few decades thanks to the Divine Gems. These gems come in many different colors, and are used for three main purposes: a power source, enchanments, and direct magic. Some gems are used essentially as batteries to power steampunk technology, except unlike batteries they never run out of power (they can give something a certain amount of power at a constant rate, but never give any more, or any less). Others are expended to give items special powers related to said gem. While lastly others are used more directly for spell casting.

    Recently, there have been rumors of geologists descoving a large Divine Gem some where on the edge of Aradis. Some belive it to be one of the Sacred Gems spoken of in legend. Due to the rumors, the Parliment of Aradis has hired several able-bodied mercenaries (or anyone else willing to go) to investigate this. You, as the player, are one of the people who either was hired or volunteered to go and investigate this large gem at the edge of Aradis. Little does either you or the Parliment know, that the events that will take place there will change the history of Aradis...forever.


    The Continents:

    Naku: The center continent in Aradis, and home to the capital, Aradine. Aradine is a large prosperous city, home to the Aradis Paraliment, which rules over Aradis. Besides Aradine, most other towns on Naku are small fishing towns along the coasts. Overall, Naku's population is fairly diverse, but Humans still hold the majority of the population here. Naku is mainly either mountainous or forested, save for the tundra on the nothern coast and the plains on the southern coast. North of Aradine lies a large volcanicly active region known as the Scourged Lands, which most people tend to avoid entering at all costs due to it's danger.

    Amaratsu: The northeastern continent in Aradis, and the second largest, only being slightly smaller than Rukon. Amaratsu has the highest population out of all the continents, including a large population of Verox. Most of the continent is flat, from the Lancer Grasslands to the south to the large Lucana Tundra to the north. The eastern part of it however, is fairly uneven, containing both the lowland Bangan Swamps and the tall Andreso Mountains. The town of Ridgepoint on an island off the coast os Amaratsu is a popular rest stop for sailors who've been traveling across the seas of Aradis for prolonged periods of time. The largest city in Amaratsu is Corusco.

    Rukon: The southeastern continent in Aradis, and the largest of them all. Rukon may have a smaller overall population than Amaratsu, but it also has the most diverse, and is the place you are most likely to see some of the half-breed races. The large Jadewing Plains dominate Rukon, and because of it's rich soil and many farmers willing to utilize it, Rukon has become the biggest producer of agricultural products in Aradis. Surrounding the plains though on all directions is terrain unsuitable for growing crops, with the Windslash Desert to the north, the Silver Mountains to the west, the Coldstone Mountains (which also happen to be the largest mountain range in all of Aradis) to the east, and the expansive Frostwolf Tundra to the south. The largest city in Rukon is Shirazon.

    Kamax: The southwestern continent in Aradis, and the second smallest. Kamax is an interesting continent, being the only one without any arctic climate, so it stays warm year round. Almost all of Kamax is either tropical rainforest or desert, with the exception of the mostly man-made Semter Plains, as well as a small portion of the Janzek Peninsula near the tip. Kamax has a high population of Gaians, as they tend to prefer warm climates. The largest city in Kamax is Sorento.

    Ramdyne: The northwestern continent in Aradis, and also the smallest out of all of them. In contrast to Kamax, Ramdyne is a continent that is entirely in arctic climate, so it tends to be pretty cold there. Due to their resistance to the cold, Psyclos find Ramdyne to be very hospitible, which is why the tiny continent houses the largest population of Psyclos out of all the continents. The continent is fairly flat for the most part, but becomes more hilly as you progress inward until it becomes moutainous towards the center of it. Off the coast of Ramdyne is the Combine Islands, which houses the giant city-sized prison named The Frozen Condemmed. The largest city in Ramdyne is Erebor.

    Oceans and Seas:

    Angelwing Ocean: An ocean inbetween Naku from Rukon and Kamax. The Angelwing Ocean is fairly calm waters, and makes for smooth sailing; quite conveinent for the freight ships constantly shipping crops from Rukon and exotic goods from Kamax heading towards Naku.

    Razoredge Sea: The apply named Razoredge Sea lies inbetween the continents of Kamax and Ramdyne, as well as the west coast of Naku. This sea gets it's name from the rocky shores that lie on the southern coast of Ramdyne and the western coast of Naku, as well as from the fact that storms frequently ravage this sea, especially during the late summer.

    Cyan Sea: A sea far to the north, lying to the east of the Combine Islands and west of the Lucana Tundra. This sea is generally dangerous to travel; not because of storms, but because of the many icebergs that drift along this northern sea.

    Outer Ocean: An Ocean to the east of the eastern continents. Not much is known about this ocean, as it is rarely traversed, hence why it was given the name Outer Ocean. From what is known about it however, it appears to be a relatively safe ocean to cross, but it is rumored that pirates live in fortresses they built on islands in this ocean.

    There are a couple different races in Aradis, each with their own traits.

    Humans: The most common race in Aradis, Humans are fairly versitile so their biggest advantage is that they can do pratcially anything. However, Humans in particular are the best race at using life and death based magics, such as restoration magic or necromancy. Human pray to both Terra and Anima equally, and their main Patrons are Vita and Spiritus.

    Gaians: Gaians are the most diverse race in Aradis, with there being five different kinds of Gaians. Universally, Gains are an anthromorphic animal race, with what kind of animal they look like depending on their sub-race. Fire Gains are reptiles, Water Gaians are aquatic creatures, Wind Gaians are birds, Earth Gains are hooved mammals (such as goats, cows, deer, etc.), and Lightning Gaians are pawed mammals (such as dogs, cats, and monkies, etc.).

    A Gaian child is always the same as their parents if both are the same, but if each parent is different then the child will be the kind of Gaian that the parent of the same gender is (for example, if a Fire Gaian male and a Wind Gaian female have a daughter, the child will be a Wind Gaian). Wind and Lightning Gains tend to be slightly smaller than Humans, Earth Gaians tend to be slightly larger, and Fire and Water Gains tend to be about the same height. Gaians are fairly versitile like Humans, except they tend to not be that good with magic besides elemental magic, and even then only the kind that their sub-race is associated with (for example, a Water Gaian would be good at water based elemental powers, but not others). Gaians pray mainly to Terra, and their main Patrons are Ignis for Fire Gaians, Aqua for Water Gaians, Ventus for Wind Gaians, Solum for Earth Gaians, and Tonitrui for Lightning Gaians.

    Half-Gaians: Interestingly enough, breeding between Humans and Gaians is actually quite possible. The end result is a child who for the most part looks Human, but has a few animal features similer to their Gaian parent. Half-Gaians are versitile like the races of their parents, but they tend to be good with elemental magic in general rather than just one kind of it, although if they are a Fire Half-Gaian for example they are likely to be better with fire than other types of elemental magic.

    Psyclos: Psyclos are an odd race, who has a special affinity with magic. They tend to be slightly taller than humans, but are very thin and frail so they are terrible at physical combat. They have skin that is a pure pale white, that doesn't change color (so Psyclos don't get tans, they don't blush, etc.). Their hair color is always a color of the rainbow (either red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, or pink), and their eyes have no white, no pupils, or anything. They are completely blank and are the same color as their hair, and they glow like headlights (unfortunately though they aren't bright enough to illuminate dark places). For unknown reasons, Psyclos have an extreme tolerance for the cold, so most Psyclos live close to or in the artic regions of Aradis. Psyclos cannot breed with any race besides themselves. Psyclos can use psychic-like powers by using Pink Gems, and are the only race that can do so. Due to their abilities with magic, most fortune tellers (or users of Clear Gems in general) are also Psyclos. Other then that, they tend to also be good at other forms of magic, although ther other races tend to outclass them in the forms they specalize in. Psyclos pray to both Terra and Anima, although some only pray to Anima, and their main Patrons are Mentus and Tempus.

    Velox: Velox are a proud race that is very light and swift. They are fairly shorter than Humans, averaging at about half a foot to a foot shorter. They have naturally strong muscles and keen senses, so although they are short, they are also strong, fast, and perceptive. Velox have pointed ears, and their hair color is the same as humans, except it is possible for Velox to have white or silver colored hair as well. Although Velox are well suited to physical combat or stealth, Velox are absolutely terrible with magic with the exception of light and dark magic, which they tend to be fairly good at. Their light frames also make them just as easy to hurt as Psyclos, even if they are stronger than them. Velox Pray mainly to Anima, and their main Patrons are Lux and Nox.

    Half-Velox: Like how breeding is possible between Humans, it is possible with Humans and Velox (oddly enough though, it isn't possible between Gaians and Velox). Half-Velox are often hard to tell that they aren't full-blooded, but there are a few differences. First, Velox have pointed ears, but they aren't as pointed as a full-blooded Velox. Second, they only have hair colors possible with humans. And lastly, they are taller than Velox, and are usually right about the size of Humans. Half-Velox are sturdier than Velox thanks to their humans blood, meaning they tend to make the best warriors, but at the cost for their skill with light and dark magic.

    These are all the Divine Gems in the world:

    Orange Gems: The most common gem. These gems don't give much besides basic energy, so they're good for general use.

    Red Gems: Red Gems hold an essence of fire, and as such are used for fire magic or enchantments, or in technology that would normally require burning something to run, such as coal trains or furnaces.

    Blue Gems: Blue Gems hold an essence of water, and are used for water like Red Gems are used for fire. These gems work best for powering things that use water or are underwater.

    Grey Gems: Grey Gems hold an essence of wind, and are used for wind like Red Gems are used for fire. These gems can give the power of flight, and as such are used to power vehicles such as airships.

    Brown Gems: Brown Gems hold an essence of earth, and are used for earth like Red Gems are used for fire. This gem is commonly used to power heavy machinary or mining equipment, as it gives a ton of power.

    Yellow Gems: Yellow Gems hold an essence of electricity, and are used for electricity like Red Gems are used for fire. This gem gives off a strong electric charge, so it is mainly used for devices that require electricity.

    White Gems: White Gems hold an essence of light. This gem is useful for illumination, and is said to work better for those with pure hearts.

    Black Gems: Black Gems hold an essence of Darkness. This gem is good for shadow based magic and illusions, and is said to work better for those with closed hearts.

    Pink Gems: Pink Gems hold an essence of a strange magic, that can be used by the mind. These gems are sacred to the Psyclos, who require these gems to use their powers.

    Green Gems: Green Gems hold an essence of nature and life itself. This gem is commonly used in hospitals and by doctors, as it is good for casting healing magic.

    Purple Gems: Purple Gems hold an essence of the soul. This gem is good for magic involving death such as necromancy, and it is rumored that it is possible to trap one's soul in this gem.

    Clear Gems: Clear Gems hold an essence of time, and are the rarest of gems. This gem is the least often and hardest gem to use, however it is said that fortune tellers can use these gems to predict the future.

    There are five main classes to play as: Warrior, Mechanist, Marksman, Wizard, and Rouge. Although characters have to choose a sub-class of these main classes, they can choose to have two classes, and they are given a good amount of free range to make what they want with it.

    Warrior: The main fighters of the group, they are the ones who charge into danger with melee weapons. Strong and resiliant, Warriors tend to be the hardest to take down. As Warriors don't rely on Divine Stones at all (unless they have enchanted weapons, which by the way you are ENCOURAGED to have), they are not hindered at all in the event that none are avalible. The sub-classes for you to choose are:

    Knight: A Warrior who fights with heavy armor. A shield is recommended (make sure it can stop bullets too!), and a knight is likely to use a weapon like a sword, spear, or halberd.
    Berzerker: A Warrior who fights with large and powerful weapons. Berzerkers are a force to be reckoned with, and are likely to be the most physically strong of the group. A Berzerker is likely to either use a two-handed weapon or duel wield two one-handed weapons.
    Ranger: A Warrior who is knowledgable of the land and is an excellent scout. Rangers tend to use bows or crossbows, but can choose to use something such as a sword if they wish. Rangers are usually Velox, but they don't need to be.

    Mechanist: Mechanists are good with machinary and Clockwork/Steampunk type technology, and often use Divine Stones to power their devices. Mechanists usually aren't direct fighters, although they can be. The sub-classes for you to choose are:

    Engineer: A Mechanist who specalizes in building machines and robots to fight for him. Engineers also can build machines to pilot themselves to use or fight with. Although they aren't forced to, they can fight themselves if they want to.
    Augmenter: Mechanists who turn themselves into a weapon. This can range from characters who have gadgets they can use to fight with (like Batman), or grafting or wearing mechanical gear that improves their ability to fight (like Iron Man).

    Marksman: Marksmen are fighters who used gunpowder based weaponry. They have an advantage of being ranged and not needing to rely on Divine Gems like Warriors, but they are fairly easy targets for melee fighters up close and instead need to rely on ammunition. The sub-classes for you to choose are:

    Gunslinger: A Marksman who fights with guns (obviously). Remember that technology is for the most part like the mid-1840's, so instead of things like assult rifles or machine guns, you should be using things like lever action rifles and revolvers.
    Demolitionist: A Marksman who specalizes in explosives. Obviously, you need to be very careful if you are a Demo, as one wrong move and you accidently blow a friend's (or your own) arm off. One again, this is mid-1840's technology, so you should be using stuff like dynamite.

    Wizard: To put it basically, a Wizard is anyone who uses magic. As such, there are a ton of sub-classes for Wizard. In general, Wizards either use their magic to fight either in melee combat like Warriors, or in ranged combat like Marksmen, or support their allies with magic. The sub-classes for you to choose are:

    Elementalist: A Wizard who specializes in elemental magic. The elements are fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning. Elementalists are often either Gaians or Half-Gaians, but they don't need to be.
    Illusionist: A Wizard who specalizes in using light and dark magic to trick and deceive. This includes things like blinding enemies with light or invisibility.
    Psychic: A Wizard who uses psychic powers, like telekinesis, telepathy, etc. ONLY Psyclos can be Psychics, but a Psyclos doesn't nessesarily need to choose Psychic as their class.
    Cleric: A Wizard who specalizes in healing wounds and curing ailments. Clerics are usually Humans, but they don't need to be.
    Necromancer: A Wizard who specalizes in summoning the undead or using the power of spirits. Necromancers are usually Humans, but they don't need to be.
    Monk: A Wizard who fights in close combat, and uses magic to enhance their power and skill. Monks generally use quarterstaffs or fight with martial arts.
    Custom: There are a ton of different things you could potentially do with magic, so if you can have the choice to make your own Wizard. If it's good and balanced enough, I will most likely accept it.

    Rouge: A deceptive character who uses his charm, guile, or stealth to his advantage. Rouges aren't the best of fighters generally, but often have a big advantage over their allies in one way or another.

    Thief: A Rouge who is good at sneaking around, finding traps, and of course, stealing. Thieves will often use shadow magic from Black Gems to help keep them hidden. Thieves will often use small weapons such as a hatchet or short sword, or throwing weapons like throwing knives and shurikens.
    Con Artist: A Rouge who is an amazing speaker, who can get anything he wants with as much as a few words. They think on the fly and are amazing liars, and will often use their charm or wits to beguile their foes. Con Artists aren't really much of fighters, but they will often carry something like a hidden knife, in case they need to protect themselves.
    Bard: A traveling musician whose instument is enchanted with magic power. Bards are often fairly deceptive, but their main skill is to use their instrument effect those who hear it. Most Bards also carry a weapon such as a sword with them for defense.


    1. All standard Serebii rules apply. Redundant to say, but whatever.
    2. No godmodding, or bunnying. It ruins the fun for everyone else.
    3. PLEASE avoid making a Mary Sue character. Characters who only have positive traits and are perfect in every way are just boring.
    4. If you are a duel class, you shouldn't be as effective in both classes as someone who's only using one class.
    5. You are allowed to have up to two characters. No more than two though; don't want there to be too many characters.
    6. Posts should start with this:
    (Insert Name Here)
    (Insert Race Here, Insert Class Here)
    (Insert Location Here)

    Here's an example:
    Billy Mays
    Human Knight
    WhoCaresville, Aradis

    7. Have a good time ladies and gentlemen.

    Sign Ups:

    Name: (Obvious.)
    Age: (Also Obvious.)
    Gender: (Male of Female. Your choice.)
    Race: (Human, Gaian, Half-Gaian, Psyclos, Velox, or Half-Velox.)
    Class: (Pick one or two classes. Someone with only one class should be more skilled than someone who has that class as well as another one. Also, by class, I mean the sub-classes. Don't put Warrior as your class, put Knight.)

    Skills/Weapons/Powers: (Not everyone does the same thing. What does your character do? What does he use? Try to give a short description for every skill/power/weapon. For example: "He carries a rapier with a silver blade and a jewel encrusted handle" is a good enough description, "He carries a sword" is not.)

    Description: (What does your character look like? 5-7 sentances minimum.)

    Personality: (What does your character act like? 5-7 sentances minimum.)

    History: (What is your character's history? I understand that Aradis is a fairly new world for you, so 9-11 sentances minimum for this one. Hey, I would've made it even bigger otherwise.)

    Misc. Info: (Anything else you'd like to add.)

    Accepted/Pending/Reserved Characters:


    Captain Richter Redheart, Male Half-Velox Knight - Billy Mays
    Harvey Kingrock, Male Earth Gaian Augmenter/Elementalist - Billy Mays
    Enma Sarutobi, Male Lightning Gaian Monk - SenorLaughsaLot
    Cynthia Viridian, Female Half-Velox Berzerker/Cleric - SenorLaughsaLot
    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone, Male Human Monk/Illusionist - Mon1010
    Lirea Marine, Female Water Half-Gaian Elementalist - Mon1010
    Kareena Aslantin, Female Wind Half-Gaian Elementalist - Flame Mistress
    Hawke Mason, Male Human Gunslinger - Avenger Angel
    Felicity Lucas, Female Lightning Half-Gaian Thief - *Jean Grey*
    Ian Blackwood, Male Psyclo Psychic/Necromancer - SoulMuse
    Yuri Lazuli, Male Half-Gaian Time Mage - CandleReaper
    Halt Erzit, Male Fire Gaian Elementalist/Monk - deltakirumiru4
    Kristoph Coslends, Male Half-Velox Ranger - kacqn



    Male Lightning Gaian, Ranger - Krazy95
    Psyclo - SoulMuse
    Human, Augmenter - LokiTheGangar
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2012
  2. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    I'll reserve - Male Lightning Gaian - Specifically a wolven Gaian. Also, with Rangers, will they be fast? It would make sense to me for them to be fast if they are ranged.
  3. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Of course Rangers are fast, they are good scouts, after all. In fact, due to their swift nature I was at first going to put Ranger under the Rouge catigory. You are Reserved Krazy.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    I'll reserve a human wizard. (Gender and sub-class are undecided right now...)

    Are we allowed more than one character?

    If so, a Water Half-Gaian would essentially be a Mermaid right?
  5. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Um...yeah, I guess a Water Half-Gaian could be a Mermaid. Wouldn't nessesarily NEED to be a mermaid, but I think it'd be possible. And yeah, I'll allow two characters. I'll add that to the rules. You are Reserved Mon.
  6. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Hm...putting in a reserve for a psyclos. Not sure about the class or any thing quite yet. Also, what exactly do you have in mind for the sort of powers a necromancer might have?
  7. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Well, a Necromancer would have powers that allow them to acsess the spirit world. They can do stuff like raise the undead (stuff like ghosts and zombies, but obviously summoning zombies would only work where there are dead bodies), or being able to communicate with the dead. Stronger Necromancers can even steal souls from the living, but that wouldn't be something you'd be able to do already. Think of a Necromancer working kind of like an Engineer, except they summon the undead to fight for them instead of building machines. Also, Necromancy is a dark art but although most people dislike the idea of it, people only get up in arms over someone using Necromancy if it is being used for evil purposes. No will give a damn if someone saving the world or something like that is using Necromancy. Anyways, you are Reserved.
  8. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    I'd like to Reserve a Male Lighning Gaian Wizard please. Have a certain magic planned out...
  9. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Heh, I knew Gaians were going to be a popular race. You are Reserved CandleReaper.
  10. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Reserving a Wind Gaian Wizard, please, before it's too late.
  11. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    May I reserve a Lightning Gaian Wizard, please?
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2012
  12. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Lol, I'm the only one with a human. (And a half-human) so far :p
  13. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Yeah, I'd like to see a couple more Humans and Velox (NO Velox so far, come on people, they make great Rouges), and maybe one or two Psyclos and Half-Velox. Just so you know, about 46% of Aradis' population is Human, 19% is Gaian, 20% is Velox, 12% is Psyclo, and 3% is Other, which of course would be Half-Gaians and Half-Velox. But anyway, both Flame Mistress and SenorLaughsaLot are Reserved.
  14. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Reserving a human gunslinger.

    And yeah, I'll try to get the map ready sometime today. Hopefully I don't get nailed by this whole Hurricane Sandy thing.
  15. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Name: Enma Sarutobi [Goes by Sarutobi]
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Lightning Gaian - Monkey
    Class: Monk

    Skills/Weapons/Powers: Sarutobi is skilled when it comes to hand to hand combat, and that skill is enhanced with his magic. He carries a titanium staff that is completely black with white ends, resembling a wand. It is very durable and heavy, but he uses his magic to make it lightweight upon use, and the instant he strikes he releases its weight and makes it even heavier. He used the same technique on himself when in a fight, making his body light for speed and agility, and then releases the weight for powerful strikes. His magic is enhanced by the Orange Gem sewn onto his headband.

    Description: Sarutobi is a Lightning Gaian that resembles a monkey. He is about 5'9" in height and is covered in white fur. The only bare parts of his body are his face, hands, and feet, which are tan in color. All of his paws are clawed, and can hurt if used for attacking. He is muscular from his years of training and grew out his hair over the years, which reaches down to the middle of his back. His clothing is very similar to that of shaolin monks, except his clothing is a mix between black and white. He wears a black robe in a sash-like manner, and has a white cloth wrapped around his mid-section. He also wears black pants with white leg wraps, strapped by black laces. Underneath his clothes he wears mesh armour for protection, and across his forehead is his late grandfather's tiger patterned headband that has a large Orange Gem that is cut in the shape of a diamond in the center. Reaching from his left shoulder, down to his right hip, is a strap for his container that holds his staff.

    Personality: Sarutobi has a cheerful personality, and can be goofy at times. He likes to see the brighter side of things, and is always ready for an adventure. He is also very thankful towards everything, which causes him to be very religious. When he has time he likes to either meditate, train, or pray. He may just stop at times to pray to his god, Tonitrui, for luck or just to say thanks. This attitude is contradicting towards his attitude in battle, where he can get rather aggressive and serious. Under his strict training he has been taught to show no mercy, and this often causes him to pray for forgiveness. Overall, he is generally happy and friendly towards others, but a complete monster towards his opponents.

    History: Sarutobi was born under a clan of monkeys hidden deep within the Kanazon Rainforests of Kamax. The clan consists of many monks skilled in martial arts and magic, and they keep many of their unique techniques secret from any outsiders. He started training at the age of ten, and now has fifteen years of training under his belt. The training he had to go through was harsh, especially under his grandfather, who was considered a legend within the clan. After his grandfather's passing, which was a great loss to Sarutobi personally, he began his training under his father. His father's training was nothing compared to his grandfather's training. The gap between their power was huge, and Sarutobi was nowhere near being as great as his grandfather was. After being recognized as an official monk within his clan, he set out on a journey to become stronger. He strives to become an even bigger legend now, and always has that on his mind. Then came the discovery of the large Divine Gem, and he has volunteered to go out and investigate it.

    Thanks for the reserve. My sign-up had some influence from Naruto XD, but if you have any problems just say so.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2012
  16. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    @SenorLaughsaLot - All in all, this sign up looks good. However, one thing I should've mentioned is that ALL magic is done through Divine Gems. Most Wizards carry a wand or staff with a gem on it to cast magic, but Monks and Psychics usually have the gem on some article of clothing, such as a headband, wristband, or necklace. You are Accepted, but I'd like for to add what gem Enma uses, and where does he wear/hold the gem. Divine Gems are about the size of gems in real life, by the way.

    In other news, Avenger Angel made an awesome map of Aradis so you all have a good idea as to what it looks like. I'll add to the front page.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, Avenger Angel is Reserved.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2012
  17. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    (Yes, I'm using Leo again. :p I wasn't sure in what way monks use magic, hence the Monk/Illusionist class (And then I read Emna's SU...) I'm not too sure how good the hsitory is, but meh. :/ The second character will come later. Also, I'll decide on where his hometown is once information on the areas are given.)

    Name: Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Class: Monk/Illusionist

    Powers and Weapons: As a Monk, Leo is trained in hand to hand combat. While he is no master, he is is athletic and nimble as the result of training. He is capable of performing many of the acrobatics that monks can do.

    Leo has white and black gems sewn into his headband, and wristbands. These give him the magical abilities of an illusionist, and as such, Leo uses these illusions to augment his fighting skills, and disorient opponents. One of his favorite skills is creating two addional copies of himself (Making more than two takes too much effort at this point.) they are solid enough to punch someone, but if someone hits the illusions or him, the illusions will vanish. He can also make himself invisible, produce illusions of others, and change his appearance or the appearance of others. His illusions aren't always perfect, and he has to concentrate to maintain an illusion for an extended period of time. As a result, using a lot of magic at a time seems to exhaust him.

    Appearance: Leo stands at exactly six feet tall. He works out regularly, and while he does not have bodybuilder proportions, he is physically fit, and he has a toned athletic build. He spends a lot of time outdoors, so his skin is lightly tanned. Not bronze, but not pale white either. He has short, close-cropped, black hair, with messy bangs that go to his eyebrows. One strand of hair on top of his head always stands up no matter how much he tries to comb it down. His face is round, and rather boyish, marked by large, expressive, electric blue eyes. These features give him a youthful appearance. Except for the top of his head and eyebrows, the rest of his upper body is void of any hair. (No chest hair, no armpit hair, and he's unable to grow any facial hair.)

    For clothing, Leo wears comfortable clothes that allows for freedom of movement. He wears a red vest, and no shirt under it, so his bare chest is visble. He wears a pair of red pants on the bottom, and a pair of red slippers on his feet. He has a dark blue sash tied around his waist, as well a matching headband and wristbands around his head and wrist, respectively. The headband and wristband contain white and black gems respectively, and are the source of his magic.

    Personality: Leo is a bright and cheerful person, with an optimistic view on life. He can often be seen with a smile on his face, even when things look bleak. He believes there is some good in everyone, and for that, he is very trusting of others. A genuine nice guy, he is always willing to help someone in need, often putting the needs of others before his own. Sometimes though, he can be too nice, to the point of gullibility, and he is often taken advantage of because of it. Leo is outgoing and social, he likes meeting new people and making new friends. He is not afraid to strike up a conversation with someone new. He is loyal, empathetic, and protective of those he cares about, making him a good friend to have.

    He is very energetic, so much so that it is very difficult for him to sit still and focus on one thing for long periods of time. Which is why he became a monk in the first place. Although, he can think quick on his feet during intense situations, he is impulsive, and he has a habit of jumping into things without thinking. Due to his cheerful nature, it is very difficult to anger him. However, when pushed too far, then he can be quite dangerous. That said, Leo is very quick to forgive those who have wronged him, and he isn't one to hold grudges. He has an affinity for things he considers "cute". Due to his family's history, he is fascinated by magic and is interested in as learning as much about it as possible.

    History: Leo was born in Karon, a small town close to the ocean, on the continent of Naku. He was raised by a single mother, and he had two younger sisters (His father left soon after his youngest sister was born.) He descends from a long line of female wizards. he was the first male in the family to display any magical potential. For most of his life, he had to spend time taking care of his younger sisters, while his mother worked to make ends meet. All his life, he had been fasinated by magic, his family's heritage, and the Divine Gems. He'd read countless books on the subject, and always wanted to do magic himself. He was an energetic child, he could often be found outdoors playing with other kids, and exploring his hometown when he had free time. Sometimes, his enthusiasm got him into trouble. He'd often wander into places he wasn't supposed to, and it was difficult to keep the boy still. At the age of fifteen, with his mother's blessing, Leo was taken in by two of his aunts, and trained in the art of magic, figuring it was time for him to follow in the family's footsteps, and to teach him discipline.

    While figuring out the type of magic he wanted to learn, he was encouraged by one aunt to be a monk, like she was. While the other suggested he be an illusionist, like she was. Not wanting to offend either of them, (And because he was attracted to both for different reasons.) He decided to pursue both paths. Training in two magical arts was difficult. He seemed to be better at being a monk than an illusionist, due to his boundless energy, but he works hard to master both.

    While still training, the rumors of a Divine Gem being found at the edge of Aradis spread to Leo. Fueled by his fasination for magic, and encouraged by his aunts, thinking it'd be good for him, Leo volunteered to go out and investigate the rumors.
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    You are Accepted Mon1010. Excellent sign up.

    Anyway, I have updated the map so that I list some information about the continents of Aradis, as well as it's seas. And I added a bit of information about the Psyclos, stating they don't mind the cold and often like arctic climates.

    Now, here's one of my characters.

    Name: Captain Richter Redheart
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Velox
    Class: Knight

    Skills/Weapons/Powers: Richter is a highly skilled swordsman and trained knight, so his skill at sword fighting is pratically unrivaled. Richter wears heavy iron armor bearing the insignia of knights of the army of Aradis, which has been enchanted so it does not weigh him down. His shield is a large iron shield with a flat top and rounded bottom, that bears a crest of a lion and a dragon on it. The shield itself is enchanted, allowing Richter to create a small energy shield around himself and those nearby when he deploys it. His sword is a one handed steel broadsword, that has a black hilt with a red cloth wrapped around the handle for easier grip.

    Description: Unlike some Half-Velox, Richter has a some definining features that make him being Half-Velox obvious. He stands at a large 6'3'', which is way too tall to be a Velox, yet he has pointed ears that can't be Human. Richter is large and muscular thanks to his mixed blood, giving him a fairly threatening and imposing appearance. He has dark brown wavy hair that is cut short, as well as a clean, shaven face. He has blue eyes, that are light like a river stream. His skin is somewhat tanned, due to prolonged time outdoors training.

    Since he is seldom seen outside of his iron armor, Richter tends to wear fairly simple clothes underneath it. Generally he just wears a simple pair of brown pants and a white shirt, with a pair of slip on brown shoes. However, he has a suit for when he is asked to attend a formal setting he isn't allowed to wear his armor to, which since if he is invited to such an event it's usually so he can be security, it isn't often that he can't wear his armor.

    Personality: Richter is an extremely determined and business-like person, who always considers the task at hand more important than any personal issues. Since he is very reserved, he often gives off the vibe that he is uncaring about the well-being of others. This is in fact not true, as Richter would not waste a second putting his life on the line to save another. Although he is not fearless, Richeter never lets his fears get in the way of his duty to protect the citizens of Aradis. He is used to being ordered around, but he very much prefers to be the one in charge.

    Richter pretty much lacks a sense of humor, so don't expect him to laugh at...anything really. In fact, don't expect him to smile either. Or show any emotion what so ever. Also, Richter hates criminals with a passion, especially ones who hurt others. He is extremely untrustingto those he thinks don't deserve his trust and won't allow others to do things he thinks he'd be better at. Richter is also fairly independant, and dislikes the idea of accepting help from others, even when he needs it. As far as he's concerned, he can do anything and everything by himself.

    History: Richter was born in Naku, at the capital of Aradine, and had lived there pretty much his whole life. Richter's parents were his Human father, who was the (now retired) Captain of the Parliment Royal Guard, and his mother, who was a Velox enchantress from Amaratsu. Since he was a small child, Richter always wanted to be just like his father. Richter would spend all his time after school practicing his skills with a sword. His father, who was more than willing for his son to follow in his footsteps, personally trained him and took him as his apprentice. His mother didn't really like the idea of her son fighting, but took comfort in the fact that he was happy with what he did. Uncontent to let him go unprepared though, she enchanted his shield and armor to help protect him and give him an edge over his fellow knights.

    At the age of 16, Richter became was one of the youngest knights to be knighted at the time (most don't reach knighthood until about 20-25), and quickly rose through the ranks. He became well known to his peers from his great success and skill, and by the age of 25 he was already a Captain in the knight order. The Aradis Parliment eventually took note of Richter's success, and personally requested that he meet with them. They told him of a supposed Sacred Gem being discovered in the outer reaches of Aradis, and requested that the Captain take charge of the mission, which he happily oblighted to do so.

    Misc. Info: So yeah, Richter will techincally be the leader of the group. I have an idea for a second character as well by the way.
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    I'm reserving a Lightning half-Gaian please (wolf-like). XD Rogue (thief) class. XD
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    Actually, can I change my reservation to a Wind Half-Gaian, please? Thanks. Also, is it okay for me to make my character the daughter of the Mayor of Arcadic? Or is that really stretching it?
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