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***Aragornbird's Art Gallery***

Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
I don't see the thumbnail either, but I'm going to assume it's refering to your Ho-oh painting, because I need an excuse to congratulate you on how fantastic it is.

It's absolutely amazing. If only Sacred fire looked that good in game.


The Lost one.
Over all I have always like your work. Really love the Gen V Pokemon so far.
Also I think your realistic Mijumaru looks better then the Poke version.


Well, looks like I'm back.

I haven't been drawing much earlier this year, but lately I've been a lot more productive. Here's an example:




Longtime Fan
Fantastic! I love how you've changed the colour of the Chandelure's flame so seamlessly. Nothing I can see that's off, really professional work! =) The Zekrom on your site is my favourite so far (from what I've looked at, anyways).

Northern Lights

^ theres a couple of pixels that have escaped the confines of the outlines, but other than that - great poses, colouring, and the fire effect is amazingly well done =]