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Aragornbird's Gallery - Pokemon art and More!



Well, what can I say? I plan on doing art for a living so this will be my art thread on this forum.

Pokémon Factory Project
The Pokémon Factory is a big Pokémon art project were my goal is to draw one version of every single Pokémon. I started it August 2005, and have drawn 240+ Pokémon so far.
You are free to use these pictures in your avatar, signature, website, blog, forums, etc. as long as you give credit.

Most of the current Pokémon can be found at my website here. I'll give you some examples of my work:




Non-Pokémon Art
Drawing Pokémon is just a fun little hobby for me. When I'm actually serious about art, I draw other things - fantasy, animals, people, etc. My dA account holds most of my work here. I work mostly in pencil and Photoshop.
Unlike my Pokemon pics, you can't use these elsewhere.

So anyways, I'll update this thread when I've completed artwork from either section. Comments are appreciated!

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Jirachi Master
Cool! I want one of Jirachi to put in my sig.

Umi Mizuno

☠ one girl army
:O! The Wolf/Angel sketch is beautiful. 8O The others are REALLY good too. :D


The Lost one.
Very nice.
I really like most the pic XD

The wolf is my favorite over all.

I like how the pokemon are not just in poses you se them inall the time.

Also nice site.



Thanks for the comments!
When do you plan to finish all the pokemon
I dunno, it’ll take a while. Maybe January 2008. About a year and a third from now.

Cool! I want one of Jirachi to put in my sig.
Here you go!

Also, don’t I know you from Pokecommunity?

I can't remember is the fourth from last one based on Spirited Away?
Yeah, there’s No-Face and the soot spirits from Spirited Away, and Totoro, and the tree spirits from Princess Mononoke.


Jirachi Master
Yeah, I am part of Pokecommunity. I remember you too. Oh, Thanks for the picture of Jirachi. It is so good.
The pokemon pictures are all really good, but to be honest I like the sketches from the wolf with wings and the little cat a lot more. They're truly some of the best drawings I've ever seen.

Omega Pirate

shove it up ya bum!
I looked at most of the Pokemon on your site, and putting aside the other pictures for a second, I was incredibly impressed. I'd love to see how you do a Cacturne or an Exploud. Exploud has always been a hard Pokemon for me to try and draw, especially in different poses.

Now the other drawings, I love the one with No Face etc. The style just looks really nice. I was blown away by the wolf picture, absoluts brilliance right there. Aragorn is also fantastic.

I usually try to find faults so I can give tips, but your work doesn't have any! :eek: Brilliant job, can't wait to see more.

Shadow Ichigo

Left On A Journey
DangO_O. Your art works are awesome aragornbird XD. I love the wolf drawings. There amazing. I like to see more of your ark work aragornbird. Keep it up


Pippi! Pi!
Holy frijoles! o_o Dang, you're serious!

Ahem. I mean, what a delightfully charming little gallery you have here. :D I feel like I've been immersed in a fresh breeze of art. ^_^

Heheh. Anyway, lessee here... there's too much to say to critique all of 'em... I'll just pick a few o' my favorites. :p

All of the starters are... well, startling! They're so full of life and color, and there's nary a bland one among 'em. :p My personal fave is the Wartortle. He's so poised for action (or playtime!) it's like he's leaping off the computerscreen, lol. I wanna take 'im home with me... :eek:)

Jirachi's adorable too. Although it looks like it's just finished sneezing. xD How kawaii!!!

Naturally, being a Miyazaki fan, I love what you've done with this shot. :p The classic "waiting for the bus" scene from Totoro, with Totoro himself. And then there's the kudama and the soot sprites hanging around... not to mention that quiet but excitable Noh-face. :p Quite picturesque. :)

Teh wolves and teh kitteh make me melt. -_-... Mmmm... so cuddly. Come to think of it... I've never seen pegasus wolves before... are they involved in some kind of mythology, perchance? Anyway, the detail on the wings and the mother are awesome. But the cub looks just a little off-balance... like his back legs should be poking a bit more... backward. :p As it is, it seems to me like he's about to plop his hind quarters down. xD But that might have been what you were going for anyway. :)

The Christmas tree one has a really nice, cozy feel to it. I can tell you went bold and cartoonish on this one for a reason, and it suits it well. I think this would make a great children's storybook cover image. :p

The kitten and the morphing milk birds is divine. I love the expression on its face. Either that cat has a vivid imagination, or reality has been shifted a bit off its axis. xD

Aragorn.... eh... I didn't want to talk about this one, but it's the only one left, so I might as well. :( Everything from the neck down makes me drool. But for some reason the face just doesn't seem right. Maybe the facial features are too small for the head... I can't put my finger on it. T_T But hey, I couldn't do that well. Not with people, lol. Still an excellent piece, and as it pertains to your namesake, I'm sure it has a special place in your heart too. :) Good job!


Well-Known Member
I know your art from Smogon, but I'll say that your art looks great! I wish I was as good as a drawer as you.....The best thing I've done is crap compared to yours. I really like your Jynx drawing. Keep up the good work ab! Nice site, also.

Also, the non-pokemon work is really good as well.



More people should comment like you, Shuko. ^^

Hey, Tazzler, I’ve seen you on Smogon. Nice to meet you here.

I’ve done Normal and Shiny Kyogre already:



Well-Known Member
I haven't seen Girafarig. Is it on the waiting list or am I missing it on the site?

I am not much of an artist, but I like the last picture. The shading is awesome and the fact that it looks like/is pencil is cool, especially with not being sloppy and such.



No, I haven’t drawn Girafarig yet. I’ll put up a list of to-do Pokemon later today and people can post what they’d like to see.


Proud Togetic owner!
Very good indeed ^_^, I really like the way your shading. Your other drawings are awesome too, the winged wolf and his cub, so cute ^_^