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Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Rocxidi, Apr 7, 2015.

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  1. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    AHHH nbnbnbnbnb
  2. ClayFighter

    ClayFighter Oofimus

  3. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    Well, its time we did something around here. Going to start a PS tournament, probably a 4 person tour since we will never reach 8. What tier would you like to see?

    Edit: Added a Randbats tour, check and subscribe to the tournaments thread in my sig.

    Also we need 2 war team members (or one, assuming Suhnny wont throw matches) so we can get a team ready and probably start by fighting tef. Anyone down just holler.

    Also 1500 points to whoever recruits cloos ;)
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2015
  4. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    Tournament? How about anything but OU. I'd say something like UU. As long as it isn't OU lmao, tier's gone to pot (they're even gonna retest Aegi LOL).

    Not up for the war team for reasons already stated. I don't breed mons any more so I can't do that either.
  5. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Wailord for POTW, #TeamWhale #SuhnnyKiller
  6. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    rhymes with LORD for a reason


    well i got one vote uu, anyone else?

    also randbats tour is taking signups now.
  7. Turpoo

    Turpoo S|utbro

    Sign Up Form:
    Username: Turpoo
    PS/PO/PB Name: Who even battles anymore
    IGN/Friend Code: lolno
    Reason for Joining: Umm Cuttie MMS is here
  8. Cloystoys

    Cloystoys This is not my tea!

    Sign Up Form:
    Username: Cloystoys
    PS/PO/PB Name: Cloystoys/CloysermcToyserfin
    IGN/Friend Code: prob will say later
    Reason for Joining: Because life is settling down and I've nothing better to do
    Referrals: Everyone really
  9. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    damn hi there, welcome

    taking your word for it, everyone gets 200 points :)

    also cus 10th member :)


    Allright, let's get **** done around here...



    We can prob make it to 8 so GOGOGO

    Winner of this tour wins MODS/OWNERS TO XAT



    *will make banner later (???)

    Let's get this started. Please vote on what tier you would like tp build.



    will probably double it depending on who it is :)
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2015
  10. Snorby

    Snorby Snorby

    voting Challenge Cup for next tour c:

    voting Balance for CCAT c:

    In other news, Aegi is being suspected to come back into OU. Thoughts?
  11. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    Let's make a team for OU so I can demonstrate how hard it is to keep up with all the threats (that's not me saying Aegi meta is a viable alternative LOL)
  12. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    It's rather easy to build a team to handle threats, if you have such a problem you must not be good.

    Only way Aegi makes sense in OU is if they ban King's Shield.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2015
  13. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7


    It's still pretty garb, it's typing is a huge factor, and it now feasts on more mons thanks to ORAS mega evos.

    Also Block, Iron Defense, and Magnet Rise are garbage.

    In all seriousness though, it's becoming harder and harder to handle multiple threats. And I'd rather do a UU CCAT because that tier is hot af.

    Show me da Bellypuff
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2015
  14. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    Do you even OU? Even the top level players agree there's too many threats to keep up with. Do your research before you pull out the guns, lol.

    Anyway no, let's not ban King's Shield instead. LO 4 attacks Aegi is proving to be the top set in the suspect metagame, so it wouldn't really accomplish much to deal with how ridiculous Aegi is and how much it completely f*cks the metagame.
  15. Snorby

    Snorby Snorby

    At this point, all I care about in terms of OU is having a good time, and I have a fun Aegi-centric team now, so I'm game for Aegi staying c:
  16. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    Well this suspect test is gonna get interesting. One one side we have a metagame full of **** mons like bunny, megagross, etc, and on the other we have a metagame built around smogon sword himself

    pick your poison.



    Randbats tour taking signups, see tour thread.

    Next tour tier still tba, please vote

    starting a ccat, please vote what tier you would like to see

    recruiting members will get you bonus points, limited time offer


    Since most of you are untested and we still lack testers, im going to allow test matches to occur between any members. simply fite someone and have them rate you 1 to 7. Save a replay

    currently looking for more testers as well

    Looking for people interested in joining the war team
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2015
  17. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Yeah i play and i play way more than you, and I don't formulate my own opinions off those top players who are actually allowing Aegislash to be suspected i rather decide for myself by actually playing the game and building teams that actually handle threats in this metagame well. You said numerous times you haven't played comp mons in months, so you talking about the metagame doesn't make sense since you're not playing it and going off things you read off of Smogon . Balanced cores like Hippo/Ferro/Starmie does a solid job against most of the metagame. 4 attacks is easier to deal with than KS, it's defenses in attack stance are horrible and it's slow af it's a glass cannon. While it's only priorty move is pretty weak even with life orb, you can switch in any dark type faster than it and kill it or just anything faster than it will take it down.

    In any metagame your team won't cover every threat that's legit impossible, name a metagame where you can build a team that covers every single relevent mon. You cover as many as you can and try to revenge kill what you can't check, that's how it's always been. Do you just want them to ban Gross, Altaria, Lopunny, Lando-I etc just because not every single team can beat them that's really dumb. None of those big threat mons are really broken and they all have a surefire counter or two, while in XY there were things that had no real counters or were powerful enough to break through them (M-Luc, M-Wile , M-Kanga) or stuff that can run quite a few viable sets (Aegislash). They haven't been too ban happy in ORAS because every new Mega has stuff that can easily handle them, except for Mega Salamence and that's why it was banned.

    The people who are constantly complaining about things being broken are either really bad players or people on Smogon who keep getting beat by a certain mon and instead of fixing their team to counter such threat they rather ban it or bring in something even more broken to take it out. Everyone expects bans now, since they got so ban happy in XY which they had to since the stuff their was a lot more broken/good than the stuff people complain about now. ORAS is a pretty fun metagame, you can run numerous playstyles and have great success with it from Stall to Hyper Offense and everything in between can work. Adding Aegislash ruins any such teambuilding and forces people to throw counters for it on teams that normally wouldn't have a Mandibuzz or something similar on it. While right now, it's very easy to build teams and it's a very solid balanced metagame overall.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2015
  18. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    People don't complain about everthing being broken per say. It's more of an extreme case of "you're never checking everything". The major amount of major threats in the metagame has lead to a matchup based metagame, where teambuilding is a nightmare and rather than 1 or 2 major threats being extremely dangerous, 5/6+ of them cause you to lose on turn 1, and this is one of the main reasons I quit the competitive seen and fled to chess. A lot of threats are easily checked or countered, but there's just far too many to deal with in 6 slots without losing to a good % of teams on team preview. It's a real nightmare, Lando-I, MMeta and MAlt are complete monsters, and throwing Aegi into the mix just gives us XY Aegi meta which was pure crap. I don't like the sound of either. I'm really not into the mood to debate right now.
  19. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    EVERY metagame is matchup based, you're acting like it's a new thing all of a sudden. You don't lose turn 1 unless you're complete garbage at building a team, just as many threats now as there was in XY. You're not playing the game so you really can't talk like you do, C+Ping from Smogon doesn't mean you know what you're talking about. Teambuilding isn't a nightmare at all, it's quite easy. Please name these 5 or 6 super broken things that makes you lose turn 1? Most of them are megas and most of them have similar counters/checks.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2015
  20. Snorby

    Snorby Snorby


    Will say that Aegislash in OU would bring on a GSC OU-like meta, where it's super centralized, but that heightens the in-battle skill aspect of the game. I'm not saying that's better than an uncentralized meta, but I am saying that it works nicely in that meta, and that centralization really isn't the terror some make it out to be.
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