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Arceus Shadow`s Sprite shop

Arceus Shadow

Got Shinies?

otherwise your request will be rejected

But here:

Just next time LISTEN.

also ZimZimZims you should know your links don`t work


New Member
umm hi, id like a tc from arceus shadow please:

Pokemon:gallade, Zapdos, Raichu, Luxray, Electivire, Jolteon
Trainer:urm.... a normal looking diamond character(boy) with sword in hand?
Pokemon behind Trainer: Gallade
Background:Electric currents, or something of the sort?
Badges: all from diamond
Favorite types(up to 3):Electric, Psychic, Dragon
Fc(optional): 3738-1516-6930

Oh and a Ipoke from Plusle+minun Please:
iPod Pokemon: Gallade
BG colour: Light Gray
iPod: (colour):uhh hmm, i'd like a medium green
iPod: (simple or complex or Shuffle or Touch etc.) the ipod nano chromatic
BG (big or small):Big

Arceus Shadow

Got Shinies?
here is the fusion,

will do tc as soon as possible

sorry I`m going on cruise so ZimZimZims is incharge while I`m gone




<--zappy squirrel:)
Which colors, and where: could I have it with heatrans colours? (If you cant do this dont worry)


<--zappy squirrel:)
Which colors, and where: could I have it with heatrans colours? (If you cant do this dont worry)

Arceus Shadow

Got Shinies?
stone man POST WHO TO DO IT!

no one do his

I´m very strict about it


<--zappy squirrel:)
Oh god im so sorry! I was in a rush when I posted, thats why I didnt notice that and double posted.
Please could you do it if you can arceus shadow?
If you cant would you be able to pass it onto someone who you think can?

Im sorry if I came across as a noob and caused any inconvenience in any way...


All I need is a hug!
hi can i have some fake badges please

Arceus Shadow's

Psychic type Aura Badge
Water type Harbour Badge
Diversity type Möbius Badge (This NEEDS to be a Möbius strip please wiki link something like this)
Rock type Mountain Badge
Grass type Root Badge
Dark type Dusk Badge
Ice type Shard Badge
Flying type Wing Badge

With the exception of the Möbius Badge you can do what you want. So long as it looks like what the name suggests.


Also who do i ask for an edit to an existing sprite? For example adding clothes to a plat gardevoir sprite
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Recolour for Arceus Shadow
Pokemon: Chamander
Which colors, and where: The flames a sort of pinkish colour, with light blue eyes

Pokemon: Pikachu
Which colors, and where: blue stripes (the stripes on it's back, the black bit on it's tail, and the tips of it's ears.)

Arceus Shadow

Got Shinies?
Bad time to have a crash

Oh my gosh I`m so sorry about all the requests, my computer had a major crash and I had to get a new one.

Please, don't rush me, there is alot to do, but I will get it done as soon as possible

Thanx for understanding


(PS sorry for being so pissy, I will still get your fusion done stoneman)

EDIT: Okay, here's some:

Electivire Recolor:

Sytilius Tc:
( Sorry if the sword isn't that good. I Tried)

Charmander/ Pikachu Recolor:

More coming!
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The Mightiest Hyena
Hey, can i be a worker here? i make awesome trainers.


If im allowed to work here, here are my forms,


Trainer Case:

Trainer Image: Must provide image, 4th generation.
Pokemon 1:Must provide image (Shiny?)
Pokemon 2:Must provide image (Shiny?)
Color 1: Inside color
Color 2: Outline 1
Color 3: Outline 2

Badge Case:

Color 1: Inside color
Color 2: Outline 1
Color 3: Outline 2


Trainer: Must provide image
Colour 1: Inside Colour
Colour 2: Outside Colour

Trainer Sprite:

Template Trainer: Must provide image
Hair Colour:
Cloth Colour 1:
Cloth Colour 2:

Overworld Sprite:

Trainer: Must provide image
Angle: Left Right Back Front?

Large Image Character:

Trainer: Must provide image

Can only do boy image characters -.-
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