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Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by W.T., Jun 9, 2012.

  1. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!


    - W A L L - O F - F A M E -

    :503: SAMUROTT :503:
    ;146; MOLTRES ;146;
    :644: ZEKROM :644:
    ;472; GLISCOR ;472;
    :628: BRAVIARY :628:


    A R C O L O G Y
    A Hopefully Wildly Successful Experiment in Face-Off Design

    Far across the ocean from all human Pokémon regions lies Arcology Island, a mythical realm untouched since the world's creation. It is said that one member of every Pokémon species on Earth inhabits the island. During the thousands of years during which this place has been separated from the world, these isolated creatures have gained power, strength, intelligence... and revenge.

    The island is dominated by a massive monolith known as the Arcology. It is unknown how this building originated; although many of the island's Pokémon live inside, its remains locked at almost all times. The Arcology has never been fully explored by any creatures on the island, nor has the forest that surrounds it thickly on all sides.

    Every few centuries, a strange black medal, marked with the inscription "100F" on the back, turns up in this forest. It is said that whoever brings this medal to its rightful place will earn the title of Supreme Arconaut and spend the remainder of its life in some kind of luxury apartment.

    Whenever this medal appears, the doors of the building open for a single brief moment, and Pokémon are able to enter and leave as they wish. During these fleeting periods, known as "Face-Offs," all the Pokémon on the island are said to get into a huge, bitter race. They try to climb as high as possible in the tower while using insults and discouraging comments to send all other Pokémon down.

    Recently, psychic disturbances from Arcology Island have led us to suspect that the medal has reappeared. An agency known as the Secret Entry, Response & Enforcement Bureau of Island Investigation (SEREBII) was quickly formed, and its members were sent to the Arcology to observe the coming Face-Off. They have made landfall on the island just in time for its grand reopening.

    The race is on.

    Arcology is a face-off. On Arcology Island, all known Pokémon species are in a wild race for control of the tower, and as Serebii.net members, your votes determine their fates. The objective of every Pokémon is to reach the tower's 100th floor (100F). Only one Supreme Arconaut shall get there.

    Weaker Pokémon will begin on the bottom floor, 1F, or outside the tower. But new, stronger Pokémon will constantly be joining the journey. New Pokémon will enter the face-off on every floor up to 90F. These will be introduced roughly in order of base stat totals, with those boasting higher stats being found higher up in the tower.

    Every so often, I will post a description of a floor in the Arcology. The Pokémon on each floor are spread out over several rooms (with the exception of Sky Lobbies, where everybody fights everybody). In different rooms, Pokémon are eliminated for different reasons. For example, in a battling room, the weakest Pokémon is thrown out, and in a fancy restaurant, the least fancy-looking Pokémon loses. In each room, one Pokémon is eliminated (usually); the rest move on to the next floor, usually via the nearest stairs.

    Along with each map is a list of categories that looks like this.

    Strongest: ;001; ;004; ;007;
    Smartest: ;252; ;255; ;258;
    Least annoying: :495: :498: :501:

    You can submit one vote in each category. In this case, given Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, you have to pick the one whom you believe is the strongest. Your replies should look like this (icons are optional).
    Strongest: ;007;
    Smartest: ;255;
    Least annoying: :495:

    Whoever garners the fewest votes is eliminated; if there is a tie, a random number generator may be used to decide the unlucky one. There are a few more complicated rules, but they'll all be explained... in time... when I have more time. Good luck to you and your faves.

    Quick Instructions:
    Every day, I will post a list of categories such as "Strongest" or "Smartest" along with a group of Pokémon. Just choose the strongest, most intelligent, etc., one. Any questions?


    You and your SEREBII friends have arrived on Arcology Island, and the tension is already stirring out here in the woods. From a green pine clearing directly in front of your parachute landing site, you observe a quarrel between five cute critters. Seems like they're arguing over who's the most adorable -- if, of course, your knowledge of the Pichuian language serves you correctly. It's a shame that one unlucky, uncute Pokémon will have to get the axe.

    On your right is a road where a Poochyena and a Rattata are waging a battle; on your left, a Wooper and Lotad are duking it out in a field.

    At the end of the road, three imposing gates block your view of the mighty Arcology building that lies just ahead. For a moment, you savour the simple, sublime views of the forest and sky. Well, you've had enough of that. The gates are beginning to close already, and you would prefer not to be shut outdoors for another few centuries.

    Without looking at the other gates, at the vicious battle between four Water-types or the miniature race between four Bugs, your entire squad runs for the open door, jumping straight over three caterpillar-like creatures having a popularity contest.

    Just after you all enter, the gates slam shut, and you think you hear an evil laugh from somewhere in the distance. You are in the Face-Off. There's no turning back now... it is on. Like Pokémon.

    Cutest: ;173; ;415; ;187; :504: ;172;
    Strongest: ;261; ;019;
    Strongest: ;270; ;194;
    Most popular: ;010; ;013; ;265;
    Strongest: ;298; ;349; ;129; ;167;
    Fastest: ;165; ;290; ;283; :543:

    You are allowed to make one vote in each group. Take your picks, please!
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
  2. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Cutest: pichu
    Strongest: poochyena
    Strongest: wooper
    Most popular: caterpie
    Strongest: magikarp (derp)
    Fastest: go venipede!
  3. HydroSwampert

    HydroSwampert Well-Known Member

    Cutest: Cleffa
    Strongest: Poochyena
    Stongest: Lotad
    Most Popular: Wurmple
    Strongest: Azurill
    Fastest: Surskit

    Cool new idea!
  4. Le_Juston

    Le_Juston One day at a time.

    Cutest: ;172;
    Strongest: ;261;
    Strongest: ;194;
    Most popular: ;265;
    Strongest: ;298;
    Fastest: :543:
  5. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    1F: Here Goes Nothing

    IMPORTANT NOTICE! PLEASE READ! Run for your life!
    If there is a tie for lowest number of votes (for instance, in the "Cutest" category, none of Combee, Hoppip and Patrat received any votes), a randomly selected Pokémon from the tie will be eliminated. If you have a favourite Pokémon, you must remember to keep your eyes open and not miss any chances to vote, or it could get the axe. Remember... the race is on.


    Yesterday's Eliminations
    ;415; ;019; ;270; ;013; ;349; ;165;


    You clear the fairly boring gates and make your way along the path, through the gnarled, primeval pine forest, when, abruptly, it spits you out into the clear, out onto the plateau, the monstrous Arcology popping into plain view. Looking up, you cast your eyes on a mammoth of metal, a construction whose simple, extraordinary scale boggles your brain. (All you had known was that it was bigger than your house.) Even so, the uppermost levels are shrouded in one grey cloud and you can't see the top. The walls curve in and out, sometimes straight, sometimes curved and in one place twisted into an inventive spiral shape.

    A few further steps bring you to the plain, steel entrance doors of the promised (or cursed, whatever you want to believe) land, for once unlocked. It is all quiet here. Not a whisper of life can be found out on this wasteland, beyond the outer walls. But the moment you step into the lobby, a madhouse greets your eyes.

    This would be a very posh place were it not the middle of the Face-Off season. But right now, the huge crystal chandelier in the entrance hall swings dangerously toward you, overrun by five Pokémon engaged in a popularity contest.

    Along one of the marble walls is an archway; mood lighting from within frames a quieter argument, taking place inside a fancy restaurant. But on the other side of the hall, an annoying Pokémon possé is tearing the Arcology gift shop apart, and it appears the casual café next door has, quite literally, gone to the birds.

    The entrance hall leads into an even larger lobby, at the very middle of which stand the golden doors of a glass elevator. Walking out, you nearly trip over two rival gangs. One appears to be composed of athletes, and on the other side, you see a Ralts and Whismur... discussing science. Wouldn't you know it? Nerd Pokémon!

    A Pokémon Musical stage graces the back of the lobby, and it seems that a cute show has abruptly turned into a show of who's cute. Even the decorator plant next to the elevator is full of bugs fighting about which one is the most boring.

    Finally, a security scanner at one side of the lobby has caught a few suspicious-looking scoundrels by the ears (or antennae, in Slugma's case). Who's the bad guy?

    It's up to you.

    Most popular: ;440; ;183; ;016; ;273; ;220;
    Fanciest: ;050; ;174; ;161; ;191;
    Least annoying: ;399; :506: ;276; ;263;
    Least annoying: :519: ;021; ;396; ;278;
    Most athletic: ;296; ;029; ;403; ;236;
    Smartest: ;163; ;280; ;235; ;293;
    Cutest: ;039; ;401; ;300; ;175; ;360;
    Least boring: ;268; ;014; ;011; ;292; ;266;
    Least suspicious: ;412; ;032; ;218; ;041;
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2012
  6. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Most popular: seedot
    fanciest: diglett
    least annoying: tailow
    least annoying: starly
    most athletic: shinx
    smartest: ralts
    cutest: togepi
    least boring: shedinja(i think that's what it is)
    least suspicious: nidoran
  7. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    Oops, under "Most athletic," Gastly (#092) was supposed to be Nidoran F (#029). Will edit now. "We apologise for the inconvenience."
  8. AuraKingVII

    AuraKingVII Elite Trainer

    Most popular: ;440;
    Fanciest: ;161;
    Least annoying: :506:
    Least annoying: ;396;
    Most athletic: ;403;
    Smartest: ;280;
    Cutest: ;300;
    Least boring: ;292;
    Least suspicious: ;032;

    @W.T.: Your writing is very skilled and vivid. Keep it up! :D

    Also, you said it's supposed to be a Nidoran F but the icon is of Nidoran M...?
  9. Le_Juston

    Le_Juston One day at a time.

    Most popular: ;440;
    Fanciest: ;174;
    Least annoying: :506:
    Least annoying: ;278;
    Most athletic: ;236;
    Smartest: ;280;
    Cutest: ;300;
    Least boring: ;292;
    Least suspicious: ;041; (he's so suspicious he's not suspicious)
  10. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    2F: Corporate Ladders

    Thanks very much! My huge walls of text were climbable, after all!


    Yesterday's Eliminations
    ;016; ;191; ;263; ;021; ;029; ;235; ;360; ;266; ;218;
    By the way, Pokémon that get axed high up in the building are attached safely to parachutes... then defenestrated. (Google, anyone?)



    As you survey the hubbub around you, a calm but resonant "ding" echoes across the entire lobby. The race is on again.

    All over the room, panels clatter open in the ceilings and steel ladders descend -- ladders along the entrance hall, ladders in the middle of the lobby, a ladder on the stage, and one very thin, curved ladder that can somehow be climbed by the bugs in the fake tree. At the same moment, the elevator arrives, and you step through its golden doors.

    Just as soon after, you're climbing off. Only 98 more floors to go.

    The elevator doors open into a square hallway, not as fancy, lined with doors. Firstly, you see storage rooms filled with props, masks... and Pokémon. The Musical's stars are obviously backstage, judging from the number of times you can hear "cute" and "cuter." (Note: Assume humans and Pokémon have learned to communicate.)

    You proceed around the corridor. Great. Just what you'd dreaded... looks like the Arcology is an office building!

    A Snubbull and a Purrloin are sitting at desks behind luxurious red armchairs, boasting about their "classiness" to the mobs of Pokémon who have just intruded into their offices, courtesy of the ladders. Their neighbours, Gulpin and Gothita, in more modest rooms, have gotten into popularity showdowns. And in Ekans and Chingling's tiny offices, they're fighting about who's the biggest slacker. A couple Pokémon, it seems, must carry letters of resignation home.

    The west wall houses a tiny "lab" full of out-of-date computers, where a nerdy Tynamo begins a battle of wits. Finally, Beldum and Mareep's electrical sectors, tucked into a far corner, have been overrun by the tough guys (and gals).

    Vote now... before they all outvote you.

    Cutest: ;238; ;172; ;273; ;175;
    Cutest: :546: ;290; ;039; ;300;
    Cutest: ;060; ;010; ;129; ;280; ;401;
    Most classy: ;209; ;220; ;050; ;163; ;293;
    Most classy: :509: :504: ;167; ;174;
    Most popular: ;316; ;283; ;032; ;399; ;161;
    Most popular: :574: ;041; :506: ;276; :519:
    Least lazy: ;433; ;173; ;183; ;396; ;403;
    Least lazy: ;023; ;298; ;278; ;296; ;236;
    Smartest: :602: ;187; ;265; :543: ;014;
    Toughest: ;374; ;194; ;011; ;292;
    Toughest: ;179; ;261; ;440; ;412; ;268;

    (NOTE: From now on, in each category, the first Pokémon shown is new; all others are carried over from the previous floor. Also, the polls will only get smaller from here.)

    Last edited: Jun 16, 2012
  11. HydroSwampert

    HydroSwampert Well-Known Member

    Cutest: ;273;
    Cutest: ;300;
    Cutest: ;060;
    Most classy: ;293;
    Most classy: :504:
    Most popular: ;161;
    Most popular: ;276;
    Least lazy: ;183;
    Least lazy: ;236;
    Smartest: ;265;
    Toughest: ;194;
    Toughest: ;179;

    Aw. I missed the last floor! :( Oh well.
  12. Spacial

    Spacial procrastination

    Cutest: Togepi
    Cutest: Skitty
    Cutest: Ralts
    Most classy: Whismur
    Most classy: Purrloin
    Most popular: Bidoof
    Most popular: Lillipup
    Least lazy: Shinx
    Least lazy: Wingull
    Smartest: Tynamo
    Toughest: Shedninja
    Toughest: Poochyena
  13. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    3F: Battle Facilities

    Yesterday's Eliminations
    ;238; :546: ;010; ;220; ;167; ;283; :519: ;173; ;023; ;014; ;374; ;268;

    Another "ding," another dimension. Steel ladders blossom out of the ceilings overhead, and clinks and clangs (not the Pokémon) can be heard all around as the great ascent continues.

    The elevator arrives for you and you step out in front of two service doors, in front of an excited Electrike in front of a wall of pipes and a Geodude pumping its fists as if to say "Bring it on, punk."

    Beside the doors stand two more, leading into a very makeshift battling ring that seemingly used to house a bathroom, judging from the hand dryers on the wall and the fact that a Poké Ball has been scribbled on a square of tissue paper taped to the tiled floor. In here, it's no questions asked. Survival of the fittest.

    Offices line the walls once again; popularity brawls in Foongus's and Snorunt's rooms take place right on top of swivel chairs, dramatically framed by the rising sun in their picture windows.

    Just around the corner, a lone Vulpix guards its ornate desk from attacks. A nearby Solosis and Yamask sit at the edge of the carpet, watching the fights with disinterest and continuing their quiz bowl.

    Toughest: ;074; ;194; ;179; ;412;
    Toughest: ;309; ;172; ;273; ;175; ;261;
    Strongest: :524: ;290; ;039; ;032;
    Strongest: ;287; ;060; ;129; ;280; ;440;
    Most popular: :590: ;209; ;050; ;293; :574:
    Most popular: ;361; :509: :504: ;174; :602:
    Least lazy: ;046; ;316; ;399; ;161; ;296;
    Least lazy: :517: ;041; :506: ;276; ;396;
    Most classy: ;037; ;163; ;433; ;183; ;403;
    Most classy: :572: ;300; ;298; ;278; ;236;
    Smartest: :577: ;401; ;187; ;265;
    Smartest: :562: :543: ;011; ;292;

    Vote now!
  14. "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

    "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome Well-Known Member

    Toughest: Geodude
    Toughest: Electrike
    Strongest: Roggenrola
    Strongest: Slakoth
    Most Popular: Snubbull
    Most Popular: Snorunt
    Least Lazy: Makuhita
    Least Lazy: Zubat
    Most Classy: Vulpix
    Most Classy: Skitty
    Smartest: Solosis
    Smartest: Shedinja
  15. HydroSwampert

    HydroSwampert Well-Known Member

    Toughest: ;194;
    Toughest: ;309;
    Strongest: :524:
    Strongest: ;287;
    Most popular: ;293;
    Most popular: :504:
    Least lazy: ;296;
    Least lazy: ;276;
    Most classy: ;183;
    Most classy: ;236;
    Smartest: ;265;
    Smartest: ;292;

    I hope that more people vote here soon.
  16. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    Toughest: ;074;
    Toughest: ;175;
    Strongest: :524:
    Strongest: ;129;
    Most popular: ;209;
    Most popular: :509:
    Least lazy: ;161;
    Least lazy: :506:
    Most classy: ;037;
    Most classy: :572:
    Smartest: :577:
    Smartest: ;292;
  17. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    4F: 'Mon At Work

    Yesterday's Eliminations
    ;179; ;261; ;032; ;440; :590: ;174; ;046; ;396; ;403; ;298; ;187; ;011;

    On the fourth floor, if it hadn't already, the Arcology's posh stylishness starts to decay. The elevator doors are painted in plain white, you step straight out into a mechanical area (with a Baltoy and Trapinch tending to some very tough machines), and the endless hordes of Pokémon clattering upstairs don't help much either.

    The mechanical gives way to a computer lab, this one a bit more refined than the last. A Klink smartly fits itself in an old, disused machine. Will it get the "Blue Screen of Death"... or will it be someone else?

    Offices, offices, offices. But they're not always boring anymore. The classy Kirlia has adorned its walls with endless pictures of its friends. The popular Blitzle has a lightning-bolt-patterned carpet. And the hard-working Bonsly is invisible for all the bonsai trees on its desk.

    An unformed Ditto peers creepily out of what can only be the photocopier room, looking for an easily confusable friend to copy.

    In the north wall, a label on an open door reads, in a refined font, "Colosseum." Turns out the colosseum is an empty closet with a Poké Ball scratched into the ceiling with a staple. A Duskull stands by the thin ladder leading up here, eagerly awaiting a challenger.

    And yes, there are bathrooms in the Arcology, complete with Remoraid living in the sinks. Not for long. Here, for obvious reasons, the slowest Pokémon gets the axe.

    Toughest: ;343; ;172; ;273; ;175; ;074;
    Toughest: ;328; ;309; :524: ;039;
    Smartest: :599: ;287; ;060; ;280; :577: ;194;
    Least lazy: ;069; ;209; ;293; :574: ;399;
    Least lazy: ;438; ;361; :509: :504: ;292;
    Most classy: ;281; ;316; ;161; ;296; ;276;
    Most classy: :548: :602: :517: ;041; :506:
    Most popular: :522: ;050; ;037; ;163; ;183;
    Most popular: ;027; ;433; :572: ;300; ;278;
    Least confused: ;132; ;290; ;401; ;265;
    Strongest: ;355; ;412;
    Fastest: ;223; ;129; ;236; :562: :543:
  18. Toughest: Seedot
    Toughest: Trapinch
    Smartest: Solosis
    Least lazy: Whismur
    Least lazy: Snorunt
    Most classy: Kirlia
    Most classy: Zubat
    Most popular: Diglett
    Most popular: Chingling
    Least confused: Nincada
    Strongest: Duskull
    Fastest: Venipede

    i hope i did this correctly
  19. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    you did (you actually did)
  20. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    Toughest: ;074;
    Toughest: :524:
    Smartest: :577:
    Least lazy: ;209;
    Least lazy: :509:
    Most classy: ;281;
    Most classy: :548::
    Most popular: ;037;
    Most popular: :572:
    Least confused: ;132;
    Strongest: ;355;
    Fastest: ;129;

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