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Elite Trainer
LEAST Favourites:
;206; ;051; :536: ;195; ;413;
;331; ;077; ;247; ;188; ;364;
;400; ;040; :608: ;022; ;288;


Stitch the pieces
Turtwig torterra grotle chikorita bayleef meganium bulbasaur ivysaur venusaur snivy servine serperior reshiram zubat crobat


Professional Loser
Dunsparce my babyyyyyyy :[

Wobufett, Palpitoad, Quagsire, Mienfoo, Chimecho, Skiploom, Wormadam, Frillish, Boldore, Swoobat, Mawile, Bibarel, Cacnea, Noctowl, Buizel.


Donw with CIPHET!
31F: Neo Mall

Yesterday's Eliminations
:619: ;206; :536: ;202; :525: ;418; ;358; ;391; ;188; ;413; ;331; ;303; ;400; ;441; ;247;
In the Sky Lobby, it was three strikes and you're out -- we evicted any Pokémon who received three or more votes (etovs? setov?).

After the chaos of the Sky Lobby (actually very ordered compared to the usual hullabaloo) subsides, a regular "ding" arrives and you step into the elevator. You could see from 30F that it did something weird, but that doesn't stop you (and everyone else) from screaming when the glass floor suddenly splits in half. The halves continue upward, just as before, but up different paths.

After a long ride, your elevator comes to rest in front of another pair of glass doors. These ones are so perfect and reflective you hardly even noticed they were there. You're about to test whether they're automatic when a Golbat wanders out, wearing both a thrilled expression and a designer jacket, and carrying a voluminous bag reading "Deer John." It must be a mall bat.

Heading inside, a single hallway, tiled in white and decorated with simple blue sofas, stretches before you. A frazzled Stunfisk lies on one of the couches and is not impressed.

"This is the... Neo Mall..." it groans. "Yeah... You can shop here... I don't really care..." Even when seven Pokémon thunder up a newly-formed ladder, first turning the couch over and then liquefying it, its Earthquake doesn't have much power. On the other hand, at the east end of the hall, Ninjask busts in at top speed, chattering about seeing a show.

Finally, in the nearby bathroom, a Basculin has spent its entire life living in a supposedly out-of-order sink. Well, I guess its great adventure starts as soon as you vote.

Most excited: ;042; ;404; ;022; :570: :528: ;164; ;184; ;447;
Most lazy:* :618: :496: ;058; ;040; :633: ;195; ;077; :592:
Quickest: :550: ;200; ;288; :502: ;051; ;253; :611: ;256;
Most excited: ;291; :608: ;479; ;308; ;364; :501: ;277; ;417;

*Yes, with Stunfisk, the most lazy wins.

Silent Conversation

Formerly SinnohChamp
Most excited: Azumarill
Most lazy: Wigglytuff
Quickest: Basculin
Most excited: Pachirisu


Donw with CIPHET!
32F: Signs O' the Times

Yesterday's Eliminations
:528: ;077; :611: :501:
Awww... I wish I could rig the random-number generator so that Oshawott wouldn't be trampled by hordes of shopping fiends. Swoobat receives a similar treatment as Ponyta gets beaten up for having too much fun.


You step out on 32F into a conflagration of neon. Glowing signs -- pointing east, west, sideways, upward, diagonally, what have you -- advertise endless stores and services. Lights are strung from balconies at least five storeys high, and you look up to see that as it goes up, the whole mall gradually twists around, giving it the impression of a strand of DNA. Or a glob of ice cream.

An electronic ticker in front of your eyes points to a fitness centre. It's like the others you've seen so far, but more refined, more modern, and probably costing a lot more Poké Dollars for a membership. Through its plate-glass wall, a Hitmonchan is forcing a state-of-the-art treadmill into Submission while a Throh throws things (what, you're not sure).

Further along the hall, a flashing orange arrow indicates a tanning salon, and you just manage to catch a glimpse of a somewhat self-absorbed Torkoal chatting with customers as, inside their tanning beds, they are burnt to crisps by robotic Torkoal shells. Just another reason never to use the beds.

One corner of the hall is cut away, with a Camerupt either repairing or acting as a furnace; the Forretress in the small office next door takes evil shoppers by the scruffs of their necks. Opposite, Garbodor runs a trash compaction service across the hall from Alomomola's miscellaneous office. Doctor's, nurse's, dentist's... you can't tell, but it's obviously not a lawyer's. In a mall, the least fun things are always at the ends of the halls, aren't they?

Strongest: ;107; ;042; ;447; :496: ;253;
Strongest: :538: :592: ;288; ;291; ;417;
Most attractive: ;324; :618: ;058; ;195; ;200;
Toughest: ;323; ;022; :633: ;051; ;256;
Least suspicious: ;205; ;404; :570: ;164; ;184;
Toughest: :569: :550: :502: :608: ;308;
Most healthy: :594: ;040; ;479; ;364; ;277;

Vote now!

Silent Conversation

Formerly SinnohChamp
Strongest: Riolu
Strongest: Throh
Most attractive: Misdreavus
Toughest: Deino
Least suspicious: Azumarill
Toughest: Basculin
Most healthy: Wigglytuff


Why is blue?
Strongest: Hitmonchan
Strongest: Vigoroth
Most Attractive: Growlithe
Toughest: Dugtrio
Least suspicious: Noctowl
Toughest: Medicham
Most Healthy: Alomomola


Use Razor Shell!
Strongest: ;253;
Strongest: ;291;
Most attractive: ;195;
Toughest: ;256;
Least suspicious: ;404;
Toughest: :502:
Most healthy: ;277;

cookies kill you

Like a boss
Strongest: Hitmonchan
Strongest: Throh
Most attractive: Misdreavius
Toughest: Fearow
Least suspicious: Luxio
Toughest: Basculin
Most healthy: Alomomola

Lol at SL making Quagsire the most attractive XD


Professional Loser
Strongest: Hitmonchan
Strongest: Vigoroth
Most attractive: Growlithe
Toughest: Deino
Least suspicious: Azumarill
Toughest: Dewott
Most healthy: Alomomola


Donw with CIPHET!
33F: Deer John's Tough-Guy Duds

Today's [sic] Eliminations
;042; ;417; :618: ;323; :570: :569: ;364;
Stunfisk gets the axe in the tanning salon. Maybe that's because it's already naturally tan. Meanwhile, Forretress proves itself as a security guard by seeing through Zorua's Illusion. Also, both the furnace and the trash compactor are now unsupervised.


As you exit the ultra-modern elevator, a run-down wooden wall meets your eyes. You might as well have been back in the forest. But it turns out it's just another billboard. A billboard for one of those rough, rustic log cabin-type places. Western-style letters etched into the wood spell out "DEER JOHN'S TOUGH-GUY DUDS", and an arrow indicates a clothing store owned by a Stantler (whom you can only assume is Deer John). Inside, a Crawdaunt samples studded leather jackets as a Hariyama struggles to find anything in its size.

You are brought back to yourself by two loud noises of breaking glass across the hall. Over there, in the Neo Mall's pet store, things aren't much calmer. A sign reading "Warning: Highly Aggressive" stands in front of two shattered cages as a Seviper and Sandslash slither and dig their way into your wake.

In the gardening centre down the hall, Venomoth and Jumpluff are rising to the occasion, giving a smackdown to anyone who doesn't have outdoor smarts. Even Audino joins the Face-Off by staging a dance contest in the back room of a very small and meagre music store.

You manage to get out of the shopping before the ladders arrive, but a Pidgeot, sporting a cap and large bag, zips past so quickly it's a blur. As it collides with Stantler, you hear a splitting noise, and huge bundles of letters explode out of nowhere. Looks like the mail is here.

Who will receive "Deer John" letters today? It's your choice. Vote now.

Toughest: ;234; :633: ;107; :496:
Toughest: ;297; ;184; ;051; ;479;
Toughest: ;342; ;253; :592: ;288; ;291;
Most aggressive: ;028; ;256; ;447; :538:
Most aggressive: ;336; ;404; ;324; :550:
Most outdoorsy: ;049; :608: ;308; ;277;
Most outdoorsy: ;189; ;195; :594: ;040;
Most musical: :531: ;058; ;200; :502:
Quickest: ;018; ;205; ;164; ;022;