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Are male/female Pokemon predisposed to certain natures?

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Latias Fanatic!!!
I've been playing Emerald over again lately and building up my team. I've noticed an excess in the amount of Timid, Gentle, Docile, and Calm Pokemon I have. It's annoying because pretty much all of those keep their Attack down.

I was wondering why this could happen. Occasionally I'll get natures like Sassy, Naughty, Quirky, and Lonely. Though I've almost never or have never seen natures like Bold, Brave, Adamant, or Hasty.

Then the variable hit me. I only ever catch female Pokemon. Is there anyone who only catches male Pokemon? Do you see a huge lean toward natures like Bold, Brave, and the ones that could be considered good? lol

I don't know if this extends to the 4th generation or not.


Sonica Boooom!
I'd assume not, espicially with the fact that female only species such as chansey and jynx can be caught and have any nature.

So it seems to be entirely dependant on luck.


From Zero To Hero
Its luck based.

I always catch male only pokemon, except when they can only be female, and I've never noticed a trend of natures.


The Passion Within
I only catch female pokemon to (unless otherwise they are male only). But my team on Ruby is all famale and their natures differ. I have bold, serious, lonely, naughty, and bashful natures on my team. It's probably completely random.
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