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Are Ubers Allowed on Wi-fi???


Keyblade Master
Just wondering, are Ubers allowed on wi-fi battling??? (Not battle tower, the friend code thing.) If so, I'm screwed and my cousin's finally gonna own me lol! (He's two years older than me and still hasn't beaten me, even though we've been playing these games since they came out.... Sad.) Anyway, if Ubers have to be agreed on by both players or whatever, please let me know!!! Thanks!


The Plot Thickens
Only hacked Pokemon are banned, methinks.


Ive been reading around about this my self i think it depends on how you are fighting over wifi .
now if your asking does the game all over ban you from useing them i dont think so.
There are just some who dont like them being used i think.
not sure sorry if im wrong.
There's no way to tell if a Pokémon is hacked or not unless it's a sloppy hack. Hacks are allowed on WiFi, though- but random battles are only on PBR, where hacks are prevented from entering. Huzzah.


mafia man
ubers are allowed hacks are not although wi-fi wont recognize them as hacks if it was caught at the correct place. say you hacked to get arsues through the heavans pipe.


Keyblade Master
TY everyone, and Deepseatrainer, no lol, he uses ubers as well. We're making his team, and we wanted to know if we could put a few ubers in. Mine is uber-free. = )


Meowth Thats Right
I personaly don't like Ubers, but beating someone who uses them would be kinda cool.
No hack talkie buddy.

Nice PBR banns hacks thats good to hear.

All you have to do is decline them if they have ubers.
Someone on youtube once said that Arceuses aren't allowed on Wi-Fi, and Arceuses are Ubers.

This probably means Darkrai, Shaymin, Manaphy, Phione, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, and possibly Lugia and Ho-Oh are not allowed.