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Are you a guy or a girl?

Guy or Girl?

  • Guy

    Votes: 382 71.0%
  • Girl

    Votes: 156 29.0%

  • Total voters
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Pansy :]

I've noticed that most of the users on serebii seem to be guys, but recently I've been wonderring about what the ratio is. So pretty much post if your a guy or a girl.

Me? Last time I checked I was a girl.

Ultimate Champion

The Great Pokémon Master
I am a guy.

Mythic Mist

Indecent Exposure
You've got MALE


I wasn't even there.
I am a guy. Unless I've been lied to my entire life and I've got everything backwards. Nah, I'm pretty sure I'm a guy.

Mankanshoku Mako

Well-Known Member
Last time I checked I was a girl.
When was this? If it was too long ago your gender might have changed without you noticing it.
I like this thread because I have never seen it before.
I like this thread because I can make a sarcastic reasponses.
I am almost a woman.
How close? 80% there? 90%?
I'm as male as male can get ;)
That's pretty male alright.
Ooh ooh me me! Tell your husband/boyfriend/brother/father/uncle/grandfather/male friend/male cousin I said thanks.
I'm pretty sre I'm a guy.
Hmmm...*strokes chin* How sure is "pretty sure"?


Well-Known Member
No boobs... check..... a dick & 2 balls.... check..... deep male voice... check. I'm a guy.


Illusion Trainer
I'm a female/girl/broad/biotch/blah/blah/blah and blah. 0.000000---------infinte% not male.But in an alternate universe..
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