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Are You A Role-Player

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Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread

Owner : Shadow Eeveelution (MSE)
Co-owner : ZFXZFX

;212; : Welcome to the newest competition ever Are You A Role-Player!

;330; : The game is just easy. There will be 10 contestant. Each round a Situation will be given. You and your partner must act like the situation given. The scene must be sent via PM

;212; : After the times is up, all the scene will be posted. Then, everyone will vote for the word act of them all. The couple with the lowest vote will be send to the A Sucks Life Treatment in the Lose Island where they will be extra judge if wanted by the Director and Management.

;330; : The sign Up is easy

You must Sign up a couple/best friends.

Name 'n' Species : (Please use the smile for the species)
Gender :
Personality :
How the 2 of them fall in love/met :

;330;* : Those two never learn (Referring to Draly and Slizor)..

List of Contestant

01. Jack & Bliss (Dittoman97)
02. Auros & Blaze (Proby3)
03. Slasher & Howler (ZFXZFX)
04. Granite & Rose (granbull guy)
05. Marrie & Jubbie (pokemon special)
06. Cheeky & Mousey (Kutie Pie)
07. Alex & Mia (Groudonny the groundstar)
08. Bolt & Goldie (InnerFlame)
09. Bob & Nancy (Nidoprince)
10. Picco & Matsuri (purplepassion)

Round 1 - Be Your Friend (Due to 12:00 PM GMT+8)
You use your character and make them act like the character that was assigned to you

Round 2 - Romance in The Horror (Due to 01:00 PM GMT+8) (Friday)
You use your character to make a Romance Scene. (Must involve Kissing) then a random character of your choice will appear to create the Horror Scene
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Name 'n' Species : I think I'll use my favorite couple...;350; (Bliss) and ;130; (Jack)
Genders: Bliss is a girl, Jack is a boy
Personality: They're the Bonnie and Clyde of their day, Bliss is the master strategist, she almost always uses her wits to trick the compitition. Jack though, uses physical strength. He rarely uses any wit.
How the 2 of them fall in love :

;350;: ANOTHER FAILURE!!! UGH, I'm just gonna have to get the money from the bank to sing up again...I'M SICK OF LOSING!!!

;130;: THIS IS A HOLD UP!!!

;350;: Hey uh,

;130;: Jack....

;350;: How'd you like....(Gives Jack a neck rub)

(15 minutes later)

;350; and ;130;: (Making out)

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread

If you don't want to play don't ever post here.
fongerman don't post here
Ok since SE said it should be allowed, I'm making best friends instead of couples. Just cos I prefer it.

Name 'n' Species : (Auros ;448;) and (Blaze ;257;)
Gender : Both Male.
Personality : Auros is calm and clever, and likes meditating. Blaze is a real jock, who likes battling and boasts constantly about his strength, and gets bored when he's not fighting.
How the 2 of them fall in love/met : Shortly after Blaze left primary school, he met a little Riolu called Auros in the summer. The two of them soon became good friends and although didn't go to the same secondary school, kept in touch regularly and then met again after school. They now live in the same city along with all of Blaze's buds.

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread

8 more...

But you will see why I wanted couple in the first place


Well-Known Member
I'm pretty sure I'm the Co-Owner so here they are.

Name 'n' Species: Slasher ;059; and Howler ;229;
Gender: Both Male
Personality: They are both very buff, and mean. They hate when anyone annnoys them, they only make friends with very few people other than themselves.
How the 2 of them fall in love/met:

;059;: Sup.

;229;: Sup.

;059;: Wanna be buds?

;229;: Whatever.

I have to go to school in about ten minutes.
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granbull guy

Name 'n' Species : Granite (;210;) and Rose (;283;)
Gender : Male (Granite) Female (Rose)
Personality : Well, they are both petty, mean, selfish, obssest with apperence, and love to gossip.
How the 2 of them fall in love/met : There friends cuz Granite's married lol,

;283; : Hey thats my dress!
;210; : Nope, it's mine!
;283; : Lets be BFF's
;210; : M'kay!
Name 'n' Species : Marie the ;172; and Jubbie the ;174;
Gender : Marie is a Girl and Jobbies one too.
Personality : Jubbie is kind and thinks before she speaks, and likes helping out in anyway she can. She’s also into girly thing like sewing, cooking Etc.Etc.
Maria is a Happy-Go-Lucky Kinda person, who likes to play all day everyday. She doesn’t like hurting anyone and is hyperactive .
How the 2 of them fall in love/met :
*at Park*
;300; (Famous Pop Star) Omigosh your outfit is so last season!
;172; That’s not very nice!
;300; Just saying a fact Honey….
;174; … I think you look really pretty in it…..
;172; Thank you!
;172: This Means we’re BFF!
;174; O_O

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Name 'n' Species : Cheeky the ;025; and Mousey the ;184;

Gender : Cheeky is a male, Mousey is a female

Personality : Cheeky is devious, basically. He forced an unsuspecting person to sign a contract that was meant for them to stay at her house for the winter, only to be FORCED to keep them until she turned 18. He is a smart-aleck most of the time, but has recently been behaving more due to the atmosphere of his Trainer's home. Before that, however, he once tried to conquer the world, and--according to him--contacted all the evil geniuses and terrorists he could find information (like e-mail, phone number, address, etc.) to ask to be recruited. None of them have accepted him. He eventually gave up and stuck with picking fights with his Trainer and peers, but after a while, he started becoming more friendly to other people. Except for Ho-oh, with whom he's had a long rivalry (reason unknown) and has a little battle with every summer. He hates cats, despite the fact his Trainer has one.

Mousey is the quiet one, very shy and doesn't like fights like her friend. She tends to keep away from other people as much as possible, but has been finding herself more comfortable to go up to speak to people. Her current Trainer (same as Cheeky's) adopted her when her original Trainer didn't treat her very well, forcing her to run away. Mousey loves music and the arts, a hobby she's had ever since she was an Azurill (and wild) when she wandered to an outdoor theater.

How the 2 of them fall in love/met :

Trainer: Cheeky, this is Mousey. She's going to be part of the family now.

;025; - He-e-ey, a punching bag!

;184; - ;_;

Trainer: >_< Cheeky, don't scare her, she's having enough problems right now. And if I catch you using her as your own personal punching bag--

;025; - It's not MY fault *Myra left!

Trainer: >_> Of course it wasn't. But as I was saying, you'll be in big trouble if you start bullying her around, got it?

;025; - Okily dokily!

Trainer: Good. Now, I want you two to get to know each other, I gotta get to school. *leaves*

;025; - So-o-o-o, you like football?

;184; - ._. ...no...

;025; - You ever do any pranks?

;184; - No...

;025; - T_T *sigh* Well, what do you do?

;184; - Um... the arts.

;025; - >_< Crap, another one I gotta deal with. You like cats?

;184; - They're alright...

;025; - *stares* You like Phil Collins?

;184; - ...Yeah...

;025; - *evil grin* You wanna know what happened to the last person who said they liked Phil Collins to my face?

;184; - o.o;

They got along since, but Mousey's first couple of weeks were harsh.

* - Myra was a previous Poképal of his who moved in at the same time he did (they were together). The two argued and fought a lot, though they were good friends, until Myra found love and left. They still keep in touch.

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
All accepted.. About the GRD game ZFX.. i think that would be another thread.. but if you want to co-own this also i don't mind


Well-Known Member
I'll be Co-Owner for this aswell.

Cos I feel like it.
Name 'n' Species : Alex (;131;) and Mia(;471;)
Gender : Alex is Male, Mia is female.
Personality : Alex and Mia are both rather quiet, preferring to kep to themselves and not talk to other people. Mia is more into sciency sort of things, While Alex prefers the sight of blood, and seems to go into a child like happiness at the sight of it. Mia, on the other hands, prefers not to get her hands dirty, unless it's science like chemicals.
How the 2 of them fall in love/met :

;131;: Come on..work. *pouring chemicals*

;471;: What are you doing?

;131;: Trying to cause an explosion, it might make something bleed.

;471;: Ok then..it'd help if you weren using flammable chemicals.

;131;: Really? Thanks.

;471;: No problem.


;131;: Yes! *gets exploded*

;471;: He's cool.


Fire and Ice Combo
Roleplaying contest, how could I resist? It took me awhile to decide what kind of couple I wanted so I made a bunch and picked my favorite.

Name 'n' Species: Bolt ;026; and Goldie ;311;
Gender: Male, Female

Personality: Bolt is a lazy Raichu that would rather take a nap than do anything. Though he can’t take annoyance, constant begging so he often ends up doing things for people anyway whether he likes it or not. He can also be persuade; he absolute cannot resist any kind of Poffin or pastry.

Goldie is hyperactive Plusle with so my energy that is if she doesn’t do something it will drive her and everyone around her crazy. Once she decide on something it is impossible to change her mind. She is a bit mischievous often playing pranks for giggles. She has the tendency to use other people weakness to her advantage.

How the 2 of them fall in love/met:

;311;: Come on, come on, say it!

;026;: Sigh... Fire n’ Ice...

;311; Neither aren’t so nice!

;026;: Not to mention trouble...

;311;: With sparks and bubble!

;026;: Torchics on the run, frozen in their track...

;311;: Ooh, hope that purple dragon don’t come back!

;026;;311;: Don’t come back!

;311;: One more time!

;026;: No. We sang it four times; the stupid Piro the Dragon song is not that great!!!

;311;: Oh come one, please, just one more time. *gives him puppy dogs eyes*

;026;: No, you said that two times ago and those eyes don’t work on me.

;311;: You’re so mean... I guess I’ll just eat this to make me feel better. *holds up muffin*

;026;: My muffin! Give it back, you little...

;311;: Ah, ah, ah, you have to sing it again if you want it back.

;026;: Grrr... Fine! Now give me the muffin.

;311;: *give it to him* You’re so easily to manipulate, it official! You’re my soulmate.

;026;: Wha- coughcoughcough! *choking on the muffin* Soul-ma-te!!!!

;311;: Yup all Plusle and Minun need one but instead of getting a Minun I’m choosing you.

;026;: Not interest chibi.

;311;: You got me a nickname already, well yours will be Chunky, alright Chunky! *poke his belly*

;026;: I’m not chunky, just because I’m slightly over the weight of an average Raichu...

;311;: And it is only going to get higher if you keep eating all those sweets.

;026;: Hey it’s not their fault they’re irresistible delicious.

;311;: No, it’s your fault for not having any self-control but don’t worry, your soulmate with help you trim down.

;026;: We are not soulmates! We’ve know each other for twenty minutes!!! *stares at her* ..... You’re not going to leave, are you...?

;311;: Nope, soulmates for life!

;026;: Sigh... why me...?

;311;: All right, let’s sing it again, your on Chunky!

;026;: No serious... What did I do to deserve this!?!


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Name 'n' Species : Bob ;034; Nancy ;031;
Gender : Male and female respectively
Personality : Bob: Your average main-stream Nidoking, loves to show off when he gets his chance, but gets depressed for a while if he fails. Nancy: Your average main-stream Nidoqueen, loves to chat, and is fun, but don't get on her bad side...
How the 2 of them fall in love/met :

;034; ;031; : *Walk past eachother*

;034; : o_O *Stares at Nancy*

;031; o_O *Stares at Bob*

;034; I like your horn...

;031; Heh...thanks...I love the pins...so...poisonous...

They go to the highschool prom, date, get married, and come here.

I'm new to this kind of stuff, so I have some questions:

I just...PM you something like how they met?

I have no clue what you mean by "Vote for the word act of them all"...

Sorry if these are dumb questions.
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Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread

1 more spot left
Name 'n' Species : Matsuri ;407; and Picco ;395;
Gender : ;407; is female, ;395; is male.
Personality : Matsuri is impulsive, and can be spacey at times. Picco is smart, but doesn't look where he's going.
How the 2 of them fall in love/met :
;407; : Ow, so many books! *bumps into someone*
;395; : Whoops! You okay?
;407; : Yeah, but now I have to pick all that up.
;395; : I'll help!
;407; : Oh, that'd be great.
;395; : (Hmm... She's nice.) Wanna be friends?
;407; : What?
;395; : Wanna be friends?
;407; : Oh! Okay!
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Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
Accept ed

Round 1 will be post in a sec

so filler

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
You guys need to use your character to pretend to be the character listed meeting each other....

01. (Dittoman97) - Auros & Howler
02. (Proby3) - Slasher & Rose
03. (ZFXZFX) - Granite & Jubbie
04. (granbull guy) - Marrie & Mousey
05. (pokemon special) - Cheeky & Mia
06. (Kutie Pie) - Alex & Goldie
07. (Groudonny the groundstar) - Bolt & Nancy
08. (InnerFlame) - Bob & Matsuri
09. (Nidoprince) - Picco & Bliss
10. (purplepassion) - Jack & Blaze

Sent the scene by PM...

Use the character's personality to help you..

Due date is this Saturday 11:59 PM (GMT+8)


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So, we use the other characters and make a scene between them? And our characters aren't included?
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