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Are you a "Snitch"?


  • Yup

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • Nope

    Votes: 41 87.2%

  • Total voters


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And tbh people who do snitch (especially when it doesn't concern you in any way), deserve to get the shit kicked out of them all the times they do.
Nice to know jackasses still exist in the world. lol Maybe the moron who got snitched on shouldn't be doing what they are doing. Sometimes they deserve it.
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7 tyranitars

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depends if I like the person, the reward, and the situation but generaly NO!


Snitching is like against my religion.

'Snitching' is a serious thing in our school. We never snitch on each other if its anything extremely serious.


The Abysswalker
No, unless it's something insanely serious (murder, etc.)

Anything else though, there's going to be a beat down. And I'm usually the one organizing those beat downs, there's way too many pussy snitches that live around me.

I hate little ***** snitches.

Nice to know jackasses still exist in the world. lol Maybe the moron who got snitched on shouldn't be doing what they are doing. Sometimes they deserve it.
Maybe people should mind their own business and find something better to do with their lives.
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shadow wolf

The one and only!
Don't really care about it so, my answer is nope, unless it involves me.


Back in the USSR
Not in the least. Unless it's something extremely serious, but even then, I'll just blink a few times and move on half the time. Live and let live, I guess.
I snitch at school, but I end up getting in trouble by the teacher for doing his/her job.
See Datte that's just the white man trying to keep you down. I say you take it one step further and become a vigilante, exacting your punishment on all those who chew gum in class and pass notes. Maybe don a cape. No mask though. Only thing we whiteys are scared of more than rebellion is a masked Mexican.

On topic, no. I like my teeth and would not appreciate getting them knocked out.


Shade of Blue


Snitches are lower than people who wet themselves. I would never, EVER be one.


Writer's Block
The only reason you should tell on ANYBODY is
1) If it seriously concerns you
2) You or someone else could get seriously hurt or killed by the situation

But then again what I said up there is NOT snitching. That's doing the right thing...

Other than that snitches get stitches. I can't stand people who tell on every damn thing. It's not that serious.


Buggy down.
No, I don't. The only case I would, would be if someone were in danger from it. Or if it concerned some big scam that was effecting a lot of people. Otherwise it doesn't concern me.


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No, I'm a Quaffle.
Epic. I'm the Bludger.

I don't really tell on people any more, but its not like snitches don't have the right. If someone throws the assignment you worked on in a puddle and tears it to shreds afterward, I would probably tell the teacher someone did it, not say "Oh, I decided to break the mental barrier that holds back my extremely insane side." On the other hand, I probably wouldn't even know who that person was. And if it involves murder or maiming I'm off to the authorities, It should be brought to light. If you see someone killing someone and you walk away without telling anyone at all, you have no heart or compassion and should shut yourself in a box.

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
If the situation calls for it, then yes >.> I see people get in trouble at school for this, and I'm sure it blows for those people to take a fall because someone else did something stupid and wont fess up..

No would need to snitch if someone didnt do something they werent supposed to ^_o
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I can't possibly see why anyone would tell anyone anything as long is it doesn't concern them or put people in immediate physical danger.