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Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

Male or female trainer?

  • Male

    Votes: 740 58.0%
  • Female

    Votes: 148 11.6%
  • I want Marina!

    Votes: 282 22.1%
  • New girl is better

    Votes: 105 8.2%

  • Total voters
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Following information from CoroCoro, we now know that you will be able to choose either a male trainer or a female one at the beginning of the game. So which of the two are you choosing? Please also comment on how you find them in terms of their outlook. Are you annoyed about the replacement of Marina?

Thanks to slowkingsley for the scans.

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Tyranitar trainer

Back for a bit
Male I'm a boy so I want a male named Charlie
Needs more Marina. Marina was awesome dammit.

Daaku JJ

Well-Known Member
Gonna be the male trainer, though I don't think the new girl is too bad, just a bit too large a hat.


I'm choosing the boy, not only because I'm a boy but because the new girl doesn't look better than the boy (she still looks ok though).


Rikudou Master
Well, I'm gonna be the boy for my first game and be the girl for the second one.

As for which girl I like better, I would have like to play as Kris, But the new girl ain't that bad. Strangely, She dress more modest then Dawn.
Needs more Marina. Marina was awesome dammit.

agreed to the ends of time. The new girl just looks awkward. It's no GS remake without Marina, whatever if she was in crystal only, that's what made her so awesome.

I'm going as male, although I am female.
I'm choosing the boy, mainly because I am one.
But there's one thing that has annoyed me, that they killed off Marina, which is a shame, because she was a major part of Pokémon history, she gave the choice of male and female in Crystal.
Which carried on in R/S/E, and has been a part of the Pokémon games since then.

I also take it that the 'thing' on Gold's arm is a PokéGear?
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Baby Cyndaquil

Active Member
Well since I'm getting both games in SoulSilver I'll be the boy and in HeartGold I'll be the girl


Well-Known Member
...I hate that new girl.

So I'm forced to play as Gold (or whatever his new name will be).

I might have liked the girl more if she wasn't wearing overalls and that goofy Lucas-style hat ><; Fan art of her will be the only way to persuade me to use her.


Well, I'm a girl, but I'll take the boy. Something about the female character...unsettles me. I can't really put my finger on it. She kind of looks like she stumbled out of the early twentieth century. That and...I can't shake the impression she's hiding a butcher's knife in that hat. o_O'''

I prefered the girl with the blue hair from G/S/C. She was cute. And when I say that, it means something as the typical female characters tend to annoy me. ^^'''''
hmm the girl just reminds me of someone who should be in the milktank farm

Lmao, a miltank farm...
She kinda of does, and you also expect her to be carrying a bucket of milk.

Also, why are Nintendo trying to modernise them? Look at the new girl's bag for starters? Marina had a bagpack, May had a pouch, and Dawn had an overly sized hand bag.

But what is that suppose to be?!


Veni Vidi Vici
I honestly prefer Marina. The new girl looks rather awkward. Not very Johto-like in my opinion.


I Am Your Nightmare
Ima go boy (since Ima boy) and besides the girl looks weird. She looks like a hybrid of Crystal and Dawn with the hair color of the girl in LG/FR


Event collector
i might buy both and make one charicter with the boy and the other a girl


I can't stand the new girl.
I find that the pairs don't match like they usually do in the other generations.
I want Kris back.

However, I'm a boy so I'm obviously going to chose him.
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