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Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Slowking[George], May 12, 2009.


Male or female trainer?

  1. Male

    740 vote(s)
  2. Female

    148 vote(s)
  3. I want Marina!

    282 vote(s)
  4. New girl is better

    105 vote(s)
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  1. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member

  2. KKInu

    KKInu Well-Known Member

    Please note that this is a vector copy of the actual picture so its no surprise her eyes look emotionless -_-'

    don't call her a beast, that's just as insulting. blame the person who thought of her outfit.

    well... that does look better,

    though I prefer a red hoodie with the blue shorts instead of a dress and bike shorts. Definitely no overalls. THe hat wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the ribbon, I think -_-'
  3. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member

    I agree with that. I don't have that much art skill. I'm damn surprised the hair came out as good as it did XD

    And maybe if the hat wasn't so poofy, like Lucas'? I just don't wanna see "HAT THE OVERWORLD SPRITE" while playing =/
  4. Emo_Kirlia

    Emo_Kirlia Well-Known Member

    Female because I'm a female. It would be interesting if this girl apeared in the show but I doubt it since Leaf wasn't in the show. Maybe she could store Pokeballs and Potions and **** in her huge hat if she ran out of room in her bag. But she still looks better than Dawn. I think she's about tied with May and Leaf and I've never played Crystal before so I don't know how to compare her looks to the Crystal female character. Don't flame me because It's my opinion.
    Huh. It does now that I look at her again.
    Last edited: May 13, 2009
  5. redrunner89

    redrunner89 Serebii War Leader

    whats stopping them is the introduction of "soul".

    My opinion in my there is no kris (yeah i'm calling Marina kirs because this is a game discussion not an anime discussion), kris was introduced in the crystal game and was not present in g/s, and HGSS is a remake of g/s not c. and she will not be in it at all because of the introduce of soul, sould will fill the role of dawn in HGSS if you pick the male character.

    Now to address why there was leaf introduced FRLG, there was no female character ever introduced in the original games so the remakes were given freedom to introduce a new female character.

    this link show the bulbapedia article for leaf and shows that there was the potential for a female character to be introduced in the R/B/G/Y games.
  6. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member

    In all honesty, Kris' art (if you looked at it now) looks like crap. A better look at it is to look at her sprite or Marina (Kris' anime counterpart).

    The thing is though.. you could have used the appearence, or even something similar to it, and not have anything to do with Crystal. Why?

    Because Crystal plays out the same way regardless of what gender you pick, it's just for aesthetics and giving girls the chance to play as their gender. Now if being Kris changed the plot, then I'd not have a problem with that statement.
    Last edited: May 13, 2009
  7. Lady Marie

    Lady Marie ♥ AG Ash Fangirl ♥

    It ain't the end of the world, when I buy that game or both, I will play as the new girl. :)
  8. crisiscore

    crisiscore ZAP CANNON

    I would choose the the boy. I don't really like the girl's taste in clothes =/ I wish i can use red from the fr/lg version! lol
  9. DarkLegend

    DarkLegend The Grand Draconian

    We should be okay unless the new girl's over world sprite is just a HUGE hat like in those Monopoly board games...
  10. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member

    I think that's they only reason why I'm so pissed. I don't want it to be like Lucas D:
  11. Sailor_Tenchi

    Sailor_Tenchi Active Member

    Though that would be kind of amusing in a sick way. XD
  12. TicoPokemonMaster

    TicoPokemonMaster Well-Known Member

    While looking at a post in the manga thread about the new female character the person said that Red was given a different design that in RBY. And it is true remake Red doesn't have the same style or color of hair that original Red had. Plus the face also looks at little different. So the new girl gained a few more points in my opinion. So I no longer think of her as a beast. but I still prefer Kris over her.
  13. Golde

    Golde Always Searching~

    This game is seriously lacking in the Marina department...-_-

    Why is it that they always do this shiz? Like, the females are always shown in the anime, but not the males, then they go and change JUST her...what?

    Anyway, I'm going to be a male in HG and a female in SS. But I hate this new woman. Right now.
  14. Twilight Gallade

    Twilight Gallade The Gallade of Night

    Most certainly. Just because Kris/Marina isn't there, it's not Game Over already.

    Besides, as I stated, I like the new girl's design. ^_^ But seriously, am I the only one who likes her hat?
  15. Charles Legend

    Charles Legend New Member

    LOL XD well there is a very good chance that the new Girl is just Kris redesign, I mean if you think about it that what happened to Leaf, remember Leaf's Original design was in the instruction booklet remember all Leaf wore in her Original design was a black dress, and then in FR/LG She got new cloths. Also the change from blue to brown could be explained that the Goldenrod Department store just ran out of blue hair dye. ;)

    ~Charles Legend
  16. I am choosing Female, just as I always had.

    Even though I did like Crystal/Marina, I can get used to this new girl.

    I don't really mind. ^^

    EDIT: I like her hat.

    It looks funny~ <3
  17. ziakra

    ziakra So Zetta Slow!

    I'll be playing as Gold.
    ...maybe Kris/Marina would have a cameo at a certain part in the game...
    and imo I think the female trainer looks fine... (yeah, since I can't remember playing as a girl in Crystal)...hehehe
  18. Akari K

    Akari K did it for the lulz.

    Imo it's the same girl just heavily redesigned... Remember Red's hair color was changed from black to brown... Just look past the color change... =)


    Also I'm a girl, so I always play as a girl. =)
  19. Rock Raiyu

    Rock Raiyu DESTROY! DESTROY!

    Definitely choosing Gold, he was my favorite trainers. I'll be sticking with him.
  20. mystkmastkal

    mystkmastkal Well-Known Member

    Gold/Jimmy has always been my favorite male playable character, so I'm probably going to pick him.
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