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Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

Male or female trainer?

  • Male

    Votes: 740 58.0%
  • Female

    Votes: 148 11.6%
  • I want Marina!

    Votes: 282 22.1%
  • New girl is better

    Votes: 105 8.2%

  • Total voters
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I'm picking the dude, 'cause I am one. My name's gonna be Leo (or Hikaru).


Cascade Badge
i totally agree with special rendation
why is everyone getting melodramatic about no Crys

just be happy they're(excets at Nintendo) doin a G/S remake because they could 've not have done it


Water&Grass Trainer
The boy. My name will be Silver or Ash or something. The girl looks like she has an onion on her head and those long socks dont fly-.-


I usually always choose the guy, but I'm definitely picking him because he looks like the old trainer. The new girl is not that cool; they should have stayed with the other girl aka Marina. (depending on who you talk to)

Maybe Marina will be a choice if they remake Crystal?


I wish Marina/Kris was included, but it looks like I'll just have to settle with the female trainer. My second time around is when I'll probably choose the male trainer.


First avy..no touchy
Male...he looks pretty much the same.

Dark Slash

Male because im a male.....:) but maybe if i get another copy ill pick female Male name:MasterJ female name QueenJ


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I'm going to pick the male because I am a male :)

Why would anyone one want to pick the opposite gender? Like why would a male pick the female?


Shadow Stalker
Yeah they probably won't. They could but its a very slim chance. Like 1 in 1000.
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