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Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

Male or female trainer?

  • Male

    Votes: 740 58.0%
  • Female

    Votes: 148 11.6%
  • I want Marina!

    Votes: 282 22.1%
  • New girl is better

    Votes: 105 8.2%

  • Total voters
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Girl because Im a guy

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Formerly SinnohChamp
I'm a boy, so I'm going to choose the boy character. Personally, I liked Marina better (TBH, I'm not sure why they replaced her considering there already was a girl character)


Confidence Is Power
I'm gonna play as a girl, since I'm a girl. And personally, I like the new girl better than Marina. New girl looks... Normal. Marina didn't have anything bad, but still. New girl looks awesome.


GaGa Ooh Lala
Male, because I am one :)

Though I didn't like the new girl at first, she has REALLY grown on me. I like her a lot more than Marina.


Im choosing the girl
I am in fact a girl : D
I really love her though she was shocking at first but I do think she is a WHOLE lot prettier than Marina or Krys or whatever her name is
shes my new favorite Girl trainer for the games <3


Well-Known Member
Who the heck is Marina?

OFF TOPIC: She's is the name of the female character you play as in Crystal.

ON TOPIC: Personally, I'd choose the male character, even though I'm a girl. The new female character is so...weird with those overalls and poofy hat. The male character is WAY cooler.


Fear the light.
I was really disappointed when I found out Marina wasn't going to be in it. (or is that really her?) :( They should have atleast kept the blue hair. Honestly Brown hair seems really boring.. But..! I'll play the female anyway. It's actually a matter of getting used to.


Heart of Darkness
I'm a boy, so I'm going to choose the boy character. Personally, I liked Marina better (TBH, I'm not sure why they replaced her considering there already was a girl character)

Because she was a character from Crystal.
These games are remakes of Gold and Silver and not Crystal,
thus making a whole new female character. She's better than
Krys anyways.


Well-Known Member
I'm going to be choosing the girl of course. I didn't quite like her at first since I was hoping Marina would be the female character, but she's grown on me.


not the color
After playing through Platinum as Dawn, I have to say that being a trans-virtual is just plain weird. I half considered cheating just to change the gender of my character.

*Ahem* Point being, playing Platinum only strengthened my decision: I'm playing as Gold.


im a girl, so i'll be a girl is SS & a boy in HG ^_^
the new girl is growing on me...
i used to not llike her, but now i think im starting to like her better than marina! :D
I'm choosing the guy, and I really wish Marina was back. She's way cooler than this new girl with too much helium in her hat :/

Simple Star

~ Yeah, I don't know
I'm going to be the girl...Or Gold if i end up hateing her...I've never had crystal but Marina looked prettier than this new one though, although she is cute ^.^

Marina was cool.


From Zero To Hero
Definitely SoulSilver, I am still not used to HeartGold. Lugia pwns Ho-oh anyway.
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