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Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

Male or female trainer?

  • Male

    Votes: 740 58.0%
  • Female

    Votes: 148 11.6%
  • I want Marina!

    Votes: 282 22.1%
  • New girl is better

    Votes: 105 8.2%

  • Total voters
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This is probably gonna be the first time ever that I absolutley dont like the female...

granted marina wasnt much better but this new one looks...weird, since im crazy about gender and names Im playing as female but I sure wont like it.

my main problem is the hair and that fugly hat, if it wernt for that I would be content.


Shun the nonbeliever
We wait 10 years for this and Marina/Krys gets ****ing replaced. Great. This si Nintendo's Bay of Pigs. :\ I wouldn't mind the new girl if she was introduced in a NEW game, but to use her in a remake when she looks nothing like Krys (except for the pig tails) is the dumbest thing Nintendo could have done, I think.


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I'll be playing as a male (because i'm male) and as for the new girl I much prefer Crystal/ Marina, it's a shame they changed her


Certified Trainer
I'm choosing the male (because I'm a guy) but I don't think I would choose the female even if I was a girl.

Yoru Ryu

I like Gold's new design. He looks a lot sleeker. I dunno, but for some reason he looked a bit awkward in GS. The one thing i think both characters are missing is a lack of yellow. It's not a big deal but it feels kinda weird to have them almost all red (and in the girl's case also blue). But yah, GS Gold/Crys were all red and yellow.

Still playing as the girl and calling her Crystal tho XD

squirrel boy

A.K.A. myrandomness
male. and the one thing thats starting to scare me about this game is how much stuff is changing.
Well I definitely prefer Marina more than this female character... I dun really like her hat. :/ (Then again I said the same thing about Lucas and finally got used to that. :p)
But I'll be playing as a boy named Silver (as I've done in nearly every game since Silver, although I'm a girl xD) I do really like the boy's new design... It still has that nostalgic feel but it's different. Now is that thing on his wrist like the new PokeGear?


~Deity of Valleity~
Wh-wh-wh........WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS!

I loved Marina, she was the first female trainer ever, she represented that, yes, pokemon actually isn't just for boys, she was feminist symbol and now they're just going to chuck her away like she meant nothing!

Besides, where did they find this replacement anyways, Moo Moo farm? She looks like a milk maid turned trainer.

And also, what the hell did they do to Kenta? They made him look so childish! That is a fair impression of him at best.




Come to me...
Why did they replace Kris? Ah well, I suppose I'll choose this new chick anyways...


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For christs sake, its not marina its KRIS.
Its just like calling red ash and blue gary, exactly like it.
Oh and I like the new girl better

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Choosing girl. Im a girl. Not got an option she looks ok.


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I will choose the male since I am a male. I will name him Lucas, after me!


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male. and the one thing thats starting to scare me about this game is how much stuff is changing.

THe only thing that's worrying me so far is what they're gonna do with Silver (the rival) and whether or not Kanto is gonna be included.

for the most part I want it to be similar, but I will welcome some storyline changes...... I just hope we get to collect 16 badges again.


Male, so I'm choosing male.
I was never too fond of Marina, so I don't really mind this swap... The new female seems a tad out of place, though. Needs different color hair so not to take after Green and May.

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im playing as the boy, just cuz i am a member of the species called male. but i would prefer the new girl if they changed the hat, overalls and hair color to blue; so shed be more like Kris/Marina
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