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Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

Male or female trainer?

  • Male

    Votes: 740 58.0%
  • Female

    Votes: 148 11.6%
  • I want Marina!

    Votes: 282 22.1%
  • New girl is better

    Votes: 105 8.2%

  • Total voters
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New Member
...I hate that new girl.

So I'm forced to play as Gold (or whatever his new name will be).

I might have liked the girl more if she wasn't wearing overalls and that goofy Lucas-style hat ><; Fan art of her will be the only way to persuade me to use her.
Thank you! I totally agree.

So I'm stuck w/ Gold...


luvin teh monkey!!!!
I'm definitely doing male to bring back old memories of Silver and I'm also a boy. Is it just me or does it kind of look like the boy is wearing capris?


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surprisingly, the new girl is already staring to grow on me. Kris will always be better but I just started thinking about the new character on a different perspective and it makes her more likable that way.

Dark FireBird

Ah ha!! ♪
choosing the female like i have done with every previous game where the option has been available. i'm not so bothered about the new appearance, apart from the hat that just looks like a shapeless blob really, so they probably could've put more thought into that design. haven't decided on a name yet... possibly Zoe or Chloe since i haven't used either of those yet...


I love the new girl!
she's so cute :D

I always hated Crys.
I'm using the new girl.

and im a boy ;D

~ P x


Top Coordinator
Male, will name him Lan

BTW, she looks too much like Pokémon Ranger(Game) art style...

Let's compare:
Both use red shirts...
Soul(I call her that) uses blue "pants" and Gold uses black pants... Soul should aswell use black...
Gold uses a hat turned backwards... she just uses a BIG BIG HAT :|
The bags are, aswell different
Finally... look at the shoes... NOTHING IN COMMON... just the color

OH OH OH... Eyes... Gold's are dark blue... Soul's are brown...

She fitted Gold so much better than Soul ;_;

Both wear black shirts under their red ones xD
Gold looks kinda weird without... socks ...

And me, personally, I DISLIKE a LOT the new girl, though it's funny she looks like Mario xD
Ppl call her Soul... why not Heart?


~Deity of Valleity~
Steelia said:
Male, so I'm choosing male.
I was never too fond of Marina, so I don't really mind this swap... The new female seems a tad out of place, though. Needs different color hair so not to take after Green and May.

Oh I get it, that must be why they have her.

Marina has blue hair. All female PCs have to have brown hair or risk making dawn less unique and hence likeable *rolls eyes*.

Raichu666 said:
For christs sake, its not marina its KRIS.
Its just like calling red ash and blue gary, exactly like it.
Oh and I like the new girl better

Oh I barely care. I know Marina (anime) better than I do Kris (manga). Though hopefully that's about to change.

Also, I think Marina is actually the correct name for her since (to my knowledge) that is whats on the games name list for the "oh-your-a-girl" option and kris isn't.
I like both the new female and the old evenly. For reason I'm fond of the new female trainer's hat, it makes me want to poke it like a marshmallow. X3 *pokes*

I also find the ribbon, and the rest of her outfit very cute too. <3 Though I do miss Crystal/Marina/Kris. (I loved her very much too.) But I don't get why the new female trainer is really unliked so much... =x


Be Wise, Tell Lies.
Hmmm...well, with all games, I plan on going through HG/SS at least 3 times with all 3 starter Pokemon, so I will end up using both trainers eventually.

As for my thoughts on their designs, I really do like the revamp of Gold. He was always kind of chunky [I mean, look at his legs in the original artwork. Can you say cankle?] but here he seems so sleek and slim; it's nice. I also like his pants. They remind of knee-low sweatpants...but not in a bad way. They look super comfy!
As for the new girl trainer, I kind of was expecting them to revamp Crystal, but I'm not upset over it or anything. This girl doesn't look bad, once you get past her relation to Strawberry Shortcake. Cause, once you think about it, Crystal's outfit wasn't that great to begin with, we're all just being nostalgic. I mean, biker shorts, a cropped jacket, and a beanie is not the epitome of fashion, especially on a girl!

But yeah, overall, nice designs. Though I don't think any girl will ever have a better hat than Leaf...


I was still debating on which to choose, but after I saw this scan I said I'd pick Gold. I don't like that girl she looks like a countrified hippie. Crys was awesome, and her blue hair made her look even more awesome!
I'm betting they butchered Crys because she already appeared in the anime. If they decide to go with another Jhoto season, I guess they'd want someone new if they were to become a main character.


I'm choosing the girl because I always choose the girl.

But I LOVED Kris/Crystal. It would be nice to have Crystal reappear.


Well I suppose that we will get used to her or I most likely will, coz I used to hate 'the distorion world' I prefered 'the torn world' but now I'm used to it hehe XD


< I can fly! Weeeee!
Kris was said to be unique to Crystal, so maybe that's why they left her out? idk and personally idc. I'm going to be a boy.

I think people just hate the new girl because Kris is a classic...oh, and the new girl's hat does look odd, but I also thought that about the D/P boy at first (forgot his name)

akki kitsune666

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I'm really not impresses with the new female trainer. I think from the shoulders up she's cute, but her outfit is....yuck. I definately liked Marina a lot better...I usually pick the girls because their outfits are a lot cooler looking than the boys, eg: fr/lg's girl was awesome. But I might pick the guy this time...

Mr. Joker

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JP Soul= Girl
JP Heart= Boy
English Heart= Girl
English Soul= Boy

There is no reason a Boy can't choose a Girl. I like the new girls style alot :)
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