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Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

Male or female trainer?

  • Male

    Votes: 740 58.0%
  • Female

    Votes: 148 11.6%
  • I want Marina!

    Votes: 282 22.1%
  • New girl is better

    Votes: 105 8.2%

  • Total voters
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Loving the new pokegear watch thingy on there hands.

Love the guy look he looks like Lucas mixed with Jimmy cuz of the eyes and hair and stuff.

I was hoping for Marina I mean the other girl has a BIG hat and well not the biggest hat lover. Like I love hats just not BIG hats lol

I want Marina but oh well and I'll be chosing a Guy :)

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I'm a girl so I'll choose to play as a girl, I like Marina better, I don't really like the new girl's clothing.


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Although I'm a boy, I'll choose the girl. I think her design is cute in a way. I never owned any of the GSC games so I can't exactly miss Crystal :3


The male trainer because...uh...I'm a guy

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I will be choosing the boy to play as, not sure what I'll name him yet. Also I prefer Marina over the new girl


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I'll choose Male as the name Zach which is my name in real life. My brother would pick a boy too named Matt, which is his name. The new girl looks pretty. JImmy has changed though. They both look awesome!


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I will use the same style as I used in silver my first time through. (Male trainer, Name: S.LU.)


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I absolutely love the new female protagonist. So even though I'm male, I'm gonna choose to be a girl in SoulSilver.

Later on, when I purchase HeartGold, I will choose to be the boy.

Rex Kamex

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Slowking[George];9708822 said:
Following information from CoroCoro, we now know that you will be able to choose either a male trainer or a female one at the beginning of the game.

No offense, but isn't that obvous?

Anyway, to quote from what I said in another thread...

I'm disappointed at the character designs. O__O To me the girl's clothes look too awkard while the guy one doesn't look different enough. The guy one is better to me, only since he doesn't look so outrageous. Oh well, at least I know what they'll look like now. That's what I was hoping for in Coro Coro.

That being said, I'm picking the guy. Well, I'd pick him in any case because I'm a guy. At least his clothes don't look so... yeah.


And also, what the hell did they do to Kenta? They made him look so childish! That is a fair impression of him at best.

Because God forbid a ten year old boy ACTUALLY LOOKS like a 10 year old boy....

Seriously, I don't get what all the b****ing is about. It's just...dumb...


EV trainer
I like the new cowgirl, I wonder what her team would be: Milktank, Flaffy, Ponyta, her starter, and other farm Pokémon. I'm choosing the guy though.


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I have decided, however. Since Silver is most likely going to be in the game anywho, it'd be very interesting if Crystal was also in the games.

Perhaps if they bring contests into this remake, Crystal can be a participant much like Jasmine and MOTHER#4 in DPPt.

On that note...I want to walk downstaits and greet my father in at least one future game. Having your mother there is very sexist.

All women are good foor is standing on a stool and saving money! Don't forget Daylight Savings Time! Good MOTHER#2!



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I'm undecided - there's a certain quality I like about the new girl, but it doesn't seem correct for Kris to be absent.

Also hate the new boy...

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I'll choose male... since... y'know... I'm a male. :)

Personally, I liked the Marina design, and I wish they would've kept it. All the other girls looked super girly (and not really the miles-of-adventure-on-foot type of girl), and to me, Marina didn't.

Eh, I'll get over it. And I'm glad this girl actually plays a part in the story, though.
i'm going to pick gold since I'm a guy

krys was really a great character in pokemon, and the new girl has a flippin huge hat and looks like a swedish stereotype (no offense to any swedish people out there)


Eh, ragazzo!
I'm a guy, so I usually pick the boy, and in this pair, I like the look of the guy better. I'll admit that Marina looks better than the new girl. The new girl looks like she came from a foreign European country, and she is wearing a weird hat. Seriously, what is with that hat? Otherwise, I'm fine with the new female character addition, but I wonder what this will mean for other elements in Crystal. What is their chance of appearing in these games?

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I'm a guy, so I always pick the male. And I hate the new girl, she should've stayed back at the Miltank farm where she belongs. Probably the most awkward looking design I've ever seen.
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