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Are you content with Chloe and Goh technically being his final canon companions?


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Chole wasn't a bad character at all, she's the perfect example of a girl that doesn't know what she wants in her life and so she can't properly pick a career (battler, coordinator, researcher) and so she represents better real people out there. The character could be lame and boring, sometimes an eevee taxi, but I think leaving her future open with multiple possibilities made her more realistic and writers choice wasn't a random choice in this case.

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Serena looked better in the 6th generation, I don't like her new look. It's a pity that she doesn't have long hair as it would have been easier before, although then this hat wouldn't fit at all. As for Chloe, she lacks development, she is average


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Chloe? Who had the bright idea of having an expensive VA?

Goh? I did not see anyone miss him.


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I like Go and Chloe…exists so I’m fine with it but they’re far from my favorite companions. Not sure why Goh seems to have the “best” connection with Ash when their dynamic is far from exclusive to them or anything noteworthy aside from a few moments.

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And it’s getting weird because at this point they are shoving Eevee onto people’s team with no explanation why.
That will probably happen in the new anime series too. Betting a Pikachu and Eevee find their way back to the spotlight.


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Sham are you trying to get a World Record on how many threads you can make in a short span?

As for your hundredth topic, they aren’t the final companions as Ash will travel with Misty & Brock during the 11 episode arc that is still within Journeys, so that point is null.
Yay or nay? Does the returning companions make up for it? Did you actually enjoy Goh, Chloe and Ash interactions?
Sham. Remember about sending request to Guinnes World Record that you can take a prize from them.