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Are you disappointed that the writers waited so long to evolve Chimchar?


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In the anime, sometimes evolution is just for the Pokemon to tap into some more power in order to overcome it's adversaries. Since Chimchar hasn't faced a truly crushing loss since its loss against Saturn's Toxicroak(which was some time ago) or even faced a situation that looks really bad for it outside a gym battle, it probably hasn't felt the need to tap into that potential yet.


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Yes I am very disappointed as it seem chimchar might evolve right before the movie like gligar. Btw you people need to stop arguining with Ash-kid, you are wasting your time.


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It starts to take too long. I think that we have Monferno one or two episodes before Arceus film, but i don't know for Infernape. I'm sure Monferno will evolve, but i don't know when. I hope that in a future League semifinals/finals against Paul's Torterra it will evolve and smack Paul down!


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To put it simply, YES I am disappointed. Small, un-evolved Pokemon are boring no matter how much character development they get.


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Disappointed? A tad, maybe, but its not really affecting me much. Of course i'd love to see a Monferno and have it act as a stronger, slower version of Grovyle, but we have to remember that even though Chim has been through tough battles and training, Ash has gotten it pretty late, so we have to endure and wait for it.

My guess is that it'll evolve right in front of Paul, much like what most of you have suggested. It's unoriginal alright, but it's typical. Infernape during the battle frontier saga, im pretty sure.

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I'm not dissapointed. Maybe because I actually prefer Chimchar over it's evolutions.

However I'm aware it'll happen so I'm not really arguing. I'm just going to focus on my other favourites when it does.

The only Pokemon I want to evolve is Grotle but it's looking unlikely at the moment.=/

I'd take a guess that we'll probably see Monferno when it gets really close to the movie.
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Yes. They had so many chances to evolve Chimchar, and they didn't do anything. Now it just feels like they'll do it just because.


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I actually prefer monferno to chimchar or infernape...........so yeah, kinda disappointed since late evolution means monferno will be getting little screen-time. But I am really not disappointed that late evolution for chimmy means no infernape in this season.


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5 bucks says it will be like mays blaziken... sure eventually chimchar will evolve to monferno... but then infernape will only get a little screen time last minute evolution... which sucks

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Monferno will be rushed, just a gut feeling.

I am slightly disappointed, but I knew nothing was going to happen when he didnt evo shortly after his great battle vs Byron.


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If as a Chimchar he beating the strongest pokemon of two Gym leaders, it doesn't need to evolve. It's allready strong.

Oh by the way, Gliscor did use Pound in the gym battle, ha.
It did NOT use Pound in the gym battle. Gliscor can't even learn Pound. It was just Gliscor hitting Snover with its tail for gods sake. Chimchar should evolve to be EVEN stronger. Also, in Hoenn, Treecko was doing amazing beating a lot of Pokemon in the gyms and it evolved and same with Grovyle! I mean really, Chimchar is EXACTLY like Treecko/Grovyle.
^ We had Grovyle by the 5th Gym though, so essentially by mid-Hoenn.

Now we're past Gym 7 and we still don't have Monferno.


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^ We had Grovyle by the 5th Gym though, so essentially by mid-Hoenn.

Now we're past Gym 7 and we still don't have Monferno.
To add to that, Paul had Chimchar since he came back to Sinnoh which doesn't seem to long ago and if you add that t its battles it has had with both Paul and Ash, that is a lot. Oh and a Pokemon doesn't need to have beaten a lot of strong Pokemon to make them not evolve. Didn't Treecko beat at least one of Flannery's Pokemon, if it did, I know that Grovyle beat Winona's Altaria.


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If anything evolution is completly random in the anime so experience with Ash and Paul really doesnt mean anything in the sense of evolution

Case and point, Ash's Starly evolved in the span of 12 or 13 episodes without a major win at all
I mean really, Chimchar is EXACTLY like Treecko/Grovyle.

Actually chimchar is much more like charmander than treecko. Charmander also won gym battles and some furious battles outside the gyms also. And if u consider treecko then Buizel is the first pokemon that comes into my mind cause they have same kind of persona and also treecko had his own win\lose in gym battles just like Buizel.