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Are you ever ashamed of being a Pokémon fan?


Trader and Battler
I did back in seventh grade when a bunch of jerks made fun of me for it. I have lots of friends who play it now, one of them is almost as serious as I am about it (trade shops and ****).


Fear the Deer
Between 2007 and 2009 I was. That was a time that I was bullied without that being known, so I wasn't going to say anything. About mid 2009, though, I decided that I didn't really care. I've had that mindset since then.


Unwashed skank
No. Haters can go stick their hate where the sun don't shine. ¬_¬

My 2 friends poke fun at me, but that's just them. I know that they have no ill will or anything. Though another one of my friend just makes fun of me. I don't give two sh*ts. He calls Pokémon fans nerds without lives. Yeah, he's the one that won't shut the heck up about Ancient Greek gods and learned how to write in Ancient Greek wrong. Seriously, you don't just change the letters to the other language's letters. Otherwise worldwide Pokémon would've happened a long time ago.


Shadow Lucario
Everybody's got a game/games that others find childish, yet they still play. As long as you enjoy the game/games, play as much as you want no matter what others think.

PKMN Trainer Tee

Ice Pokemon Fan
In public I'm probably more quiet about my love for Pokemon, but if I know that another person likes Pokemon I'll be more open about it haha.
When it comes to my family, they don't care if I like Pokemon or not, it's just a part of me. Most of all my friends play the games as well so I'm not really alone.


I agree with Tee. Pokemon is part of our memories, and there is NO person that has never watched or even heard of pokemon. I never minded taking my gameboy with my pokemon game, playing in the public. Many people I know play pokemon so, there is always someone to share the hobby. Well, I never had any problems with games, especially pokemon. I even wore pokemon shirts when I was younger :p. Nowadays, some of my friends don't deal with pokemon, but they have never criticized my pokemon hobby. For anyone who wants to criticize it, well I don't care ;) If you don't have someone to share pokemon with or feel weird, don't hesitate to share your hobbies with other people who have the same ones ;)


Oh, hey, Big Zam!
I have never been ashamed, just...PROUD.

Lost Lore

Diving Deep
Why would I be? If there's something I really like, I shouldn't have to feel ashamed for liking it, no matter what it is. (Well... unless it's something unsavory.)

Pokemon was my childhood, and it just happened to stick with me while growing up. If someone doesn't like that, well, they'll just have to deal.

Puma Italia

Well-Known Member
Definitely not ashamed. I've outgrown the whole "being embarrassed" thing. When I was younger it seemed like after a certain point everyone in school just started making fun of Pokemon so I felt like "What's going on? I still think these games are fun. What's wrong with me?" but that phase ended pretty quickly, and I'll let anyone know who asks that I love the series. It's one of my favorites, and has been for a long time. I even like the anime, even though I don't watch it at all.

Rational Rayquaza

Well-Known Member
I did feel ashamed about being a hardcore Pokemon fan going into middle school. I felt I was too old and that I should really be disappointed in myself. A chain of events eventually made me quit Pokemon all together. I tried to cover up the fact that I ever was a Pokemon fan by a hating on it and saying it was childish. Eventually, I realized I had made a terrible mistake and returned to Pokemon. Now I play Pokemon with pride. I'm only ashamed that I left it in the first place.


"Tougher than you."
At first I did because not only was I a fan of the games but the anime as well so there were a few classmates that made fun of me. But I didn't really care but cause what I knew I was the only fan at school. Then as the days went by my classmates that I don't normally talk too came up to me and we started to talk about pokemon. It was like, if nobody discovered I like both the anime and the games I wouldn't have the friends I have now. Then only did I discover that heaps of people loved pokemon and it was great because they were all my age. I always thought pokemon was only popular as a child but I was so wrong.

Eon Master

Born from the Flames
I used to be... when I was in middle school and everyone was ashamed of everything. Now I'm in college and still finding friends who play and watch the anime. I don't really care if somebody thinks Pokémon is embarrassing; it's been too much of a part of my life to simply let go. Pokémon Blue was the first video game I ever played, and I'm still an avid fan to this day. There's no shame in being a Pokémon fan, there's only shame in letting the opinions of others drag you away from something you enjoy.


New Member
I feel uncomfortable whenever somebody asks if I like Pokemon. I'm always sure that they would ask why I like them. I love Pokemon, but I can't really tell real people that. I have some personal reasons that I wouldn't like to share with others.

Sour Monster

Well-Known Member
I used to be yes.

While I was still in school as a teenager from 12-18 years of age. Sadly it was seen as childish and some nasty kids would bully people for liking it...
I'm 23 now and pretty open about it. It's funny, when I first started seeing my husband I was about 16-17 and used to hide my screen from him and turn the volume down when I was playing a Pokemon game - now he plays them too lol. When he first saw me and noticed he was like 'Are you playing Pokemon!?' I was a little embarrassed but defended myself telling him hey, if you love turn based RPGs or stratergy situations you'd enjoy it too.

I'm very open about liking it now, mention my excitement for it on facebook. Surprised to see a lot of my school friends also like it!! Never knew while we were at school ha. They only told me once I started talking about it on facebook. Shame really, we could have had some good times battling/trading.

I remember when I was in year 7 at school, about 11-12 years old. (Just before I stopped being open about liking Pokemon.) I still had a Pikachu pencil case etc. Kids in my playground had just stopped playing the cards and one of them said to me one day 'Pokemon is out of fashion now you know.' As if I should stop liking it because it is a fad! Bah!

...sorry for the ramble if anyone reads all that lol.
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Well-Known Member
Never have been never will be. I grew up with pokemon and am now going on 19 and have never been embarassed to love pokemon. I proudly wear a pokemon lanyard to work and pokemon t-shirts, keychains, etc.! My closest friends and even my fiance' are all pokemon addicts as well. I've found that if you be yourself and show who you are and what you love, then you'll find others who love you just the way you are, no matter how quirky that happens to be. This tends to be my rule to live by.