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Are you going to Import HG/SS / Which Version Are You Getting?


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Erik Destler

cool cool cool
Are you preordering this game?
And, which version?
HG or SS?
Or both?

For me, I'm going to be importing SS, and buying HG when it gets to America. :cool:
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I am preordering SoulSilver, when I get the chance. I will wait until it comes out to get it, but I will be preordering it, that is for sure. I only need $5. That would make it cost $30, unless if they will have the actual price higher than $35.


GaGa Ooh Lala
Waiting for them to come out in the US, then getting SoulSilver :)

Being able to understand what they are saying is worth the wait.

Escape Reality

i would pre-order, but i don't know of a good, reliable place to get it from at the lowest possible amount. i found a place called yesasia.com or something like that where SS was going for $53.00 (not including s&h), but i think i'll just wait for it to come in the US. then i'll get both. but if i get them at different times, i'll get SS first, because i like lugia better.


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Does anyone know a website that will ship the preorder figurines? Because IIRC, playasia and yesasia don't give those statues. :) And the lugia looks so cool... If I find a place that will ship the fig, I'm definitely getting SS.
Already pre-ordered it on Play-Asia. It whole 63 dollars, and I'll have it sent to Brazil on... September 14th. And it will take 5-15 days to get here.

Oh God :/


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I'm pre-ordering SS and probably getting both HGSS when it hits stores in the US.

Recently I've been wondering if Silver would remain the 'underdog' much like blue/sapphire/pearl were before. But recently it seems as if SS is the more popular game. And usually its the 'blue' game. blue/silver/sapphire but in the 4th gen it seems that its the 'red' game, Pearl/Heart Gold that is the 'underdog' game.

But I wasn't completely sure that SS is the more popular game, hopefully this thread proves me wrong because I liked being some of the only people with the blue game and I really don't like to use things that a lot of others use.
I wouldn't import, since I can't read Japanese and the game wouldn't be fun if I didn't know exactly what the characters were saying. :[

I'm gonna pre-order HG though. OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED. :'DDDD


US version of HG. Because it has kyogre and i have a groudoun so i want the rayquaza.And ho-oh is sickness!

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I'm going to pre-order SS, and I might get HG after I beat SS. Sometimes I do get the second version of games, sometimes I don't, so it all depends on how diverse the two games are going to be from each other.


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I'm definitely preordering one once it comes to North America, but I'm unsure ATM. I'm leaning more towards HG because I already own (well, with dead batteries) Silver and Crystal, so just to vary it a little bit. With Wi-fi trading (for version exclusives) and move relearners (to teach Lugia/Ho-oh Aeroblast/Sacred Fire in their opposite versions) I think getting one or the other is pretty irrelevant.

Basically my choice boils down to which figurine I want. I'll probably just offer a friend to have his preordered along with mine and keep all 3 figurines lol.


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Soul Silver. Unless when you order both of them you get all three figures. Then I might consider getting both.

Wigglytuff FTW!

Oh hi thar
Importing the game would spoil all the fun. It's like they say, knowing is half the battle (or fun for this matter).
I'm waiting for them to come out in America, and when it does, HeartGold, man!
I don't see point in getting both games, unless you don't have anyone to trade with, then you're just delaying the inevitable boredom of being done with the games...
But I got 3 sisters, two are getting SS, so I'm only getting HG.

miu miu

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I'm going to wait till it comes out to U.S. cause I cant read japanese lol