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Are you going to pass down your toys,cards,video games etc to your kids


Most of my non-game related stuff or movies has already been passed down to my younger brothers. The games, I hope to keep those as long as I have a working system on which to play them. I'll probably give away the movies I own though, unless I sell them. All my cards were sold a few years ago, and the figures are probably buried somewhere in my younger brothers' room.


Raichu Trainer
Yes. And I will force my children to train a tough team of pokemon. Every day when I come home from work, I'll say, "Have you done your homework? ...have you trained your squirtle?"


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Depends. Most kids wouldn't want used ****, they want the hottest thing available from their era. However, I probably wouldn't mind passing down my games, it would be better than most of the shovelware crap that will continue to pollute store shelves.


Fire and Lightning!
Well...DS might be ancient by then. >_<

I may or may not pass the stuff down. I'd probably still enjoy playing myself! If Pokemon is still around at that time, me and my kid are definitely playing it! I could be his... mentor. xD
But yeah, it just depends on whether or not Pokemon is still around and if my kid is interested in it.


He's Back!
Me: Here you go son, this is called a Gameboy.

Son: What is this shit? *Goes to play Nintendo DS8*


"Dark Lightning"
I might, if Pokémon stretches out for that long, and if the kids want to see how it went from cartridge-based screenplay to having a virtual-reality simulator, where you could keep a Pokémon (assuming that virtual-reality becomes commercially available by then).

...And if they have enough sense not to chuck a DS against a wall. I couldn't trust anyone like that with my DS.


No way. If I ever have kids, they're going to have to get their own stuff, cause I'm keeping it all. The games, the cards, the original soundtrack cassette (the one with the pokerap (as soon as I find it)), the Pika plushes, the old KFC plush Eevee, Seal, Dratini, and Zubat, and even the old fake cards some guy used to give me at the Toys R Us card playing day things. Even the Pikachu calculator/alarm clock that makes a different Pikachu noise with each button pressed. In fact, I;ll probably use it to annoy any future offspring I may have. And if I still had my Holo 1st edition original Charizard card, I'd totally threaten them with disownment for even breathing too near it. ....I'd also probably make a bad mother.


Ohnoez!! OMG HELP!!!
I'm doing this as it helps my children and by the time they won't say: Daddy get me a DS... Then they already have it atleast.


well it depends if they have an interest in pokemon or if its still around then. if there interested i will unveil nostalgia from the good ol' days and geive them a 'helping hand' on there very own pokemon journey.


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im keeping all my good toys behind a glass door shelf in my room or somewhere then give all my dumb toys to kids. or sell em on ebay


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Sure. I'll give them my Blue Version that won't save and my original Game Boy that's almost twenty years old now.

Hopefully the antique geek gene will be passed on.

Grass Guardian

Rags to Riches
Yup. They're going to get all my Burger King toys and various other pokemon toys that I use to avidly collect. Was, never too big in the cards, though.


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I think you people are thinking way into the future, most people don't even have kids till 30. But i prob will have lost all my sh*t by then.


gone gently
Well, most of my Pokemon collection will be safely protected and stored in its own room of the house.

But my children will grow up educated in Pokemon. From their birth, they will be bombarded with love for Pokemon, from bedsheets to wallpaper and more. The only thing I have to decide so far is whether it's more successful to do this subtly or overtly.


Yes, even though "nothing lasts forever" I'll give my kids all my games along with my extensive card collection that will hopefully be worth something someday.


They'll never get their hands on it! No, just kidding. If they want it, maybe.
Whoever said I hate kids you don't have to be so mean.I asked when you grow up hence some kids might have posted too,and if you already are an adult I understand you are an adult from the way you said you hate kids,but just one thing when you were little didn't you get mad,sad or offended when adults said they hate you,I don't think so.You could say you dislike them,but that is not good too post here.Everyone was a child in some point in life.I personally am a kid and a very smart and nice one in fact,I delete my posts when no one else wants them so can you please delete yours.I'm not trying to annoy anyone or offend anyone here.Thanks.

I wasn't being mean. You asked a question, so I was giving my answer, which happened to be the negative, and giving reason for it. And I don't really hate all kids, but the idea of actually having them and taking care of them and adding on to the world's gargantuan population is very unappealing to me. But when I was a younger kid I did actually hate my classmates, even including myself. Plus I have IBS and scoliosis and I think it's wrong to pass stuff like that onto another life.