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Are you hype for the Masters Tournament? (Yes/No)

Are you hyped for the masters tournament??????????

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Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Eusine as Johto champion would have been so much better, imagine if Suicune appeared as his sixth Pokemon Kukui-style and then joined you after you beat him.
I just think they should've made 2 Leagues:
1st in Johto: Will, Karen, a Grass guy with Jumploof as Ace and an Electric Lady with Ampharos. Eusine as Champion.

2nd in Kanto which you fight with After Blue but before Red.
It would consist of Koga, Lorelei, Bruno and Giovanni (now turned good) and Lance as Champion. For those who are saying Giovanni cannot be an E4, bear in Mind he was one in the beta leaks (frankly together with Misty).

I also saw w Romhack where Eusine is an Elite 4:

But we are getting a bit off-topic here:)

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
voted yes because aside from Leon vs Alain i want to see how the rest of the fights play out.

Also, considering the last time Ash used reserves didn't end so well, it's not a make or break deal for me if he doesn't use them.

not seeing them vs risking seeing them end up as cannon fodder...i'd choose the former.

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
I mean i find it ironic that people are suddenly desperate for reserves to be used, when in the past they'd complain about it.

Kanto and jouto got passes, the former being the first big tournament, and jouto Ash's team definitely not being up to par forcing reserves there.

But in the battle frontier and sinnoh it was a different case with people.

in the battle frontier, I remember how angry people got when Charizard showed up for Ash's first battle facility, and even angrier when it revealed to have Overheat, so many people claiming how it "Stole" the move from Torkoal, but then were cheering the praises of May's combusken when it used the attack in the kanto GF.

And of course the fact that Snorlax solo'ed the battle dojo with it's "infinite" health which was met with complaints...then Heracross came back and lost to a Venusaur which made people angry, Tauros I don't think anyone cared.

then came Ash's final battle pyramid battle, so many excited to see the BF team take down all 3 regi's...until it was revealed the kanto starters were coming in, that was retracted and people wanted Ash to lose feeling the kanto pokemon were "Stealing" glory they didn't deserve.

Now I move on to the sinnoh league, despite using his reserves there, we only saw a handful of them actually fight, and actually win.

Cyndaquil comes back, evolves and learns Eruption...yet all it gets for this is a draw?

Snorlax, Noctowl, Heracross and Sceptile were the only ones to get wins, everyone else was either beaten or never seen fighting, maybe there wasn't as much complaining as the BF, but it still wasn't a good situation.

But that's the problem, people are bound to complain if who they like doesn't get used, and what if the writers don't employ them right either as past history has shown?

Because in the end you lose either way.

Ultra Beast Lover

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I'm not. I'm over the reserves not being used. Yeah it's stupid but no surprise there. I just don't feel emotionally invested in the Masters Tournament, for one thing Ash has barely interacted with his fellow competitors this saga so the only way we're meant to care about half of these matches is by having watched the previous sagas which, ok I guess they wanted to throw it in for the older fans which is nice but aside from Leon there's been little to no buildup this saga. Also, one of the reasons a lot of fans get excited for the regular League is because they want to see how close Ash gets to victory. We know Ash is going to fight Leon so why should I care?

Oh well, maybe the fights will be decent.


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Yeah. This whole tournament is basically just fanservice to me and it’s nice to see powerhouses battle it out

For example, Ash doesn’t have much of a connection with Steven but I do. He’s always been my favorite so I’m excited to see that battle just for that


What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?

This is a champions tournament featuring the 6 regional champions and Alain. They’re going to show all of the battles.

Aside from flipping Ash and Alain’s placement in the bracket to avoid having Ash and Leon battle in the first round, I don’t see any issues with the bracket because it gives Ash a longer and harder path to Leon. The matchups don’t necessarily have narrative weight, but then they usually don’t in real life either.

And look…this is a tournament featuring 7 regional champs and one of the strongest conference winners. Someone would have to go up against Leon in the first round, and they’re going to lose. Someone would be upset about that draw and claim it’s unfair that they’re “jobbing” against Leon. Replacing Alain with an E4 member would just weaken this event.

While some reserves would have been nice, the 3v3 doesn’t really give a lot of room for them.

So yes. I’m hyped for this.


c l a r i t y
Voted a big fat NO.

Ash being confirmed to use his fanservice team of inexperienced OP gods and not his older Pokémon killed off all the hype. Not to mention the matchups are way too predictable.

This “world tournament” created to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary was a whole mess from the start. Not to mention Ash constantly facing Dragon, Electric and Fighting specialists due to the “mirror match rivalry” nature implemented since SM. It’s dumb writing, and I want it gone for SV.


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Almighty Zard

He has returned.
I'm bothered by the 3vs3 format, which is was 6vs6, otherwise I'm fine, I wanted reserves, but I wanted them from the start, I wasn't expecting them to be used here anymore even though I would have prefered if they were.

I still think the final match will be a full battle though.


Deluded Dreamer
Ngl no reserves here does deflate me a lot and Im not at all a fan of the round 1 matchups, plus I have my concerns about the animation due to JN
Im still hyped, even if Im not hyped as I could be
Iris vs Cynthia, Ash vs Cynthia and Ash vs Leon is something im very invested in
Lance vs Diantha, Ash vs Steven and Leon vs Diantha may be fun battles may surprise us yet
Leon vs Alain may have decent animation atleast
The preview animation was good so a bit of hopes raised

And also, like cmon its the top trainers in the whole world duking it out and Ash taking on the top 3 of the world
It'll still be big and Im hyped despite the disappointments


What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?
Even if the match results seem predictable, that doesn’t mean they won’t be exciting. Or as a friend of mine says - “the box score doesn’t tell the whole story of the game.”


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Ehh kinda don’t think it’s gonna be a trainwreck and animation looks good rn, but they’re fumbling the ball rn. Like no reserves and Iris+Alain losing round 1, esp w/o some rematch with Ash

Still looks fun to watch, especially with all the 3v3s and showing other matches


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The only I’m interested in is the inevitable battle between Ash & Leon.