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Are you playing as boy or girl?

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Pokémon Blue
I am playing as a boy.

Cool Boy

Be fearless
I play as a boy... becuase I am...
But in platinum I used dawn I like the desien better...


Active Member
I'm Playing as a girl named Kat (short for my actual name) and she is of Serious Nature (my favourite nature) and I am a breeder (I breed pokemon a lot using the Masuda method)
I have a Black and White version, so I play opposite genders on both games so I know which is which without having to take the game out of the DS.


Ace Trainer

I'm playing as a boy, because I am one, though I have chose girl on some of my restarts of versions I'm only using to get more copies of legendaries and such, not the games I play competivaly.

Trainer name: RedAce♠

Trainer Typer: Ace Trainer

Trainer Nature: Adament


Think Magical!
I'm in a girl in black even though I'm a boy.
I choose to be a different gender sometimes, but hey what the heck!?

Black: Girl-FLYGON-timid-breeder
White: Boy-Dusk-ace trainer-timid
SS: Boy-Entei-naughty-trainer
Pltm: Boy-Dusk-timid-trainer


~Reshiram Rage~
I'm playing as a girl. Oh and if you want to battle, please tell me.


Dragon Onslaught
I have both games so I make each one different genders. White-Female Black-Male(the only exception is the Jotto remakes as the female character design in that game is horrific likewise I dislike the male character design(actually both designs to an extent) in Sinoh as it is basically a wimpy red clone...


Sylveon~ :D
In White I play as a girl, and I called myself Star. I made myself a Nurse, just, because. And I have Timid Nature.
All the other games I have I play as a girl because I am one.
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