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Are you playing as the Male or Female character?


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Previously Iota
I'm not going to vote, since there's no "Both" option. I always buy both games and play as one gender on each one. So I'll be playing as both.



Since I'm ticked that they got rid of Krys/Marina/whatever people call her and I don't like Soul, I'll be playing as the male character.

That, and the fact that I first played Crystal with a male character for... very random reasons.


Event Collector
Male character, seeing as I am male.

Guys who choose the female character in Pkmn games just strike me as confused people.

Especially when they try to justify it...


Shut cho Meowth.
Definately the female, because I am one. Cheeyah. ;D
And I don't see why everyone is hating on the female character.
Personally I love the pigtails and the funky hat. xP


burning it down
Both. Male in SoulSilver and female in HeartGold.


Mighty Marvo
I'm a guy, and im playing as a guy. I don't like Soul very much, anyhow.


Ironclad trainer
male since i am, if i get soulsilver i might try female in it but i don't really like the way the female character looks.


Haters gonna hate
At first when I saw the girl's redesign I decided that I would play as a boy, but gradually the design is warming up on me (and it helps that I think the girl's sprite is adorable!) so it's kind of up in the air... but I'm thinking I'm going to play as a girl if only because I'm playing as a boy on platinum


De Ibwis Twigga!
Since I'm ticked that they got rid of Krys/Marina/whatever people call her and I don't like Soul.
Guys who choose the female character in Pkmn games just strike me as confused people.
Oh, I'm sorry. I geuss I can't play Super Mario Galaxy because I'm female and I have to play as a male protagonist. I can only play Barbie: Horse Riders despite it being a horrible game instead of SMG despite it being fantasic because of my gender despite it having nothing to do with my friggen IRL persona. GREAT LOGIC : D

Seriously. These people are the ones who are confused


< Guess who's back?
Easy: Male!

I'm a man myself and I have always done my first run as a man. Besides I think gold/kenya is the coolest pokemon main character and I really dislike the new girl's design.


Well-Known Member
If I get Soul Silver I am becoming a female, even though I am male I just like to be different to my friends that I battle and trade with which are mainly male. Even though I am a male and I might pick female I am not a confused perosn as an above poster stated >_> I just don't want six or seven males when we battle and trade at school lol I always like to be different, whatever they do I do opposite.


Well-Known Member
Both. I'll play as the female in one, and the male as the other. I haven't decided in which games yet, though.
Good idea. Although I always pick the female ever since you could choose a gender, I might pick the boy but Im not sure... she still looks like she shoulda been in pokemon ranch I have too admit. Im not 100% sure who I'll pick but theres a 60% Im going for the dude.
I'll play female in both games, since I am a girl. To me it feels weird playing as the guy... well, in Ruby I played as Brendan because I wanted to see what May said as the rival :/


Guardiana Cristálica
Male and Female... yes... i played Emerald as a girl and the rest as a boy.

End of story.