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Are you ready to go back to school?


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I'm starting high school on the fifth. I'm not ready, and not looking forward to it. I've had football early in the morning for the past two weeks, so getting up early shouldn't be that much of a problem at least. All my core classes are honors classes, and my schedule is extremely confusing. Wish me luck...


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Considering I'm still reeling from seven hundred and twenty two dollars for four comparatively small textbooks... nnnnnnnnot exactly. But I'll make do.


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Well school just started for me on Wednesday. I'm probably gonna be the only one to say this, but summer was getting kind of boring for me and I was ready to see my friends again. Although, summer did see to go by really fast this year.


In school htere are good and bad things:

the good thing: I get to bring my DS and PSP to school and play them with my friends.
the bad thing: THE teacher always give me a pile of homeworks

SO, basically, i am not ready for school

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I started again last Monday. Hasn't gone too badly so far. I don't have a ton of homework like I did last semester, so I'm happy about that. Although that might change once I get further into my Calc class...


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No more school for me for over a year now! Though I am studying for the ACS certification and taking the first of 5 exams in early November and then continuing every 3 months. But I do start overtime tomorrow so working 7-5 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, prepare for hell!
Believe it or not, I'm excited to go back to school. I'm going into Grade 9 which means a new school, but I've visited the school at least 5 times. Most of the teachers in the school I hear are nice so I don't need to worry much about them. The teachers who seem to be the most strict/have a mean streak I won't have so that's a added bonus.

In all, I'm really excited. It's waaay better than the middle school I went to...ughhh. The only description I give that Middle school is HELL! They made you carry these yellow bins that had your stuff in it, even if you had a broken arm, you still had to carry it. Plus all the french teachers hated kids with a passion. They are probably doing the wrong job altogether, mind you. I feel really bad for the soon to be Grade 8's there...even if most of them bullied me in grade 4!

Also another thing, we switched classes every half hour which annoyed everyone! Thank god in high school we will only switch every 75 minutes and don't make us carry these heavy bins!!! I am going to High school on September 6th.
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This is the second week of school for me. Not too bad yet but I can already tell that later in the year it will get rough.


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I'm beginning TODAY.

I'm prepared in terms of supplies, but in term of the subjects I'm going to be learning, eh..... Not so sure.