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Are you Tired of the Fire/Fighting Starter Type?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Roserazor, Sep 22, 2010.


Is the Fire/Fighting starter getting old?

  1. Yes

    109 vote(s)
  2. No

    7 vote(s)
  3. I don't care

    24 vote(s)
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  1. Roserazor

    Roserazor ...Look Behind You

    For 3 generations now the fire starter evolves into a fire/fighting type. Does anyone find it annoying or the complete opposite?

    -Roserazor ;407;
  2. The Fire Starter

    The Fire Starter Well-Known Member

    To be honest, no. I associate fire with fighting in Pokemon, because to me the two just seem to relate, if you see what I'm saying. I wouldn't mind them changing the types, but I'm not sick of it either.


    would be cool mixes, but putting that in a starter Pokemon doesn't feel right. Fire/Flying has already been done, and I'm afraid of that kind of pokemon becoming another dragon-esque evolution, mimicking Charizard which is NOT okay.

    What are some of your combinations for a fire starter?
  3. Princess Ratia

    Princess Ratia Serperior Love

    I loved Blaziken. Infernape and this new pig thing just ****** me off. >_>

    Sorry all you Infernape and Pokabu lovers... >_<; But yeah, I guess I'm a complainer.

    I mean pure fire type wouldn't be bad, or maybe mix it up with some other combinations which haven't been done, yah know?
  4. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    I honestly don't care. I still like Pokabu's line. Sure I would've preferred a different typing. Sure it's unoriginal by now. But they could've done a lot worse. They could've taken Charizard, gave him a blue color scheme, and changed his tail flame into a fin and said "Oh look it's our new water starter!" That's what you call horrible.

    And besides, I'm picking Mijumaru anyways. =D
  5. Pseudo-Unlegendary

    Pseudo-Unlegendary I be an Exotic One

    Well, I do think it is a little old. But on the plus side, This will be the first generation I've actually used a fire fighting starter, so this time I will give it a pass.
  6. AZX612

    AZX612 On my own here we go

    [SARCASM]Nah, I just absolutely love the fact that the Fire/Fighting Combo has been going on for over 3 years straight now.[/SARCASM]

    Seriously Nintendo.

    I liked Blazakin.
    Infernape was AWESOME!!! But the Fire/Fighting combo was getting old
    Pokabu's Final Evo - Why. I like the look, but not the type.
  7. ForeverFlame

    ForeverFlame WATER TRUMPETS

    It's not as bad as Normal/Flying, Bug/Flying, Bug/Poison, Ground/Rock, Water/Ground, or Grass/Poison.
  8. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Don't forget Water/Flying.

    Even if Pokablu's evo did get fire/dark, it'll give it extra weaknesses, which doesn't help much. Fire/Fighting is probably their only option since it eliminates one of fire's weaknesses.
  9. AzukanAsimbu

    AzukanAsimbu Petal Paladin

    infernape was a copy of blaziken, and now emboar? god wtf! i thought hed be fire/dark or fire/ground or something! ugh.... good thing im picking mijumaru
  10. AZX612

    AZX612 On my own here we go

    Why would it matter?
    It would be a nice change for the Fire type not to take all the glory. Considering the extream lack of Fire types in Gen 5, which only adds to the Glory. And most Fire Types are tanks. They can destroy a good chunk of a team even if you dont EV and put absolutely no effort into training at all. It would be nice not to have a glorified tank once again.
  11. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    And they are rarely used in competitive play due to one move: stealth rock. Both Heatran, Infernape, and Blaziken resist them for their secondary typing, thus making it necessary to use fighting, even though Heatran is steel but his stats prevent it from getting killed by ground moves.
  12. FireEmblemAddict

    FireEmblemAddict 運命なんか死人の言い訳だ

    Yes! I think its ridiculous.
    And Blaziken is the only one that appeals to me.
    Anyway, here's hoping that gen 6 won't follow the fire/fighting starter curse!
  13. Kurloz Makara

    Kurloz Makara Red Death

    I like Blaziken and Infernape, but I detest Pokablu. I really don't like pigs too much. Good thing I'm going with Smugleaf and Mijimaru.

    I DO believe they're overdoing it with the Fire/Fighting typing. They really need to try some new ideas here.
  14. Evilo

    Evilo BEAUTIFUL!

    You know what? I don't care! This is the first gen that the fire/fighting starter has been my favorite, so it's fine with me!

    Also, as long as the designs are good, i don't give a crap about its secondary type. I can work my team around whatever they give me and quite frankly, i never like many of the fighting types anyway, so it's a nice way for me to cover my type-bases.

    So it happened again, so what? People need to quit whining and get over it.
  15. .:Flaming Fury:.

    .:Flaming Fury:. Black White Yin Yang

    Yes! Very, very yes! Know why? Another freaking Pokemon to outclass my poor beloved Blaziken that's why!
    And you know what? I hate Monkeys, and I hate Pigs. It's like Nintendo is taunting me T^T
    Stop. Making. Fire/Fighting. STARTERS.
  16. The_Boss_Giygas

    The_Boss_Giygas I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.

    17 different types out there and all they can come up with is fire/fighting 3 straight times, yeah it's very old for a starter.
  17. NimhShambler

    NimhShambler Fighting Type Prof.

    Yes, I'm quite sick of it. I don't like Pokabu, can tolerate Mijumaru (he had to grow on me, it's quite cute.) and love Tsutarja to death, but NO, I get stuck with that stupid *** ugly pig. UGH! I was really hoping Tsutarja or Mijumaru would get the Fighting Combo, ya know? There are only one of both Water/Fighting (Poliwrath) and Grass/Fighting (Breloom). Give us another, GF!

    It's like they had this conversation at the Japanese HQ:
    Designer 1:"Let's make ANOTHER Fire/Fighting Starter! Not only that, but let's make it an ordeal to look at!"

    *sigh* Good think they'll almost certainly make a third installment. I can have my beloved Tsutarja then....and atleast I like the design for the other Fighting Types, so I don't have to use that grotesque pig very long. (Same thing I did with Infernape. I never cared for it's design much, but I also don't like Blaziken. It looks like it has pubes.)

    ~Nemmeh ;107;
  18. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    stuff it, if I choose Pokabu I will give him an Everstone as soon as I can. I will hold B at level 16 through 100 if I have too. lol

    In all seriousness though I d think its being repetitive. Blaziken was kick-a**, Infernape was awesome, but Emboar is just annoying. PLEASE no lame signature move/pun of Pork Chops!
  19. Neekerisanni123

    Neekerisanni123 Kanbei <3 _ <3

    This. SO VERY MUCH THIS. Infernape and Pokabu's final evo, they suck. But Blaziken is pure WIN. Long live Blaziken! ;257; \o/
  20. Neo Duality

    Neo Duality Banned

    fire/fighting is my favorite type combo i hope all pokemon are of that type one day

    : - )
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