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Areas you want to see on the show

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Either from the games or whatever.

Well, they never showed Fuchia City itself, did they? Just the Safari Zone and the Gym. No idea what the city itself looks like at all.

And I'd really like to see the town that Magical Pokemon Journey takes place in. Or even something just based on it. They could have an outgoing girl named...I donno, Marie, in love with...Allen...and the area could have a propensity for having talking pokemon. Which would lead to DRAMAHZ with Meowth, since none of the MPJ pokemon seem to have undergone hardships to learn to talk. Of course, they'd have to leave the gay Squirtle. Seriously.

And of course the Sevii Islands! They got ONE Hoso and then it was just one of them, right? They could have a mini-arc like they did with the Whirl Islands. Of course, this would need for Ash to get back to Kanto, but still.


Back here. >.<
I would like to see the Hoenn Safari Zone..


Beginning Trainer
Yeah, there were so many game locations that were left out! They would have made great fillers!
We never saw the unknown dungeon in Kanto. I know they dealt with mewtwo's appearence in a different way in the anime, but it would have been great to have something happen there. Also, we never saw many caves and tunnels from the games. The only one I remember seeing is Mt. Moon, but I could be wrong.
We never really saw the game corners, but that could be something to do with the fact that it may seem like promoting gambling on kids tv.
Silph co. and the copycat girl in Saffron could have made for some interesting episodes back in the first season.

Overall, they did get key locations in (Mt Moon, Sprout tower, tin tower, lighthouse, kanto safari zone - even though it was banned) and they even improved on the game storylines at times (like in cinnabar, in the games you had to search for a key in the run-down old mansion, in the anime, they solved riddles and found the gym hidden in the volcano - and Bill's lighthouse and dragonite encounter was interesting too).

As I'm in the UK, I haven't seen the new D/P series, but I oredered the game from the U.S. so I know what locations are featured. Hopefully most of them will make it into the anime (a spooky "old chateau" episode would be fun).

Just my 2c.
Sevii Islands as some new Chronicles would have been nice.

What about the TR Underground base in Mahagony Town? I forgot if they did something like that...
The Sevii Islands, the three ruins in hoenn, the sealed chamber, Silph co, and the new Kanto radio tower. (during the BF series)