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Argument about fossils - Pokemon raised from death

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Cutty, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. fredburger999

    fredburger999 i <3 pie

    You take the DNA (or RNA if they were really primitive) and clone it thus making an exact copy of what the pokemon would have looked like x years ago. Though why they are all part rock? Omanite/Omastar: Big snails. Kabuto/Kabutops: Armor plated freaks. Gen. 3: I have no idea. Cranidos/Rampardos: Rock hard skull. Shieldon/Bastiodon: Have you seen their faces? So there's my two cents.
  2. Maruno

    Maruno Well-Known Member

    But is that because all fossils become part Rock-type pokémon, or is it because only part Rock-type pokémon can become fossils?

    Does anyone want to guess at whether the fossil pokémon were ancestors of modern pokémon? For example, the similarity between Kabutops and Scyther is obvious, so they might be related. Omanyte/Omastar could possibly be the ancestor of Squirtle. Any others?
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2008
  3. Silent Conversation

    Silent Conversation Formerly SinnohChamp

    I think that they don't actually revive the pokemon. I think it's like what happened with Mewtwo, where they find a piece of DNA from the fossil and use it to make an entirely new pokemon. So then that would mean pokemon could be mortal.
  4. Khamul

    Khamul Fail Meister

    I don't think cloning or resurrection from fossils makes you or anything for that matter makes you immortal.
    It only makes somewhat a carbon copy or an organism of the same species therefore not retaining any memories and as such, so that is a completely different specimen, aside from appearance, DNA and as such.
  5. eonmaster_457

    eonmaster_457 Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the future humans can do this too.
    I am reminded of Jurasic Park (shudders)

    And they are not immortal, or exactly like before they died. Because if they were, they wouldn't be received at low levels, (lv20 DP)(lv5 FRLG) and others.
  6. Khamul

    Khamul Fail Meister

    So, so true. But it wasn't a fossil of it's evolved form so if it was say lvl90 at that time it would still be useless and weak.
  7. eonmaster_457

    eonmaster_457 Well-Known Member

    Also, this explains why we can't get a Kabutops fossil, an Omastar fossil, and others.
  8. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    That's like saying why God didn't rescue any of the prehistorics when they started to die out. Things have to go to make room for the next generation, it's part of life. Apparently, they didn't manage to survive like the smaller animals or the modern reptiles. Survival of the fitttest is key. After all, you wouldn't want to run into a Velociraptor walking to school or having it jump you, now would you?

    Anyhoo, on topic.

    Everyone has mentioned the "immortality" of the Pokémon, that they can all die by natural ways like humans can. The prehistoric Pokémon died out for a few reasons. Example is Omastar. PokéDex entry (how weird it has an actual entry) says it died out because its shell got too heavy for it to move around. Things end up happening that are freak accidents and spell out doom for the species. And the Kabutops is apparently too hostile to survive in the wild. It just had to go. Yet the Scyther, if the two are related, is more tame, but still wild. Strange how there's only a small handful of prehistorics created in the game.

    Speaking of which, I was just reminded of Relicanth, the Poké-version of the coelcanth. It somehow managed to survive the vast extinction approximately 65 million years ago, though no one knows why. And especially since it barely changed over the millenia. I wouldn't call that immortal, since Pokémon do reproduce. These are the descendents of those long ago, yet have adapted to the environmental changes. Makes you wonder why it is other prehistoric sea creatures didn't survive. It's called natural selection.

    WAIT. *thinks* No... there was that episode from the first generation at Grand Father Canyon (I believe that's the name) where Ash and Team Rocket fell through a hole due to explosives and woke up hibernating prehistorics. Which doesn't make sense how they survived that whole time. That's like saying a frozen mammoth is only taking a nap and that melting the ice would wake it up o_O.

    And people have mentioned the fossil Pokémon ressurected are clones. I guess this meant that Mewtwo ISN'T the only successful, living clone in existance. I find that funny, actually. Supposedly, because cloning is so imperfect, no specimens survive. And yet, scientists have been cloning successfully prehistoric Pokémon before Giovanni went power-hungry.

    That's weird...
  9. AstralEon

    AstralEon The one and only.

    The part where Ash and TR woke up the prehistorics, which was Areodactyl no?, could have been one of those fossil experiments that some scientists been doing. It could have been a successful resurrection and the scientists were unable to tame it and flew away and went into hiding. This is just a theory of mine, not saying is true but it could happen.

    Scientists may have been doing experiments on fossils during the 1st generation and could have been testing out Areodactyl. Which I guess explains how they made Mewtwo, Scientists start out small no? Then go for the big one.
  10. Shiny pokemon lower

    Shiny pokemon lower Well-Known Member

    Ressurecting from Fossils is some sort of science that exist in real life isnt it?

    I remember that it is said the fossil pokemon where pokemon that used to live in ancient times, but are rarer now. I hope they take focus at the pre- historic time in a pokemon game.
  11. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    It wasn't just Aerodactyl, there was also Kabuto, Kabutops, Omastar, and Omanyte. The four had red eyes, like they had just been woken up very rudely. But the Aerodactyl theory seems logical. But how would it get underground without anyone noticing? There were paleontologists there since before Ash and company ran into them.

    Interesting, though.
  12. Kim62

    Kim62 The avatars suck.

    I think omanyite and omastar may be related to shellos and gastrodon. Or maybe very distant relatives of slugma and magcargo
  13. AstralEon

    AstralEon The one and only.

    Oh. Sorry, it just remembering all the way back to Kanto episode is just foggy to me. Haven't been watching any of them since my early years. There could have been a cave entrance there. Maybe an old mine where the miners found the fossils. Again im just making guesses, not saying its true. I just like making storys up.

    Also, isn't that the episode where Ash found an Egg?(Togepi).
  14. eonmaster_457

    eonmaster_457 Well-Known Member

    Yes, but that wouldn't fit here. Anyway,

    I agree, but would like to point out that in PMD, there was a letter with an interview of Kabuto and Relicanth.

    Kabuto says that though it's old, seeing and talking with Relicanth made it feel younger.

  15. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    That is the episode with the egg and when Charmeleon evolved!

    anyway, back on topic.

    Maybe being part rock type gives the pokemon long ages? The fossil pokemon could actually have just turned to stone. It's all magic anyway.
  16. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    That is the episode with the egg and when Charmeleon evolved!

    anyway, back on topic.

    Maybe being part rock type gives the pokemon long ages? The fossil pokemon could actually have just turned to stone. It's all magic anyway.
  17. Penguin_Man

    Penguin_Man Well-Known Member

    fossil ressurecting is pretty much cloning, so no, they died to become fossils anyway...
  18. Shiny qwilfish of doom

    Shiny qwilfish of doom Back in White

    cloning is duplacating something,while ressurecting is bringing back to life using the remains of the pokemon,so there is a slight difference.
  19. yiazmat

    yiazmat The ultimate terror

    This is just immoral, bringing pokemon that probobly 'wanted' to die back to life and forcing them to work....
  20. tombux

    tombux Well-Known Member

    thay have a ainti time ray thing and the zap the fossil makeit unfossillies

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