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arielthedandy's gallery

It is my very good honor to meet you, good fellas, to this, my personal space of remembrance of my liking. Here, I shall share with you some of my work and hopefully, you may find something to your own liking. In the past, I used to visit different forums, now dead, and then fortune has brought me here to know a rather nice community of people whom have similar interests to mine. I gotta admit I missed to talk with such people and for the moment, I can share some of my passions, including this artworks, in order to perpetuate the spirit and joy of aesthetics and collectivity.

Without further ado, I present you some of the pieces.


First, my favorite Pokémon of this gen. I just love ghost types in general and this one has an incredible design in my opinion. I even wished it is a playable character in the next smash bros., hehe.


Next we can see Professor Turo and Director Clavell, I really liked their participations in the story and how it turned for Turo and Arven.


Last but not least, my favorite Team Star member, in a full manga style.

It'd be everything for now. I shall see you soon and if you would like to see something in particular, I might take into consideration for a next project. Farewell.