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Arigatou (Specialshipping One-shot~PG)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by xXBlackRoseXx, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. xXBlackRoseXx

    xXBlackRoseXx .:Clueless:.

    DISCLAIMER: I own nothing related to Pokemon. It belongs to Satoshi Tajiri and other affilates.

    Title: Arigatou
    Author: xXBlackRoseXx
    Pairing: Specialshipping (RedXYellow)
    Rating: PG (Due for some swearing)

    Summary: Just hearing those words made me crazy. She loved him, he didn't, she thought. I should leave...

    BEWARE! There are deaths in here, a little dark.


    No. That isn't true. She told herself. The girl repeated it many, many times. But she couldn't get the thought out of her head. He didn't cheat. He just couldn't. But there was no denying it. Yellow saw it with her own eyes.

    She was just taking a walk, waiting for her husband to come home. "Mom! Look! It's Dad!" Her 13-year-old son pointed to his father. Yellow looked that direction. Shock came upon her. Who is that woman?

    Yellow's own husband, her love, her life, was strolling along with another woman. She clung to his arm, her short, purple hair bobbing up and down in her ****ty looking outfit.

    No. No no no no no. Yellow grabbed her son's hand and sprinted off the scene. She couldn't bare it. Red was her first crush, first kiss, first boyfriend, the first man she cried over.

    Now here she was, standing before him. He was filing for a divorce, right in front of her. "It's her, isn't it?" There was poison in the word. He glanced up. "Who?" He seemed a bit nervous.

    "Don't deny it." Her blood boiled with rage and annoyance. But deep down, she was mourning in her lonely world. "I saw you."

    He grabbed his last bag and stood up. "You're wrong. I'm leaving for a good reason." He then turned the knob of the front door and left her. Yellow collapsed on her knees, wondering what happened. What did she do wrong? Was she not good enough for him? Her son was asleep as she wept endlessly. "YOU'RE SUCH A B*****D!!" She screamed, over and over again. But she didn't mean those words. They were just ways to try and block him out of her mind. "No..." She got up with the kitchen counter as support. She leaned over hugging her stomach that was filled with acid. "I-I l-love you, Dammit! W-why did you l-l-leave?" She whispered in between hiccups and coughs.

    "What happened between us?"

    Red was walking fast down the sidewalk. Don't turn back, don't turn back. You know you can't... He scolded himself, again and again about it. He knew it was for the best.

    He loved Yellow. Loved hear dearly. He knew that if he left, there wouldn't be pain. He couldn't hurt her this way.

    Red turned around and went back.

    "Maybe...Maybe if I..." She hesitated for the knife. Then she gripped it firmly and slashed her wrists horizantally many times over. She winced until it felt good. It felt really good. Crimson was stained all over the tile flooring.

    "Mom? Hey Mom?" Tristan, her son called out. Yellow decided. I'm ending it. Her son walked in. "Mo--" He gasped at the sight. His own mother was committing suicide. "Mom! What the hell are you doing?!"

    Yellow smiled weakly. "It's better. For both of us. I'm so sorry. I love you." Those were her last words before the knife slid into her heart. She was lying on the floor. Dead.

    "Mom?! Mom, MOM! You gotta wake up! This isn't the end! You--Mom..." Tristan gave up. He couldn't do anything but sob over his mother's deceased body. There was a panting sound from the front door.

    "Tristan? Yellow?" It was his dad. The man that cheated on his mother. The man that hurt his mother. Tristan was scarred, and he was going to blame his own father for it. Tristan walked to the door, emotions of fear, sadness, anger, and confusion filled up inside him.

    "Oh hello Tristan! Where's you're mother?" Red held out his hand only for it to be slapped away. "Don't touch me. It's all your damn fault!"

    Red was astonished. What happened while he was gone? Why does his son not want his company? His thoughts were interrupted by Tristan's voice. "Go to the kitchen. Maybe you'll actually get some common sense." Red ignored his comment and slowly walked into the kitchen, afraid of what he was to expect. "Hello? Heelllooo? He--" That's when he saw an unmoving body. She had long blond hair and a knife in her hand. Yellow... He fell to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks. "Dammit! Yellow! What the hell is wrong with you?!" He crawled over to her and held her.

    "The only reason I left was because my doctor said I might have cancer! That was the girl I was with! My doctor! No one else! I loved you too much to leave! I--" But it was no use. No matter how much he explained, she wouldn't hear a word of it. It was too late now. "Don't go killing yourself, dad. Mom wouldn't want that." She wouldn't...

    The next day, they had their funeral. All the Pokedex owners and other friends came. "...May this woman rest in peace. Amen." Everyone repeated 'Amen'. "Everyone, this is over." So, everyone left crying over their lost friend. Red remained.

    He walked in front of her grave and place two intertwined red and yellow roses there. "I'm so sorry...I love you so much." Then he left, wiping tears away.

    A glowing girl sat atop her grave.

    Yellow de Viridian Grove
    A great friend and beautiful, wonderful woman.

    "Arigatou(1), Red. Aishiteru(2)."

    (1)-Arigatou is Japanese for Thank You.
    (2)-Aishiteru is Japanese for I Love You.
    I hope you liked it, although it was sad.

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